[DAO: QmarsNb] Decentraland teach and promote for Portuguese and English speaking community

by 0xe0fe21830b5ca41e05ae6d628d842fd9ae50bea0 (MetaCrowner#bea0)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


I have a community on Telegram focused to teach portuguese speakers how to get in Decentraland and know this amazing world. I’m moderator of ZERO2HERO streamer too, helping people in there to make they projects come true.

My team are working on twitter to let people from all plataforms know Decentraland and get weekly news.

We are working with some big brands to bring they to Decentraland metaverse, brands like churchs, crypto exchanges, brazillian music artists and chothing brands.

We work with people that want to become a wearable creator in DCL teaching they everything since blender to publishment

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



On my telegram community I have only 3 moderators to 300 members, all of us are working hard everyday to bring news about all about Decentralandand and help the new players to start, things like how to set-up the metamask, how to create your avatar, how to buy MANA and wearables, how to create wearables and build your scene on the Builder… We do not have enough time to teach everyone!

My work in there is bring new people to the community, also is it growing too fast and we need people to be focused on this new members to make the game intersting to they.

With the founds of this grant I’ll pay the moderators monthly to be motivated and also have more time in there helping the new members and bringing the news everyday.

To bring new people I’ll pay twitter to promote our posts with the grant founds.


1-If the grant is approved, I can improove the documents that I already have like this explanation about Decentraland that I’ve done to show to the brands that I’m talking to build in Decentraland:

2-Also I’ll spend the Grant with promotion to the twitter:


3- I’ll pay the moderators on the Telegram and Discord group:


This grant is enough to pay the cost to at minimun 6 months


Hi! I’m Gabriel Ribeiro, but people know me as Metacrowner.

I have a degree in information systems, I have always worked in the area of ​​systems and marketing.

Since I met Decentraland I saw the need for technical content for those who speak Portuguese, such as how to configure the wallet, save using polygon network and etc…

I met a lot of new people in this universe, some of them today help me to take care of the community, but we all face several obstacles due to the lack of incentive from the game for people like us, we hope that this DAO motivates us even more to create content frequently

Roadmap and milestones

We gonna post new content (minimum) 3 times a week on Decentraland News Twitter, with the weekly events and news and send daily news about Decentraland in portuguese on Telegram and discord also promotee the twitter to bring new members.

We gonna spend some grant to teach people that want to become a creator using professional programs and knowleadge.

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This is the wearables that me and my community alread created:



Amazing community that grows every day !

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The Brazillian currency is too cheap so I’m doing this text to be clear how the founds is going to be spend:

$50 to Telegram moderators monthly (6 months) - 5 moderators: $1500

$100 to the paid traffic (6 months) - Twitter: $600

$25 to Discord server moderators (6 months) - 3 Moderators: $450

$300 to new creators scholarship - Subbimit fees $300

$150 to Discord server management tools- Nitro and MEE6 BOT: $150

Thanks for the additional details, and the respectable grant request. I support this application.

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Hi Matimio!

Appreciate your support!

Fell free to ask me any question or suggest any improvement!

Great proposal to help the portuguese community!

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Very Nice Community , very helpfull ! this community growing up fast now a days.Thanks Metacrowner to being very productive in our Brazilian community

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Decentraland teach and promote for Portuguese and English speaking community

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 1,781,003 VP (55 votes)
  • No 1% 4,759 VP (7 votes)
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Thank you to everyone who voted and supported me, I hope with this grant I can do something revolutionary for the decentraland community and the Brazilian community :slight_smile:

Decentraland teach and promote for Portuguese and English speaking community

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