[DAO:89c73ce] Growth and Maintenance of Decentraland Brazil Community "DCL_Brasil"

by 0x3429cbff7eb34e4c9dd9d7e41041fd7b2a01fdb0 (Atrovenado)

Should the following $38,700 grant in the Documentation category be approved?


Our focus is to keep the onboarding and marketing focused on Decentraland, offering users precise explanations, translations of all tools, updates, and platform functionalities, as well as training and humanized support. In this way, we seek to promote growth and create opportunities for all platform users, facilitating access and encouraging the creation of new communities in other countries. Our goal is to make the platform inclusive and accessible through education and encouraging translation.

Grant size

38,700 USD

Project duration

6 months

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In this concession proposal, the Decentraland Brazil community team, also known as “DCL Brasil,” requests support to ensure the continuity and improvement of inclusion projects, training with humanized support, and essential maintenance of the community. For more than a year, we have been committed to publicizing and expanding the platform in the country. During this period, our team and projects were financed exclusively with funds from the Founder’s personal budget, without ever resorting to any funds from the DAO.
Since the beginning, our main objective has been to educate and generate opportunities for all. We seek to attract new users, brands, and creators to Web3 to foster the growth and expansion of the platform. We support and launch new community talent, offering resources and guidance to help them achieve their creative goals. In addition, we encourage training for new creators, SDKs, and modelers, creating help groups where more experienced individuals offer support and guidance to beginners, sharing their knowledge and skills to help others grow and develop.

As the community grows and evolves, new talent is discovered and supported in their creative journeys. Through carefully planned actions and opportunities, the community is turning dreams into reality and cultivating a vibrant culture of creativity and innovation. Because we believe that everyone has unique skills and talents that deserve to be valued and supported, we work to promote actions that generate personalized opportunities for each individual, according to their skills and interests.
During this period, the team’s salary and the community’s projects were financed solely by the Founder’s personal budget. Some initiatives were taken, such as the purchase of land that today houses the headquarters of DCL Brazil, whose coordinates are (-107, -94). In addition, a community T-shirt was published, with free distribution to all members and interested parties. Twelve wearables were also created in collaboration with other members of the platform. We also acquired seven Decentraland names.

Roadmap and milestones

We believe that creative success is most achievable when we work together as a community. Therefore, we are committed to building a support network that values collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Together, we are creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can develop their creative talents and reach their full potential. We distributed “more than 4,000 T-shirts” highlighting the number of people who got involved in a certain action or initiative. T-shirt distribution is a mass mobilization to achieve a common goal, such as promoting a specific event or cause, creating and promoting visual identity, and a sense of unity among participants, further increasing community engagement on the platform.
We carry out several actions with companies and educational institutions from different segments, such as:

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Absolutely. DCLBrasil has thrown many events. I know the ones I’ve been to or seen photos of they have a great turn out. A lot of people you don’t see usually around other events which is great sign. They collab with many in the DCL community. We need to continue to reach people in other countries and the US as well. Thank you DCLBrasil (Atrovenado) for being here and building.

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Fully deserved. They’ve been doing a great onboarding job, making DCL known in Brazil and LatAm. Congratulations Atrovendo and team for the great work you’re doing.


One of the biggest and most inspiring communities in DCL, always building, on-boarding, and creating new spaces for the metaverse!


HUGE supporter of DCL Brazil Fam! Since their beginnings, there is no question what they have done not only for bringing Brazilian culture and people to DCL — but also for DCL itself in creating events and being very active members in the space. It’s been great to watch the community grow and thrive, and I hope to see them continue to do so!


Love the DCL Brazil events and team behind the name.
Not only are they heavily active in the community and all for the onboarding of new users into DCL, but they keep in touch also.

I haven’t been to an event in months, ANY dcl event in general… and Atrovenado and his wife still reach out to me to make sure things are okay with me.


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Ever since I joined DCL in 2021 I always have seen brazilian people in this community, I have seen hundreds of people waiting for something like this!

Thank you @Atrovenado for taking this big step: YES YES YES!!


I also saw Altvenado doing a lot of events and forming a community in DC. I play DC and sandbox and I love decentralized DC more. I think it is an important factor that makes the community strong when users first come here and become creators or ambassadors over time. Sandbox supports users as VoxEdit-like tools and Gamemaker tools to make it easier for them to become creators. If there is a program in DC that helps users become creators, I think they should actively support it.

Hey Alan ! Thks a lot my dear Friend ! We won’t stop building … :heart:

Muchas gracias amigo , tu apoyo es muy importante para nosotros !!!

Marquito my Hermano ! Eres increíble y un compañero muy especial… sin haber conocido a gente como tú no sé si hubiera tenido la energía para continuar con este esfuerzo… :kissing_heart:

Atrovenado is a key community leader! He has been so supportive of the DCL community. Decentraland Brazil under his leadership is and will be successful. We at Metatrekkers will continue to support them in all their endeavors. We praise them for always keeping a neutral stance on all DCL issues. Their relentless efforts of oboarding to the DCL Community, not just Brazilians but many continents and countries around the world shouldn’t go without praise. The Metatrekkers community has come together as a majority to vote on this proposal. We also wish the Brazilian community much success in all their endeavors.

CKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK !!! I just love you !!! Your are one of the first True Friend that I’ve made in Decentraland!Your support and your advice has helped us a lot to got the right way :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

Kokes !!! Your are my Homie…I remember one of the first giveaways we did together and how many followers it brought me … And how supportive you were since the beginning … Count on me always !

I believe that, like any Family, we will always have some points of disagreement and conflicts of interest. However, the secret to a United and Strong Family is the ability to understand and tolerate each other’s ideas. We are starting to build something new and very big that will shape the behavior of new generations. We must be aware of this responsibility and the importance of maintaining balance during this delicate phase. We are in a small boat facing a giant and agitated sea, where each one’s position and movements directly influence stability.
…we have to think about it…Thank you Chris for your support and recognition! We wish for Decentraland to grow despite its occasional conflicts, and we consider that the support from your community and many others means a lot! Love you All !!!

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Extremely deserved. They have been amazing collaborators and warm and welcoming to everyone regardless of background. No preferential treatment and making the community a better place! Love from MERCURY DASHA

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Thank you @InJesterr for your trust and for being such a big supported for all this time!
There are moments in life that the positive attitude makes all the difference !

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Thanks Rita for the partnership and for your kind words…Much Love back !!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you my Korean Friend !!! We really appreciate your support and all you have been doing for the community. I agree with you ! Big Hug for all the Korean community !!!

Growth and Maintenance of Decentraland Brazil Community “DCL_Brasil”

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