[DAO:18d5646] Entertainment and Women Empowerment through Music with Education and Resources

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Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Serena Elis World is a project born from the Entity Daydream by SEA LLC. Created for the use of Entertainment, Music and Artistic Creations like 3D character Design. Serena Elis who is actively performing within the community weekly. Collaborations within DCL also with also with NFT collections, Crypto Chicks, IRL Beauty Brands like (https://valdebeauty.com/) and Meta Fashion House. Performing well over 200 Performances, press releases in Making money in the metaverse: Inside the new digital side-hustle, Vouge Business, and Conferences.
We want to create a safe place for events and promotional content for female Artists. Providing resources. Links to Blogs, https://www.serenaelis.com/blog and education.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address


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Serena Elis has been featured on Glossy Magazine 2, Vogue Business, Mashable Magazine, NBC News Business, BizBash, DecentraNews, Bybit, NFT Plazas, and more. She’s made waves in the web 2 space from working hard in DCL and continues to progress. She’s won best digital event by glossier Magazine for 2022. You can hear about Serena Elis work in Conferences in Poland like infoshare, and Utah surrounding the topics of virtual reality and Ai. Performing well over 200 Shows for the past 3 Years we would like Serena Elis World to be centered around performing Arts and collaborations. * Opened for Dj Aluna , Crypto Chicks, Performed coexistence with Grimes. Parcel is at Aetheria District 83,74. Where she performers her weekly events. With sold out collection on Ethereum Network “Beauty in Chaos plans to expand its utility. These works of art can be expanded to 3D skins and Avatars, as they are multi-Function. They are functional in programs like Unreal Engine, Maya or Blender.
In Serena Elis World we want to expand our vision of what is possible in entertainment Music, so far we have crated music notes wearables, and have other emotes in the works that are designed for the development for this project.

What will we develop?

*Expanding Serena Elis World (83,74):
6 New Female Performers to perform on parcel to diversity in Entertainment. Different Builder Model for Parcel to cater to all artists. Have wearables be used as utility to represent the voices, ideas for women in Decentraland.
Education and Resources for All Artists. Education and information with Vlogs, Blogging and streaming.
A Stage/Gallery and Shop: For Events and Promotion.
*IRL event Set up for Education/Resources with flyers, and QR Code with Links to all the collected info and Resources during a IRL Performance from Serena Elis in Florida.

How will it be sustainable?
Our plan is to have New Artists at least 2 times a month. As an entertainer it’s important to keep it fresh and new with new music, energy and vibes to keep the community excited. Not only will I find entertainers, I will also perform with them, giving them support with their first time experience and Guiding them through. We need more females to balance out the community. We want to bring a variety of artists from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and culture so users can feel like they have someone to relate to. We know the importance of inclusion. I will be adding value by writing blogs 2 times a week to help the algorithm on google and reaching web 2 and 3 readers to educate on metaverse opportunities and brand expansion.

Once we have have it all running we will generate income by:

Wearables NFT Sales
Selling merch Education Resources
Videos and Blogs from social Platforms.

The funds from DAO would allow me to perform and bring more education and resources to the community. To also bring new energy or creatives within the space, who can potentially become long term entertainers in the future. Create A sustainable place safe haven to get started. As an artist myself with experience I understand both view points which is beneficial.
We can later present to users a way to learn as well with courses. We understand DCL Is filled with plenty of creative people who would like to learn more about art and music. We need more resources to make it sustainable for users to stay.


Budget - $4,992 $416/week for 3 Months. Meta Performances 2hrs /week - 24 hrs. for 3 months. 2x Blogs /Week - 120 hrs. for 3 Months. Double streamed on Twitch. Youtube Vlogs on How to Videos. -120/hrs.
Total of 264 Hours = $20/hrs.


In Serena Elis World we want to expand our vision of what is possible in entertainment Music, so far we have created music notes wearables, and have other emotes in the works that are designed for the development for this project. Serena Elis World has been running Consistently for 50 Weeks.

Serena Elis : Founder/Artist/Entertainment
Chidiya: Social Media.
DclTourGuide: Help Implement Ideas.
Aron - SDK/Build

Roadmap and milestones

Self employed and already volunteering and performing hours of time contribute to the Decentraland community. Need help to Continue growth. So I continue to provide Value.
The plan: Month 1 2 3 – Gather as much web 3 info as possible in the entertainment and music industry. Will make all this accessible on my website on Blogs, Youtube channel, with google Drive Links. All the Resources to get started. This includes weekly performances and streaming for the next 3 months consistently with new artists.

I will update and consult artists and entertainers interested in the metaverse

Serena Elis Web 3 Resume 1 PDF.https://d1fdloi71mui9q.cloudfront.net/hIJljFIqSJGSZNO9KT0I_Serena%20Elis%20Resume%20web%203.0.pdf

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Awesome Serena!! You work so hard at all you do and I know you are going to have a serious lineup of women artists playing in the space and bring value to DCL. Can’t wait!


Thank you Astrid! The support means the world to me. Looking forward to uplifting more women <3


Easy YES from me. @serena has been putting on many great shows in Decentraland and this I think will create even more of these amazing events.


I like it cause you yourself is a DJ and you know what being an artist feels like. onboarding artist by artist is always a great way, rather than this people or managers who abuses artists alike.
how can ppl onboard other ppl when they are not the same kind?
Nice proposal!

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I couldn’t agree more. For sure the right advocate who’s had time and experience within DCL. Here to uplift, and show the value I can provide and also show artists theirs.

Artists helping other artists is the way in WEB 3. <3

Voting Yes! I’m excited to see what you can do with this Serena!


:dizzy: :star2: Yes! This is great!

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Thank you so much Canessa ! Will make DCL Proud ! :two_hearts:

Thank you love, appreciate you !! :heart_decoration:

Entertainment and Women Empowerment through Music with Education and Resources.

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Entertainment and Women Empowerment through Music with Education and Resources.

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