[DAO:3429275] Update #9 for proposal "A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)"

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hi there. This month was full of color, art, and connection. I am proud of how far I have come, and looking forward to the future of what else my mind will be able to create. From educating, and helping other artists learn and grow, to hosting events in the world and IRL, continuing to evolve as a person is my favorite part of this whole thing.


One of the key Highlights was the IRL event. I teamed up with a web3 education company that assists with free education called KM Universe here in Dubai and collaborated with them to help me do our IRL event by educating attendees on how to log in to Decentraland and they were able to interact with the world., hosting two events in world and IRL takes power, but we made it happen. IT was successful in marketing the event. We had a cap of 100 sign-ups. Our Hybrid event consisted of over 80 people. With over 40 that attended the IRL event, around 38 in the world at 83,74. I was able to provide merch, and goodies for Dubai influencers, and founders like web3TV,
The quality of the people was impressive. A great well-rounded group of crypto enthusiasts to social media content creators. It was a very nice mix. And it was my most successful event.
We had two brand-new artists that performed for the first time in Decentraland.
Jaystreetz - From Nigeria - JAYSTREETZ debut in Decentraland | Decentraland Events (Hes already planning another gig on his own with someone in DCL, that’s a good sign),
SEAKKO - she is from Russia - SAEKKO DEBUT IN DECENTRALAND | Decentraland Events
7 Blogs done. I have one more that will get done now.
The course I just added a new Content piece on how to make 3D art. In under 30 minutes using www.daz3d.com
Creators in DCL Can watch it and learn, use it to create NFTS, and music covers, or just learn how to turn their DCL Character persona into a more realistic version.

Townhall March 28th. for Daydream World.
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I have one more blog to do. This month of February is shorter than the other months. But usually, everything is done on time. Will have the blog done today, I’m ahead in the UAE so it’s the 1st for me. So will be finished in American time on Feb 29th.

Next steps

Continue to plan my next events. For my IRL event, I hope to change it up, I feel that trying new things and seeing what works best helps. I do love the merch idea, as it keeps the excitement alive even after the event is over. So I plan to continue to apply this.
Looking forward to getting some more new artists on the way. I am working with one as we speak.
I will be doing my town hall this March. So it’s a big month for me, as my world will be deployed. Been waiting and working hard on it for a long time, and excited to see the vision come alive this month. Will be lovely to start using the WORLDS as my goal was to inspire other artists to see what they can do.
March 28th is my town hall. So I hope you can come threw and check out what we have done.

Additional notes and links

Post IRL Event - https://x.com/Serenaelis_/status/1761322594991563121?s=20
Some highlight tweets.

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The discussion also focused on the participation of minorities in their events. Fifi congratulated Serena on her recent successful event and discussed plans for future events. Payments to artists were also discussed, with Serena mentioning a payment of $400 to artists not included in the January financial report. She committed to adjusting future payments and including them in the financial report. The meeting concluded with a reminder for Serena to send a prerecorded video update for the town hall.

Detailed overview:

  • Town hall: Fifi explained the format and emphasized the need for a prerecorded video update from Serena. They discussed inviting other grantees and the importance of engaging supporters.
  • IRL event: Serena shared details about an upcoming event on the 29th, which includes a meditation and yoga session, and highlighted collaboration with others and creating a zen atmosphere with Centraland artwork.
  • Participation of minorities: Serena emphasized attracting a diverse audience and the importance of creating a friendly and inclusive environment.
  • Payments to artists: Serena mentioned a $400 payment to artists not included in the January financial report. Fifi reminded her to adjust future payments and include them in the financial report. Also grantees building has been payed and ready to use.
  • Next steps: Serena agreed to send the prerecorded video for the town hall by Wednesday, with Fifi available to assist if needed.