[DAO:38e6e16] A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)

by 0x1d11f567d0b4486ae3857284c2603ff0faf8ad5e (serenaelis)

Should the following $60,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Daydream X SEA LLC,. built Serena Elis World in DCL, and has been steadily active since August of 2021. With weekly events, onboarding artists, we have held well over 80 shows on this parcel. Serena has performed over 200 shows to date. Between music, onboarding artists and blogging. We want to continue to grow our education and Performing Arts project. We have proven to be consistent bringing forth quality & Innovation. Since last grant, was able to connect with Brands like SONY, Gamerhash, & Pitchbook. Serena’s becoming an experienced, competent, trusted, and reliable creator. Not just simple projects, ones that require interpersonal collaboration. This grant will let us continue to make strong influences & impacts.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Continuation of Entertainment and resources for women with Education for the year of April 2023-2034
Serena Elis World has been sharing her platform with other artists to help ease their way into their own journeys in Decentraland, while also providing value in the form of education. Our Values include Transparency, Innovation, Inclusivity, Boldness, and Quality. We want to continue to deliver resources and education for this project with IRL and in-game events, Curriculum, as well as sharing these resources for all communities in web2/web3 spaces.
Keeping inclusivity at the forefront, for everyone to learn and also be part of Musical Emersive events supporting Women and minorities.

We would like to continue to blog about the content creators already within the game and what they provide, How To’s, and other web3/Decentraland resources.
Our future goal is to add another 96 Blogs on top of the 22 already created covering artists within the community with their information and other web 3 related topics. We want to continue this so new users and researchers know who to contact creatives, for services, learn, and get more insight into Decentraland.
We gained 2.5K Clicks as of today organically. An example of this we also brought BJORK fans from the last MVMF from our blogs. (Analytics are on the Canva link ) Bringing readers from events, and DCL activities. We want to continue to grow exposure from web 2 sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

1.Onboarding Women Entertainers and Minorities in Performing Arts

Serena Elis World has also hosted and featured well-known female artists in the WEB 2 AND WEB 3 spaces. We have carefully and strategically crafted the presence of quality artists in DCL, and would like to continue in this grant to bring more female and diverse entertainers from different backgrounds, cultures, and races.
We would like to continue the onboarding process for the next year. The average time spent with each artist is about 5 hrs for the pre - event, plus another 2hr for each event. It takes about two weeks to getting things setup for an event. With many connections in the entertainment industry before DCL, I take the responsibility and feel equipped to take on the task. I have worked in production for well known celebrity events for I have built a strong rapport with artists and celebrities, and also speak their language. We would like to take these skill sets and apply them to growing this project for the entire year. This is for everyone, but specifically to help minority groups and women.

More in depth about the previous artists and the impact here.

I have put a lot of time, effort and money into increasing my name recognition and building a Decentraland reputation while also promoting the platform. I want to continue to deliver quality performances and onboard a diverse group of artists.
This will allow me to create in DCL full time
-keeping up innovation and fresh ideas
-More collaborative work with IRL brands and community members.
-Bring inspiration and new concepts to the table
-Numerous concepts and formulas serena’s created are being used in DCL today*

Budget Specification


Our blogs worked out flawlessly when we onboarded performers with no knowledge about DCL. With the use of the resources and tools, plus guidance from expertise and experience in performing arts, it became a smooth transition for well-known creators to trust and take the leap.
We reached 10k accounts on social media platforms in 9 weeks onboarding females with a total of 85k followers. Organically, starting at 0. We realize how effective the blogs were through our website’s analytics (which can be found Canva presentation) The key takeaway: as a performer with experience and time spent building, being relatable to entertainers and creators really made a unique difference and brought curiosity to them wanting to learn and know more.
My creation from the last grant was recognized by SONY. I Was interviewed about my Innovation within the Metaverse, attending one of our DCL events, and created an internal project for them. An NDA prohibited me from providing any more details.
I am becoming an experienced, competent, and reliable creator within the web3 space. I get things done. Not just simple projects. Ones that require interpersonal collaboration and constant attention.We do want to continue to make strong influences and impact and draw eyes to this project from businesses, artists, and larger companies.

More on what we want to build . . .

Thinkific - FREE Lessons for OBS, How to deploy wearables, Virtual Performances, Behind The Scenes.
Preparation : ( I) Planning, (II) Content and Methods, (III) Implementation, and (IV) Evaluation and Reporting.
DXS wants to be inclusive to a variety of learners like kinesthetic, visual and auditory content making this a variety of ways to engage this will be. *This is an effective long term strategy. Available for FREE for everyone to use and learn.

  1. Educational Streams
    -Learning Events for OBS, Performance, Digital Art. 1 hr Sessions with creators to teach.
    -LIVE Q & A’s - ask probing questions, and learn more about creations in the Metaverse.
    -Fun, engaging experience that will allow others to teach as well and engage with the audience.

  2. Blogs
    Our future goal is to add another 96 Blogs on top of the 22 already created covering artists within the community with their information. We want to continue this so new users and researchers know who to contact creatives, for services, learn, and get more insight inside DCL.

The blogs will help get more visibility from our interviews, with creating, how to build, and about the creators within DCL. DXS wants to be inclusive to a variety of learners like kinesthetic, visual and auditory content making this a variety of ways to engage. Jonathan Lovelady who has worked for UBER and Overstock in SEO, we will be guided through making our DCL content more searchable and accessible through proven marketing strategies. These services has a market value of approximately $5,000 up to $100,000 USD per month. However, they are being provided by a close contact and receive services large discount.

6… IRL Events
We would love not only to host virtual events, but also incorporate IRL events. Hosted once a Month
-12 IRL Events
-Networking and collaborating with IRL gatherings
-Meetups can be in co-working spaces, boardrooms, outside events.

Check to read more :
Budget Breakdown also on here.


A background in Sales and have been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years working in a variety of entertainment fields and contract work. I’ve worked with production company AVS Production, assisting in productions from Carnival Cruise Line, SXSW. I’ve been fortunate to work for events for Floyd Mayweather, Marc Anthony, J Balvin. Taking my skill sets along with my creativity to apply them here. Came into web 3 2020, and I was engulfed into DCL. This led me to have performed well over 200 shows while building a brand within a few years time. I have been acknowledged by mainstream media for performances & content in Glossy Magazine, US Weekly, Vogue Business, Mashable Magazine, NBC News Business, Biz Bash, DecentraNews, Bybit, NFT Plazas, Medium.com Beauty Independent, Lsnglobal.com. Also won “Best Digital Event” By Glossy Magazine from a DCL event in 2022. Recently had the privilege to work on a project for SONY on innovation in web 3. I want to use my skill sets with my sales background, knowledge and connections, IRL Social Skills, creativity and energy in DCL.

For original proposal with Links to relevant press.

SEO - Serena Elis
Assistant / Event Coordinator - Robin Taylor
Community Assistant - Cheddar Queso
Marketing, SEO Search Engine Optimization - Jonathan Lovelady
Assistant - Jessica Gross

Roadmap and milestones

Continue to Blog and Provide Value with Resources and Education for new and active Users.
Provide impact metrics along the way to understand the development and impact of the grant
-Special events include Education and Lessons on Music Production, 3D art and use them in World for Education and performing Arts.

-Onboard Female Entertainment and Minority Groups.
-Collaborations with venues within DCL, and other Metaverses.
-Personal Performances within Decentraland will continue.
-Safe space for new users and current users who want to learn, build and share information.
-Support women and minorities with diverse backgrounds to be ahead in new tech spaces.
-Provide high quality events, lectures, and IRL Events.
-Work with leading companies who thrive in the entertainment and tech industries.
Educate and provide effective resources that make impact and change for other communities to thrive as well as this one.
-SEO marketing strategies.

We will also be able to:
Higher Reputation with Companies for being a trusted source in the Web 3 Entertainment space.
Market: Targeting both the average person in web 2 interested in web 3 users to create in DCL.
IRL Events will be held in Asia targeting also Asia Markets.

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hi everyone ! The google docs have been moved to this location! Serena Elis Tier 4 Proposal - Google Docs
You will be able to view the extensive version. From links to previous work, Canva, budget breakdown, and also any extra information.
My apologies. Thank you :sparkling_heart:

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Serena has been doing some great things in the space and has been performing in DCL longer than most of us can remember. I even have had the pleasure of performing in her DCL space. It’s been my general experience that the best projects/event spaces in DCL have been women lead and I’ll continue to back these projects. It’s a great paradigm shift to see, let’s keep supporting it and keep it going! LFG Serena!


Voting yes :+1:. Good luck @serenaelis


Ofcourse a yes, hope this will pass <3

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I really appreciate this :dizzy:

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Ty jester. I hope so too :pray:

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Thank you billy! That was a fun event :ringer_planet:I think you were just starting off in your journey and it’s been very lovely to see you grow in this space ! And deff adding a feminine touch really brings a nice airy vibe into DCL ! :two_hearts::sparkles: Can’t wait to bring more value and a ripple effect.

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Yes from me, good luck Serena


I’m absolutely in support of this proposal and Serena :sparkling_heart: Since I joined DCL in June 2022, I have seen Serena put on so many great shows at both her venue, Serena Ellis World, and many other venues. She is so nice to work with, and the road map for this proposal seems totally achievable with a thought-out, reasonable budget. I’m excited to see the amazing people Serena brings into DCL, but possibly even more excited to see the content she will continue to create with her blog and now educational curriculum.


This is a good proposal Serena. Can i ask if you have any plans to be able to self sustain should this be passed?


Thank you @rishigirl :innocent:

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Thank you Murray for your feedback. I am glad you enjoy the events and the plans of this project. I wrote this proposal for two months and thought it through carefully. Looking forward to learning and growing in Decentraland with everyone :dizzy:

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Thank you for reading my proposal @MetaRyuk ! I really took the time to strategize this so it would be sustainable long term and won’t have to continue to ask for Funding. I have been growing my network of people and with brands, and will continue. I am also always learning, pushing and thinking of new ways to innovate within this space to stay relevant and always growing my skillsets which will bring new opportunities and increase my value and this project…My mind is not even considering to ask for more grants. If this does not succeed Iv done it wrong. Im pretty confident it will because my work is being presented by some pretty big people in entertainment Like SONY that are paying attention to my work. Also the marketing lead of Instagram and others are paying close attention. I also will have courses, blogs,website, and my music to keep this sustainable. I know I’ll do what it takes because I believe in what I am doing and this project. I hope that answers your question :sparkles:

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Serena has been dedicated to Decentraland’s landscape and making it more accessible to women and minorities since day 1. Onboarding female musical and other artists has always been her vision and she has the dedication and determination to do it. Her work ethic is second to none and she is here for the long-term. I vote yes xxx


Thank you @astrid . I have had the pleasure to work and collaborate with you on several occasions, and it’s been a joy. You out of all people deff know the amount of energy, sacrifice, and time iv spent on this platform. I remember telling you my ideas before i started working with artists and music and you have seen it flourish and come to life. Thank you for being part of my journey in DCL and web 3. I am looking forward to bringing more of my potential in this space and create more magic then I already have. My goal has always been to make DCL a place to create, open up the eyes to see the infinite possibilities and make your dreams come true. :dizzy:

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Hello ! She got my vote , i use to go to her event before metazoo back in the day and was one of the 1st person I met in DCL and she got a good positive vibe. I believe there is potential to bring more people into DCL budgeting is also very honest.

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Come along way ! Thank you for taking part of voting and also attending events ! Such a long time when we met and it’s crazy to see how this platform has evolved ! :two_hearts: much gratitude for the positive feedback from the community :pray:

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Hello DCL Community,

I would like to share my experience with Serena Elis. When I first met her, she mentioned that she had been blacklisted from several venues in DCL, including the “Tru Band Room,” due to some disputes. Although I did not know her well at the time, I was empathetic to her situation and wanted to help her. So I thought, help her get more exposure for her talent. I mentioned an idea I had then of organizing DJ battles in the metaverse as a free initiative to help artists gain more exposure, and she agreed to participate.

During a Twitter space event with 100+ attendees, Serena criticized the idea of DJ battles and said that everyone should be paid for their participation. This caused drama and half of the DJs dropped from the event. Her behavior was erratic and unacceptable. In addition, she had a fallout with another well-respected DCL DJ. At this point, I no longer wanted to work with Serena and understood why people chose not to collaborate with her.

Later, another respected community member suggested giving Serena another chance and having her as a “special guest.” While I was initially opposed to the idea, I also wanted to be understanding and supportive of another creator in the DCL community. It was especially important for me to support her because she is a female DJ in DCL, and I love to support women doing big things for themselves.

She then requested payment before her performance on August 24, 2022.

At the time, I was paying for everything out of my own pocket, making many sacrifices, but my belief in DCL was greater than anything else. We agreed on a price of $100 for 30 minutes, and she sent me an invoice. I asked her how she would like to be paid, whether through crypto or Zelle, and she opted for Zelle (a non-blockchain payment software, as seen in the attached screenshot). I paid her the agreed amount, and she performed.

Later, another individual who was upset about not being able to sponsor BeatTrekkers for $50 started spreading rumors and making speculative comments. Serena then used this situation to claim that she never received compensation for her “special guest” performance with BeatTrekkers. She also falsely accused MetaTrekkers of being a scam project and alleged that the MetaTrekkers NFTs were a scam as well (as seen in the attached screenshot).

Ultimately, after being caught red-handed, Serena was forced to tell the truth. All 24 of the artists who were lined up to perform were paid the same amount.

To summarize, my intention is not to disparage Serena, but rather to caution the community. Please exercise caution and ensure that you have proper contracts in place when dealing with her. Not everything that glitters is gold. Our experience with Serena was terrible. She went on to tell multiple people that she was not paid, and even submitted a request to revoke our grant based on false claims.

Serena is one of the main reasons why the BeatTrekkers’ grant was temporarily halted. She damaged our brand, criticized us, misinformed the community, set us back, defamed us, and harmed the reputations of both MetaTrekkers and myself. While 24 other artists were paid $100 for roughly an hour, Serena seemed to believe that she was entitled to special treatment.

Again, please exercise caution when dealing with her and make sure that you have all necessary contracts, proof, and screenshots in place if you do choose to work with her.

Due to the aforementioned, we will be voting “no” on Serena’s proposal.

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How is this relevant to the Grant being proposed? Seems spiteful and petty to me. Personal issues should not be a reason for voting, Grants need to be analyzed by the content of the grant only.