[DAO:53c313f] Long-Term Standard Wearables Production

by 0x41eb5f82af60873b3c14fedb898a1712f5c35366 (theankou)

Should the following $49,500 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


The main idea of this project is to provide monthly standard wearables pack.

Decentraland players, especially newcomers will have more wearable options. This will let them to choose and be more individual from the beggining as well as increasing interest to comeback to metaverse every day, every month

Grant size

49,500 USD

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


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Hello, my name is Kristian (aka theankou, 3D Artist)
I’m active Decentraland player and wearable creator since end of 2021 year. And throughout time that i’m enjoying our beloved metaverse i have noted that:

Amount of standard wearables in inventory of each Decentraland player is not changing/increasing throughout time.
Most of newcomers looks exactly the same, same shirt, same pants, same hairs, body shapes. Which is veeeeery boring, especially when newcomers comes to big events.

Currently we have this amount of standard wearables:

  • hair (both - 33)
  • upper_body (female - 33, male - 13)
  • lower_body (female- 22, male - 19)
  • shoes (female -19, male - 15)
  • eyewears (female -12, male - 9)
  • earrings (female -11, male - 4
  • tiara (female - 5, male - 2)
  • mask (both- 0)
  • hat (both - 0)
  • helmet (both - 0)
  • top_head (both - 0)
  • skins (both - 0)

Calculating and analyzing this wearables brings me to this conclusion:

  • Most of this wearables are not unisex, which is problem (1)
  • Most of this wearables have very simple color textures which cause them to look very simple, (2)
  • There are 5 categories that doesn’t have any standard wearables at all, (3)
  • No new wearables were added throughout whole year (4)

This four problems brings us to more important issues:

  • lack of individuality (which is very important in the metaverse)
  • lack of interest to standard wearables (do you ever see someone from regular players worn standard wearables or combine them with wearables from marketplace?)
  • lack of motivation to for monthly comeback into metaverse
  • newcomers looks exactly the same
  • maybe if we will deep dive more into analysis we will find more issues

This is the main problems that i want to resolve, and thats why i’ve come to DAO for grant.

Here is list of solutions that i want to provide throughout long-term production (6-12 months):

  • 1 monthly pack of casual wearables with unique style that will include models for all categories listed above, wearables
  • 1 monthly pack of thematical wearables (for example: cyberpunk theme), that will include models for all categories listed above and for each seasonal month (october - halloween, december - xmas, february - valentines, april - easter, pride parade, summer pool party, etc)
  • (monthly) several amount of wearables that will have different body shapes (example: shorts with thick legs, sweater with thick body, thick bodysuit (upper_body + lower_body as upper_body slot) the same with thin or different shaped bodies (apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, etc body shapes)
    total: 3 monthly packs (casual, thematical, and additional)


  • update models and textures for all current wearables (except hairs, looks like they’re good), saving original look and idea, but improving model details and textures to be more HQ
  • adapt all current wearable models to be unisex
  • update of facial_hair models (currently they’re flat), adding more small details to make them look more HQ
  • dcl wearables (non brand) thats done for free giveaways at MVFW, MVMF, Pride Parade, Art Week , all have different quality and style (and mostly, they’re very boring) and i want to change this situation. I want to provide more detailed and more HQ wearables with detailed concepts.

This is the current plan for next 6 months, that as i think will increase standard wearables amount, improve their quality, provide more options, increase individuality, brings motivation for people to come back any time.

Roadmap and milestones

April 2023: (month of voting)
In the time of voting for grant

  1. updating and adapting current wearable models and textures, making them to be unisex (i will publish update and will wait for feedback in comments)
  2. 2D artist will prepare first concept for monthly packs (casual) and (i will publish update and will wait for feedback in comments)
  3. starting of doing casual wearables for monthly pack, according to concepts provided by 2D artist
    once everything is good and reques for grant t is accepted, here is the roadmap for next months:

May 2023 (1 month)

  1. 2D artist will prepare three new conepts (casual, thematical, additional) (update on the first week or two)
  2. 3D artist will begin work on 3D models and there will be update at the end of month with all wearables, or time at time once each piece of wearables will be done.
  3. meanwhile 2D artist will prepare concepts for next months to avoid risks of passed deadlines for 3D artist

And this plan will keep going for the next 5 months. I want to notice that people will be able to see concepts and decide if somethings needs to be changed completely or if it’s good to go.

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Here is the first example of improved standard wearable:

African Leggins:


added some light:

increased saturation, final:

I am quite for these but, same as the emote features poll, it would be better for the Foundation to give an in-principal approval for the acceptance of the packs u mentioned before going ahead with it.

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On a side note, the skin and eyes for avatars, is it possible to do them as well? haha. I’ve always found that the skin on our avatars are pretty basic, as compared to other metaverses

i think yes, thats possible
i was also thinking about improving current avatar shapes (more HQ butt, more HQ legs, more HQ boobs, etc) with leaving all important seams between body parts - untouched, as well as keeping the same feets, hands, and head (with maybe slighlty improved nose, eyes and lips) and keep current simple style, but with more details and better shapes (this will not cause any issues with any other wearables because silhouete on 80% will be the same)

I like the idea , but go easy on the AO for the crotch area . That looks so tight it’s almost uncomfortable :laughing:


Do you think this will attract more people?

I believe the intention is to improve user retention by increasing a sense of ownership and individuality while also increasing the overall aesthetic of the platform.

I think it is hard to argue there is no merit to the idea that these improvements would be a net benefit to DCL.


I believe that enhancing the aesthetics would be an incredible opportunity. In doing so, we can ensure that individuals do not feel alienated, particularly those who are spawning in for the first time. I second what Jar0d said, and I believe this improvement has the potential to increase character identity, and could potentially drive more sales of wearables in the marketplace. In my opinion, this proposal represents an opportunity to elevate Decentraland, and I encourage others to take another look at this. Wishing you good luck, yes from me!

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Hola… thanks for the proposal. I agree that the standard wearables can be a little boring but both foundation and the community do give away a huge amount of wearables besides the standard… perhaps an overhaul/update to the standard wearables would make it more fun and give them more use… I remember that the Dollhouse did a standard wearable themed party and it was a hit… but if we find that many users are still sporting their standard issue threads, we should put our energy to encourage and incentivize everyone towards learning how to get the best out of marketplace… the Angzaar post is a great start. I believe more people will find their way to marketplace once it’s actually in-world.

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There are hundreds of free wearable around DCL - i don’t think more free wearables will help this platform. So im voting NO

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Seasoned users of DCL struggle to find free wearables and many aren’t great.

The starting wearables are part of the visual experience new users have and a major reason people think DCL looks like a 19980made PS1 game


Thanks everyone for thoughts, and yes!
The main idea is to add more volume to standard wearables, to keep people more interested in use of them

As @jar0d mentioned seasoned users of DCL can’t afford wearables and a lot of wearables from giveaways lack on quality.

By the way, here is some of my progress on improving of standard wearables, firstly, i made decision to improve standard male and female textures and shapes, to be able to use this parts and textures on next wearables,
(connections between parts, feet, hands and head keep untouched to avoid issues with all other wearables)

Added details, imporved texture (now it have some ambient occlusion that works perfectly with skin color shader), added nose and ears details for head

I see many NO votes, and i understand why this happens, probably, but anyways, i will keep this topic updated, cuz i’m still motivated to do update of standard wearables at least

Voting YES because bottom line, I want more users to decide to come BACK to Decentraland. Yes there are tons of free or dirt cheap wearables to find in Decentraland. But honestly if we don’t get users to come back 1 or 2 or 3 times, we can’t even connect with them to gift those free wearables away.

If your first time in DCL is in a low detailed avatar with blah clothing options, you’re going to formulate an opinion of the platform real quick. I will use my vast background of spending way too much $$$ on clothing for my avatar as my qualifications to say that people care what their avatar looks like here. :rofl:

First impressions matter. Look at the intro page when we come into DCL…it’s still showing simple Game Jam games and fashion from 4 years ago. Why are we still putting that content out to showcase what Decentraland looks like? And why are we still using the same clothes that we dressed our avatars in on Launch Day in 2020? As a professional behaviorist, I’ll continue to say that we opportunity to “frame” the narrative of Decentraland from the moment users start watching that intro screen to when they begin dressing their avatar. In this manner humans are simple, and honestly, easy to influence. We are missing an opportunity in the basic way that we frame the users first few moments here. THOSE FIRST FEW MOMENTS of stepping into our Metaverse influence a significant amount of how they feel about this world. Once their opinion is formulated, it is increasingly difficult to change.

We are showing new users a very antiquated version of Decentraland in the options they have for default wearables. We shouldn’t be surprised that we continue to see negative press talking about our low-quality graphics and low poly world. Until we show them something different, that’s on us.


Thank you for support @Canessa! :purple_heart:

New Day, New Update:



Skirt Update:

I think the idea is good - the same old default wearables, but with improvements and making them unisex.
Not a fan of idea of adding more free wearables (1 monthly pack of casual wearables, 1 monthly pack of thematical wearables, (monthly) several amount of wearables that will have different body shapes).

Also I am wondering how these default wearables would be updated, would you have to talk with foundation to do it? Have you already had some discussions with foundation about it?

About examples you have posted here, I can see that some people have already mentioned the crotch area :smiley: Also on the female body shoulders look a bit weird and something looks wrong with face - maybe eyebrows too low and eyes a bit too far away from each other. But I am assuming these are just proof of concept and will be updated.

I would vote Yes for a resubmitted proposal for just updating existing default wearables, but for this one it will be No.

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I like the general idea of this! But the proposal may need some tweaks.

I don’t think there should be a monthly pack of casual wearables.

I like the idea of updating the details on the existing defaults though.
I also think 1 or 2 new default wearables in each of the other categories that don’t have any would be very nice (mask, hat, helmet, top head and skins). But don’t have to get crazy with too many.

Also as others mentioned, maybe a little too much going on there in the crotch in your example :laughing:


It is completely out of scope for a prop to update the starting wardrobe, but I would love to see some kind of monthly or quarterly rotating wearable packs users could earn from completing some first time user quests.

Similar to the OG quests I’ve read about at the start of DCL

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This works out to be roughly:

98 wearables created each month for six months

What’s the largest number of wearables you have created in any month in the past? You include all of what you expect to accomplish but there are no “bottom line” totals. I’ve calculated them out to the best of my reckoning. Please tell me if any of my assumptions are incorrect:

There are 12 categories that you list above. So that’s 12 casual wearables for six months? If so that’s a total of 72 casual wearables.

You have six thematic months listed and 12 categories so that’s a total of 72 thematic wearables.

This one is not clear to me but I will make some assumptions. Three monthly packs of five different body shapes (thick, apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass) that you have detailed. You’ve listed three different styles. I assume body shape won’t include things like eyewear and earrings but only encompass upper and lower body items. That means just two wearable categories.

5 body types x 3 styles x 2 wearable categories = 30 wearables
3 packs x 30 wearables = 90 body shape wearables

164 upgraded wearables divided among male and female items in the six categories

164 unisex wearables assuming these are additional to the strictly male/female versions you will be updating.

13 facial hair wearables

Four events with an estimated 4 wearables for each event comes to 16 event wearables

72 + 72 + 90 + 164 + 164 + 13 + 16 = 591 wearables GRAND TOTAL