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Hi, everyone. Wow, what a last couple of months it has been for this project. Although we had some pauses in between, nothing ever stops a creative mind and someone whos hungry to achieve their dreams and wants to make a difference in this world. Really excited to be back doing what I love most, events, music and creativity with those who are passionate about the same thing. Music will always be the driving force of everything i do.


This month was great!
We brought in two excellent artists to Decentraland.
Rrah cat (Vtuber) and Mr. Bryan. Web 3 Music artists, whom I have not only helped debut in Decentraland but have collaborated and become friends with. They now consider themselves “Metaverse Performers” Isn’t it neat, when you inspire others to do something different, and they take on the title?
I think it’s pretty cool.
This month was full of innovation and taking steps towards the path less taken. I did an educational event, and as a speaker Moderator for https://metaverseday.co.uk I was recognized as a visionary. We chatted about UX(user experience) with other metaverse enthusiasts.
Decentraland was also added to “brands that attend their events” I I’m pretty sure I had made this impact. I’m doing my best to collaborate outside of Decentraland and connect with others in the VR space.
Our IRL, Was also a success. I was able to host two metaverse events, one for Decentraland and one for another metaverse. Eventually, I will continue to work on merging my connections between different collaborations as I work on my IRL metaverse presence. Each time I do an event, there is always something to learn from, and tweak. I am looking forward to making more IRL Events.
Multi-Media Sundays have started again. These are the days when i get to share what i love. I love hosting events for other artists, but it’s also important to continue my streams as usual. I enjoy streaming and performing for Decentraland so I’m happy to start this backup. Our stream made it on twitter (X) as well. And we had around 189 people watch it.

  • My work in the metaverse was also talked about in a podcast by influencer https://x.com/Serenaelis_/status/1751278637075116538?s=20 4
    I talked to her about Decentraland and how our wearables are nfts.
  • I am a Decentraland Ambassador in the City of Dubai. Where the future meets innovation and creative minds thrive. What a sweet spot. DAYDREAM X DECENTRALAND X DUBAI. powerful.
    yes yes yes.


No blockers. just blessings.

I also was delayed 3 months, so getting back on the bandwagon.

Next steps

The next step is setting up our events for the other artists. One of the artists has 1.3 million views on one of their music videos on YouTube. Yes, a band that will debut in Decentraland. I’m excited about this one. They found me, but I didn’t find them. My involvement on social media made an impact for them to reach out to me. This is a big deal, because my name is associated with “metaverse” in search engines, and this is important for branding. Looking forward to this artist, and another one who will also debut. Follow us on X, so you can stay updated on the new artists. I will keep these to myself till I announce, not giving away any secret sauce anymore till it’s out.
As a Decentraland Ambassador in Dubai, and hosting events, excited to work on more IRL collaborations, as I’ve spent time networking and building relationships. Cannot wait for our next meetup, and looking forward to these events in the world too.
Links to some of our events/ DCL tweets.

Additional notes and links

Content for financial reporting is confusing. Asking for two months of updates. when I was delayed 3 months. Also, looks like I already did the month 7 update twice before the pause. and I’m getting fewer payments per month. Looks like I am doing an extra month for free. Will go over this with GSS.

here is mine broken down

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