[DAO:0b83eb7] Update #7 for proposal "A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)"

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Hi ladies and gents. Here to provide my next update. Excited as always to share some of my latest updates here with you


Some of the highlights of this update are We had a great turnout for our irl event at Somiya Lounge. They event posted our event on there IG story. Our meet up had metaverse fans, (we now have 55 members in our meetup group and a private whatsapp group to communicate future events ) and they were able to watch the performance in IRL and in the meta as the music was in sync in both places. Great connections and a chance to get others excited about the potential of Decentraland. The place was also open to the plubic so they got to see the Decentraland Dao Logo and performers. We got great impressions on Linkedin from the founder of Lepasa Metaverse, and From Ines the performer who is also a mathmatician. We are already talking about future collaborations.

-A big accomplishment is that i am the 2nd person in Decentraland to become a X creator. Reaching well over 5 million impressions in under 3 months. I have been verifed as a content creator on the platform thats now own by Elon Musk. This means my tweets have reach! My comments, posts and content get seen and heard. I even had the opportunity to be on TV for TMZ. I didnt take it. Maybe next time.

-We onboarded Rrah Cat. Shes logged into Decentrland for the 3 rd time, and she performed an event and that went fanastic. Not only is she a singer- songwriter, Producer, but she is a vtuber. (maybe she can use dcl character with vrm one day i should convince her) So we got to see her as a character on Screen. We also as a community tested the world feature at /world daydream.dcl.eth , which was streamed in genesis land at 83,74 at the same time, which we also had users there. Great turn out and we hope to have her back again.

  • We launched our Ethereum Token. $DREAMX. Now at every event, attendings get to claim there token with a barcode thats on the screen of the event. Still planning a road map on how these tokens can be used or redeemed in the near future. We also have a BOT in our discord that tips community members in shiba Inu. Future tokens will be mana, USDC, matic, and pepe. A great way to get community members engage.

-Did a interview with Km Universe after 2 meetings (We also met IRL). We dicussed about events, metaverse and Decentraland and how we can expand, and also help women that are interested in learning more. Will see how we can get the interview uploaded to Youtube. And currently planning to collab on our IRL MEETUP.



Next steps

Attending the Gitex Conference and the Future Blockchain Summit today. These events are all about web 3 and gaming. I got a few shirts laminated for the event to wear with Decentraland dao logo. A good conversation starter. Will be bringing business cards and just out networking and chatting about Decentraland for the next 4 days. Looking forward to it as this is a pretty big event!

-We are planning our IRL EVENT for the end of October. This time it will be in collaberation with KISS ME meta and KM Universe(links will be below). Both web 3 Companies are wanting to collaborate with me, as they love what i am doing in Decentraland for events. We are currently planning a halloween event and cant wait to plan and execute.

  • On our Curiculum was able to add onbaording pdf file. That was also shared with us by a community member. Adding as I go. Going to be adding information on DCL Short cut keys, and go to navigate in the platform (remember this grant is for newbies)
    -We have a few performers on the way. We have Mr.Bryan. He is a artist. and a Female Singer, Yaxx Castillo. So excited to have them. Mr. Bryan actually has logged in multiple times to see some of the other artists perform, so hes excited its now his turn.

Our world we plan to deploy by the end of December. We already hosted one event to kind of get used to logging in and get users familiar with it. Its unfortunate it does not show up on the map. Wish we can change that so new users can see the potential of what worlds has to offer. But either way we will continue to use the worlds and get comfortable using it.

Additional notes and links

Check out the km Universe and kissmeMETA that i am collaborating with

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