[DAO: Qmcezst] Building DecentralWear Community Center

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


We are a team of Decentraland community members who are passionate to give back with the mission of becoming a hub for community members to equip them with in-demand skills and develop another source of income in the Decentraland metaverse.

We have already built several projects in Decentraland, such as Play2Earn Parkour Courses, Wear2Earn Meta board Wearables, Decentraland Dating Club Love, and free DecentrAcademy Community Classes. Our team has invested time and financial resources so that we can provide more earning and networking opportunities to the community. We are looking to expand our team’s projects and offerings to enhance the user-player experience and make room for a growing user base in Decentraland.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Our goal is to offer newcomers and existing community members opportunities to earn MANA by exploring Decentraland, playing games, learning, and teaching. By participating in the following activities, the @DecentralWear team provides real-time live courses with our partners and experts focusing on the following:

  • Play2Earn Parkour Courses
  • Community Event Space
    • Event area for community members to host low-cost release parties, office parties, birthday parties and more!
    • Club area with space for large screens streaming live performances, automated dancing and NFT frames.
  • DecentrAcademy
    • Free weekly community study sessions with a focus on creating wearables with Blender
    • Community members take classes to learn and work themselves up to teaching to earn MANA. Courses available: SDK Building, Event Management, Wearable creation, and Decentraland building.
    • Continue to provide value and teach free classes similar to Wisher Wednesday, Feb 9th FREE T-Shirt design session.
  • Community Gallery
    • Showcasing of Digital Art NFTs created by Decentraland community members
    • Wearables created by DecentrAcademy students
    • Providing a free event space for new creators to present their wearables to the community

Not only community members will benefit from this project, but Decentraland will be enjoying the following:

  • Increase in the number of unique users entering the platform
  • New businesses and organizations establishing their presence through the acquisition of lands, event hosting, and wearable creations
    When community members have completed their courses and training:
  • Impressive wearable designs and state-of-the-art builds and scenes will be visible around Decentraland
  • Enhanced technology and interactive elements in SDK Builds and increased utility of virtual assets
  • Organized and well-coordinated live events will be more frequent in the metaverse
    And most importantly, more MANA will be generated both for the Decentraland Foundation and its community members.


To achieve this vision, DecentrAcademy will make use of the grant for the following:

DecentrAcademy Classes

  • Instructor Training: Designers and developers will be trained to lead in a teaching environment
  • Curriculum Development: Lesson plans, course materials, and assignments will be consolidated among instructors and writers
    DecentrAcademy Land and Building
  • Purchase of 2X2 Land Parcel
  • Building and architectural services with Decentraland Builders
  • SDK Development
    Website Features
  • Registration and enrollment system at classes
  • NFT and smart contracts integration
    • Wearable NFT Passes for registered students
    • Non-transferable NFT Diplomas/Certificates for course completers
      DecentrAcademy Job Fair/Career Center
  • For businesses and individuals who look for talent, DecentrAcademy will notify course completers for job opportunities

Budget Allocation
Decentraland In-World Land Development

  • Purchase a 2X2 Land Parcel with a budget of USD 50,000 (equivalent to at least 21,000 MANA)
    • The current floor is at 19,420 MANA
  • Architectural Design Services with DecentralBuild
    • We have plans for a multilevel building. The first floor being for wearable display, where we would show off wearables created by @decentralwear and students. The second will be for classes, the third a club to host events/provide low-cost promotion services, and the fourth floor is a challenging play to earn parkour course created by DecentralBuild (@Decentral_build) (https://www.decentrabuild.io/)
  • SDK Development with Neocyber
    • Decentraland community member, React/Typescript engineer, SDK consultant, and developer DOA member. (@neo_cyber.eth)
      Internal Team Development
  • Creating and publishing wearables
    • 8 Wearables will be created and published:
      Four wearables - DecentrAcademy “Proficiency robes” for students and teachers.
      Four wearables - 3 months of Parkour prizes.
  • Training of Instructors and Development of Course Materials
  • Website Development and NFT Smart Contracts Integration


DecentralWear Team
Matt F. (DCLDating) - Co-Founder, Wearable NFT Designer, Developer, Partnerships, Marketing and Advertising
Yannakis - Co-Founder, Lead 3D Design Artist, Decentraland Curator
Jamie Lannister - Social Media Manager, Jr 3D Artist, Decentraland Moderator
Celestelle - NFT Artist, Content Creator, Operations Administrative Lead
lolo_babydoll - Social Media Influencer, Administrative Assistance

External Team (Partners)
NeoCyber.eth - SDK Developer, Developer DAO member
Decentra_Build - Architect, Decentraland Architect
3d Modeling contractors

Roadmap and milestones

Building DecentralWear Community Center

Phase 1 (April 4th - June 6th )
Community Center
We will immediately work with DecentraBuild to develop the multi-story community building.
Concurrently, we will recruit and meet with our partner creators to develop the course curriculum and materials for all course offerings on wearables, metaverse architecture, and SDK development.

Phase 2 (June 7th - Aug 1st)
Community Center
Upon completing the multi-story building, we will work with Neocyber to set up the SDK build on the parcel.
The website to be developed will operate course pre-registration and enrollment systems. This will help determine the number of students who will be officially taking up the classes and assign instructors into timeslots.
Our partner creators will be trained to lead in a teaching environment. Speech, lesson delivery, speed, software use, and student-instructor pacing will be given careful attention in the process. The ability to accommodate all kinds of issues regarding any features or functions used in the software will be considered in training.

Phase 3 (Aug 2nd - Oct 3rd)
Acquire parcel, by this phase, the community center is already completed with the architectural and SDK build. On the other hand, our creator-instructors will be ready to host free classes for community members.
Members can participate in all activities provided: Play2Earn course, community art/wearable gallery, community event space and free study sessions.

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Building DecentralWear Community Center

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Building DecentralWear Community Center

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