[DAO: QmToTyD] Decentraland Community Building Grant

by 0x3cb9e515e2452937b501734aa2cc8ea673c28f27 (decentrafun)

Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Community category be approved?


Decentrafun is requesting a grant to reimburse and sustain a portion of our costs in community building and education. We have been documenting and sharing our creative process through making tutorials and videos for over a year. The progress and speed of our community development from a one parcel gallery to a three-land complex art and education estate have delightfully surprised all of us involved! See the first video here Decentraland - Exploring the world - Part 1 - YouTube and the most recent here Decentraland - Building on my Decentraland Estate Pt.1 - YouTube

Our community includes multi-talented people from around the world who are all about having FUN while contributing their expertise toward developing the exciting possibilities in Decentraland.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Onboarding to DCL can be a daunting process to many people. Assistance through community is needed because learning and support are required to fully engage in all the delightful, beneficial activities the virtual world provides. Our group is building trust and awareness about Decentraland through social media channels, event promotions, and education. It is our experience that documenting our creative process and making video tutorials is helping to make onboarding easier and build community in DCL.

In addition to tutorials, we are networking. We have successfully used applications, giveaways and events to reach new artists, collectors, and crypto users who have entered and utilized the benefits of Decentraland.

We have submissions from 18 countries in our gallery. They are, in order of number of entries: United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, India, Denmark, Venezuela, Turkey, Lebanon, Japan, Romania, Philippines, Malaysia, Nepal, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy.
We host recurring weekly events in Decentraland, such as Mermaid Tarot Readings and Heros and Dragons game.
We have a global music event coming in October ‘21 featuring DJ’s from around the world, NFT and POAP giveaways, and participatory modules.
We have events planned with our cryptocurrency partners such as Polygon, Shiba Inu, and BAO.

We plan to continue our community-building education and entertainment efforts and have reached a point where we must scale our project in order to meet the level of interest. We must improve accessibility in order to create seamless delivery across social channels and within our complex in Decentraland. It is important that all who wish to access these offerings can do so easily and have fun while they do!

While we’re excited about the pilot results, it is also clear that to offer the content we envision will require a team committed to consistent effort, and more resources. Our goal is to keep growing the Decentraland community through ease of accessibility, education, and fun events. Having a portion of our community building costs reimbursed from the new DAO grant program would enable us to scale our project.


We have created a flowchart to help onboard people, one step at a time, starting with introducing them to Decentraland first. You can see the flowchart here: https://foreverbird.files.wordpress.com/2021/06/screen_shot_2021-05-19_at_2.31.35_pm.png

We are using an app to help get feedback on what is of interest to the greater social media community. You can view the results of our Genesis competition here: DecentraFUN Crypot Art Giveaway

To see more of the community building work we are doing across social platforms please visit:
DCL: Decentraland
Discord: Stellar Gate
Twitter: https://twitter.com/decentrafun
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Twitch: Twitch
Facebook: Redirecting...


Primary creator and leader. Has led many NASA competitions and programs.
Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbartra/

is a digital art educator, artist, and roving DCL reporter.
Instagram Profile: Login • Instagram

Deep Thought:
Is an IT Security professional and artist. He works for a large international company and regularly works on large scale and complex security projects.

Mitra Cline:
Senior Visual Designer, Art Director, Assistant Director, and Independent Artist orchestrates creative projects with refreshing attention to detail from start to finish.

Character artist and modeller with experience in film, tv and nonprofit sectors. 3d pipeline engineer.

Product manager and Full-stack Engineer (Web 2.0 | Web 3.0) with over 11 years of experience delivering enterprise applications for Fortune 100 companies.

Is a Blockchain Founder and developer who works with an extensive team to build technological innovation across the globe, including SaaS, e-commerce, CRM and blockchain-based projects.

​​Anthony ⬡ Zim Teemo / zimteemo#1909 / zombieshepherd.eth
Creative producer for Zim + Teemo Animation Studio, musician, audio engineer, film editor, and film programmer for Slamdance Film Festival.

Roadmap and milestones

Complete Decentrafun 15-30 min video featuring artists - Done!
Complete Grand Opening promotion and official DCL event application - Done!
Milestone: First Giveaway Winners are Randomly Selected!
Milestone: Edit the 10 artists Interviews to play at museum tv
Complete elevators - in progress
Complete TVs - Done!
Complete all NFT installations - Done!
Milestone: Launch Event! Genesis Grand Opening - Done!
Complete graphics, giveaway, and programming to enter the next DCL event
Complete Wearable application for community
Create community polling - Done!
Milestone: Interview 20 artists & edit videos - Done!
Milestone: Launch Wearables! - Done!
Milestone: Financial Complex Grand Opening! - Done!
Milestone: Basic Gaming Area Grand Opening! - Done!
Milestone: Become a point of interest in Decentraland - Done!
Milestone: 3rd quarter. Creation of usable language
Milestone: 3-4th quarter Heroes and Dragons collection (creation for game usage)
Milestone: 3-4th quarter Space collection (creation for game usage)
Milestone: 3-4th NFT-Real Life connection (store)
Milestone: 3-4th quarter Big event with a blockchain and projects
Milestone: 2nd quarter 2022 Financial Complex Grand Opening!
Milestone: 3rd quarter 2022 Basic Gaming Area Grand Opening!
Milestone: 3rd quarter 2022 Finish and Launch eLearning building!
Milestone: 4th quarter 2021 Populate eLearning building with content

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