[DAO:c74215a] Update #10 for proposal "A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)"

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Hi there folks. Happy to share what we have accomplished so far with DAYDREAMX. This was a very busy month as we had our town hall and a few holidays like easter and Ramadan. So I hope everyone had a great holiday for those celebrating.


Well first I would like to share how excited we are to deploy the world of DAYDREAMX in-world.
Enter here Daydream - Decentraland

We shared our update in **Town Hall on March 28th 2024 3 PM UTC. **
From this point forward we are going to be using worlds to help maximize what Names has to offer in Decentraland. Since the artists I bring are very new to Decentraland, DAYDREAM is a great exsample for other creators to follow if they wanted to create something of their very own. And that was one of our main goals. Make it accessible for everyone to join and want to create. We just held our first event with Artist Marcondiro from italy . A italian Singer, His last music video has around 300k views on youtube. We are glad that we had a really dedicated artist in tech and music join us and be the first to perform here.

He plans to come back and perform again !
We also had an artist from Thailand - Mangkon. It was his first-ever metaverse Event, and he was Really excited about it. He actually came to support marcondiro event, so he did sign in multiple times.

We finished our 8 blogs. One thing I found really helpful is sharing my Blogs on Linkedin. Which has gain some traction.
According to my stats i had around 116 views, 45 reads. Since i have some blogs on multiple websites, my goal is to publish them all on medium. There arent too many writers about Decentraland on Medium that are consistent, so i know my blogs are helping in this. And will continue, I believe I have a total of over 70 blogs written, so i have lots of great content, to publish on multiple channels.
For our education stream, we had Rosi Ross. A project Manager and Developer in Web 3. We had around 500 views on Twitter that watched our Podcast about creator economy and

Watch here https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1yNxaZPYReqKj?s=20
We plan on doing more of these since it seemed to be quite successful and we recieved great engagement.
We are always updating the course, and putting all of the content here for later.
All streams are now saved on a google Drive as well.
Thanks to VTATV and our Partners with the Music District to help maximize exposure.

Was nominated for 3D metadress for international Womans day as well which was neat.

Check in world analytics for this Month.

74 Distinct users on site.
Average of 16 mins.
total time on site 20 hours.
We will be moving from Serena Elis World to Daydream In - World from now on.


none. Was a day late on this post. Celebrating the holidays.

Next steps

My next steps is to prepare a presentation for my speaking event. I will be a speaker at Web 3 Dubai. A summit of web 3 influencers, from Rug radio, Avax, apecoin, and alot more names. You can check more info here.
I will be speaking and also performing. So i am very trilled as this is one of my first conferences/sumit in Dubai where i will be a Speaker.
Currently looking for artists to perform in our next event and also working on collabing with a few people outside of Decentraland.
We are currently working on a festival for DAYDREAMX World where we can gather all the artists we have had throughtout the year (yes this project has been going on for more then a year) to do a in World festical called #DreamFEST. We are partnering up with Music District

Going to be doing another Podcast episode with Rosi Ross. A influencer and project Developwer in Web 3 in Dubai. Looking forward to bringing in more content with another female.
Thats us by the way https://x.com/Serenaelis_/status/1770897161774923863?s=20.

The budget update is making me do two months, when it should be one month

Additional notes and links

Check out some of our Tweets and Engagement

View this update on the Governance dApp

Under the whats next steps, i linked the web3 Sumit wrong

You can view more details about my speaking event as a Ambassador for Decentraland in Dubai here