[DAO: QmXG2RV] Fashion School Graduate Makes Wearables

by 0x4b75968043b77e01488ac98da5d99ebb0c2c73fe (Deni#73fe)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


I have created a set of clothing items that include matching sweatshirt, sweatpants, bucket hat and shoes in a variety of different colors. I am a recent graduate from fashion school and have taught myself how to use Blender to create wearables just for Decentraland. My goal for this project is to not only create inclusive clothing items but to give back to Decentraland by continuing to create unique and desirable clothing items.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



I am a newer user to Decentraland and while I have greatly enjoyed it so far, I quickly noticed that the current clothing available lacks inclusivity and uniqueness. I have created a gender neutral clothing line that everyone will be able to wear and enjoy. This clothing line will bring a new standard for inclusivity to Decentraland.

This clothing line is based off of everyday street wear that still has uniqueness and creativity. The pieces are trendy, fashionable and the people wearing them will be proud to walk around and show them off. I am passionate about fashion and I am exciting to see how fashion is going to evolve in Decentraland. It is something that I greatly wish to be a part of and want to continue to release new pieces on a regular basis.

As a recent fashion grad, I want to use the skills that I have learned in a project that I really care about, like Decentraland. I believe that our future lies in the virtual world and Decentraland is at the forefront of this with their current product. With my background in fashion and schooling during this time of technological advancement, this something that I really wish to become a part of. The only component that I am lacking in my vision is the funding to make this possible.


This project is 100% complete and has been uploaded and tested in Decentraland builder. I used the wearable reference models available in Google Drive to create these pieces. I have spent countless hours teaching myself Blender to create quality pieces. I have also created all of the social media pages related to this project and have begun growing a community that supports my vision.

This is a link to two examples that I have created: DCL Wearable - Google Drive


Myself - I need help!

I have taken this head on by doing my own research, learning from videos, and a lot of trial and error until I figured things out. I am passionate about fashion and want to make my footprint in the Decentraland fashion world. I have a degree from fashion school and I spend a lot of time keeping up with the current trends. Technology has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I am quick to pick up on how to use various platforms and softwares. I also have a degree in marketing and business administration which provides me with the knowledge on how to grow my community as well as manage the business aspect of this project. With all of this combined, I am confident in saying that this collection will be a success and I will be able to use profits from this collection towards future collections in order to keep up with the growth of Decentraland.

Roadmap and milestones

Week 1-2 : Marketing: includes gaining a following and building hype around the launch date of my clothing line through Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and promotion from other content creators

Week 3-4 : Post collection for approval, continue to drop sneak peaks of the collection, and get people hype to make their purchases

Week 5: Throw parties in Decentraland where people will gather and show off their new outfits. More promotional actions will be taken during these parties to make people excited for the next time I drop a new clothing line. I plan to have frequent fashion shows.

I will do giveaways throughout this process to people who support me and are looking forward to my future collections.

Discord: Wearables by Deni
Twitter: https://twitter.com/denidnft
Instagram: https://instagram.com/denidnft

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I commend you for teaching yourself this new skill! As a former fashion industry person and current mentor for fashion students, I see a much bigger initiative opportunity here for recent graduates to transition their focuses on digital fashion for many reasons beyond creativity (global economy, sustainability, etc). If your proposal does not pass, I encourage you to seek out alliances within the DCL Community to continue your impact. The wearables creators are amazingly supportive people! Best of luck to you!


I know we are often hesitant to provide grants for activities that others pay for, for example, land purchases and wearable publication fees. I do, however, think that we as a community might want to be more open to covering the wearable publication fee for creators that demonstrate a need and value add.

My personal opinion is that supporting a recent fashion school graduate create their first wearables collection is a great use case for a grant!


Sounds great, voting yes!

how are people voting yes to this? no Road map no solid plan? plus face fashion house already has a wearable creator sponsorship program. where is the $3000 going? If the designs are already made this is just covering the publication and marketing for the brand? Does not seem like a good allocation of funds to me…


I do not think that the DCL Marketplace lacks inclusivity and uniqueness at all, I think we have a robust Creator Marketplace getting better every day! The provided examples do not seem to differ in any significant way from what is currently available in the marketplace, perhaps there are other example you could provide. I commend you on teaching yourself Blender - there are many of us in the community who have done the same and it is not easy! But as a new Creator and Community Member, I would rather see a smaller grant be awarded (such as the FACE Fashion grant mentioned above) where you can release ONE set of wearables and test the market. I am voting no on this, but do wish you luck no matter what happens.


Not sure how I feel about this, I don’t think I can give it a yes vote, sorry! I do not have much money myself and am working hard to afford my own wearables, it feels personally unfair to me that someone can just get handed this considerable amount of funding to them.
I have also seen this proposal somewhat spammed around, I even got a random DM from someone I don’t know with a link to this same proposal, so that’s kinda turned me off it even more.

I think it was worth a try, but I am going to vote no for it though. If you are accepted then well done to you.
If not then I’d probably look for grants/funding outside of DCL to get into this. :slight_smile:


Do not get disappointed if the result is not in your favor maybe its time to gain more experience and bulid a solid portfolio :+1:

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CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY @maraoz & @ines dont have their VP reflected in their portfolio? Ines deserves 1400 VP and Maraoz deserves 20100 VP… What is going on here that i do not see?


I understand that it can be difficult percuring the funds to produce and market your content, so this approach is warranted in that respect. My two main concerns are:

1: you lack the experience in creating wearables as you are new to this space and

2: DCL fashion sense is different from the general sense of fashion we’ll find in the real world and I fear you haven’t discovered that just yet.

My suggestion is that you spend time creating more wearables; learn the process in its entirety (concept, production, approval, marketing etc.). The more you learn and engage with other creators and your audience, you’ll start to understand your market and what users are genuinely seeking. That way, when it comes time that you need support you’ll have built a community around your designs.

All in all there’s just a little more leg work to do before a proposal of this nature can be approved.


i dont see why the dao should approve this? i mean its just sets of clothes that arent linked to a spacific gender, i just dont see why everyone else should be rejected and have to pay to put up thier items, when this is looking to go through so they get to put thier wearables up for free. As somsone who spends 8-15 hours a day in DCL, grinding, making connections, earning the income. I think its not great to approve this. Otherwise were all going to start creating proposals for the dao to pay for our collections to go up.

I support the cause but its not for the dao and if it gets approved i see big waves being made in the community and faith in the dao starting to be lost.


To be perfectly honest… I don’t agree with this at all and I can say that I don’t think any of the other content creators like this either. Every single creator in this space has taken the time to learn blender and all these programs as well, and just because you went to school for fashion doesn’t mean you deserve to be put ahead of the people who are investing their own hard earned money. I’m a single mom and just took half a paycheck to drop my first two wearables… that I spent time busting my butt to learn how to do as well.

There is not a lack of fashion in the wearable market and the people who have been here for MANY months or YEARS would agree. The marketplace is ever changing. If you are randomly given 3 grand to make wearables with, you’re looking at a pretty fat paycheck and shouldn’t be making money like that when hundreds of creators before you deserve that. If you had been in this place for a year plus I might feel differently but this feels like an insult to everyone if it gets approved. The market place is constantly changing, because of the investors and people who have built it to what it is. You’re new, you wouldn’t know how it works here. Thanks though but I’m absolutely voting NO. There is a thousand other projects that would actually benefit the community and deserve to be funded.

If you gets approved, then every creator here deserves a $3,000 grant.


on another note… if we allow this kind of stuff and give people free reign like this, doesn’t that take away from the VALUE of the other wearables in the market? just saturating the market like that with tons and tons of basic items is insulting. it will really take away from the creativity and passion that so many people have strived to provide in the marketplace. i def think it would hurt the market entirely.

if you were asking for funding for land to provide a valuable service, that would make sense. but asking for funds to do what everyone else already is… naw. this really should not be approved


on a third note, these votes. some of the Voting Power doesn’t add up and something seems OFF HERE. starting to question DCL right now. Maybe I’ll take my skills elsewhere… got a few other creators feeling the same right now.


you basicly voted yes for them to get the wearables put up free when you just had to pay out of your own pocket to get some up. most of us are graduates of somekind, im a graduate of a dimploa of digital and interactive games. just dont think its fair a new comer get thier stuff up free when we spend months grinding and paying out of out pocket? Feel me?

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the VP is completely wrong and the person who controls half the vote shows to have 0 mana and only owns their name so they should have the same VP as me, in fact, i should have more.


It is very hilarious to me that no one wants to speak on this and only us realize :rofl:


I totally agree with you. If this gets approved, we all should get $3k grand.


they are just trying to abuse VP system


Thank you! Im glad someone else sees this as well !!!