[DAO: QmTbLpf] Decentraland Growth through Educational Content, and Advertisement Data

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


To achieve this goal, we will make immersive advertising content for platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and beyond, to create an even better and more fulfilling experience for new players. Think about how it was for us all when we first started, someone welcoming found us and showed us the way.

Our project will include creator-made commercials, curated tours of Decentraland areas (especially some of the lesser-known ones); educational videos on cryptocurrency and how to protect yourself; and we will also include tutorials of the game, its systems and how to prosper/profit from playing and creating in Decentraland.

The main goal we have for this project, is to grow the popularity of the platform, and family within Decentraland.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Each month for 6 months, our team of creators will release 10 videos at a rate of 2 videos per week, with an extra 2 videos somewhere throughout the month. This will be accompanied by 2 daily social media, and clip postings. The videos are carefully categorized to ensure we cover as many relevant topics as possible throughout the month.
The videos will be broken down as follows per month:

2x 2-3 minute high-quality commercial with animations, and in-game content. (This will come with a free cost wearable on the market - while supplies last!) Example: Narrative-based storyline such as a new player sitting down at the poker table with new friends they made and hitting it big! As well as finding friends during a performance at a venue etc.

2x 5-7minute Metaverse educational video to help newer users feel more comfortable in the Decentraland Atmosphere. Such as How to buy cryptocurrency, How to Protect your wallet, how to transfer cryptocurrency. Differences between wallet types ETC.

2x Decentraland touring video where we take the viewer through various exciting areas of the game, both new and old.

2x Decentraland tutorial video for those who are still not sure about all the amazing functions that Decentraland has to offer its community. (Such as custom Emotes, How to Parkour, how to travel to events/location and how to navigate the marketplace).

2x 10-15 minute video of targeted advertising specifically for Decentraland, outlining some of the already existing - and upcoming - land development projects throughout Decentraland.

60x 2 daily social media, and clip postings that will average in total 5 minutes of content from Decentraland, and its various features/events.

Releasing to the Decentraland Community monthly analysis data to track login, and interaction with the various advertisement websites. As well as logins to Decentraland.

Commercial Animation Samples: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/937483941403824238/981572870390038539/0001-0500.mp4


: The team, as described below, will be utilizing footage from Decentraland, real life, Blender, and Adobe After Effects to create immersive advertising content to help engage, promote, and grow the DCL community!
We will utilize social media profiles from all of us to maximize our reach of nearly 80,000+. Most of the individuals reached are interested in MMORPG Experience/Crypto/NFTs/Communities based off their support on the content posted.
We will also leverage other team members socials. More information available on the website.
Example Links for 1 of the team members provided below:

Twitch: 5250 People

Youtube Partnered Account: 1300+ Subscribers

Reddit:5500 People

Twitter:10000 People

Tiktok: 30000 People

Instagram: 2700 People

Discord reach:9000 People

MMORPG Community reach: 4500 People

Budget over 6 Months’ time:

Personnel Payments for a team of 9: $38000

Software/Supplies: $3250

Paid Advertising Twitter Ad Space: $3000

Paid Advertising Youtube Ad Services: $5000

Paid Advertising Metaverse Wiki Ad Services: $750

Paid Advertising Reddit Ad Services: $750

Paid Advertising Instagram/Facebook Ad Services: $5000

Paid Advertising Tiktok Ad Services: $2500

Paid Advertising Telegram Ad Services: $500

Hiring Data Analyst to compile Login Data: $500

Events: $750

To start this, we will be using our team listed below to achieve these goals, but beyond the 6-month time span we would love to branch out and expand this to more people for the team!


Vertiasdh: Lead Narrative design. Real Life footage/advertisement (Signage, and postings), social media advertisements, and posting of videos. Along with popular events, and features being displayed in DCL. (Including 2 clips, and 2 postings a day). As well as, recording data of people logging into DCL for the first time, and logging the information into a graph, so the community can see the results.

Thcepek: Animation, and blender for customized armature, and scenery movements.

AtomicHydra: Creation of monthly free wearables to views and assisting with footage captures in the DLC universe. https://opensea.io/collection/hydrazcollection

Traps Grouse: Assisting with video editing, and helping put footage together, as well as effects.

Kevmonchan: Production Director/Quality assurance of each video quality, so they meet, and surpass expectations.

EpicSmasher: Assistance with video development, and Community Manager interactions/events.

Ckbubbles: Advertisement creative director background 15-year experience, and advocate for advancing DCL www.ckbubbles.com

Surudo: Professional Game Developer/Assisting Custom Animations, and development coding for videos. http://farmerscommunitygame.com/ https://docs.farmerscommunitygame.com/

JuanOppurtunity: Website development, and promotional assistance/advertising.

(Wiggle Room to Add more Members based on Expertise)

Roadmap and milestones

The campaign we are proposing will be broken down into weekly milestones that will be repeated each month over the course of 6 months. The content being released each week (by Friday) is outlined below:

Week 1 (1 commercial and 1 video):
- The first video released each month will be a 2-3 minute high-quality commercial specifically for Decentraland
- The second video released in the first week of each month will be a 5–7-minute crypto currency educational video, with a leaning on how Decentraland can help users and creators grow their wallets and creative portfolios

Week 2 (2 videos):
- Release 2x 10-15 minute tutorial video for future users who are not yet familiar with some of the creative tools such as Blender and Adobe After Effects, and tutorials how to navigate Decentraland, and how to best utilize DCL’s user interface

Week 3 (2 videos):
- Release 2x 10-15 minute tour of amazing areas throughout Decentraland, with an early emphasis on some of the most unique locations, games, and monuments

Week 4 (4 videos):
- Release 4x 10-15 min video advertising particular events, gatherings, games, and other things to do with your time and crypto within Decentraland
-2x daily social media, and clip postings that will average in total 5 minutes of content. (In total 60 a month, and 360+ over the course of 6 months)

Adding in regional advertisements for different time zones, and areas around the world.

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Decentraland Growth through Educational Content, and Advertisement Data

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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