[DAO:23bbcc3] Meta GamiMall Expansion & Empowerment (2nd Submission)

by 0x9b3ae2dd9eaad174cf5700420d4861a5a73a2d2a (MetaGamiMall)

Should the following $55,400 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?



Please watch this 3 min video for a quick understanding of this project:

Meta GamiMall is a gamified metaverse mall. After 19 months of hard work, we have proven that our project can effectively attract high quality brands to Decentraland, and generates relatively large & sustainable traffic.

So next, we want to ask for DCL DAO grant support to continue our project and expand it.

Notice: This is the 2nd submission of the proposal, we made some adjustments based on the current project status and market condition.

Grant size

55,400 USD

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Since we introduced our project in a very informative way in our last grant proposal, we learned that not everyone wants to read the long description like we did last time. So this time, we will just short brief the bullet points here, for those who want to check our last proposal, please refer to this link:

What we are?

Video Introduction: MetaGamiMall Introduction - Made with Clipchamp (1).mp4 on Vimeo

Meta GamiMall is a Metaverse mall that aims to become the bridge between players and brands and gather them here in Decentraland. We provide rich experiences from multiple mini-games to the music stages, and we insert advertising in those experiences to make sure that the brands get exposure. You will see various forms of brand advertisements here, some are logos, some direct players to their Twitter or Discord, and some are 3d models of Brands’ products. And in return, brands will provide attractive but limited wearables or NFTs as rewards, and players need to collect enough materials in games to claim the rewards, in this process, they will also notice Brands’ advertisements which is how we bring awareness to brands.

Requested budget cut down?

From 60k to 55k

What brands have we already onboarded to Decentraland? What DCL Community Brands also participated in our event?

Outside brands: Coca-Cola, Meama Coffee, Sensorium, Galxe, Haskkey Dx, CryptoSlot CreatorDAO, MUA, MetaCat, MetaPoly, Polybasic, SalvikFarm, Adshare, TraditionNow

DCl community brands: Decentral Games, MetaViu, WildernessP2E, Knights of Antrom, Soul Magic, BP Farm, Polygonal Mind Golfcraft, Voxboard, Waifumon, Vroomway

How is our traffic? (Based on PlayFab and DCL metrics data)

  • Recorded around 9000 unique users in our database
  • An average of 230+ daily active users for a half year.
  • Most of the time, our concurrent users rank top 2-5 among all Decentraland projects.
  • Recently, we saw a maximum of 120 concurrent users due to the MetaMine Season 2.
  • Super high average spent time - 6 hrs 23 mins

Why do we need this grant?

To support our daily expanse on keep onboarding brands, maintaining and expanding our traffic, and developing a unified scene to help other DCL community projects create and maintain traffic

Economic Sustainbility

Our project is one of the most promising projects that have the potential of being economically sustainable due to our clear business model, to put it in a simple way, we receive sponsorship from brands like Coca-Cola to join our event. Thus, it is very possible that we can be able to run sustainably in the long term future. We will aim to ask for fewer grants in future, however, this will depend on the macro market, what value can we contribute to the prosperity of Decentraland and the efforts that we spent.

Is our project open-source?

Yes, here is the link(keep updating) GitHub - MetaLiveStudio/MetaGamiMall_GA

Roadmap and milestones

As we mentioned in the beginning, we have already hit some of the roadmaps that we proposed in our last proposal even without further grants. Here is the new roadmap:

Month 1

Develop a coin cap system to put a cap on how many coins can a user get daily.

Develop a resource exchange to help players to exchange coins and other materials

User experience improvements and bug fixing

Month 2

Develop a unified scene with coins to extend our game out of our current lands, and let anyone who has land to be able to deploy it

Business development and start to onboard new brands to MetaMine Season 3

User experience improvements and bug fixing

Month 3

Experimenting with the unified scene with our partners, and testing the effects.

Business development and start to onboard new brands to MetaMine Season 3 and create wearables and advertising content for them

User experience improvements and bug fixing

Month 4

Deploy the unified scene with coins to more than 5 parcels in at least 5 different locations.

Business development and start to onboard new brands to MetaMine Season 3 and create wearables and advertising content for them

User experience improvements and bug fixing

Month 5

Month-long large event MetaMine Season 3

User experience improvements and bug fixing

Month 6

Deploy more of the unified scene and create some customization for some projects.

Migrate to SDK 7

User experience improvements and bug fixing

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Def a very active community in our space. Have learned a lot form them over the years and even had a great time making 3D Waifumon for the latest event. Massive rush of everyone earning them even tho we made them every hard to earn was another great example of a very eager, fun and engaging community am always happy to be apart of. https://twitter.com/AaronLeupp/status/1646060344350248960

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I feel like you used a lot of words to say “No promises”

Have you already received a grant from the DAO? If so, when was it, and how much was it for? Thank you.

Thank you @AaronLeupp, your waifumon is so attractive to players!

@jar0d Thank you for the reply, when I read your comment in another proposal, I actually thought we were on the same page. DCL is still too young to have a sustainable project, but we are aiming at it even though we realise the challenge, and we can see the potential that we constructed a quite unique income model that could justify our aim. That’s what I wanted to convey.

@Canessa Thank you for your reply, we put the link to the last proposal at the very top just to help everyone up to date with all these details, and btw I remember you also voted on that one. Yes, we applied for another 220k grant but that was 19 months ago, and we’ve been working hard and making a lot of progress as you can see in our proposal. 5 months ago, when our first submission proposal was rejected, we did not stop but instead worked harder, I reckon this can prove our determination and the capability to contribute to DCL, we also know that a lot of projects received much more grants than we did, I believe the community allow that to happen since they all provide real value as we did, and I hope that we can be treated in the same category.

Yes, I just think it is important to be direct in how we communicate these facts and set up expectations.

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I have been working with MetaGamiMall almost half a year. We had chance to onboard couple brands into their experience and all of them were satisfied with the ongoing traffic at MetaGamiMall. I think they have found very nice economic model, but they still need some financial support to cover day to day costs and keep the project running. I think in future, MetaGamiMall can become fully self-sufficient.

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How much revenue have you made since the launch of the GamiMall?

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Thank you @Nodo , together we will keep onboarding more amazing brands to DCL!

How do you define launch? Our project started 19 months ago, we spent nearly 1 year on development and testing, and our business model even changed a lot of times. Finally, we started to go in the current direction, making a few thousand in 6 months, which is nothing compared to the cost. Considerring that we need to have more expenditure on building the infrastructure and traffic of this project, that’s why we need support from DAO again.

But please remember this, it is not the very timing for a huge revenue, A/ It is the time to build traffic, and make Decentraland Cake bigger B/ the marcro economic is not very good atm, metaverse bubble just burst, It is quite challenging enough to even ask brands like coca cola to come to meta Gammill and Decentraland, not to mention charging a lot from them.

However, if we can even charge something eveb now, then it is reasonable to believe that when the bull comes back, we have a decent chance to attract more brands coming to Meta GamiMall and be self-sustainable. But, we need to keep developing, hold and generate more traffic and before the bull comes back.

This isn’t a good answer to the question.

You should have KPIs you can present and articulate how they will be able to scale as the DAU of DCL grows.

These three paragraphs indicate you have no grasp on monetization strategy or how to even discuss it.


I think we all know that metaverse is a new thing, a lot of things that work IRL don’t work here. Basically, no project on DCL can articulate 100% that at the moment, the priority of most projects is working hard on onboarding brands or maintaining traffic, and we really think that we should be focused on that priority as well. So again, I hope we can be treated to the same standard as others.

As for monetization strategy, since we have a clear income model which is taking advertising fee(We don’t just take advertising as a side thing to get profits, the purpose and all experience of our project is - “connect brands and players”, and that is the reason why we can charge). So comparatively, it’s already progress on the innovation of DCL projects business model.

How much revenue have you made since the start of the GamiMall project?

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basically no, we started to get some profits after we finished all the infrastructure, and launched officially, now we can see more demand for our service, but again, I want to emphasise that most of the revenue will be redistributed to players in the forms of wearable design, raffle or contest rewards or buying back some wearable. It is still quite early, let’s bring more brands and traffic first to DCL, if we consider too much monetization in this early stage, it might even hurt the project since some 2C paid services are the killer of traffic, and high 2B charge will post barrier on onboarding brands as well. I respect that you always think about the benefits of DCL DAO and I also know that you asked about this sustainability issue in all the proposals, appreciate for this consistency. But I also hope that we can have an Angel or seed investor mindset that values impact a bit more than profits at the current stage. We aim to be sustainable in the future for sure and we need to balance the monetization and traffic + brands onboarding, I believe it will be much easier to balance when the bull market return, more dcl users come.

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The scene has been updated two days ago, but the last commit on the github repository is from December 2022, over four months ago. When can we expect an update?

We usually update after each MetaMine Season, we met a lot of bugs this time and we need to fix bugs to make the repo usable, also, our working repo got some passwords of 3rd party services that need to isolate, which is why we cannot open source our working repo. (All of our in-game currency system and wearable rewards will get exploited)

Hi @MetaDoge, there are 3 things that I hope to see in your next proposal.

  1. Recognition(in-world) of the DAO providing funding towards your project.
  2. Reducing grant amount over the next semi annual renewal to show that there’s some form of sustainability
  3. Providing some form of returns to the DAO, for example, a certain % of sales goes towards the DAO. Doesn’t have to be a cutthroat amount, ballpark could be in the 10%ish range.
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Hi @3Point1Four , thank you for your advice, we will seriously consider them. Just to confirm, for your first point, do you mean displaying some information in a world that is DAO providing funding towards this project?