[DAO:deaa2d3] [DCL-Metrics] Provide fundamental Decentraland metrics to the community #2

by 0x895be97bdb9f8a244c472b18ea96dee39ddf8fe5 (dax)

Should the following $38,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


With more than 50k views in the last year and a clear mandate from the community in our feedback survey, we are excited to propose our future roadmap to the community based on your suggestions.

Here’s some quick numbers (we’re a metrics site after all):

  • 91% of users indicated they would support a grant for more extensive features
  • Since August of last year we’ve had 13,000+ unique users and 53k+ total views
  • Users from 119 countries
  • Referrals from 219 external sites

Decentraland is composed of data, but it’s technically challenging for the average user to collect, interpret, and visualize meaningfully. DCL-Metrics aims to make public data accessible in a relevant way so that the community can use it to build a better metaverse.

Grant size

38,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

9 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Previous Grant

Our goal is to continue providing insightful metrics about Decentraland by expanding existing features and developing new analytics about events, DAO activity and historical user metrics.

Current Implementation

  • Daily active users
  • Daily active parcels
  • Daily / weekly / quarterly user metrics
    • Time spent
    • Parcels visited
    • Scenes visited
  • Weekly parcel metrics
    • Average time spent
    • Average time spent AFK
    • Logins
    • Logouts
  • Users
    • Quarterly / monthly / weekly / daily user activity of time spent
    • Quarterly / monthly / weekly / daily user activity of scenes visited
    • Global user search
      • Time spent
      • The number of scenes user visited
      • Historical user information
      • NFT activity
      • DAO activity
      • Frequently visited scenes
      • List of emotes and its properties
      • List of wearables and its properties
      • Land ownership history & information
  • Scene
    • Top 50 most active scenes with various properties
    • Scene search
      • Individual scene’s quarterly / monthly / weekly unique visitor
      • Individual scene’s daily stats of
        • Visitors
        • Share of global visitors
        • Average time spent
        • Average time spent AFK
        • Total logins
        • Total logouts
        • Unique logins
        • Unique logouts
        • Complete sessions
        • Average complete session duration
      • Individual scene’s coordinate base heatmap coverage
      • Time spent tracker on a daily basis
      • Marathon users of the scene
      • Daily time-based distribution status of users in the scene
  • Map
    • Parcel name/coordinate search
    • Heatmap
      • Max concurrency
      • Visitor
      • Average time spent
      • Average time spent AFK
      • Logins
      • Logouts
  • World data
    • World global stats
    • List of worlds
  • Land sales
    • Yearly / monthly / weekly average volume of land sales
  • Rentals
    • All time / monthly / weekly average volume and count of rental activity
    • Total amount of MANA traded throughout the entire period since data gathering point
  • Status
    • Health check dashboard of data points status for full transparency

Planned Implementation

Not in order of implementation - see roadmap

  1. Event tracker
  • Tracking details of major events
  • Dedicated data page per event
  • Attaching events to other models (scenes/ users/ etc)
  1. Atlas Corp historical user data integration
  1. Historical scene history and expanded data scope e.g.
  • Top users of a given scene over time
  • Retention metrics
  • New / guest / named users historical charts
  1. Land / scene utilization graph e.g.
  • Display ratio of utilized LANDs
  1. Additional Worlds data
  • Historical data
  • Deeper integration with /user page
  1. Retention metrics
  • Calculate retention rate of a given scene / dcl in total - how many users returned after 7 days / 14 days / etc
  1. Consistency of data + FAQ / legends for better readability for users
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Variety of formatting of the chart
  1. Clean up technical debt for sustainability

Roadmap and milestones

2023 Q4

  • Event tracker
  • Additional worlds data

2024 Q1

  • Atlas corps historical user data integration
  • Retention Metrics

2024 Q2

  • Historical scene history and expanded data scope
  • Land / Scene Utilization graph

Data consistency & technical debt tasks will be split across the whole roadmap

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Voting Yes on this! DCL Metrics has proven to be one of the most resourceful and utilized applications funding by the DAO, being heavily relied by community members and external users. I look forward to see how DCL metrics expand its features.


Will you ask for more grants in the future to continue to maintain DCL Metrics?

How much has the DAO contributed to this project already? How many grants have been given and how long will we continue to fund this?

Hi Canessa,

That remains to be seen - from my perspective, after this grant period we should be more or less feature complete, but there will still be maintenance costs. I’ve spoken with the GSS during our previous monthly updates about how to address this - should i push for developing an external facing API that I can sell access to in order to fund future costs? should i ask for maintenance grants after this one is completed?

The answer we came up with is to be feature complete first and see the lay of the land by the time that occurs. at the moment there is not very much demand for an external API, but that could change. Or perhaps another opportunity comes up - however strict maintenance costs in the future should not be more than 800/month at the most, so even with additional grants, it would be ~7200 / year, which is (currently) 0.5% of the yearly platform budget.

hope that answers your question, please feel free to ask if it does not

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hey Cheddar,

so far the DAO has given us 1 grant in the amount of 48,000 USD, which is just under 0.4% of total funding the DAO has given. As for future funding, please see my reply to Canessa above


It is one of the most useful tools we have, totally YES! :100:

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If we are to attain any kind of reasonable sort of metrics on anything, then yes, I believe we should do another round. I’m glad you have discussed the future of the project and we would be silly to assume no further costs going forward. I guess we cross that road when we get there but hopefully it will be as such. Of course people could request new features at some point to I imagine.

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@RobL @web3nit @CheddarQueso any reasoning behind wanting to reduce transparency surrounding metrics in DCL? :eyes:

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I love the DCL metrics at first, but as a grantee they metricts continued to not match up with the rest of the other analytics such as the one grant support squad is using and the Atlas corps. They are different numbers. I dont know if these analytics are something i will be using in the future, because of the inconsistant match ups.

idk if you can fix this problem, so all the numbers are the same.

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The foundation has data directly from the catalysts - unfortunately we are not able to equal that level of fidelity, but in every case i’ve seen we are within 10%.

As for Atlas Corp, the sdk plugin that you put into your scene is able to measure every single interaction users have with a given scene, so it’s fundamentally different from what DCL-Metics is doing, which is sampling data from the public catalyst data every 20 seconds via Atlas’s data feed. The difference is that only you can see data from within your scene using the plugin, we want to make data broadly accessible to everyone.

yeah thats a big problem for grantees. I actually had to go out of pocket, to cover cost because of DCL Metrics. The analytics were not accurate enough. So it looks like the dao is over spending to get even extra analytics to get the numbers right. This tool actually became a headache at some point … i even messaged you privately about it.

Although i like that it is public, the public may also use that information and can make it seem like its accurate, when its not. the foundatiosn catalysts and Atlas seem to be on point. Maybe they can make it public for everyone.

This was just one of the many concerns using the platform. but i still think you built something great deff not trying to knock that… but for another 30k and i cant even use it ? im going to have to pass Dax.

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how did you have to pay out of pocket because of dcl-metrics :thinking: i’m in close contact with @Zino and @palewin, and when there’s a discrepancy between data we try to understand and rectify it, and I’m sure they don’t act on any small differences between metrics.


I couldn’t used DCL metrics was not accurate. So I went with another service with atlas. Unfortunately it’s not free but I rather get the correct analytics. That will give me the right data.

Hey @dax I saw serena comment on the very same type of question I had aswell, I like the general idea and think it is very useful for transparency, but I wonder if the GSS will consider it as a credible source of metrics?

Let me know if you have information about this 🫶🏻
good work!

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I agree with InJesterr. If we can use the DCL metrics as a credible source I would gladly support this @dax but it seems like we can’t for grantees, maybe it will change . Let’s us know.

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Hello Dax,

We believe that it might be possible to complete this project with a lower grant. If you consider lowering the grant, please be assured that we will continue to support you in your efforts. Let’s explore the potential for a more budget-conscious approach to ensure the sustainability of this project. We value your contributions and look forward to working together to find the best way forward.

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[DCL-Metrics] Provide fundamental Decentraland metrics to the community #2

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 38% 5,780,051 VP (96 votes)
  • No 49% 7,396,911 VP (26 votes)
  • Abstain 13% 1,970,833 VP (9 votes)

It’s quite unfortunate that the DCL metrics grant did not pass. DCL metrics helps us ensure accountability among grantees, GSS, and the entire DCL community. Upon onboarding, grantees are advised to utilize DCL metrics for accountability purposes. I hope they can resubmit and secure the necessary support to continue promoting transparency between grantees and the broader community.

Moreover, DCL Metrics assists Grantees in making informed decisions by revealing trends and patterns, akin to using clues for problem-solving or decision-making. Additionally, converting data into charts or graphs presents a comprehensible narrative, facilitating understanding among community members. This clarity proves invaluable in various Metaverse sectors, enhancing comprehension for both our community and those outside of Web 3.

Here are our metrics obtained through using their service. I strongly encourage the community to reconsider and support this project, should they decide to apply again.

Here is a pic of GSS recommendations for grantees to use DCL metrics

I hope that DCL Metrics chooses to resubmit their grant proposal again.