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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


I’ve spent time trying to develop something of value through scenes from the official documentation. Without problems I have been able to work basic concepts due to the clarity in the use of the sdk provided and of course thinking of the storing of this accounts:

However I’ve been wondering while working on the main logic controllers to animate entities… and if this is done already?.. what about if someone developed some similar functionality? Sometimes it is essential and very helpful to have a guide or index to review. How about if we make one? When i used dcl sdk to try some things when anímate entities… my head surrounded with this Kind of questions all the time…

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



For this first part… if the community likes it… we would build a platform that will help to have visibility on some functionalities made in developed projects provided by the community where the code is already stored in github. Thing that would serve as a base for anyone who wants to appreciate the way someone else solved a certain problem.
This index would be feeding in the long term by anyone who wanted to contribute or share the information with the same community in an orderly manner, appreciating the context in which a certain project related to decentraland was created. Being the first to collect some base links, some of you shared to me the knowing of their repos existence and i was grateful.


What I would like to cover with the support of the community is the structure of the platform, on a basic server for this first instance with an AWS EC2 machine, I will use docker to containerize the services, mysql to manage the database, and I will be developing the project with the python stack on the FLASK framework, using bootstrap framework for help me with the style and responsivity renders.
Excited, I began to develop the basic structure in dlchub.co with some basic renders to visualize the uses, I have not yet released the generation and registration of users, but internally they already have a basic structure to visualize the basic renders from inside and outside the login . I attach a screenshot of the section my profile: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
As well as the generation of the forms that fill the database from the myprofile section leave the following link of its operation through twitter https://twitter.com/dcl_edgar23/status/1599626159662112768?s=20\&t=EwS9BOnbJs6dr-WqqvliYA


At this time i have been working solo, as developer working for 6 years solving backed issues for a telecommunications company using python, flask, django, reactJs as well as nodejs i will leading the Project.

Roadmap and milestones

Being this a pilot test mounted in production on dclhub.co to be liked by the community I would like for this first part (in addition to obtaining feedback from the community):

  • Finalize the functionality of the forms to store on the server online together with the information of each one of them, which will include the title, description, author, creator of the post, date of creation and up to 3 images per post
  • Finalize the main public render where all the posts with the information are appreciated at a macro level in an aesthetic and ergonomic way
  • Have some predefined contributors for this instance while we deploy and grow the idea to generate structured and valuable information, which at this stage the contributions will not be available to users in general, but the public information would be available for everyone to appreciate the posts and the information inside them.
    In the long term we would love to add more features that allow to give even more value to each post provided, that serves as a guide for all users who are interested in getting involved in the development of scenes through the sdk.
    Hoping to be assertive with this development i would like tho work on this and finish it in 2 weeks max, I am attentive to the comments of each one and thank you very much for taking the time to read this request.

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3000 USD isn’t a lot, but I think it would make more sense to actually open the repo and attract some contributors (as a sort of proof of concept) before trying to get a grant

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The reason of why for this “pilot”, is focussed on renders and basic ussage in the platform before of filters, curators program, assertive ussage of posts, validated structure, thanks u for ur feedback. Of course If u want to be part of contributors would be awesome to have experienced members inside this.

I’m not sure I exactly understand what this is technically, can someone break it down for me as a non active coder? Also I’m a visual person, pictures help me understand how this functions and works, like how a user knows about this and it is beneficial to them.

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Surelly, at this time… when u coding a project … there are a helpfull tool that called git, these help to developers to made a storage on github.com, versioning and if the repository is public (the core of storage ur code-project) it allow to easy download or review ur code for other people…
when u develop code its helpfull to learn of each others if u know the links of where a project is stored… (if it is shared), the problem sometimes is… where to find… i actually do this task googling, asking and reviewing the passed grants.
This platform would help with this thing… but personally i think that the links provided in posts in this platform would be valuable as the DESCRIPTIONS of each one, of course a Macroview of projects would be interesting(developing now in Home)… also i take in consideration to add for every post a comments-section for improve the comunity feedback of the content provided… helping a lot to sort and curate the information. I would like to add an other features that give more value to the site, but it is the one that pushed to me in this way.
And for be assertive if u (as a content creator) want to share a generic content or some valuable assets that u have… for example if u want to share a generic sounds(.mp3) for anyone that would like to add in their scene…the main idea of this is that u could share an googledrive link in a post… with some description for example. At this time u could share with me in dcledgar23@gmail.com to add to the platform as i try to finish the renders and basic functionally first before open the users registry.

So this is basically the Awesome repo, but on a website?

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i know that the repo is public and maybe new repos could be added… but i thinking on this idea looking for improve the concept of that one, as maybe not only github, folders of glbs in google drive for non-technicals users… maybe a user that see something and would to share it with some repute or verified acc… i am sure of the descriptions would help to index keywords by search also… i would like to add tags in posts (like… animations, video streaming, basic ussage sdk, games… ) and add one space for eachone by comments to increase the feedback, maybe the metrics of ussage in the platform or posts…

Hey, as HP mentioned, it seems like this is the awesome repository but searchable and with comments. I’m not sure I see this as useful to myself, if I’m speaking honestly. I also think as often as we can build products for DCL, we should be using decentralized programs and software, and gdrive is not.

Lastly, I’m not sure I understand the ask to email you though, I don’t plan to send anything I’ve created to anyone at the moment, but I wish you luck in your journey.

DCL HUB a sorted library of projects.

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