[DAO:o7pi5yy] Creation of quality content for the Spanish-speaking community

by 0x333f2ba1e49bcea8b1ad9f0d5083df596896cbed (Lucascol#cbed)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Creation of quality content by transmission / creation of content to the Spanish-speaking community

Grant size

2,000 USD

Beneficiary address


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Decentraland has revolutionized the way of playing, bringing entertainment to many people around the world, the Spanish community so far does not have a reference in terms of the metaverse in Spanish, of course the English community is also important without a doubt .

I am a content creator mainly on the youtube platform, I recently joined the twitch platform after an invitation to participate in the golfcraft gaming tournament for all centraland content creators, being the only one Spanish-speaking; trans see the absolute support of the entire Spanish and English speaking community, I want to continue growing as a content creator and carry all the content, transmission, videos and information every week on the different platforms, but for this I need a hardware (computer) that be efficient for such a contribution to the entire decentraland community

For several months I have been holding different events in decentraland where more than 50 commercial nft + 100 collection nft have been given away without use so far + poap

Support is always important above all and the community has done it, I will be grateful all the time with them

As for the nfts, I want to make some collaborations with the 3D creators of decentraland with incredible experience in the community and their projects

That said, I request the help of the entire community to obtain this hardware (computer) and bring even better quality content, in addition to collaborating with the different P2E of decentraland (to create some nft and encourage the community that supports continued and encourage even more competition in order to have more new users every day)


The following mentions are my total responsibility

In golfcraft I will continue to hold events such as tournaments on its platform and reward the entire community that is part of each event.

Vroomway is a P2E that is about to come out in its beta version and I want to cover as much content as possible during this beta time and obviously when the game is a final version

8metaballs at some point talk to its developer to organize events and tournaments but given the pending updates it was not possible, then the issue for this is frozen on my part, the purpose is to be able to collaborate on it as well

Wilderness I am a player who has tried on many occasions and is competitive, the community likes that and I have videos on my youtube channel

Exodus, at the moment I have linked directly to the game, but I plan to do little by little

In relation to the other games, I could carry informative content and participate in their events during my broadcasts and others.


I am the only person responsible for this request, I leave my social networks

Roadmap and milestones

Cover each week a different game mentioned above (among others), bringing with them the entertainment and also prizes for the entire community

all of the above depends on the availability of my time

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Spanish is the second most spoken language of the world by native speakers, after Chinese and above english. It’s a big threshold of potential users to attend.

I’m not aware of any other spanish youtuber or streamer creating continuous content like he does, covering the different games in Decentraland: Golfcraft, Metaballs, Wilderness, Wonderzone, etc. with its own discord community.

The work done till today is already worthy to be rewared, but also what he can bring in future. Moreover the requested amount is quite reasonable.

My support here.


I agree we need this guy.

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Thank you very much Pablo for your support, it is enormous

Thank you very much, always contributing in what I like

Voting Yes!

Streaming Decentraland needs a powerful PC, and $2000 is a reasonable amount to get the hardware, software and prizes for events.


Thank you very much eibriel for the support

Just voted yes:) I also agree having more content for the spanish- speaking community is a great idea in general. Being a streamer myself I know that having a better computer makes this process much easier…I’ve personally done some tiny segments in spanish during my streams…but never a full length one, so I’m stoked to now find someone I can send my spanish only speaking friends to check out.

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Also voted YES, because we need more inclusivity, especially around languages to help grow, build, and attract new users to DCL. Plus the following @Lucascol has, shows they have interest from a community, who would benefit from their content. I would also consider depending on the funds breakdown, doing some paid media with your content. It could really bring your content to more eyes!

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Thank you very much ckbubbles for your vote and comment. I always do what I like and contribute to expand the metaverse, nft and all the knowledge obtained is something that makes me proud, many new users do not understand how the metaverse works and everything inside it, they choose to leave due to lack of information, instructions and even way to demonstrate benefits for himself.

Voted yes! Hope your project get approved!

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thank you very much vaporizador


I voted no, spanish being my native language I believe the purpose of this proposal is great and very much needed. However, i think this sets a bad precedent where it’s okay to ask DAO funds for equipment such as PC hardware. $2000 is definitely reasonable just not a fan of this type of proposals. / He optado por votar no, siendo el español mi idioma nativo, creo que el propósito de esta propuesta tiene su buena intencion y es necesaria. Sin embargo, creo que esto sienta un mal precedente en el que está bien pedir fondos de la DAO para equipos como hardware de PC. $ 2000 es definitivamente una suma razonable para lo que pides, pero no estoy de acuerdo con este tipo de propuestas.

reasonable, told him the same, he shouldn’t have told us if he will spend some money on a computer or food or whatever, he should have focused only on what he will offer to the community in exchange for the grant, which in reality is also explained in the proposal. I know he has created content continuosly already and he also tells he will create more.


Creation of quality content for the Spanish-speaking community

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

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  • No 24% 563,072 VP (11 votes)

Creation of quality content for the Spanish-speaking community

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