[DAO: QmPd1PS] Creating energetic, personalised content & Building project in Decentraland

by 0x2ebb0e88c6edeaef1d912bee639a9e6acc2ed418 (InJesterr#d418)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Reason for the Grant

Decentraland needs a more personal content reaching out to people outside the community, there are many people that joined and left right away because they simply didn’t understand that Decentraland is more then just a game. I want to change this, I want to get those people back to Decentraland with my influential status that i have build so far in this community.

I already started to make content in my own non formal method because thats more personal, The character as InJesterr is supposed to be a friend and not a educator which is also the reason why people always can reach out to me with confidence.
I do work on many projects & platforms think of Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Discord & the most personal Twitch.

Grant size

10,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Before people from Decentraland did’nt have much to do then Choose from a few games party and try to attend at events. The key thing that held people back then was Decentraland Games, Wondermine, Parties & Golfcraft.

Since we have so much progress in DCL since last year, i think we can finally convince those people to join DCL back or just join. The community that will eventually come back &
the new players have the option to choose between a variety of P2E games, festivals, events & do have the option to still attend at the OG key things.

Promises i can make

  • I will be streaming as much as P2E games as i can.
  • I will make personal & not formal videos to reach out to the audience.
  • I will host events, rent/buy a land to host events, parties & games on & create wearables.
  • Tiktok Short videos, Youtube main videos, Youtube short videos, Instagram reel, Twitter posts, Discord events (700 Members), Host DCL Events & giveaways.
  • Start DCL Building models, smart contracts on land.
  • Deploying awareness of Decentraland and try to keep it great like it already is.

In the Specification i will mention what the money is exactly going to be used for & how.


Grant specification
To fullfill these promises I’m going to need a grant of $10.000,00 with my team.
We are going to use this grant over upcomming 3 to 6 months.
There is a posibility of us asking another grant after this period of time since this is only the building phase.

You might question about the amount of the grant that I’m asking, but after my explanation I hope you will be able to think that this grant is totally worth it & reasonable.

We are going to make a page in our web market to publicly share payments.
both on blockchain and receipts!

  • Running Ads on social platforms for videos. $250 one time.
  • Rent a land (max.) up to 3x2 up to 75$ a month. starting small ofcourse.
  • Full Stack Developer, for on lands projects $3.000,00
  • Content creator & event host $2.200,00
  • Community grants $1000,00

Own contribution

  • Deploying projects like The Mini Jesterpops! build community. covered by profit FREE
  • Wearables publishing covered by profit FREE
  • 3D Artis being me FREE
  • Effort & time.
  • Giveaways


  • Create a Jester Show in decentraland in Decentraland on our estate.
  • Eventually buy a land but I am not including this in the grant yet!
  • Become independent from grants.
  • Build a big community for ourselves within Decentraland ONLY.


My team does exist out of team of Moderators, Developers & Creators.

  • Burragan & Didi Maki being admin and hosting with their moderator team on my discord, twitch, youtube & tiktok.
  • Kaan Aydin being the full stack developer
  • InJesterr being the Content creator.
  • InJesterr smart contract developer.
  • InJesterr 3D modeler.
  • InJesterr Handsome one.
  • InJesterr project leader.
  • InJesterr Video editor & maker.
  • InJesterr Entertainer as a Online Jester clown.
  • Didi Maki Maintaining Injesterr.


Kaan Aydin: 26 https://nl.linkedin.com/in/kaan-enver-aydın-584426170trk=public_profile_samename-profile

InJesterr: Askin, 23 (Please never call me by my name) :frowning:
Working as an Entertainer jester.

Didi Maki: Dilara 20
Working as an Aesthestisian.

Burak Ucar: 26 ( Actually only a Discord mod but hey get check his profile anyway )

Roadmap and milestones

My first roadmap can be found on:

I still feel the need to include another roadmap once we are deployed.
Our project

Essential Achievements in this time:

  • I finished the 48 hour; Solidity, Blockchain & Smart contract Course by Patrick Collins & both in Python and Javascript for the sake of this project.
  • I achieved a big DCL following base on Twitter, youtube, Discord & Twitch.
  • I have a seperate following base as a influencer on Tiktok over 300K views & 20K likes which I’m willing to transfer the whole dedication to DCL content.
  • I learned how to 3D model & animate thanks to dear friend that took the time to teach me. This took us several days and I have to admit that I’m still developing this.
  • I created with Kaan Aydin a web-market for my community.
  • I registered my web market to google & KVK which is the place where companies are registered in the Netherlands.

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

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The developer full stack should be $1000,00 per month (6 Months)

DCL would benefit from empowering content creators to interact with the developing community beyond educational broadcasts. Community-based projects have a high potential to increase user traffic while developing life-long supporters of DCL. InJesterr would be an excellent investment and addition to the DCL community entirely.

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I really appreciate that you took the time to share your opinion here, also takes for making me feel worthy❤️

Voting no, although i believe streamers do bring value to DCL, asking for up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant seems like a lot when there are streamers already doing this.

Personally, its a no from me on all grants for LAND purchase/rent or wearable submissions.

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Hey thank you so much for replieng why you voted no, this helps me improve and i can really work with that!

So if i understand you right you mean like streamers do already do this job for free and there is no need for a grant to do this. So basically the grant isn’t based on Land purchase and rent since a rent will cost about 75$ a month which wont be much for me to cover the cost would it be more fair for me to ask such a grant then?

So the grant should look like this:

  • Running Ads on social platforms for videos. $250 one time.
  • Full Stack Developer, for on lands projects $3.000,00 - This is what
  • Content creator & event host $2.200,00 - This doesn’t only include streams, but also parkours, minigames, parties & socializing
  • Community grants $1000,00 - This allows people to get a metaverse job since this would be divided by the community that is working with us on this project within DCL.

Own contribution

  • Rent a land (max.) up to 3x2 up to 75$ a month. starting small ofcourse.
  • Deploying projects like The Mini Jesterpops! build community. covered by profit FREE
  • Wearables publishing covered by profit FREE
  • 3D Artis being me FREE
  • Effort & time.
  • Giveaways

I don’t think for free is right, streamers can monetize their content. I guess to be more specific, you should include how the funding would help achieve the goals instead of how much you are planning on spending from grant on each.

for example: what kind of ads on which platforms, whos the developer in mind or are you still looking, elaborate more on this " * Content creator & event host $2.200,00 - This doesn’t only include streams, but also parkours, minigames, parties & socializing", will part of the grant be given away as the last bullet point seems to be indicating? “Community grants $1000,00 - This allows people to get a metaverse job since this would be divided by the community that is working with us on this project within DCL.”

I have the devs & team listed in personnel :wink:

So basically running ads on social platforms are really these days, the have implemented on nearly any platform where you can select a personalized algorithm.
So to give you an idea on the ads i have a youtube where you can see me performing

Take your time and feel free to watch the video.

So once i have my ads running I’m hoping to give these people that are joining a parcel that they are familiar with, because they found it on my video’s.

So we would be making these content, build the land with parkours, minigames, educational stuff and a big screen where i can host stream through DCL, this way we can party & interact!

So the reason why we need developers is because of the minigames, games and events.

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Running ads
For me focusing in within the community does only bring joy in Decentraland only, we got to reach out outside Decentraland, those people that are already in will eventually come and look up our project already.

We aim on getting new people on Decentraland, or people that joined and left.
We basically want to help Decentraland grow so that it can benefit us.

We are only going to be able to this by these 3 things:

  • Talk & invite through spaces ( word of mouth advertising)
  • Viral videos, you got to be lucky, sharp, persistent and include quality to make a viral video.
  • Ads outside of the space.

So basically i do have a developer working for my company which i started 2 months ago, since i wanted & had to register taxes of income.

He made a fully functional website called irt-market.com where you can basically buy into my nft projects, read about them and even read about my personal roadmap.

He is the one that is going to deploy the project fundamentals.
I am going to become the front-end.
He already started some work on a test network with fake land, eth and all that
The reason why this is needed is because we want to make systems where people can upgrade their wearables, earn them or get poaps from parkours & Minigames like shooting ducks, parties by attending.

Content Creator
We are mainly going to entertain our audience in a circus theme like environment where i am going to become the jester to entertain.

I’m recording videos & edit them.
What type of content can you expect Tutorials, Entertainment, Events, Parties Host, Minigames Host & Socializing livestreams.
I’m also going to build 3D models like a circus to have a theme.

Community grants:
This part of the grant is saved for the moderator team which is also already hired and ready for deployment, they are going to maintain the people. Make sure they follow the rules are respectfull to each other, They will announce events and interact with the community. 8 people are in this team 2 of them coördinating them. They will require a payment of 80$ a week and divide the grant evenly.

Current Assets I Am are working on


24-06 & 25-06

Currently working on canons. Posting soon.

Utility Hats Published

Utility Mask Under review

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Voting yes. @InJesterr thanks for showing commitment & answering to community questions. best of luck with the grant.


I appreciate that i will try to keep the proposal updated we are even working on a site where we can view the progress of building <3

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I voted yes because I believe InJesterr has the potential to bring more people in to DCL and encourage those who are here to stay, by educating them, creating community, and rewarding participation.

While 10k might seem like a lot, I also believe he will be able to do a lot with the grant money. I’ve watched him off and on for 7 months+ and I believe he has a good heart, is a hard worker, and will make good on the promises he has committed to in this proposal.

I don’t see a lot of other content creators doing much more than just streaming. And this isn’t a dig at the person who received the grant I am alluding to, but I would like to remind everyone that we just gave another content creator 120k to basically ‘automate’ a rewards system for his external project. In my opinion, that has absolutely nothing to do with DCL and it’s a double standard.

Let’s stop making these grant proposals about who you know or how ‘OG’ you are and start giving committed people a chance to prove themselves. After all, we are 100% decentralized, are we not?

And to the whales out there. I find it quite rude to vote no on ANY proposal without offering some sort of constructive criticism or reasoning for your vote. Sorry if that offends or you disagree, but I’m entitled to my opinion just as much as anyone else. Of course you are entitled to do whatever you want. Just remember everyone was a small fish at some point. We should be helping each other as a community, not smashing the efforts of anyone who we don’t agree with without even the respect of a response to their attempts to receive feedback.


Hey i appreciate your comment alot this has put alot of value to the proposal
For a instance I got asked to do tutorials in more languages since I do speak some foreign language’s,
i would love to do more & more for this commuity as we discussed today on the @SinfulMeatStick & @Canessa

Everybody can make mistakes, we can either run from it or learn from it & keep growing, building, believing and loving.
Only then you will gain true support!


I made a proposal page where you can follow our progress so far:

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Creating energetic, personalised content & Building project in Decentraland.

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 84% 5,177,773 VP (57 votes)
  • No 16% 995,522 VP (7 votes)
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Creating energetic, personalised content & Building project in Decentraland.

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x3665472a6e9f98240C9987a3ECd9Eb4B769DaeE6
View Transaction

One of the goals of the Grant Support Squad is to guarantee the effectiveness of the Grants Program, signaling to the DAO if a vesting contract needs to be revoked.

In that sense, we started to pass the active grants through the sieve of the requirements written on the documents related to the Grant Program.

In this particular case, regardless of the category requested, the Grantee has included clearly defined and measurable outcomes, such as making a page in their web market to publicly share payments; streaming as much as P2E games as he can, make personal and not formal videos to reach out to the audience, host events, rent/buy land to host events, parties & games on & create wearables.

As well, the grantee has committed to making Tiktok Short videos, Youtube main videos, Youtube short videos, Instagram reels, Twitter posts, Discord events (700 Members), and Host DCL Events & giveaways. On the other hand, the grantee has promised to start DCL Building models and smart contracts on land.

However, the Grant Support Squad has visited the social media platforms mentioned on the proposal and couldn’t find a recent video showing what the grantee has written.

For example:

  • *Twitch, the grantee only has published 2 videos. One is a streaming P2E but has a duration of 2 min, and the other one is not about streaming the topics listed in his grant.

Another thing to mention is that in the first update, the grantee said “I’m going to play Dicemasters p2e for 24 hours” but we couldn’t find it on either of their social media channels.

On the other hand, In the last update the Grantee wrote the following: “Duel Arena P2E Upcoming game content as promised, Update 2; We booked great progress and starting to build a minigame with my team, Burak is taking the lead in this project and is directing us in the project. We are going to use a part of this grant to finance the minigame and invest in a Game developer. He already created some scenes, interfaces & first glimpse for us”,

In other words, the funds are being used to finance a project that the community has not voted for.

Following the requirements, The Grant Support Squad (GSS) has scheduled a meeting with the grantee to talk about these concerns but the grantee doesn’t show up. Then, the GSS sent a DM to the Grantee by Discord but there is radio silence.

In conclusion, and regarding the topics pointed out, we recommend to the DAO Committee @yemel @HPrivakos that this Grant be revoked.

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The grant has been revoked based on the evidence presented.


Dear Decentraland I mailed @Zino about reconsidering the revoke, because there has been a misunderstanding between the community and I today on my stream I have explained a portion of it and together with @AaronLeupp I decided to post some evidance of my late hard work, and the stuff that I have been doing the last month that I wasn’t active on Social Media.

So before posting any images I want to explain the misunderstanding. When i said in my previous proposal that I wanted to create content, I also meant a game since that is considered content aswell. I created a variety of content, Like wearables i designed, Social platform content like video’s in multiple languages, tutorials, photos, Circusses that i Build & Parkours I have build on my rented land.

The reason why the land isn’t active at this moment is because the owner ( @bitfiend ) asked if he could use it for a project for a limited time & that I would get it back at the time I needed it again.
Here is proof of that.

I also was creating wearables for Decentraland in the meanwhile.

About the 24 Hour livestream attempt, I did do that I’m only not sure why @Zino wasn’t able to find that but I am sure @Yannakis & @DCLDating can be a wittness for this stream.

Here is a screenshot of my youtube video’s

Also my tiktok video’s arent pinned so please don’t only at the first 3.

I also worked on a collaboration with @waifumon this month which was called a referral program and did work on that aswell.

I have participated in the golfcraft Tournament - streamer edition. @pablo can vouch for me on this one.

About the meeting I missed I needed to rush to the hospital due to a sick mother.

And this month I have been working in the background on multiple stuff like releasing the game content, well this is where everything went wrong since we started as a mini game idea for the land but wanted to create something better for the community then just a Minigame, we were busy creating @DuelArenap2e Team, Assets, Characters, Socials, Site & Maps. You are even able to see me announce this early august in the DCL DAO discord.

I’m already finished with building a team and everyone is doing his/her work for the game, I only create assets now and wanted to continue early october with video’s again, I can proof this because i have recordings of tutorials for DCL.

My intentions were only postive for the Decentraland community and right now I get alot of hate and am getting reactions on my forum about me breaking the guidelines & how I used this grant to provide for my own interest, this is not fair since I have been working day and night for this community and I feel so ashamed of it

@yemel I hope you can re- enact this proposal for me because I want to continue what I was doing & I want to clear my name.

Sincerely Askin.