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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


I am seeking funding for the development of an easy-to-use module that will allow users to display their NFTs in a gallery format with minimal setup (simply adding their NFT details to a single file). This module will be made available to the community to help build up the repository of functional examples to act as a starting point for new developers and provide a useful scene that can be freely implemented into existing land.

Grant size

2,500 USD

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Standard users within Decentraland (DCL) have quite a few resources on-hand to build a display to show off their NFTs, but all of them require a fair bit of work to. Users without programming experience can use the Builder to construct their own scenes or find some tutorials on YouTube, but this takes a lot of time for them to reach their simple goal of displaying their NFTs (especially if they are new to the space). Users with an understanding of how to code can read through the SDK and experience example scenes, but (once again) this is a time consuming process for most. On top of that, the quality of implementation will vary in the extreme.

What I am to do with this module is provide general users with a module that can save them time and provide a good base-line for a quality display. This is a utility many users have been looking for and will no doubt provide a significant value to the community. By making more complex features within DCL more accessible via simplified interfaces we can get more users involved in developing the project’s digital space. We can also provide users who lack an understanding of programming solutions that would otherwise be unavailable to them.


This module will allow users to display their art by interacting with a single well-documented file. The core functionality of the module will be hidden from the user, making management of their content significantly easier. Advanced users will also find it easy to modify the provided repository to form it to fit their own need. The default scene itself will feature a large display space for many NFTs, with the building sized for a 3x3 estate.

The completed module will also contain a walk-through of how to add NFTs to the project’s scene and how to host their scene as a website for free (as an early development alternative to deploying the scene onto land). I believe that enabling users to not only create but also share their content easily will be key to building up this platform.


I’ll be working on this project solo, again :). I’ve been programming for over a decade, with a primary focus on gaming, and I’m currently employed as a software engineer (working mainly with C and Java). While I’ve only been developing in DCL for the past quarter of a year I have made good strides and am fully capable of implementing this project in the given time-frame. I’ve created several projects to learn the platform and have a good understanding of the development pipe-line.

Previous projects include:
-Networked Checkers

Roadmap and milestones

This project will be competed within 2 weeks of this proposal’s acceptance. The basic roadmap is as follows:

-Week 1: Implementation of core features, rough demo scene made available for feedback.
-Week 2: Scene/code polish, implementation of suggested features within scope.

As with any project, there will likely be bugs/flaws in implementation. I’ll be maintaining the main repo and will work towards fixing these as they get flagged.

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Community Module Creation: Gallery

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Community Module Creation: Gallery

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Week 1 Update:

All core programming has been completed and a preview scene has been constructed.

The current module allows users to display NFTs via a node-shelf system: users first define where they wish to place a ‘displayer’ that will act as a root/anchoring, then define what NFTs will be displayed on that object’s nodes. The current system supports both 2D and 3D object displays, though for 3D displays you must provide your own preview model as you cannot harvest that organically from the NFT’s data. The main goal is to provide a versatile system while maintaining a minimalistic interface to make it easy for users who have no programming experience.

Here’s an example of a displayer definition and a quick peak at the scene:

You can try out the preview scene here. You can view an NFT’s details in-game with ‘E’ and open a new tab leading to its OpenSea page with ‘F.’

I’ll be spending the next week polishing the code and default display objects; I’m no graphic artist, but the plan is to provide at least 6 usable displayers and to get users started. I’d also love to hear any suggestions for additional features you might want to see in this module!

Happy Holidays!

The project has been completed!

You can view the preview scene here and code repository (and additional details) here.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for bugs and will be updating the project to include the Polygon/Matic chain when OpenSea releases a stable interface (I don’t want to implement a custom solution that may quickly become obsolete or non-functional).

Happy New Year!