[DAO:38e6e16] A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)

Hi @serena !
I´m glad you have arrived at an arrangement with the Revocations Committee :slight_smile:
I will look with your Grant Manager (@fifitango ) at the new information provided, and we will get back to you.(maybe we can include your notion page into the Notion Public Roadmap so you don’t have to duplicate the information :wink: )

On the other hand, in response to the @revocationcommitee. I’m excited seeing how the process iterates when new scenarios appear. Let me do a risk analysis to check the best way to integrate your recommendations into the framework and get back to you ASAP.

Congratulations to all on how this case was handled. IMHO, this set a precedent to show the jurisdictions of the persons involved in the process.


Hello Everyone!

Congratulations to @serena for this opportunity to continue working on your great project. We understand that the process wasn’t easy, but thank you very much for collaborating and being patient. I’m glad to read that you can find a positive side to having this pause. I’m thrilled that we can continue working together.

Thanks also to the Revocation Committee for taking the time to make this analysis and recommendations.

To move forward and respect RC recommendations and Serena’s wishes, I would love to propose that @serena and @revocationcommitee to consider having a new vesting contract with the remaining funds for 6 months (January to July 2024) rather than continuing with the current one that ends in March 2024. This would give the grantee enough time to fulfill the new requirements and reach her previous goals. Do you agree with this?

If so, I would like to propose the following:

  1. Let’s give Serena all of December to reorganize her project.
  2. Once Serena feels comfortable fulfilling the 6 points, she can post them here for the RC to review and consider unpausing or asking for a new vesting contract.
  3. We can have our first check-in with GSS in January to discuss it with her as well.

In terms of the recommendation of the Revocation Committee that involves changes in the grant program, Zino will be reviewing and will get back to you.

Please Serena and RC, share your thoughts.

Thanks, FIFI


Thanks @Zino !
Yes if you can include me in the notions, I set mine up, would like to see what you have and see if we can come up with something that works for all of us.

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hi @fifitango,

Thank you, really grateful I can continue this project!
Just have a question, If it’s from January, does that mean I start the month now? I know I should complete a whole month of work first.
Just let me know when the first day for me to begin for the first month, to start everything or if it has already started.

Just want to triple-check when I need everything.

  • Thanks
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Hello there! @serena, this is just a proposal for you and the Revocation Committee to provide the proper time to develop your project. Let me check again a few things, and I will get back to you soon. In the meantime, take your time to continue with the 6 points the RC asked for. Here is your Notion Page (You can add the information in the comments, for example, one comment to sum up each month inside each goal card there).

Hello @Serena and @revocationcommitee @dax @bay @MetaDoge

The Grant Support Squad aims to provide clarity on the next steps for this project.

A) Serena, you’ve inquired about when the project will resume. In response to that, I’ll quote the RC decision:
“When these six points are satisfied, we recommend that the vesting contract be unpaused. When questions arise, we are available to clarify these points if needed.”

So, Serena, when you’re ready to demonstrate the completion of these six points, kindly share them here and tag the Revocations Committee for verification.

We strongly recommend to @revocationcommitee to set up a day check, such as we did with the Duel Arena Case.
GSS will also review them but only as a double check. In that sense, for example, we’ve checked the information that you have provided, and it appears some points are yet to be accomplished. It would also be beneficial to us (Zino and I) to have access to the Notion. However, the Revocation Committee is responsible for performing this check.

B) Regarding the timeline, after the RC checks and if it is ready to unpause the project, GSS suggests that the @revocationcommitee create a clear timeframe for the grantee to continue your project.

Keep in mind that the grantee paused work when the project was put on hold, and the original vesting contract ends in March 2024. So if the RC decides to restart the vesting contract, the grantee will only have 3 months to catch up and will be available to collect pending payments until today. It’s up to the @revocationcommitee , but here’s a proposed timeline that can give more space to the grantee to finish their goals, and the vesting contract can match with the time frame:

  • December: Time to prepare things RC asked to restart the vesting contract
  • January to July: Project timeline
  • January: New vesting Contract (1st of January to 1st of July)
  • February: First Payment
  • End of July: Last Payment

C) Roles: In this initial stage, agreements need to be made between the RC and the grantee. GSS will support both. @Zino will be available for that, and I will join as a Grant Manager once the grantee officially resumes the project to assist in reorganizing roadmaps, evidence, and metrics until the project leaves the DCL DAO Grant’s Program.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards, FIFi


@fifitango @serena regarding the points you raised:

a. regarding the check: sure, @serena please just msg our channel when you’d like us to check your progress!
b. regarding amended project timeline: @fifitango that seems very reasonable to me :white_check_mark:
c. regarding roles: i’m not entirely sure what you mean, but yes we are happy to engage in whatever checks and assistance the grantee needs at this time until the vesting contract resumes.

hi @fifitango

Sounds like a plan. I did add the 6 points above, is there anything else I’m missing? I know I went over all the months throughout this process multiple times, and also the list above, I’m assuming it is mostly going forward from this point on, on the terms. Let me know if there is anything else I’m missing, from my answers. I tagged them, I’ll wait, to see if there is more to be added.

I’m sorry I’m not sure what you mean 3 months to catch up?

I have paused everything on the project as soon as it was paused to attend to the needs of the gss, so I wasn’t working on anything in between, it’s a bit time-consuming and a strain to do all this at the same time.
was I supposed to have 3 months of work,? I do not understand. I know we have to do all this by the forum, but it’s a lot going back and forth, Can we schedule a meeting so we can expedite this and i can fully understand what is going on?
It will make this more understandable. Some things I’m not getting at the moment.

as far as @revocationcommitee I will send over the info via Message. So i can get more clarified on my progress.

Never mind I understand point B now. I was lost for a second on what you meant by 3 months, but yes I suppose a new vesting contract works. I can’t catch up on 3 months of work in a month. I just wonder if this affects my status on the previous contract. Not sure how this all works. But I’m sure I’ll get guidance along the way.

Thanks @revocationcommitee and @serena for replying. I’m happy that we get on an agremment.

@serena once you provide all the info and @revocationcommitee says OKEY in the forum, we can request the DAO committee to create the new vesting contract with your remaining funds, and revoke this one but don’t affect your status. You will only have a new vesting contract for the next six month

Let me know if you need something else


@fifitango :green_circle:
@HPrivakos @rizk @Tobik can you please revoke current vesting contract and create a new vesting contract with remaining funds over the next 6 months?


A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfb1afa4dc069ffb47b19dbee196045d508fcd5a2)

Vesting Contract Addresses: 0x1d5B8BD02C9406Cf8a17b47b967a4F48135a0E5E,0x65b6583a1a2d188c46d192acf6847cc10b067284

Today, we had our Monthly Meeting with Serena Elis from E&E for Women & Minorities, and the project is back on track after a couple of months of pause. Though it’s officially the first month, we agreed to call it Month 7. During the meeting, we spent an hour reorganizing the roadmap together and agreed on how we will check the evidence each month. We created a new roadmap to follow for the next 6 months, with a focus on having metrics for the inworld category and evidence for each goal. These metrics and evidence should be added as comments in the new public roadmap: Notion Link.

Regarding metrics, GSS recommended Serena to contact Dax to verify if their parcel is receiving the correct information. Concerning the building, it’s mostly done, but not all of it has been uploaded, and there are payments to be completed. Serena will have a meeting with Mr. Dhingia this week. We agreed to have the Building published a month before the grant’s end. It was also emphasized that they need to make the DAO recognition, and we invited the grantee to present at the Town Hall in March. The only identified issue was with marketing, which appeared to lack structure and we leave to the grantee to think about it for next meeting on how we can keep track on this.

Additionally, we will contact the GovApp to check if the financial report is accurately reflecting the last vesting contract.

Hi community:

The Grant Support Squad was created to support the grantees in achieving their goals and manage the DAO treasury.

The Squad wants to communicate that we request a preventive pause in the vesting contract until the grantee can be on track regarding the requested documentation and milestones.

We are aware that the zone where the grantee was there was a natural disaster (https://www.cnn.com/2024/04/16/weather/dubai-rain-flooding-climate/index.html), however, we had requested information 7 days before this happened, and due the flooding, we scheduled a new meeting for today (a week after) and the grantee didn’t show up or gives any updated or information. But also, had activities in their project (such as publishing the blog) and social media

In conclusion, until we can have a meeting with the grantee to gather the information requested regarding how the funds were allocated and budgeting the vesting contract will be paused (@HPrivakos @rizk @Tobik ) with a max duration of 3 months.

Thank you!


im aware we have a meeting today ? gmt +4 in dubai is midnight which is in 2 hrs. Which i am prepared? Not sure what you mean by missed times. Im aware to have this information which i prepared, so i assumed it was to discuss this on the meeting. And yes we had a big storm here which effected my internet and i had to push my events forward on times. I was transparent about this. Maybe there is a misunderstanding ?

Hi Serena

the meeting was schedualed one week ago, and it was 8 hours ago.
I’m sending my calendly to avoid any confusion.
Please book a meeting there.

Have a great day!

Hi community:

The Grant Support Squad was created to support the grantees in achieving their goals and take care of the the DAO treasury.

The Squad wants to communicate that we request to revoke the grant because of the management and execution of the grant. As part of this restructuring, we propose to revoke the vesting contract and make 1 payment (without step or cliff) to the grantee of the funds that correspond to April (the currently paused step)

After careful review and assessment, it has become apparent that the scope and scale of the project are beyond the capacity of a single individual to manage effectively.

Additionally, there have been instances indicating a failure to meet professionalism in project management, which has raised concerns about the successful completion of the project as outlined in the initial proposal.

In that sense, the Grant Support Squad helps the grantee to gather the information to be accountable in their project (statistics, number of attendees, budget allocated per event, budget allocated per artist, payments, etc) and demonstrate that there is no budget plan. But that does not constitute good management of the funds because we never truly gauge the real impact between budget allocation, project execution, and observing the results. Also, on several ocassions Grantee complains about the time and energy required to demonstrate accountability. This leads us to the conclusion that the grantee is too expensive for an influencer with limited reach and lacking experience in leading teams for a project as large as this.

During the last weeks, we requested information about objective things in terms of their project and this was the first answer:

After some back-and-forth, we helped gather the information; as you can see, this should be done by the grantee, who should be ready to summarize the information as the requirement said.

The grantee commited to create blogs, however, to read it the community has to pay. In other words, the DAO is paying to create the post, but then has to pay another extra fee to Medium to read it.

The course is in the final stage. However, had not been foreseen by the Grantee that they would need to pay a subscription to maintain the website/page.

These are examples, but the point that we want to make is that we recommend restructuring the project into smaller, more manageable components for the future, each with a clear goal, allocated budget, and assigned project manager or destined funds to build a team. This approach will enable better oversight, increase accountability, and improve the likelihood of successful project delivery.

As part of this restructuring, we propose to revoke the vesting contract and make 1 payment (without step or cliff) to the grantee of the funds that correspond to April (the currently paused step).

Our recommendation is to reallocate the funds might provide the necessary resources to refund and pay this month (April) and to focus on the current events that work.

We understand that this decision may come as a disappointment because there are goals that have been successfully achieved, but please know that our intention is to ensure sustainability of all projects funded through the Decentraland Grants program. We are committed to working collaboratively with the grantee to find the best path forward and support your efforts to contribute to the Decentraland community.

We genuinely appreciate the effort and enthusiasm of this grantee in creating this project. We hope that the money and experiences gained during their time in the program contribute to personal development and will be great to have her again in the future. However, in the DAO financials, we do not consider it essential to continue investing money and monitoring this project until July 2024.

The case will be elevated to the Revocations Committee (@maryana @bay @dax @MetaDogeisme ) and there is no need to pause the vesting contract since it is already paused.

Best Regards

CC: @serena @fifitango @palewin

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20 USD per hour, 800 USD per month for 8 blogs posts WHICH ARE FOR SOME NOT EVEN RELATED TO DECENTRALAND.
It means each blog posts takes 5 hours? Most of them looks like ChatGPT generated…

I have no doubt that Serena enjoyed that money for personal development ahahahah

I don’t believe it’s GSS role to manage the DAO Finance and to determine where we should invest money though.


habibi, come to dubai :tea::frog:

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Hi Community,

Our team, the Revocation Committee received a request from the Grant Support Squad to discuss this case and make a decision in regards to the following proposal

A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities

As a result of discussion and the final vote, we suggest that this grant should be REVOKED. @Tobik @HPrivakos @rizk

Voting Members:

@bay @maryana @dax

Revocation Committee snapshot vote result:


Reasoning for revocation:

The points for revocation made by the GSS are as follows:

  1. The scope and scale of the project are beyond the capacity of a single individual to manage effectively.
  2. Instances indicating a failure to meet professionalism in project management, which has raised concerns about the successful completion of the project as outlined in the initial proposal.

Considering that this grant was up for revocation previously and was not revoked with clear conditions of how to proceed, the follow-up to that and the fact that grantee has not responded to the GSS’ post on 24 April, 2024, we recommend that this grant be revoked in its entirety.

Thank you!

Revocation Committee

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