[DAO:0b83eb7] Update #6 for proposal "A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)"

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hi Everyone! Founder of DAYDREAMX. A collaberative and community filled with talented artists and musicians from around the world. Day in and day out we push towards connecting, networking, collaborating and working with founders, creators, and innovative people. Here is the monthly update.


So many Highlights to share, first off, I went back all the way to my first month of updates up until now to make sure and triple check we are on task and time. As a organized and OCD person, I rely heavily on staying organized during building this project. So things are going smooth and also progressing. We have revamped our Brand Media kit of DAYDREAMX.
Check it out here https://www.canva.com/design/DAFthLi0_IQ/sluZqfh_TvCzHnTPBRc_wA/edit?utm_content=DAFthLi0_IQ&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link2&utm_source=sharebutton
Our brand has a new and improved Media kit, for other collaborators and brands to use in case we are working with other projects. This makes it yet a simple easier way for us to keep creating an organized Presentation.
We have done our weekly sundays event, These are so much fun, because creativity makes the world go round. not just create but I get others involved as well, to participate no matter the level your at in your journey.
We went to a meetup group called ‘ai blockain Summit at the aura skypool’ for a private group we have been listed on https://blockclubworld.com/ hosted by the lovely Khloe. She was recently on
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BygXt6sxcc0 We try to work and network with groups who are focused on web 3 and metaverse so we can educate others about DCL.

-Our Very own meetup group was create where I get to share what I do in the metaverse. networking allows us to build our relationships with others and connect.
We will be doing more of these.

  • We have been hosting our weekly spaces on the X platform every Friday. These are also going very well. For our last mint party we had 120 people tune into our space. Its a growing and thriving community of artists. Our private group alone has around 40 DAYDREAMERS. Connecting with each other.

It has been hard working in Decentraland sometimes. to find the group of people you connect with. I personally was getting discouraged on my lack of connection within the community at some points, but now things seems to be moving in the right direction. I finally feel I have found a great group of people who think similar, are supportive and with artists who share the same passion and motivation. Building a community from scratch within already a built has been challenging but slowly things are going into the right direction. Eventually dcl will have many different communities within the platform and that’s okey.

  • We sold 20 nfts within our song created in Decentraland “Foot festish”. We went viral on Sound.xyz hitting #16 our 100 on the charts. Its been great so far since we collaborated with many artists in the nft space and celebrated our accomplishments in DCL.

  • Our first IRL Meetup was amazing in Dubai. What makes this place so unique is that it thrives on tech and innovation. AR is already adapted in this city. Our meetup we got to share my parcel and also go on the decentraland website and navigate the platform. Some even did a replica decentraland dance to one of my songs. It was fun! We also got invited to the novatel suites 15th celebration party after our event was over, and they gave us a complimentary points if we ever come back.


none. Harrassment seems to be a ongoing regular thing. Hope there are better solutions to protecting those who are striving to make this platform a fun and creative place. not everyone getting harrassed deserves it, or has bad intentions. Lets continue to encourage others regardless of how we feel about them.

Next steps

We have our tickets to the biggest crypto convention in Dubai Sep 21st.
https://cryptoexpodubai.com/ There sponcers are Mastercard, bybit, ripple, ext and many leading web 3 brands. I looked into a stand, but we are looking at 20k to start off with, which was not in my budget. I will use my ticket to network and handout cards for those interested in learning more about DCL.
We have our IRL event soon on Sept 29th. This place is not only immaculate but has held many irl meetups such as bitcoin and mining events. We are working on a way to do a girl /irl event, if I have the equipment for it on time.
Our meetup has now over 24 members. Just starting a month ago in a new city, it was actually recognized my the meetup company on X, as I am the first female to create and start metaverse meetups. This is not only great for the metaverse space, but also for the country itself as woman are encourage to explore innovation in Dubai.
Serena has been chosen to be a speaker at anotherblock.io x spaces. They are a sharing music sharing royalties companies who has dropped music nfts such as rhiannas “Bitch better have my money” and Justin Bieber Comapny, which made it on the news. They are interviewing serena Elis September 21st 2023. Where she will be sharing her journey in music and the metaverse in Decentraland.
Justin Bieber hit track becomes NFT for royalty-sharing
Our Educational stream for the month coming up with be solely focused on AI. Ai we believe will be the driving force into the metaverse.
-We have a new female performer the month of September. She is a VTUBER, these artists are great to have who also experiment with avatar and streaming
https://twitter.com/rrahcat - September 22nd.

  • Mint party for Juiblee on The 15th on X spaces,
  • We have plans for a IRL Meetup in Paris. So that’s in the future we have planned, and also a DAYDREAM FESTIVAL that’s in the works as we get closer to our in world build.

Additional notes and links

We have a newly imporved Website. WWW.DAYDREAMX.COM
You can sign up to be a community member to stay up to date about all the things we are currently working on.
New linkedin company page created yestuday LinkedIn Login, Sign in | LinkedIn

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