[DAO:38e6e16] A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)

Thanks Chris for the info you provided today. I wish I knew this yesterday.

Over the years I have had the privilege to speak and work with some extremely talented women working within Decentraland. I do get that women innovators do experience legitimate struggles with gender bias both in Decentraland and in life; especially prevalent in the tech field, as it is an extremely male dominated space.

However, I believe honesty is relationships is just as important as diversity.

Having said that, the experience that Metatrekkers described above working with @serenaelis is very alarming to me in a couple of ways.

First, it seems that she felt it perfectly acceptable to agree to a payment for her services, then request to being paid in advance for her services via an off-chain payment method, and then after receiving the payment, proceeded to lie about not being paid in multiple public forums including Twitter, then further went on an extensive a smear campaign in attempt to defame and discredit Chris from Metatrekkers, which ultimately was the catalyst that lead to his grant revocation; which to my knowledge, has not been restored. She did this it seems, because after the fact, it seems she believed $100 cash, paid in advance for 30min of services provided, was simply not enough, despite agreeing to this in advance; and that she should be entitled to more.

Second, @Serenaelis then seem to make this dispute about gender, by taking to Twitter to warned other women to steer clear of any relationship with Metatrekkers!?

Has she ever presented any evidence that Metatrekkers paid the women DJs less than the male DJs? If not, if there was a legitimate dispute at all, it certainly was not gender related. So, if that is the case why did she take to twitter and warn only women?

In my opinion, gender bias is a pretty serious offense, and for Serenaelis to so much as insinuate in her Tweet, that Chris from Metatrekkers, without evidence, somehow engaged in some sort of gender bias seem very extreme, not to mention potentially very detrimental to his reputation.

So, the real question is: What if Metatrekkers did not have proof of payment and the text correspondence with Serenaelis to prove his innocence? My guess is that Chris would probably would be forever black listed from the community from receiving any further grants, and would likely find it difficult or impossible to gain additional support in Decentraland.

@Serenaelis If the information provided by Chris is accurate, could I ask why you haven’t taken the time to publicly apologize to Chris, via Twitter, Discord, and any other medium you used, in order to help repair any damage to his reputation? I also think it appropriate that you issue an apology to all the women of Decentraland for misleading them in this instance, but that’s just my opinion.

So, while I do hope the very talented, dedicated, and honest hard-working women building in Decentraland (and they know who they are) don’t take this the wrong way, I feel unfortunately, based on these current revelations, that I must rescind my support for this grant at this time, and I do wish @serenaelis the best of luck in the future.

However, @serenaelis if you in any way disagree with my interpretation of the information that Chris has provided, I would certainly be very open to hear your clarification of these events.


Dude this is so off the mark… xD

You and MT are misrepresenting Serena’s position and have not presented any evidence to justify MT’s harassment of Serena across platforms/channels and your attempt to bully her with this BS.

Serena already said MT paid her, and that photo was in the post claiming she lied about MT.

You need to actually put effort into getting a full understanding of a situation before being disrespectful to others.

That’s why I read all available documentation about District X and land sales before calling you a fraud.


I agree on this. Its also the past we all did things we can potentially regret will we say no to this just because of this situation? Grant can always be revoked if she do not deliver.

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Hi rob.

First off i am extremely beyond upset right now. I am really going to try to do this without being emotionally charged, or negatively towards yours and @MetaTrekkers opinion.

When it comes to honestly, its means being real. being authentic. I have always spoke my mind. And its clear that i spoke my mind too much by expressing my valid concerns and feelings when tweeting. We seevthis everyday on twitter, thats not an excuse… During that time, I felt, its was the right thing to do. Maybe I was wrong. I am human I have intense emotions, and I have my own set of opinions like everyone else. I took it to twitter. I should have taken that to my diary, i suppose. I felt responsible as an extremely active community member for 3 whole years. Iv been grinding away, day and night on this platform believing in its potential. putting my heart, mind, spirit in soul into this. And being selfless in the process by helping others whenever i can. That fact that I thought i was trying to do the right things for everyone and its being looked at negatively really is disheartening in so many ways. i thought i was protecting the community. I would never ever say something that doesn’t align to good ethics and values. I wouldn’t be here for this long putting in this much effort if I didn’t care.
Going try and address what you have covered here.
There was a-lot of confusion in the BT competition, idk if that was from a lack of communication and transparency , but I was under the impression that i would have the same amount like everyone else. There was so much confusion, maybe it was on my part ? But it seems like i wasn’t the only one who has felt confused by the project. I am a pretty straight forward person, pretty direct, so it can be hard if someone that doesn’t communicate the same, and it can be challenging to understand. Everyone has very different communication styles and sometimes things dont always mesh.

I felt scammed, yes I did. I have had the chance to work with numerous brands in web 3 and collaborate, the Beattreakkers project was one of my only projects I have had an issue, confusion, and felt a level that felt misleading. This may not be the case for everyone else. And thats okey. Everyone has a different experience. I was also asked if I wanted to buy a NFT from his project, that was $200. Why some got it for free … i am not sure, to me this made me uncomfortable. As for female Djs" I am one of the very few active djs. theres not many of us here. I have a pretty heightened level of intuition, i didn’t feel good. and i was trusting in that.
I tried to address these issues in the discord and that didn’t end well either. I wanted to see how we can find solutions to make things right, i was talked to negatively, and it didn’t end well. I have a pretty strong mind and composer at most times, but this whole negative around the DAO and then the project, and now this, deff will effect my mental health. i am a healthy person, and I work hard hard for everything I do, I already ended up at the hospital from the level of stress this continues to bring. Idk if this goal of this platform is to try and break people.
i already feel crushed by changing your vote. I will apologize to chris. Sorry and will personally after this. I should have taken my real concerns outside of the internet. I still have my opinions. But idk if they should be shared for the public. i think My opinions are still valid in a way and it wouldn’t be good if I was lying to myself about how I truly really felt.
This is my life and my passions, Most of these concerns here, is to get people to not trust me ?
i am not sure how much more i have to give, and deliver, on time, to make this possible so 100% of the community likes me. Chris may have some strong feelings against me for standing up the way I did, I consider it brave. For speaking ones mind with artwork. And I am sorry if it hurt you.
I don’t want to even want to hurt and ant on the street, things got intensified and seem to blow up in web 3 . It’s been like this the past 6 months.

I wish this platform to be a safe place, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. i will say it again, I thought i was doing the right thing and protecting a community I feel so passionate about. I quit my job for this. I thought this was the level of dedication I needed in order to be successful.

I don’t know what else to say but i am Sorry.

Right now, Everything right now being brought up is the past. Although as a spiritual person, I don’t think It’s always the best to judge someone based on what they did and in the current moment this Proposal is about now and the future. Thats for everyone as well. You forgive, let go, and move on, If i continue to hold a grude in this space, my insides will rot.

and chris to you @MetaTrekkers . You may have had backlash, yes. I still don’t think anyone deserves to be attacked. Maybe your project, has some red flags. People can learn from their mistakes. I don’t believe you cant try and make it new and start fresh. i was trying to say that in the discord, but idk if that was the right moment as you still seemed really upset.
I had a feeling you would go after me after i put this proposal up, i guess my intuition is pretty strong. I don’t think it’s right what you are doing. Your not just saying no to me, your saying no to others who i am also trying to help, and this community. And trying to make me look bad. I am learning to come to a place in my life to try and understand others, and not judge them for how they act, even if i don’t agree.

Iv pretty much have given so much, if this is really doesn’t get passed, i will have to rethink where things are heading for me. Theres only so much I can give as a person. I care about my mental health too. I don’t need a project and me having to defend myself to bring me towards a deep end. All i wanted in DCL was for it to be great and still want what is best.

I don’t know if I was able to cover everything mentioned. In the end what ever is ment for me will happen. I believe in God and my faith. I will not push and persuade anyone in a direction, its not really in my nature. I truly hope you can really think this one through, and look at the project throughly.

Right now, i am going to take a few days off from the internet. I will try and get back and answer with more clarity or more concerns. With more of a calm mind.

Best Regards



@serenaelis I appreciate your reply. It does seem from your response like thinks were a been a bit more complicated at the time than they seem now. I do respect and appreciate that you took the time to acknowledged that the way you had handled things with Chris could have been better, and that you in fact felt it appropriate to publicly apologize. It does seem that perhaps maybe some communications you had at the time with Chris may have been misconstrued, which then may have lead to some the overall feeling of confusion you experienced. Again, I don’t know all the details, and that isn’t really that important. What is important is that when mistakes are made, that people are big enough to recognize that they occurred, learn from them, and then try their best to take the appropriate actions to attempt to reconcile with the people that were harmed.

Seems the grant Chris had was revoked, and your accusation against him played some significant role in it. Despite you clarifying that your initial allegations were made under false pretense, the GSS has not been willing to reinstated his grant. Moreover, the GSS, it seems, has refused to provide Chris or the community with any clearly defined violation that would warrant such an extreme action; and this should be very concerning for anyone receiving grant funding.

In any case, I’m glad you replied to clarify your position. Now I’m not sure how Chris feels about it, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m satisfied with your explanation, and having since spoken with others about your past positive contributions to Decentraland, they absolutely assure me that you are very likely to bring a great deal of value back Decentraland if should you get your grant approved.

That said, I am happy to support your grant and your cause to empower women and minority communities within Decentraland. Good Luck!


That isn’t what she said.

@serenaelis , if your apology is sincere and you promise to refrain from causing any further issues with me, including after the grant proposal has been approved and funds have been obtained, I am willing to forgive and forget.

While I have reservations about you, I do acknowledge the merits of your proposal and believe that everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves.

I hope that all the women and minorities involved in this project excel and achieve great success.

Based on your willingness to acknowledge your mistakes and that you are making an attempt to try and fix them, which I do appreciate,

I will be changing my vote to ‘yes’.


hi rob,

First off, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my response. This means a-lot to me and to this project.
This is going way back since august. About 7 Months ago. i do take ownership of my communication with social media and how i can be better at communication. It’s a valuable lesson for me.
As far as revoked, theres been a slew of accusations in the discord, thats still going on to this day. This is a small portion and i will take responsibility for my part. Just a little perplex how i am responsible for all this … This seems to be a continuous discussion that continues to keep dragging within members in the community. I summited a ticket regarding his behavior towards me a long time ago and i am doing my best to move past it after the last couple of months. I don’t talk to GG Squad personally in that level or even have them in communication on socials like twitter or IG.
I hope we can come to a level of communication and resolution via discord, group chat about this, or maybe on his grant forum. This conversation can go days or even weeks maybe months. We are coming up to a year in 5 months.
also it might be off track from the actual proposal goal, and what we are trying to do for others.
I do think it’s important all this gets clarified in the appropriate channel and we can find a solution. So we all come to an agreement and understanding. I have not kept up with what is going on with his situation. I hope my public apology helps in some way. and if there is anything i can do to help, i can try my best.

And I just want to thank you for doing what is best for the community at large. We appreciate you. And whoever came forth to share their positive responses at this time to connect with you regarding this, i am really grateful. Thank you for changing your vote! Its international Women’s day too which is really special day. And I will continue to do my best for this platform, and put my best foot forward. :dizzy:

Best Regards,


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Thank you Chris for accepting my apology. When it comes to my communication with you about what happened in the past, this was needed. i don’t want to have issues with you personally, and i am a true believer we can move forward and always make things better in the future. Maybe we are not on the same wavelength on somethings but we can always come to a level of understanding. Im a forgiver, and i don’t like to hold grudges and i always want what is best for this platform.
i hope that there is a resolution for all of this, I really hope so regarding your project.
I hope we are all happy on this platform, cause i believe we all have a purpose in some way.
Thank you for supporting us. If I win, you win we all win. It’s a collective and a group effort.
Thank you for changing your vote, and maybe we continue to move forward in a positive direction.

Best Regards


i am not against you @serenaelis but i am just Weird why this Grant has no one voted no?

A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 92% 9,866,502 VP (192 votes)
  • No 8% 943,387 VP (8 votes)

A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0x88013d7ed946dd8292268a6ff69165a97a89a639)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x1d5B8BD02C9406Cf8a17b47b967a4F48135a0E5E

Dear Community Members,

The Grant Support Squad was created to support the grantees in achieving their goals and take care of the DAO treasury.

Three formal requests were presented about this project. One was dismissed (card 15), and two moved forward (cards 16 and 20) and after thoroughly reviewing this project with the Grant Manager (@fifitango ) and the Advisor (@yararasita ), the Squad wants to showcase valuable information and our observations.

  • The concerns were:

  • Roadmap

    • The goals are not been accomplished
  • Metrics

    • The metrics promised have not been accomplished.
  • Budget

    • Misuse of funds
  • A recap of the project:

Grant Details:

  • Grant Size: $60,000 USD in DAI
  • Project Duration: 12 months

The project called “Strengthening Creativity: A Continum of Entertainment and Education for Women and Minorities,” was proposed by Serena Elis to create Daydream X. The project aims to continue and expand its efforts in Decentraland metaverse by providing entertainment, education, and resources for women and minority groups.


According to the following link embedded in the original proposal of the grantee and the updates, we compared the Roadmap with the goals accomplished to have an overview of the health and direction of the project.


  2. Blogs.

The Grantee (@serenaelis) mentioned that the goal of this subcategory (quote) “is to add another 96 Blogs on top of the 22 already created covering artists within the community with their information”


In other words, 96 blogs during 12 months means 8 monthly blogs.

We have two different sources for this point; one is Serena Elis’ page, and another is Daydreamx.com

According to her blog post, during the period of time between March and October of the current year, 14 blogs were published.

And according to DayDreamx.com, 19 blogs were made.

Grant Support Squad assessment: this goal is not being achieved because to complete the total number of blogs proposed (96 during 12 months), it is expected by this time, they should have posted 48 (6 month-period).

Also, it is not clear which source should be used because if the project is to create DAYDREAMX and migrate Serena Elis to that brand, it should be taken into account daydreamx.com

  1. Educational Streams.

The grantee mentioned that this subcategory will be integrated by (quote):

  • “Learning Events for OBS, Performance, Digital Art. 1 hr Sessions with creators to teach.
  • LIVE Q & A’s - ask probing questions, and learn more about creations in the Metaverse.
  • Fun, engaging experience that will allow others to teach as well and engage with the audience.”


As part of our tasks, we requested more information about this topic (Educational Streams) to the grantee through the following questions:

  • Clarify how many educational streams have been created.
  • Explain progress on creating an effective long-term curriculum.
  • Provide a time frame for achieving the curriculum goal.
  • Describe the plan for creating and delivering the curriculum.
  • Specify where the content created is being saved or allocated.

Below you will find a detailed analysis regarding the concerns connected to the curriculum point.

The grantee answered:

  1. We Have done over 5 Education Streams in Decentraland.
  2. Every week on Sunday I perform and showcase art in Decentraland so it varies and changes From Digital Art to Music, presentation, or showingDaz 3D Digital software and music Ableton DAW software.

Related to point A).

According to what the Grantee answered, she seems to be completing their one-hour Educational Streams.

Month Number of: Learning Events for OBS, Performance, Digital Art. 1 hr Sessions with creators to teach Detail
April - 2023 1
May - 2023 1 Fashion Illustration from Teacher and Artist Victor Mnendie Iseyen. | Decentraland Events

Live Fashion illustration|
|June- 2023|1||
|July - 2023|1||
|August - 2023|1|“This is being worked on for this sunday event - Will be a presentation. We are early. 08/28/2023 We finished this event - This has been recorded and saved. Will also be in the curriculum.|

The grantee provided the following links to prove the existence of these events. However, some of the links don’t have much information about the content, date, location, etc. That’s why we are requesting more information about them:

  1. https://www.canva.com/design/DAFhjDyFrkg/cebtk5syS_Ivvpt-g_nfrQ/view
    Questions to the Grantee:
  • Could you please give more details about this event?
  • When did it happen? Where?
  • Was the event held in Decentraland?
  • Also, this is an event on how to create/write music, and in the canva-presentation, there is no logo of Decentraland and no mention either. Could you explain how this interacts with Decentraland?
  1. https://www.canva.com/design/DAFh4GejTZo/t5ERECLUYQlxCOLyKpJfwA/edit
  • Question to the Grantee: this is a private link.
  1. Multimedia Sundays with Serena | Decentraland Events the Grante said (quote): “Sunday Events are my Events - Digital art ai art from Midjourney to a obj.fbx file and then to mixamo for animation. Digital Art creations “

Question to the Grantee: the link used is a periodical event, so we can’t see events that already happened.

  • Could you specify the events that took place?

  • Could you specify the content of each one?

  • Is this a Sunday event or an educational event? How should it be counted?

  1. The grantee explained that during August (8/28) an event called Unleashing Imagination was going to happen.
  • Question to the Grantee:
    • Could you share the recording or the link, please?
    • What was the content of this event?
    • Is this a Sunday event or an educational event? How should it be counted?
  1. Educational Event - 09/17/23

Related to point B)

Every week on Sunday I perform and showcase art in Decentraland so it varies and changes From Digital Art to Music, presentation, or showingDaz 3D Digital software and music Ableton DAW software.

Month Number of: LIVE Q & A’s - ask probing questions, and learn more about creations in the Metaverse It should be 1 per week
April - 2023 2
May - 2023 4
June- 2023 1
July - 2023 3
August - 2023 2
September - 2023
  • Question to the grantee:
    • Could you share the recording or the links regarding all the events that happened under this category? (1 per week)
    • We completed the unique user that Serena Elis’s location had during the period of time between April to September. The total number of unique user is 727. You can check the information here.

Disclaimer: We cannot contrast with a secondary metrics tool as DCL Metrics has technical issues. We have reported this to the tool, but to be responsible for the concerns and to be responsive in a timely manner, we are using the Foundation tool as a reference.


The Grantee mentioned that the goal of this (quote) is “ to create an effective long term use curriculum of courses that are available for FREE for everyone to use and learn”.


As part of our tasks, we requested more information about this topic to the grantee through the following questions:

  • Explain progress on creating an effective long-term curriculum.
  • Provide a time frame for achieving the curriculum goal.
  • Describe the plan for creating and delivering the curriculum.
  • Specify where the content created is being saved or allocated.

The grantee answered (quote) “The curriculum should be finished at the end of my Grant. There is always something new to add and edit. I am still learning And adding more of what I learned in WEB 3. To be effective in building this, is to separate all the topics, from Music NFTS, NFTS, Security measures, how to use OBS, Performing in the Metaverse topics. Just like school subjects. It will be easily readable. The plan is to finish this by of 2024, and it will be easily accessible for anyone who wants to use it. Matter fact, F3 ventures (Hetal) had a meeting and she would like to have access to this as well. So i know it will come in handy for those who have no idea how this all operates. This curriculum is saved on Thinkfinic. A pretty popular platform for courses. Some Files in there are saved as PDF files. Which can be downloadable.“

Grant Support Squad assessment.

The total number of blogs written on the proposal as a goal is not being delivered, the content of the IRL events has not been recorded, and most of the content of the YouTube videos published is the Grantee singing (these concerns will be detailed later) So we don’t have any proof of the content that the curriculum will have.

However, the grantee explained that (quote) “Content is being saved and created on Canva and also in The curriculum”.

Also, there is no information about who the target of this curriculum will be, how the users will consume the content, or what the plan is to deploy the content into Serena Elis’ World (DAYDREAM), etc.

So, we recommend showing the content saved in the Curriculum listed here (published in the Grant Update 4 posted on their grant proposal). Present a plan with a timeframe to deploy the curriculum should be shown before the 1st of December to prove that this goal can be achieved


The grantee mentioned that this subcategory will be integrated by: (quote) “… not only to host virtual events, but also incorporate IRL events.

  • Hosted once a Month (12 IRL EVENTS):
  • Live IRL EVENTS sharing relevant content
  • Networking and collaborating with IRL gatherings
  • Meetups can be in co-working spaces, boardrooms, outside events.
  • Create metaverse IRL events to attract individuals interested in creating AND Bringing there brand in the metaverse but don’t know where to start”


As part of our tasks, we requested more information about this topic to the grantee through the following questions:

  • Detail the hosting process for the monthly events.
  • Specify the cities where events have been hosted.
  • Share the number of attendees at each event.
  • Provide media content (photos, videos) for each event.
  • Share the topics or themes of each event.

The grantee answered (quote) “The most important detail is finding a location Where Web 3 is popular and known. I position myself where there are Entrepreneurs in Web3 and in the crypto Space. I found ‘Yellow Connect’ in the city of Chiang Mai. Since I was Sponsored by yellow, they allowed access there office space and tools to host events and also their network Group. I stayed in contact via Telegram Group with the team. Once I found the location i can begin to setup events Via Meetup. Meetup allows you to make IRL events all around the world. I created my own Event Profile. Which I pay a monthly subscription for to be a host.

Yellow is a coworking hub and Web3 startup incubator located in the thriving city of Chiang Mai, Thailand – Southeast Asia’s notorious startup hub. The space is a blockchain-savvy ecosystem and community with a collaborative network of professionals.

All the 4 Events I hosted where in the City of Chiang Mai, Thailand…

Event details:

Grant Support Squad assessment: this event took place (March 4th) before the Grant started (April 1st). It can’t be counted as 1 event of the twelve promised.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 1.46.50 PM

  • Event 2: May 15, 2023

This Event was an Introduction to Decentraland. We discussed Decentraland Basics. Logging, exploring events, page, sharing my project.

The grantee provided a flyer to prove that this event happened. And also a Video, but is private and the meetup link but it doesn’t work.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 1.47.20 PM
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 1.47.28 PM

Question to the Grantee:

Metaverse Tour. (quote) “We went over events, and how to create one, we toured Decentraland, my land, other plots and also billies party. And answered questions to attendees who wanted to know more.”

The grantee provided a flyer and a picture to prove that this event happened.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 1.48.09 PM
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 1.48.02 PM

Question to the Grantee:

The grantee explained that: (Quote) “Went over the Decentraland dao and grants.” The grantee provided a flyer and a picture to prove that this event happened.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 1.48.55 PM

Question to the Grantee:

Enhancing Creativity in the Digital World

  • Event 6: September 29, 2023

Metaverse meetup and network at Somiya Lounge

Grant support Squad conclusion in this topic:

The IRL events are being accomplished. However, we don’t know the number of attendees of each event or the quality of the content of each one.

Also, there is not enough proof that the events happened, and we need to take into account that a budget was allocated for this point.

  1. STAFF: $8600 has been allocated to have help hosting events, filming, photography, social media content.
  2. IRL EVENTS: $6000 has been allocated to IRL events, which is approximately $500 per event. Hosted IRL event, flyers, supplies, and rent of rooms.

Therefore, the grantee mentioned that Yellow, the company where some events happened, sponsored her with commodities (workspace, etc), so more budget has been available.

In other words, the budget to do the events, record the content, and flyers, have been allocated and we don´t know the ROI of this, because we don´t know the number of attendees for example.


The grantee mentioned that (quote) “I have put a lot of time, effort and money into increasing my name recognition and building a Decentraland reputation while also promoting the platform. I want to continue to deliver quality performances and onboard a diverse group of artists.

  • Allows Serena to create in DCL full time
  • keeping up innovation and fresh ideas
  • More collaborative work with IRL brands and community members.
  • Bring inspiration and new concepts to the table”

Grant Support Squad Assessment: it looks like Serena Elis is dedicating hours to Decentraland. However, it is not clear if it is to create awareness of her brands (Serena Elis), or DreamX or Decentraland.

Lack of outreach and target audience: We recommend the grantee look for communities of diverse groups of artists, invite them to the events, and actively ask the target audience what they’d like to learn from Decentraland.


The grantee mentioned that the goal of this milestone is (quote) “we would like to change Serena Elis World, including changing the name to “DAYDREAM”- a lounge that caters to all types of performing artists and entertainment. It will also include an education center. We want to take advantage of the in world dcl.eth and use it to broaden this vision and bring a venue that delivers more than just a party scene. It will be a multi-functional build with rooms for different educational content, that brings all these materials together in one place.

  • Daydream.dcl.eth - Build World and Maximize it
  • Build that caters to different Genres of Entertainment
  • Share and Inspire the possibilities with In World and what is possible.”

According to the following link, and her updates:


We asked the grantee if we could “Provide a timeframe for creating the world “Daydream.dcl.eth.”

The grantee answered: “Time frame will be till the end of Grant 2024”

Also, the grantee has made 8 events regarding this topic, most of which are performance.

Grant Support Squad Assessment: this milestone should be done 1st of December, showing some of the content of the curriculum already produced.


According to the budget detail, the grantee promised (quote) “Youtube Videos to be deployed 3 times a week. This includes daily posts on IG REEL.”

Analysis and Grant Support Squad Assessment

The grantee says that they have made all the videos promised.

After visiting https://www.youtube.com/@SerenaElis/videos and gathering the data we noticed that during April, May, June, July, August, and September, there were 37 videos, 1 duplicated. Still, there weren’t 12 videos per month as they promised.

Also, visiting https://www.youtube.com/@daydreamxsea, during the mentioned period of time, 8 videos were made. Most of them without quality content or educational.

Last but not least, is not clear if this goal is about DayDreamX or Serena Elis.

Also, the Decentraland DAO logo wasn’t shown in the videos or social media (this was a requirement. Recognition requirement)


The grantee explained in detail the Budget in the proposal

BLOGS 2 Blogs per week to be effective with SEO. (96 Blogs )

10 hrs a week = 40/hrs a month. 800/ x 12

Total = $9,600

Grant Support Squad assessment:

$9600 / 96 = $100 per blog. 14 blogs were made, 100*8= $800 (DreamX)

-PERFORMERS - Bringing Female Entertainers,

Quality as shown in previous grant.

Total = $12,000


Thinkfinic FREE Courses for the community - 40 /hrs a week.

500/ hrs for the year - 20/hr

topics and references.

Total = $ 9,600

Grant Support Squd assessment: until there is not proof of the content of the curriculum, we can not estimate the cost.

-MARKETING web 2/3 Included.

YouTube videos to be deployed 3 times a week, a total of 12 YouTube videos.

12 videos per month during 12 months is a total of 144 YouTube videos.

8videos were made regarding DreamX.

Total = $7,200.

Grant Support Squd assessment: 144 videos promised. 37 were posted but 1 is the same video.
$7200/144= 50

8*50= $400


Quality over Everything - One year for the Server

Total = $2,000


Covers basic SDK/3DBuild

We are grateful that Decentraland has opened up the world for users to create without having to purchase land. We want to Maximize this space.

Total = $5,000


Help Hosting Events, film, photography, Social Media content =

(hired only in dcl community)

Artist Onboarding Assistant : (only connections in the Music industry)

Total = $8,600


Total = $6,000

We want to create unique events for holidays, deploying wearable for special events,

All of these contents will be effective long term, funneled to other platforms, and that is critical to onboarding but also helping users stay. Hosted IRL event, flyers, supplies, rent of rooms.


The Grant Support Squad has conducted a thorough review of the project, and we have assessed various aspects, including the roadmap, metrics, budget, and project goals.

Roadmap and Goals:

  • The project aimed to create educational content, including blogs and live-streaming events. However, the number of blogs produced falls significantly short of the proposed goal, with only 8 blogs completed regarding DreamX, compared to the planned 96 during a 12-month period.

  • Live streaming events, which were part of the educational streams, were conducted but lacked detailed information about content, attendees, and relevance to Decentraland.

  • The curriculum, which was intended to be a practical long-term educational resource, lacks precise details about its content, target audience, and deployment plan. The grantee mentioned that it should be completed by the end of the grant, but there is no clear evidence of progress.

  • IRL (In Real Life) events were conducted, however, if we consider the budget allocated, content creation lacks detailed ROI (Return on Investment) information, making it challenging to assess the effectiveness of these expenditures.

  • The project lacks clear metrics to measure the success of its educational and outreach efforts. The number of attendees at events and the impact of content on the target audience are not adequately tracked.

  • The project aimed to produce a significant amount of content, including YouTube videos. While some content was created, the quantity and quality did not meet the original goal. There is also confusion about whether the content is related to DayDreamX or Serena Elis.

  • Also, the Decentraland Brand Awareness doesn’t seem to be built by the project (this was a requirement. Recognition requirement)

  • The target audience for the marketing efforts is not well-defined, and there is a lack of outreach to diverse communities of artists within Decentraland.

  • The goal of creating the “Daydream.dcl.eth” world is set to be achieved by the end of the grant, but there is no evidence of substantial progress or content related to this milestone.


The budget allocations for various project components appear reasonable, but without clear evidence of the impact and results achieved, it is challenging to evaluate their efficiency.

  • Last questions:
  • Based on the roadmap, we have clear metrics for the activities, but from the grantee, we have reports coming from two sources/brands: Serena Elis and Daydream. ¿Which are the activities to measure?
  • How many Female performers have performed?
  • How will you demonstrate the Decentraland shoutouts in radio stations in your 3rd update?
  • What was the content of the Sunday event that took place 9/3, 9/10, 9/17, 9/24?
  • Could you describe the content of the videos published on Serena Elis and DXS account?
  • What is the relationship between the token you minted and the proposal?

Recommendations to the Grantee:

  • Augment capacity of team to be able to comply with the times of the project and vesting contract, as they have demonstrated to have a slow delivery on their activities and roadmap.
  • To be intentional about the intersectional approach, finding diverse communities in Web3. Part of that strategy might include using hashtags to find diverse creators, follow them and their lists, contact the communities they are involved in, and onboard diverse people the project has around, among other outreach strategies for the project to have the expected impact.

In summary, the project has encountered challenges in meeting its stated goals.

Therefore, The Grant Support Squad suggests that the grantee provides more detailed documentation and proof of progress for each project component, clarify the source, and ensure that the project adheres to the stated roadmap and goals.
While we strongly believe in the importance of supporting initiatives for women and minorities, we’ve identified that the initial proposal may be too ambitious to implement effectively with the small team that we currently have, especially considering the slow progress in achieving some of the goals outlined in this proposal, that’s why we recommend revoking the vesting contract.
Also, it is confusing if the main goal is to increase the Serena Elis brand or create the DreamX. However, The grantee could respond to the questions, clarify the situation to the Revocations Committee, and create a new arrangement regarding the rest of the funds if needed.

In conclusion, we are sending this case to the Revocations Committee (@revocationcommitee , which triggers the pause of the vesting contract (@HPrivakos @rizk @Tobik )

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gm @Zino

I came across your post through a scraper I built, which tracks 100 DAOs for the newest, and most engaging discussions. Your knowledge on the complexities of revoking grants, and your analysis of the project’s roadmap, metrics, and budget usage demonstrates your expertise in governance and project assessment.

I’m reaching out to you because I’m launching a Twitter Space series called “ForumTalk,” in partnership with DAOlationships, a subDAO of BanklessDAO. We focus on the latest and most engaging forum topics across the DAO space. Your analytical approach would be a perfect fit for an upcoming roundtable episode, featuring Grants Committee members from BanklessDAO and the Rarible DAO.

Would you be interested in joining us for a space to discuss governance and participation at a high level? If so, please share your Telegram or Discord username with me, so we can continue the conversation there. Your perspective would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to potentially collaborating!


Hello there. Thanks for the update.

This post up above is a bit all over the place. Don’t want to confuse the readers so I’m going to break it down in an organized fashion with the questions you asked.

I have 3 google docs with more in depth

This one is for this update Serena's updates. - Google Docs

This is when the grant support squad asked me questions - Information - Google Docs

This one was for my own - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HGYpBl-VU54bAmYhKkTunx6AELoiHhnaMkjDaLExjzg/edit?usp=sharing

GOAL - 96. Completed 48

I put them on two different websites.

You can verify here


Here is a list of all of the topics and blogs for you. . .

  1. Metaverse Performer Steve Sai

  2. The Creative Process of Metaverse Creator Soultry Dubs

  3. Assisting Behind the scenes with Mimsy in Decentraland

  4. Creating a Home in the Metaverse: Insights from behind the scenes Community Builder Vapo

  5. Building Worlds in the Metaverse: 3D Designer Rizk Ghazaly’s web 3 Journey

  6. Virtual Waves: Surfing the Metaverse Broadcasting Revolution with Biometa

  7. Insights inside the Decentraland Dao with Lordlike

  8. Introduction: A Chance Encounter with the Nyolings NFT Project

  9. Tips on how to use OBS for Web 3.0

  10. DAYDREAM hosts local meetups sponsored by Yellow Connect in Chiang Mai, Thailand


  12. DAYDREAM Metaverse company makes waves for their Tina Turner Tribute

  13. Brenna_inc Debut in Decentraland

  14. Kokesmush, Unfaded NFT

  15. Jubilee Debut in Decentraland

  16. Satwik Debut in Decentraland

  17. Using Metamask Safely in Web 3

  18. DAYDREAM attends Block Club Networking Event

  19. Couple Brenda and Satwik Duet in Decentraland

  20. Metaverse and X Spaces

  21. Love in The Metaverse

  22. Foot Fetish" Music NFT Track

  23. Monaverse and Decentraland restream Event

  24. Low poly to High Poly Models

  25. Why have cold Storage for web 3 ?

  26. Web 3 Music with Sound.XYZ

  27. Is Audius Platform the Next Soundcloud for Web 3 ?

  28. Using Midjourney for Music Art Covers


  30. How Web3 Transforms Creativity with Tech

  31. Mint Part in Decentraland for “Foot Fetish” Song Release

  32. Explore our New meetup group in Dubai

  33. First Decentraland Meetup in Dubai 2023

  34. Discovering Tomorrow’s Soundscapes: Inside Tuning In’s Musical Odyssey


  36. Soundful: The AI Savior For Those Musically Open and Lazily Inspired

  37. Unleash Your Inner Vocal Monster: The Mind-Blowing World of Controlla Voice!

  38. Serena Elis and Ines Du Noir Blend Real and Virtual Worlds in a Decentraland and Dubai Hybrid Event

  39. The Sound of Innovation: Music NFT Airdrops Energize Decentraland Events

  40. Rrah Cat makes her Debut in Decentraland

  41. Gitex Global Conference 2023: A Tech Revolution Unveiled

  42. Attending the Crypto Expo in Dubai 2023

  43. Cryptophobia Podcast comes to Decentraland to discuss Minorities and opportunities in this bear market

  44. Partnership with KMUNIVERSE - Redefining beauty in the Metaverse

  45. Daydream Company Sets A Historic First With A Tina Turner Tribute In The Decentraland Metaverse - TechBullion

  46. How to become a metaverse Performer ?

  47. Embracing Fresh Talent - Welcoming New Teammates to DAYDREAM

  48. Creating A World of Your OWN

I have done 6 Education Events as Promised.

Some of these events were recorded, they will be in the curriculum when I am done. I wrote that on the proposal.

These were all hosted in Decentraland Once a Month. Here are 6 different events

  1. Unleashing imagination - recorded.
  2. Cryptophobia Podcast - recorded.
  3. How to write Music - And was also an event. This is a pdf so - recorded.
  4. MultiMedia Sunday - Using the power of AI For Music.
  5. Live Fashion Illustration - By Victor (Real artist and Teacher) - recorded.
  6. Digital Art Creation - Using DAZ 3D, Midjourney

And the links work now : It was just a setting issue https://www.canva.com/design/DAFh4GejTZo/t5ERECLUYQlxCOLyKpJfwA/edit?

*Recorded means it’s saved. Will be going in the curriculum.
External ImageExternal Image External ImageExternal Image External ImageExternal Image
These will go in the curriculum. The course is not posted live yet because I was clear on the proposal that it would be done by the end of the grant.
External Image

I spoke to fehz and he’s allowing me to use some of the content of the course as well. Everything will be organized here.

External Image

Those artists and creators wanting to learn how to do what I do and set up their own events and have success will be able to do so. Also How i set up my streams, how I record and make events, security, NFTs, performances, Decentraland questions, onboarding docs, This is to allow others the knowledge of how they can accomplish what I have on this platform and they can find success in it too and be able to use the platform have the confidence to create on their own with this education.

The proposal says I’d be done with this at the end of the grant. Allow me to continue to create this so I can finish what I started and make the impact.
External ImageExternal ImageExternal Image

External Image
Discover the Magic of the 3D World You can pre-save it before it goes public.

In summary, the project has encountered challenges in meeting its stated goals.

I haven’t had any challenges to pursue the goals. I have a checklist of everything I need to do per month.

Also, the Decentraland Brand Awareness doesn’t seem to be built by the project (this was a requirement. Recognition requirement)

Every event page I tag Decentraland. IRL Events too. With #Decentraland Hashtags. Apparel as well when I go to networking events. Most web 3 communities on X twitter spaces know my involvement with Decentraland. I have been here for quite a while.

You can also check the socials here.


Questions for GGS.

Can you clarify more on this ? This is new news to me.

Where else other than flyers, descriptions and interviews should I be putting brand awareness ?

Maybe there’s something I’m missing.

Also when you type ‘meetup Decentraland’ Mine comes up in google search engines. Yes #2. External Image

External Image

External Image

External ImageExternal Image

Digital Fashion Week Event was a brand I spoke at in one of their events in New York City and talked about Decentraland as a speaker. We brought this IRL Connection and got them excited about Decentraland and they had their first virtual event with DCL. I also Performed.

The project lacks clear metrics to measure the success of its educational and outreach efforts. The number of attendees at events and the impact of content on the target audience are not adequately tracked.

In world metrics. Verified by Atlas Corp. This was recommended by the grant support squad. so I did exactly that.

Keep in Mind these events are in the Asia Time zone. There are not many events catered to Asia. ( I’d be the very few or if not the only one hosting events for this time zone weekly). I don’t want to be judged and compared to anyone else when we aren’t even in the same region. Events are hosted GMT + 4, yes the opposite side of the world. In America, it’s early 10 AM. Most of the artists I have been working with are in this time zone and it’s a positive for the platform since there is usually nothing else going on on the platform. I believe it’s important to diversify the different regions and be considerate of people from all around the globe too. This time zone is not a busy time to begin with but we have still managed to get new people here. Right now America’s time zone is the most popular time as of right now. I also wrote this on the proposal to be focused on the Asia market.

I pulled all the metrics available to you, Via Screenshots.

As far as the other metrics From IG, Social Media, X, website, and Youtube i put the screenshots of all of this for you in the other google Doc when the questions were asked. If anyone wants that link. The link is up above.

Here it is again.

Here are some Metrics for IG. Grew this account (solely dedicated to events, artists, and the project)

You can check IG HERE DAYDREAMX (@daydreamxsea) • Instagram photos and videos

External ImageExternal ImageExternal Image

X Account


External Image

External Image

External ImageExternal ImageExternal Image

You can check our X Account page to view more.

I also got verified by X on my personal page with hitting 5 million impressions in just under 3 months. I pay attention to metrics.

I don’t think any influencers in web 3 would be following me either if i wasn’t highly engaged on social platforms.

External Image

External Image

External ImageExternal Image

The goal of creating the “Daydream.dcl.eth” world is set to be achieved by the end of the grant, but there is no evidence of substantial progress or content related to this milestone.

I am very confused, I shared all this in monthly meetings with fifi , and in the google doc.

This will be the 3rd time providing photos. the fourth if you count the Discord ( I post a lot in our channel Decentraland DAO for transparency) .

This is also in notions.

We already tested the world, The videos were posted in Discord.

Hosting events in the metaverse offers a dynamic and immersive experience, attracting a global audience and fostering community engagement and that’s what we are building for WORLDS. It promotes platform growth, DCL WORLDS, encourages user retention, opens up new revenue opportunities for artists through virtual sponsorships and partnerships, and we have made significant progress on this build. Daydream X will host future events,concerts, further enhancing the platform’s appeal and reach. We want to aim to do festivals, and the world is open for creators to use and experiment with.

Here’s some photos of just a few of the builds we will have around 4 buildings and a DOME.

External ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal Image

External Image

We even tested the In world with one of the builds

It states on the proposal it will be done towards the end of the grant where I will deploy the world. YES.

Questions for GGS.

When you say lacks metrics, which ones are you referring to ? What other metrics do you need ?

The budget allocations for various project components appear reasonable, but without clear evidence of the impact and results achieved, it is challenging to evaluate their efficiency.

We are not even halfway done. I can give you the artist’s contacts if you would like to ask further questions if this is challenging for you, we can simplify it by having a 1 on 1 convo or you asking the community I am in. You can interview the artists, attendees and those I work with to get a more clear picture. We all keep in touch with all the artists, so we know when events are coming and just any updates of what’s happening. Anyone is free to join.

We also have a whatsapp, telegram and X group for IRL/META events to stay connected and communicate.

External ImageExternal Image

I also have 3 deals with other metaverses from the amount of effort, efficiency and quality I put out there into the metaverse space. I would highly doubt if I was not making an impact, that anyone would be asking me for help or wanting me to be a part of their work, partnerships and collaborations.

I highly recommend all of GGS showing up to the monthly meetings to avoid confusion. External ImageExternal ImageExternal Image

External Image

External ImageExternal Image

I have collaborations in place, I am pretty well connected in IRL in the web 3 space. And in the crypto space in general because of the content I have produced in Decentraland. Not sure why it’s not visible to some community members, but I have been pretty progressive on this passion project and vision for Decentraland and in the metaverse. Because people know the work ethic I put in and the quality I put in everything I do, I’m out there in the real world connecting and building relationships in web 3, not just online. If we are looking for overnight success, that’s not ideal for web 3. (So much has been accomplished so far) Things do take time that’s why this project is a year long. I know I have completed what I have set out to do. Not sure how much else needs to be done besides being on time, and doing my updates. Doing the best that I can with what I have and making sure we accomplish what was promised. I also have had a few new people come to Fehz onboarding meetings in the Decentraland DAO to learn and grow. Pulling people outside to come into Decentraland isn’t always that simple. But I have been able to manage quite a lot in just 5 and a half months.

Based on the roadmap, we have clear metrics for the activities, but from the grantee, we have reports coming from two sources/brands:

This question: I am not understanding the metrics for DCL or my website?

  • Serena Elis and Daydream. ¿Which are the activities to measure?

Both are measurable. The more the merrier. I put information on both my websites. It can only help to drive traffic and appear on google search engines.

As far as the in worlds iv only been in Serena Elis World 83,74 this whole time as we build DAYDREAM DCL WORLDS. The point is so that creators can see the potential of Decentraland. And if they want to create on the Platform DCL Worlds (not many are using worlds ) would be a great start for them, since it’s affordable. That’s why I was building a building for it. We only performed one time in ‘Daydream World’ to test out the world features.

  • How many Female performers have performed?
  • 7 female Performers but a total of 12. That’s around two new artists per month. Keep in Mind this is for women and Minorities like on the title of the proposal

I Shared all this information already by email to GSS when they asked me how many performers. It’s on the notions as well. External Image

Here it is again if you would like to do a bit more research.

Sarah Phillips Slow jams with Sara Phillips | Decentraland Events

Dj Nas10 -Glow in the Dark with Dj Nas10 - hosted by D A Y D R E A M | Decentraland Events

Songs of Eden -Pianist Songs oF Eden Debut in Decentraland | Decentraland Events

Victor Mmendie -Fashion Illustration from Teacher and Artist Victor Mnendie Iseyen. | Decentraland Events

Ghost Train Ghost train Debut in Decentraland | Decentraland Events


-Music with Brenna_inc Hosted by DAYDREAM MUSIC | Decentraland Events

Satwik -Satwik Debut in the Metaverse | Decentraland Events

Brenda -Mint After Party - 'Dimension Dating' release with Jubile3 Le3 | Decentraland Events

Jubilee -Jubilee Lee Debut in Decentraland during Multi Media Sunday hosted by DAYDREAM | Decentraland Events

Rrhat Cat


Ines Du Noir

So far we have hosted over 41 events Since the beginning of the grant.

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

External Image

Cant fit everything in one post so will post under this one


All 6-7 events a month are postponed. I stopped all events to figure all this out since there’s been a pause. I had two performers who sent me their sets for november. We will pause everything until I get more clarification on the status of this because this situation is a bit time consuming and takes away from producing content and disrupts creative flow.

  • How will you demonstrate the Decentraland shoutouts in radio stations in your 3rd update?

How will I ? I’m not sure what this means. It’s already been done. I wrote a song and I tagged Decentraland in the lyrics and had it blasted on at least 8 radio stations which I provided the links to. It was also on Television in Brazil. It’s on the google doc i sent when these questions were asked, i post it here again. Of course I will keep promoting the song throughout the years too.




  • What was the content of the Sunday event that took place 9/3, 9/10, 9/17, 9/24?

9/3 - Multi - Media Sunday https://x.com/DaydreamXSEA/status/1698416137506377781?s=20

9/10 - Multi - Media Sunday https://x.com/DaydreamXSEA/status/1700891083113480315?s=20

9/17- Educational Event https://x.com/DaydreamXSEA/status/1703148460281676216?s=20

9/24 - Multi- Media Sunday https://x.com/DaydreamXSEA/status/1705921660715712740?s=20

  • Could you describe the content of the videos published on Serena Elis and DXS account?

It’s a mix of performances in Decentraland Events, Performer Sets, Music. I have it between both youtube channels.

  • What is the relationship between the token you minted and the proposal?

The social token has nothing to do with the proposal, I just wanted to do something nice for the community and for the members that do come to events and reward them with a token that they can collect. I think adding tokenomics will be an innovative approach to rewarding the community. Only way to learn is to try new things and see what works and what doesn’t. A social token is normal now for communities in web3 and it’s just like getting a NFT for attendance or a ShoApp.

External Image

The airdrop shows up on the screen when we have events. It can be easily scanned on the phone and collected.

Recommendations to the Grantee:

  • Augment capacity of team to be able to comply with the times of the project and vesting contract, as they have demonstrated to have a slow delivery on their activities and roadmap.

I have no problem hiring others if that’s what I need to do. During this project I already started my collaborations with some new talent to help build this even further.

External Image

Slow delivery ? Never in my life have I been known to deliver slowly lol. I come from New York with a work ethic, moving slowly does not exist. Speed is what got me to where I am today. This is a wild statement.

I am on time and on track. Maybe you are confused a little bit about the project/vision since you seem not present in the world ? Below I added a diagram visual so you can maybe understand it a bit better.

I believe most of these questions could have been clarified with a little bit of communication and all GGS attending the monthly meetups.

To be intentional about the intersectional approach, finding diverse communities in Web3. Part of that strategy might include using hashtags to find diverse creators, follow them and their lists, contact the communities they are involved in, and onboard diverse people the project has around, among other outreach strategies for the project to have the expected impact.

Thank you.

I’ll take the suggestion and input.

Also, it is confusing if the main goal is to increase the Serena Elis brand or create the DreamX.

Let me clarify. The main goal is to uplift creators. That’s the purpose, if you zoom out and look at the bigger picture. (Says it in the title of the grant) ‘Empower’ and bring more creativity to the platform like I have been. The only thing that’s going to drive this place forward is CONTENT. That was the real goal of this whole thing and to help creators and educate them since I put in years of time, creative energy and commitment to this platform so this is giving back. Not just as an event host, I have a highly creative mind: I produce music, write songs, create3D art, I sing, and experiment with technology using ai and always looking to create something fun & different each time.

What better way than to lead by example.

Its focus wasn’t my branding even though branding is important in order to stand out. I only separated my name from my personal account and created a community account to create less confusion. Here’s a breakdown.

What gave me the inspiration for this project is when I started Decentrland years ago, I didn’t have guidance, I didn’t know where to start or who to turn to. Support on a platform makes a BIG difference. To show support to new creative artists in a way where it fosters connection, especially being relatable as a musician, is what gave me the drive to move forward with this idea.

Serena Elis - Artist (Performer, entertainer, 3D artists, Visionary)

Daydream - Community (Decentraland Posts for events, irl, social media page, artists community, collaborations, Art, Music, education, Events. Metaverse talk spaces.)

Goal - Let creators create on Decentraland, Perform, show the possibilities, educate on the potential text. Build something of their own. Guide them. Build relationships in real life to educate those about the Decentraland metaverse.

The project may seem ambiguous to some, but I see the vision and the complete picture of the project. I aim for sustainability.

Here is a visual :

External Image

I also suggest if there was a way to do a video/call with the community, I’m open to answering questions on video. The screenshots, the texts, it’s just a lot for ppl to visually understand. The forum in general is just not that readable with all the images and links. At least for me it’s not. Everyone communicates differently and just doing forums to get a point across is not suitable for everyone. I can always proceed by making a video if you need a more in depth explanation. I’m open to communicating face to face too.

Thanks for reading.

  • Serena

Hi @serena !
Thank you for the detailed reply that will help the Revocations Committee to arrive at a well-informed decision.


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Hi Community,

Our team, the Revocation Committee received a request from the Grant Support Squad to discuss this case and make a decision in regards to the following proposal

A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)

As a result of discussion and the final vote, we suggest that this grant should not be revoked.

Voting Members:

Bay, Dax & MetaDoge (@bay, @dax, @MetaDoge)

Maryana (@maryana ) was asked to be substituted in this vote due to a relationship with the grantee.

Revocation Committee snapshot vote result:


Reasoning for revocation:

GSS Comments:

During our analysis of the grant, we did find possible reasons for revocation, foremost among them being something that the GSS mentioned - the documentation presented doesn’t contain enough information to demonstrate the depth of the work on the events. There is not enough information on the number of guests, the budget surrounding events or the content of said events in case of IRL events. We discussed this with the grantee and came to a conclusion which we will present in our recommendations.

Reasoning against revocation:

The major issue that we found in this case is that the roadmap is expansive rather than targeted - another point that we have made further recommendations about - and due to that, we find it impossible to concretely revoke the grant.

That does not mean that we see this grant as without problems, rather we see the process that allowed this grant proposal to be created as problematic.

Requirements to continue the grant:

While we do not recommend revocation, there are several requirements we would ask the grantee to agree to before the vesting contract is reinstated:

  1. DAYDREAM | Web3 Entertainment Community and https://www.daydreamx.com/ need to state "funded by Decentraland DAO’’ because based on the grantee’s responses, DAYDREAMX output like the blogs is being funded by her DAO grant. This should be linked to the Decentraland DAO landing page.

  2. Add “funded by Decentraland DAO” on all educational content released now and in the scope of this grant. The grantee must list specifics here - the boundaries between the grantee’s personal work and the work under this grant are very unclear.

  3. Provide the slides shared at past and upcoming IRL events so these can be reused by the community. Again, “funded by Decentraland DAO” needs to be clearly stated in the presentations.

  4. Organizational documentation such as budgets, guest counts and/or guest lists and informational / promotional material must be submitted with each update in order to determine the effectiveness of these events.

  5. Clear milestones and a coherent explanation of the final shape of the course material must be presented to the community.

  6. Content marketing strategies must be clearly stated and in-line with promises of the original proposal to make “content more searchable and accessible” - this can be simply to promote blog posts on twitter and discord communities, but we leave this up to the grantee.

When these six points are satisfied, we recommend that the vesting contract be unpaused. When questions arise, we are available to clarify these points if needed.

@Zino @fifitango @HPrivakos @Tobik @rizk

Further recommendations:

  1. The requirements for a grant to be enacted should be updated to require clear KPIs that can be completed in the scope of the grant - e.g. expansive grants without clear structure and measurable milestones should not be enacted in the first place.

  2. IRL events need to file a list of attendees, budget break down per event, all organizational paperwork, and any slides from any presenters. Guests should also be made to agree to a marketing release that by coming to the event they agree to having their photo taken and that it can be used for confirmation and/or marketing purposes by the DAO. Such releases are standardly offered in most ticketing and event software with purchase / acceptance of attendance.

  3. re: conflicts of interest with the RC

    a. When a case is raised to RC, we have 5 days to publicly state who will take the case. The members of the revocation committee should first examine themselves for bias and if it comes up (as it did for metadoge in the biennale case), ask to be removed from the case.

    b. The grantee then has 5 days to claim any conflicts of interest, BUT doing so must meet an objective standard. Rules 1, 3 & 4 of the conflict of interest clause are already quite clear, but rule #2 (the rule in question here) is not. We believe the issue in question is one of objectivity and that point two should be changed to reflect that - “the member is recognized to be irredeemably biased against the grantee”

    c. In the case that a conflict of interest based on rule #2 is raised by the grantee, they must give evidence of their cause for concern within the 5 days (point b above) and then members of the revocation committee (minus the member in question) will vote on this.

    1. If the member is removed, a substitute should replace them.
    2. If by the actions of the grantee, a member is removed and no substitute is available, the grantee accepts that their grant will be on hold either until a substitute becomes available or until a sole member of the committee agrees to take the case and the grantee agrees to this. In that case, that sole member should be paid the full case fee as it will represent a lot of work to do alone.

Thank you!

Revocation Committee


hi @revocationcommitee

Just wanted to thank you for your work, time, and energy and for allowing me the opportunity to let this project and myself continue. I am going to take a little time in between to get back to all the requirements to continue the grant. I know the documentation of everything was a struggle for the grant support squad, as this project is pretty big. As I had some time to reflect, I am going to be doing this on my notions which ill be setting up so that I can learn it and also use it as a tool to stay organized. The Google Docs were not as successful as I thought they would be for this project, but I can pivot and adjust and make it better this time around. I consider this as a learning experience, and it has given me time to see how I can do things better, learn more about how to handle some situations, and how to make a stronger impact on this project. Will take all the recommendations mentioned above into account, and going to take a few days to set up my notions, and also hit some of these points and requirements. Shouldn’t take too long. But going to take my time with it, so that i can have a good starting point set up before I start. Also hoping i can have a month before the vesting contracts begin, as the pause was a bit of a shock creatively, just to get back into the grove of things, and start picking things back up, will hopefully come up with a time frame in between to get started. I’m sure we can go over all those details. But first, i’ll get started on all those terms, so I can get started on the right foot.

Thanks again, I know it was a bit rough getting this news earlier and getting upset about it, but it was a plus that this happened. Only means I’m going to make the project even better than what it was before and I had the opportunity in between to connect to more people that I don’t think I would have had if it hadn’t paused… so it all worked out for the best.

Thanks again.