[DAO:w36hlvi] Decentraland @ Blockchain Economy Dubai

by 0x52ad8f3c506aa25b954276c5456060dad6f3fd7b (CryptoNovo311)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Global Participation LIVE Streaming in Decentraland from Blockchain Economy Dubai

-2 LIVE stream interviews in Dencentraland from Dubai recapping daily events while incorporating Web3 assets and augmented reality

-Stream LIVE video on Twitter & Spaces (15.3K+ Followers)

-Stream LIVE video to social platforms including YouTube, Twitch & Discord

-Mint LIVE videos while in Decentraland using latest technology

-Creation of promotional video using all experiences captured throughout trip.
My goal would be to connect with untapped global community in order to onboard new members into the Decentraland community

Grant size

13,600 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Leveraging the Blockchain Economy Dubai conference in order to promote, educate and onboard attendees into Decentraland. Bringing awareness to the Metaverse while highlighting historical community and space accomplishments.

This unique networking opportunity brings together global Web3 leaders, developers and top firms which can mutually benefit if properly exposed to the opportunities available in the Metaverse, specifically Decentraland.

Let’s help bring the bridge into Web3 closer to the masses. A full value proposition and budget breakdown is below.


*Engage 20-30 tweets daily (selfies, social events, engagement tweets, channel crossing)

-Onboarding using experiences from Twin Flames Christie’s Auction, NFTNYC2021, ArtBasel 2021, NFTLA, NFTNYC2022

-Network with VIP, photo opps w/ famous people and access to high end events

-Asking for selfie of each person getting one of our 1000’s of NFTs we are giving away

-Create lifestyle photoshoot and video of events for Decentraland promotion

*Giveaway 2000 NFTs in 4 different ways:

-POAP with QRCode linked to a Decentraland Wearables CryptoNovo DCL Track Suit

-CryptoNovo wears Physical matching IRL Tracksuit to his DCL wearable

-Mr.Dhingia creates Rare and Epic Dubai wearable(s)

-NEAT (created by Lastraum) claimed in DCL the #NovoVerse 23,69

-Physical & digital Shirts, DCL Pens for claiming the POAP IRL and/or DCL

*Incorporating Community Builds/Assets:

-Showcase builds and assets from communities within Decentraland including Last Slice, MetaTrekkers, ABC Decentraland, DCL Connect, etc. on a tablet during interviews with event attendees

-Showcase community accomplishments, media and related materials from said communities during live speaking engagements

-Gear attendees to links for these communities to further engage and bring leads into Decentraland

Follow-up Event Promotion:
Additionally Mr. Dhingia will stay in Dubai until October 15th in order to attend 2 additional conferences including the Crypto Expo Dubai (https://cryptoexpodubai.com/) as well as the Future Blockchain Summit (https://www.futureblockchainsummit.com/) which is speculating over 100,000 attendees.

Mr. Dhingia will be discussing opportunities in Decentraland as a creator with individuals and groups during both events. Media content including photos and videos will be documented and posted on respective social channels. Mr. Dhingia will also distribute the following physical items during both of these events in order to create lasting brand exposure after the events:
100x Decentraland T-Shirts w/ Join Decentraland logo and website
2000x Decentraland Pens w/ Join Decentraland logo and website
500 pamphlets on “How to Join Decentraland”

$7000 CryptoNovo (0x52aD8f3C506aA25b954276c5456060DAd6f3Fd7b)

$6600 Mr. Dhingia (0x447C9058bE5c164e0c4aae380381e7A5215052D4)

October 2nd - October 7th - CryptoNovo
October 2nd - October 15th - Mr. Dhingia

$1500 Flight

$1000 Hotel, Food, Water & Transportation

$1000 Tickets & Admissions/Events

$500 Travelers Checks for cash in different currencies if needed

$1000 Videographer & Production

$2000 Personal tax on funds received

Mr. Dhingia
$600 Flight

$1500 Hotel, Food & Water & Transportation

$1000 Tickets & Admissions/Events for 3 events

$500 Travelers Checks for cash in different currencies if needed

$1000 Physical Merchandise Design/Print DCL T-Shirts, Pamphlets and 2000 DCL Pens

$2000 Personal tax on funds received


CryptoPunks OG, Last Slice, The #NovoVerse 23, 69
Engagement Specialist, IRL x MetaVerse
NFT Bio: (Daft Punk meets CryptoPunks as Novo faces up to NFTs – Cointelegraph Magazine)

NFTNYC2011: (https://twitter.com/CryptoNovo311/status/1476972887743545351?s=20\&t=-0qXCNdPI8rdUsjoIQn7fw)

NFTLA: (https://twitter.com/CryptoNovo311/status/1557043197880270853?s=20\&t=hFGZh0OdnZaMX29vGnP5Gw)

NFTNYC2022: (https://twitter.com/CryptoNovo311/status/1548038029561831425?s=20\&t=Lu2EftUp59K-sOUL5PORow & https://twitter.com/CryptoNovo311/status/1538744463954219008?s=20\&t=RZ6sUO5b4MzMKM7w8q31rw)

Mr. Dhingia-
Hello, I’m Mr. Dhingia! I’ve been building in Decentraland since November 2021. Since then, I have designed 20+ custom builds for various projects and individuals. My Decentraland club has hosted various events. Moreover, I was interviewed by Maryana of Decentraland Report (Interviewing Mr. Dhingia in Decentraland, with Maryana DCL | Episode #6 - YouTube) Also, featured in Digital Trends (Virtually having fun: I went clubbing in the metaverse | Digital Trends)


Founder of https://twitter.com/dclarchitecture

Mr Dhingia Builds
Apes 3D HeadQuarter 103, 150

Haus of Daybed 124, -15

Doctor D Shop -91, -21

Dhingia Club 144, -148

Afro Ape Gallery 134, -141

VoxBoards 143, -144

PeanutButta -108,-95

Eashoo Law -101, -63

NovoVerse (3x3) 23, 69

Bverse (2x2) -30, -108

DJ Cat5 Club -61, -111
& more on the website

Roadmap and milestones

*How-to video: Process of requesting a grant

-Education video: The writing process of a Community Grant

-How-to-do video: Grant Submission Process

-AMA: Grant requests Q&A co-hosts may include Last Slice, MetaTrekkers, ABC Decentraland, DCL Connect, PeanutbuttaDCL, DCLarchitecture, BillyTeacoin, & Y_YouMack
All videos will be LIVE on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and streamed in Decentraland

*Passed Vote: Booking Travel and Lodging

-Networking: Secure time w/ top level global Web3 leaders, developers and firms to co-host 2 LIVE stream interviews from Dubai in Dencentraland.

-The Decentraland CommUNITY: LIVE Stream content showing the voting process then touring epic builds from commUNITY the members in Decentraland

*POAP & NEAT: Free engagement NFTs helping onboarding while in Dubai

-Engagement Photos and Videos from Travel

-Teaser Hype Video for Decentraland from Blockchain Economy Dubai

-LIVE stream interviews in Dencentraland from Dubai recapping day 1 events

-LIVE stream interviews in Dencentraland from Dubai recapping day 2 events

-Network with top level global Web3 leaders, developers and top firms to invest in Decentraland as a whole.

Network finding and securing top level global Web3 leaders, developers and top firms to host interviews in Dencentraland from Dubai recapping events.
MrDhingia will relay this information to me to LIVE Stream highlights from Crypto Expo Dubai as well as the Future Blockchain Summit.

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Hey,can you tell shortly in numbers - kpi - what value will your project bring to Decentraland and in what period ?

Thanks for reaching out. I stream LIVE video in Decentraland two sometime three days a week. I hosted the a group called the TheHumanoidsNFT on the 9/3 which had 203 R/T, 10 Q/T and 327 likes and earned 2153 engagements and close to 300 LIVE views on all social media platforms which LIVE stream my content on YouTube, Twitch, Video Twitter Space all while being played in the #NovoVerse Decentraland 23, 69. Averaging 30mins of Session Time per 60min show.
Example of more stats from Twitter Analytics from a quick how-to-do video in Dencentraland in the picture below. Thanks

Thats just twitter numbers, how many actually came into dcl. 300 live views isnt the same as having 200-300 at the event.
Nothing agenst either of your both great people. But funding trips with dao funds i dont think this is what its meant for.
You might get a few new people to join,but how many will actually stay.
How many joined from the humanoids and the 300 live views.
Stuff like this could of been done at all the other nft events that was attended this year without dao funds.

Hello my Friend and thanks for the reply. I totally understand your comment. In an effort to Educate while onboarding as many as I can using IRL events while LIVE streaming is the bases of the grant. This helps promote the space in general include the ones who aren’t familiar with what a MetaVerse is including Decentraland . The price pinned on educating others is the value of this grant. Onboarding one or two whales from Blockchain Economy Dubai or a couple hundred new friend is the mission while teaching and educating other along the journey! Thanks and keep rocking it!

Hello everyone, @DrGreenthumb @web3nit The main idea was to wear (Me and Cryptonovo) DCL T-Shirts and distribute 100 DCL T-Shirts, distribute 2000 pens (with the logo bellow) and 500 Pamplets with instructions how to onboard Decentraland. All of the items have the logo below. I already have tickets for the flights and event entry. I’ll still be attending and distributing these T shirts. Some of my close friends and I have discussed these ideas. They suggested we put a grant as the grant could help cover the costs of our stay. As you may have read there is a conference on 4-5, 5-6, 10-13 October, so distributing the IRL items and making people aware of Decentraland in 3 events with lots of crypto enthusiasts was a worthwhile activity. I respect what the community decides. Thanks
Screenshot 2022-09-17 005736