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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


I am seeking funding for the development of a module that will facilitate the creation of parkour courses/mini-games in the SDK with minimal coding knowledge on the user’s end. This module will be made available to the community to help build up the repository of functional examples and to act as a starting point for new developers while providing a useful scene that can be freely implemented into existing land.

Grant size

3,000 USD

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Parkour is prevalent throughout internet and gaming culture. It spans many genres of games and has become a staple activity in even some of the most popular games (Minecraft and Roblox to name a couple). Decentraland has the potential to become a new hub for parkour creators and enthusiasts, but currently most implementations require a fair understanding of how to program.

I hope to solve this through the development of a parkour creation kit that will allow users to easily setup parkour courses with a low knowledge requirement. The kit will offer a variety of features (different moving platform types/styles) that can be created by a user in a couple lines of code. Artistic users will find it simple to add more platform styles to the kit and advanced users can modify it to provide additional dynamic platform types.

We can reach a much wider audience by providing the advanced utility of the SDK without the requirement of programming knowledge. A module like this will create a great foundation for those looking to develop their own parkour tracks and foster Decentraland’s parkour community! We can also continue to expand it by adding to its functionality over time, increasing the types of dynamic platforms and available styles.


This module will allow users to setup a dynamic parkour course, including platforms with dynamic moving patterns and styles. The core functionality of the module will be hidden from the user, making the creation of courses significantly easier. Advanced users will also find it easy to modify the provided repository to form it to fit their own need. The default/demo scene itself will showcase all the features available in the module, providing an example implementation for each component.

The currently planned features are:
-Static platforms: platforms that do not move.
-Moving Platforms: platforms that move along a designated course of way-points (A to B to A, repeating)
-Rotating Platforms: platforms that rotate along a given axis and at a given distance from the pivot point.
-Blinking Platforms: platforms that periodically blink in and out of existence on a timed delay.
-Platform Styles: ability to define and assign display styles to platforms, modifying their appearance in-game.


I’ll be working on this project solo. I’ve been programming for over a decade, with a primary focus on gaming, and I’m currently employed as a software engineer (working mainly with C and Java). While I’ve only been developing in DCL for a relatively short period of time I have made good strides and am fully capable of implementing this project in the given time-frame. I’ve created several projects to learn the platform and have a good understanding of the development pipe-line.

Roadmap and milestones

This project will be competed within 2 weeks of this proposal’s acceptance. The basic roadmap is as follows:

-Week 1: Implementation of core features, rough demo scene made available for feedback. -Week 2: Scene/code polish, implementation of suggested features within scope.

As with any project, there will likely be bugs/flaws in implementation. I’ll be maintaining the main repo and will work towards fixing these as they get flagged.

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Love this. voted yes, although the timeline of 2 weeks seems too short IMO

Hi! Looks like this is well on it’s way to being accepted, so thank you everyone! :slight_smile:

Creating a system like this in only 2 weeks would definitely get a little crunch, but I’ve got a lot of the legwork done before I submitted my request: the system itself has already been outlined in a design document. I’ve got a practical layout of each class and how they interact with each other, so all that’s really left to do is program and test the system. While this does take a fair amount of time, it becomes significantly more manageable when you essentially have a blueprint to follow!

I’m pretty confident in the timeline I’ve set (week 1: main development, week 2: testing and polish) and even have some additional functions I’ve planned on including if I get enough time during the up-coming weeks!

Community Module: Parkour Creation Kit

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 1,236,255 VP (19 votes)
  • No 1% 9,705 VP (5 votes)

Project Update: Week 1

The core functionality of the project has been completed; I’ve implemented the 4 different platform types and have linked their generation to a file where users can modify their current parkour stage. There are still a few functional processes to implement, such as dynamic parenting (allowing users to nest parkour objects easily) and collection sets (defining and toggling separate courses within the module), but I am well on-course to finishing the project by the end of next week.

Here’s a quick example scene containing 2 types of platforms (static and dynamically pathed) with a quick run-through 2 of their data definitions (what the users will be editing):


Static Platform Definition:

Pathed Platform Definition:

As you can see, the user has a lot of control over their particular objects. They can define the transform of their platforms (positioning, scale, rotation), parent objects onto each other to create complex platforms, and even define their own sets that can be dynamically dis/enabled within a running scene. All of this provided through a couple lines in a file free of complex algorithms/code!

This next week I’ll be implementing the remaining overhead systems (parenting and sets), adding some more styles, and doing a general polish of the code documentation. After the next update the module will be made available via GitHub, along with an example scene that showcases each platform type!

Community Module: Parkour Creation Kit

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Project Update: Week 2

The project has been completed! In addition to the aforementioned features, I’ve also included the ability to swap stage sets dynamically while the scene is running. This means you can package multiple parkour stages within the same module and activate them via in-game buttons.

You can check out the preview scene here, it contains a quick parkour stage that contains each type of platform (sometimes it can take a while to load), and the repository is available here!

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