Pre - Proposal for Strengthening Creativity : A continuum of Entertainment and Education for Women and Minorities

Would love some feedback or anything you would like to add. I did share this with a handful of people first before sharing. This took 1 month to write up, and carefully crafted it. Let me know if you have questions or would like to share anything. :grinning:

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 1 year vesting (1-month cliff) grant in the Communities category be approved?

Strengthening Creativity : A continuum of Entertainment and Education for Women and Minorities (April 2023-24)

Daydream X SEA LLC,. built Serena Elis World in DCL, and has been steadily active since August of 2021. With weekly events and onboarding artists, we have held well over 80 shows on this parcel. Serena has performed over 200 shows to date. Between music streams and also onboarding artists through Serena’s platform, we want to continue to grow our Education and Performing Arts project. We have proven to be consistent bringing forth quality and Innovation.

After building for a couple of years now, we decided to apply for a Tier 3 grant and we received our first grant NOV 2022

Here is a presentation of what was accomplished and the impact of this previous grant:

I am asking for a Tier 4 Grant to cover expenses for the Education and Entertainment Project for funds to continue growth. We realized the impact it has had and the potential. We would love to see this continue to flourish. We don’t need all funds up front, and want the continued support of the DAO to be based on our continued success. This Grant is for the Entire year from April 2023 to April 2024.

We will request additional funding if we have completed the milestones for this grant and it demonstrates a clear need and ROI for DCL’s continued support in the future when that time does arrive.








Continuation of Entertainment and resources for women with Education for the year of 2023

Serena Elis World has been sharing her platform with other artists to help ease their way into their own journeys in Decentraland, while also providing value in the form of education. Our Values include Transparency, Innovation, Inclusivity, Boldness, and Quality. Keeping this at the forefront, we want to continue to deliver resources and education for this project with IRL and in-game events as well as sharing these resources for all communities in web2/web3 spaces.


With the first grant we wrote 21 Blogs, which worked out flawlessly when we onboarded performers with no knowledge about DCL. With the use of the resources and tools, plus guidance from expertise and experience in performing arts, it became a resource for the smooth transition of other well-known creators to trust and take the leap into Decentraland. This strategy effectively reduced the level of effort necessary for web2/web 3 artists with no experience with Decentraland to login and access the platform.

We would like to continue to grow this formula with these resources, adding more tools to help artists learn how to build their own web3 presence. We gained a total of 2k clicks, and reached 10k accounts on social media platforms in 9 weeks onboarding females with a total of 85k following. Organically starting at 0 from the first grant, we realize how effective and important it is to have more educational content. The key takeaway: as a performer with experience and time spent building, being relatable to entertainers and creators really made a unique difference and brought curiosity to them wanting to learn and know more.

My creation from the last grant, was recognized by SONY, a leading company in Electronics, Music and Vehicles. I Was interviewed about my Innovation. They also attended one of my onboarding events. We want to continue to make strong influences and impact and draw eyes to this project from businesses, artists, and Larger companies.


We would like to continue to blog about the content creators already within the game and what they provide, How To’s, and other web3/Decentraland resources.

  • Our future goal is to add another 96 Blogs on top of the 22 already created covering artists within the community with their information. We want to continue this so new users and researchers know who to contact creatives, for services, learn, and get more insight into Decentraland.
  • We gained 2.5K Clicks as of today organically, bringing BJORK fans, and other readers from events and social media sites. We want to continue to grow exposure from web 2 sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • Written Content will all be available and searchable on the website, which can always be edited, and also saved in archives. It’s nice to keep dates about events and artists within the community.

We want to be able to highlight creators within DCL by Google SEO so new people can learn and understand how Decentraland operates as far as creating, how to build, and who to reach out to. Since SONY found us on our content, we confirmed these blogs are effective. Additionally, there is not currently enough content out there in the form of written blogs to help guide new users. We understand learning comes in many forms, and want to be inclusive to a variety of learners, thus including kinesthetic, visual and auditory content. With the help of a well known SEO marketer, who has worked for UBER and Overstock in search optimization, we will be guided through making our DCL content more searchable and accessible through proven marketing strategies. These services have a market value of approximately $5,000 up to $100,000 USD per month. However, they are being provided by a close contact.

2.Educational Streams

  • Learning Events for OBS, Performance, Digital Art. 1 hr Sessions with creators to teach.

  • LIVE Q & A’s - ask probing questions, and learn more about creations in the Metaverse.

  • Fun, engaging experience that will allow others to teach as well and engage with the audience.

Our Educational content will also include streams and events on how to create content including Digital Art, Music Production, wearable creations, gaming and other types of performing arts. We are creating a FUN learning experience for users to engage in and want to produce creative works or learn. This will include uploading content to web2 platforms so they are saved and archived. We understand the power of web2 and web3 and would like to combine all this content in all avenues to grow consistency. We would like ALL content to be displayed like reels on IG, Youtube, SEO tools with blogs, videos to help attract exposure for DCL, as well as guide any creators.


We want to create an effective long term use curriculum of courses that are available for FREE for everyone to use and learn. The metaverse is very new- having courses will help users learn, build curiosity, be knowledgeable and become more valuable in their community. In the future our team can create courses that are affordable and be able to gain revenue to grow this project.

  • Thinkific - Lessons for OBS, How to deploy wearables
  • Digital Performances, Behind The Scenes.
  • Sharing content that appeals to different learning styles.

There are no resources currently available or a curriculum in Decentraland. The power of this type of content can be modified and updated with the growth of DCL. This will be a great tool for DCL to have these resources available so we can share and learn. Especially for those who may not have access to a gaming computer, but still want to participate and learn. This creates an opportunity for all, opening new doors for users, so they can feel confident when they are ready, they will be well prepared.Inclusivity is the goal. “The question is: How can we simplify this for the average person?” Inaccessibility limits potential for the DCL platform. Resources as tools are a huge step towards the right direction if we think at a large scale.


We would love not only to host virtual events, but also incorporate IRL events. Hosted once a Month (12 IRL EVENTS):

  • Live IRL EVENTS sharing relevant content
  • Networking and collaborating with IRL gatherings
  • Meetups can be in co-working spaces, boardrooms, outside events.
  • Find individuals in IRL who are interested in creating in the metaverse but don’t know where to start

We will host events in local cities I will be in. This will give us the opportunity to share our curriculum, blogs, and Decentraland, teaching others how to login, and helping others in creative fields find options to grow their artwork. These can be hosted in co-working locations or board rooms.

  1. Pursuing Music Artistic Endeavors

Serena Elis has put a lot of time, effort and personal funding into building her brand and a name in Decentraland and would love to continue to deliver quality content in performances while working on this project and working on this dream.

  • Allows Serena to create in DCL full time
  • keeping up innovation and fresh ideas
  • More collaborative work with IRL brands and community members.
  • Bring inspiration and new concepts to the table

“This will allow me to keep producing and helping others. I have performed and done many collaborative works within the community, from 3D digital art to performances, all while helping other artists. I have built a presence with reputable brands who are bridging their way in. This grant will allow me to continue pursuing my goals inside Decentraland while also providing material and value. This will be a great form of reference for other creators too- to show them what is possible. This will allow me to stay in decentraland full time. I will continue weekly performances in parcel as well”.

  1. Onboarding Women Entertainers and Minorities in Performing Arts

Serena Elis World has also hosted and featured well-known female artists in the WEB 2 AND WEB 3 spaces. We have carefully and strategically crafted the presence of quality artists in DCL, and would like to continue in this grant to bring more female and diverse entertainers.

Some of the entertainers we have onboarded in the past ….

DJNAS10 - She’s performed for events like Burning Man, Miami Week, Art Basel, and more. She has opened up for well-known DJs including Alec Monopoly, Sofi Tukker, Andhim, Yotto, Rony Seikaly, Eran Hersh, AudioFly, Sabo, Goldcap, and many more. She is currently a resident DJ at Mila Miami.

Visit -

Robin Taylor - Singer-songwriter has worked with notable producers. Robin’s first track, “Kiss Me,” was a collaboration with songwriter/producer Mike “G” Guerriero (Billboard #1 Dance Hit “Kiss The Sky”). Blending R&B/pop, the track quickly had thousands of plays upon uploading to YouTube. Robin Taylor appears on the track “Magic Kitty” with Lyndon Laveaux, produced by @TheTrackBurnaz who’s produced songs for Future, Big Sean, Tory Lanez, DJ Khaled.

Visit -

Sara Phillips - Montréal born, LA-based singer-songwriter has had her recent song, “Six Feet Under” earn the #1 spot on Spotify’s editorial playlist, Life Sucks, and has surpassed 1,000,000 streams on Spotify. Her songs ‘Six Feet Under” and ”Rich and Famous” were also featured in the popular Freeform TV series, Good Trouble, and her song “The Way You Move” was featured as the main theme in Lionsgate’s film En Brazos de un Asesino.Her music was also featured in ‘World of Women’ Collection.

Visit -

Rosa Cecilia - Raised in West London by her Italian and Latin American family, Rosa’s multiethnic roots have certainly inspired and influenced her artistry. She began her music career, formally, at 16 as ‘Rosa Iamele’ on the BBC’s biggest music competition The Voice. After knockout performances coached by icon Sir Tom Jones, Rosa had matured in a new stage of womanhood, developing her sound to encompass the vitality of neo-soul and jazz. She gave us DCL an exclusive event, and a few days later she appeared on Rinse FM. Sony also attended the event.

Visit - Rosa Cecilia - Tiktok

We would like to continue the onboarding process for the next year so this project doesn’t come to a halt. We have built a presence in Decentraland with this. With many connections in the entertainment industry before Decentraland, I take the responsibility and feel equipped to take on the task. I have worked in production for well known celebrity events for influencers like Floyd Mayweather, JBalvin, or SXSW, and Carnival Cruisline to name a few. I have built a strong rapport with artists and celebrities, and also speak their language. By working with influencers and artists with a brand already built. We would like to take these skill sets and apply them to growing this project for the year in 2023 in Decentraland. This is for everyone, but specifically to help minority groups and women.

  1. In World

In World, we would like to change Serena Elis World, including changing the name to “DAYDREAM”- a lounge that caters to all types of performing artists and entertainment. It will also include an education center. We want to take advantage of the in world dcl.eth and use it to broaden this vision and bring a venue that delivers more than just a party scene. It will be a multi-functional build with rooms for different educational content, that brings all these materials together in one place.

  • Daydream.dcl.eth - Build World and Maximize it
  • Build that caters to different Genres of Entertainment
  • Share and Inspire the possibilities with In World and what is possible.
  1. Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be the core of our marketing. We want to be reachable to as many people as possible. We realize some of the issues of not having enough creators using the web 2 platforms to its max capacity. This is a solution to help keep DCL more visible so there is more traffic and opportunity brought to the community for creators, new users, and Decentraland all while also ranking in google.

  • Our marketing is to maximize web 2 platforms with the use of blogs, education, events and popular social media platforms to bridge them into Decentraland.
  • The use of IG reels, Youtube, and websites are critical for mainstream attention from insider creators like myself in Decentraland. There are powerful tools we can’t ignore, and we want to implement these in this grant and use them deliberately.
  • With the help from SEO marketer, who has worked for UBER and Overstock in search optimization, we will be guided to help our DCL content be searchable and accessible through proven marketing strategies. These services have a market value of approximately $5,000 up to $100,000 USD per month, however they are being provided on spec by a close contact.

About Grantee : Serena Elis, a singer, 3D artist, and Entrepreneur.

I have a background in Real Estate Sales and have been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years working in a variety of entertainment fields and contract work. I’ve worked with production company AVS Production, assisting in productions from Carnival Cruise Line, SXSW and more. I’ve been fortunate to work around events for Floyd Mayweather, Marc Anthony, J Balvin and many more, which has given me different perspectives. Taking my skill sets and applying to web 3, along with my creativity, is something I strive for. I decided to jump into web 3 in late 2020, and I was engulfed into Decentraland. This led me to having performed and pursued well over 200 shows and building a brand within a few years time in the metaverse. I have been acknowledged by mainstream media for my performances or content which has been displayed in Glossy Magazine, US Weekly, Vogue Business, Mashable Magazine, NBC News Business, Biz Bash, DecentraNews, Bybit, NFT Plazas, Beauty Independent, Serena Elis also won “Best Digital Event” By Glossy Magazine from a Decentraland event in 2022. I also have had the privilege to help SONY by sharing my innovation within web 3. I only started a few years ago, so I can’t imagine what I will create wherever I put my energy. I want to use my skill sets with my sales background, knowledge and connection with influential people, IRL Social Skills, creativity and energy in Decentraland.

Qualities : Self-starter Attitude, Assertive, Bold, Creative & Innovative

Highlights include :

  • Crypto Chicks Ethereum NFT Collection Performance

  • Created Phygical Collection for Valde Beauty (Luxury Lipstick brand sold at Neiman Marcus)

  • SONY - Interviewed me on my Innovation within web 3 and attended one of our events we hosted in Serena Elis World for one our Female Performers.

  • Partnership with “Pitchbook” ( PitchBook empowers capital market professionals around the globe to win what’s next)

  • Portfolio - I have worked with includes performing for Metakey, Holyones, Droffo, Meta Fashion House, Whisher Vodka, Valde, Crypto Chicks, Vroomway

  • Speaker for Digital Fashion Week in IRL event in NYC.

  • Restreams and content are now deployed to “The Agency” A Luxury Real Estate company based out of Turks and Caicos.

  • Affiliate with Ledger and NordVPN, Gamerhash, and Safety Wing Ambassador

Recap : This grant will allow Serena Elis World to continue to provide:

  • Safe space for new users and current users who want to learn, build and share information.
  • Support women and groups to be ahead in new tech spaces.
  • Provide high quality events, lectures, and IRL Events.
  • Get as much web2/3 Exposure, with reputable brands and communities as possible.
  • Work with leading companies who thrive in the entertainment and tech industries.
  • Educate and provide effective resources that make impact and change for other communities to thrive as well as this one.

We will also be able to:

  • Continue to educate and bring forth resources and engaging content.
  • Working with leading brands in DCL along with web 2 brands.
  • Goal: Higher Reputation as a Creative, that brands want continuous collaborations.
  • Market: Targeting both the average person in web 2 interested in web 3 users to create in Decentraland.
  • Hire an assistant to help onboard specific artists
  • Community assistant for our discord/socials
  • Be a positive impact and continue to follow the mission, and help others.


Budget Details

2 Blogs per week to be effective with SEO. (96 Blogs )

10 hrs a week = 40/hrs a month. 800/a week x 12


Entertainers/Performers - Bringing Female Entertainers, Quality as shown in previous grant.



Thinkfinic FREE Courses for the community - 40 /hrs a week.

500/ hrs for the year - 20/hr

(How to stream in Decentraland for musicians and performing Artists, creating applying graphics for QUALITY streams, how to use OBS, creating NTFs,)


These will be available forever and for anyone to use and share. Decentraland will be the main topics and references.

$ 9,600

Marketing - web 2/3 Included.

Youtube Videos to be deployed 3 times a week

This includes daily posts on IG REEL.

20 A DAY - $600



Quality over Everything - One year for the Server



Covers basic SDK/3D - $5000 (We will Be using the new in World, with


We are grateful that Decentraland has opened up the world for users to create without having to purchase land. We want to Maximize this space.



Help Hosting Events, film, photography, Social Media content = (hired only in dcl community)

Artist Onboarding Assistant : (only connections in the Music industry)


Special Events And IRL Events :. $6,000

We want to create unique events for holidays, deploying wearable for special events,

All of these contents will be effective long term, funneled to other platforms, and that is critical to onboarding but also helping users stay. Hosted IRL event, flyers, supplies, rent of rooms.


Q: Are you going to ask for another grant in the future?

A: This is a one time-grant for Serena Elis World “The Daydream” for 2023.

This Grant is to be used to continue to publish content for The DCL community, and incorporate web 2.

A : No, the grant money will not be used for land purchase or rental fees. In fact we would love to use the Daydream.dcl.eth in the World. which will be great, as it is now a feature that has been open to the DCL community. Would love to maximize the space extensively

We want to thank everyone for reading this and also believing in this project. We know with new technology, women and minority groups tend to get left behind, we want to encourage, uplift and motivate them so that they too can create and also thrive in a place like Decentraland. There is no better way to do it then to educate and also lead by Example.


Serena Elis


SEO - Serena Elis

Assistant / Event Coordinator - Robin Taylor

Community Assistant -Cheddar Queso

Jonathan Lovelady - Marketing, SEO Search Engine Optimization.

Jessica Gross - Assistant


Timeline extends from the present to the end of April 2024…

  • Continue to Blog and Provide Value with Resources and Education for new and active Users.
  • Special events include Education and Lessons on Music Production, 3D art and use them in World for Education and performing Arts.
  • Onboard Female Entertainment and Minority Groups.
  • Collaborations with venues within DCL, and other Metaverses.
  • Personal Performances within Decentraland will continue.


Just want to thank Everyone for reading this Pre-Proposal. Really grateful to have the opportunity to create and share my visions, ideas, and innovation on a platform like Decentraland. My loyalty and devotion to make a positive impact is a mission of mine, and I really hope to have your support. - Serena Elis.

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This is what I want to see. Some live courses where’s people can be shown how to do things and still be able to ask questions in real time. One thing I would love to see added or done in another manner is to include people from DCL Brasil, Germany, Greece, Arabia, China, and have classes available to them as well with perhaps volunteers in from those communities to teach or translate so people from all over can learn.
I like this and have read some of the blogs on the local artists like @MrDhingia and @Isamazing and look forward to more. I’m glad to plan to utilize some of the talent all ready here to share with the world.
Let’s build a better world, together!


Thank you very much for your feedback. It’s appreciated. and yes, I do want to include more creators in this space. I am sure we can find out how to implement other cultures into this.

As far as the blogs I do know they are effective and would like to continue to work on creating more engaging content around web 3 creators/web 3 related topics / DCL !

thank you again. Will make a few adjustments on here :sparkles:


Let me clarify, I love the overall idea and what you have lined up. The additional stuff is just what I would love to see and is maybe something the foundation should do. It would be no easy task of what Im thinking. So i apologize for any confusion there. Anything else just ask me. I hope more people will provide some professional feedback for you.


Yes, thanks for clarification. I think as time goes on things can always be adjusted and can make room to implement. That’s the beauty about creation.
I did get a handful of feedbacks not Necessarily on here so I’m making some slight modifications :sparkles:


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I also like the idea of more education in dcl. Apart from Low Poly World, there were not many video tutorials for wearables. Nice proposal!


Me too! I love learning and growing. there is always something new in this space going on. it’s never ending :sweat_smile: impossible to know it all here :relieved: :sparkles:

Thanks for taking taking the time to write here and share your :thought_balloon: thoughts.

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