[DAO:0b83eb7] Update #5 for proposal "A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)"

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Hi, here to share my latest update and the things to be excited about. The projects strives to make daily improvements.


We have done serval Decentraland Projects from Music to Digital Art. My goal is to always keep it entertaining with new types of art, that has the latest tech tools, and softwares, so we are always learning and growing. I have had the pleasure to work with new community members to help them feel at home and welcomed. We were able to give back to other communities, support music nfts, spaces and also create X spaces of our own every friday. WE Recently created a DAYDREAM group, to keep everyone informed of events, the latest news, and just help each other out. we are currently at 35 memeber. Everyday is a work and progress, and we are always striving to achieve something towards the community goals.

  • We have been invited to the F3 group. A VC For Woman Founders. We had a meeting with Hetal. Who has worked closely with thefoundation.
  • We hired Atlas Corp. To help us with our scene analytics and data. For the whole year.

70/23/23 Sunday Event :white_check_mark:
07/30/23 Sunday Event / Jubilee Debut :white_check_mark:
08/06/23 - Creating Song with New Community Member Jubilee✅
We donated to the Trevor Project to help Suicide Prevention https://give.thetrevorproject.org/give/63307/#!/donation/checkout
08/12/23 Satwik Debut Also welcoming Debra New community Member to Decentraland. (Giveaway Event) :white_check_mark:
Satwik Debut in the Metaverse | Decentraland Events
We always do sunday events and also a few artists a month. Always inviting new talent within the space.

We decided we will add blogs from the community members we onboard to document the experience. Its important to share all the innovation i have done within this space. We just finished a project for a nft collection, and a Debute blog for Jubilee.
We look forward to onboarding a few more females onto this space.


There has not been any blockers with the project. Id like to mention that i have been harassed, bullied multiple times. As someone who has been on this platform giving it my all for years now, its a shame there isnt any moderation on this. There has been sexist remarks towards me, with religious conotation, harassment, racial jokes, and also intimidation tactics. No one should be going through that as a grantee. No matter the situation. It seems like it has been encouraged by other members. I consider this a blockage for the whole platform, as i dont know how this is productive for Decentraland and its growth. I am curious how will decentraland florish, if this is whats happening now? I think this problem should be solved now, if lets just say there is a 1000 users daily, dont you think more problems will come to the surface ? With more users and more situations. There needs to be a level of moderation before it gets worse for other community members and the platform.

Next steps

My next steps is to attend a few IRL meetups. I have 3 That i will be attending for the month of August. It seems like I do pretty well with IRL Events, as i like to connect with people and network and meet eye to eye.
Web 3 Wed 08/16/23

The Crypto Rooftop 08/17/23

Bitcoin Dubai 08/26/23
Bitcoin Dubai, Sat, Aug 26, 2023, 7:00 PM | Meetup
Business Cards - For IRL Events and Digital Business Cards have been created.

I have 2 Up and coming Events of Two new females i will be bringing into Decentraland.
Brenda and sofia. One is a pianist and one of them is a singer- songwriter.
Brenda and Satwik. Couple. Duet Performance. Both are new and have Been onboarded by Serena. They will be performing next sunday.
Brenda - https://twitter.com/leBrenda_music
Satwik https://twitter.com/satwikofficial
Sofia - The following week.

Additional notes and links

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Onboarding means continue to use Decentraland right? As in they will login without you being there? Otherwise are you onboarding or are you giving them a chance to perform?

Yes, of course they should be able to continue to use and login to Decentraland and encouraged without me. Hopefully they can create a world and platform of their own.

Well if they are onboarded they will right? They will continue coming around. If you onboard someone that makes them a long-term user of DCL right?

When you onboard it means they are going to be on the ship and not off board the ship right?