[DAO: QmUnSy8] Decentraland DAO incubated project - Meta GamiMall (+ P2E game Super Dogerio)

by 0x9b3ae2dd9eaad174cf5700420d4861a5a73a2d2a (MetaLiveStudio#2d2a)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


The story starts from the success of the Meta City Launch, people enjoy the experience, our displayed NFTs and our gifts, so, why not expand the idea and turn it into a place where people can play, can earn and can shop? We plan to create the first one-stop GameFi integrated Mall in Decentraland !!! Let users have fun and profits when shopping!!!

AND we prepared various rewards for the Decentraland user, builders and developers community! For more information about Meta GamiMall and rewards, please keep reading.

Or check our pitch document: Pitch

Grant size

220,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Video and MVP of Meta GamiMall -Previous name Meta City

Watch Video: https://vimeo.com/639557240

Decentraland Link: Decentraland

A. Why GamiMall?

"Game + Mall = GamiMall, Disrupt Traditional NFT Shopping Experience"

People now are getting used to the Traditional 2D MarketPlace with Explosive NFT transactions, for example, Opensea peaked at 3.4Billion volume. However, the 2D NFT marketplace experience has limitations,it is lack incentives and fun!!! We want to introduce a new GamiMall Play-Earn-Shop(P2E2S) experience, and create a win-win-win situation among users, project holders and Meta GamiMall.

For details about Meta GamiMall, please go to Specification below or check the pitch document Pitch

B. What we can bring to the community?

To Decentraland: The first metaverse project to bridge P2E game and metaverse marketplace, the development of this project can contribute massively to the vitality and diversity of Decentralnd, together with other P2E games and fantastic projects live in Decentraland. Plus, the activities and transactions created by the project will also contribute to DAO.

To Users: This is a project that can give people a chance to have fun and profit, and aggregate the best NFT artworks to people’s horizons. And also, we allocate a portion of token giveaways specifically for the Decentraland community in the future as an expression of thanks!

AND AND AND, we will offer free Doge Head NFTs to all voters who contribute 100+ VPS to this proposal!

To Builders & Developers: We will make 75%+ of Meta Live Studio created smart items (I.e. POAP machine, piano floor etc) open-source and free to builders and developers. We want everybody can have the ability to build more comprehensive structures and interactions. Together, we will co-develop the prosperity of Decentraland

C. Grant Allocation:

The grant will support the operation and expenses of the project for a single year.

60% to support the basic team operation for one year 25% for marketing and promotion 15% for other expenses like rent, gas fee, server fee, service charges

D. Our Backer and Partners:

Republic Realm, Zeitgeist, ODAILY, Polka World, Decentraland Navigator, KevinOnEarth, more to come

For more details, please check the pitch document Pitch


E. SOLUTION: THE GAME: Super Dogerio, the Vitality of the Mall

  1. Play, run, collect some coins and meet your loved NFT and projects in the next corner!!! And users will enjoy various legit rewards from sponsors and us!

  2. Comprehensive P2E economic model.

  3. Swap to MetaDoge Avatars that have super game powers! To see the game powers of each MetaDoges, please check Pitch

E. SOLUTION: THE MALL: The Aggregator of Game and Projects

  1. Various Rent Options: Three tiers of rental options for high-quality tenants

  2. Transportation System: The first comprehensive traffic road system in Decentraland with 5 different moving experiences

  3. Public Space System: 5 unique MetaDoge squares with various activities

We can only show a brief version of the solution here due to the restriction of total words, please check the pitch document Pitch


The Meta GamiMall is an Avant Gard project endeavour to blur the boundaries between game and shopping experiences. The game lives in the Mall, the Mall needs the game. Together, let’s Co-Benefits from the growth of this exciting project, Co-Create the future form of Gamimall, Co-Contribute to the prosperity of the Decentralnd economy!!!

G. Our Portfolio:

Meta Pet Gallery, CyberPunk Factory -10th in the contest, Vault Hill Office, Watch Tower, Newbee Live Venue…


H. Core Team:

Our team is a highly hybrid team formed by architects, developers, marketing, and business experts. They are Meta Charlie: Project Lead/ Designer, Founder of Meta Live Studio, Meta WCaine, Meta Roman, Meta 7-up, Meta Sam, Meta Bill

For more details about them, please check: Pitch

Roadmap and milestones

I. Roadmap for one year:

Stage One: Game and scene development

Stage Two: Game testing and Launch

Stage Three: Promotion and community building

Due to the restrictions of words, for Stage Four to Six and all the details, please check our pitch document Pitch

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Hi! I like the project, but I can’t help to think that its a bit ambitious.

You may want to ask for several smaller grants, instead of one that covers an entire year. That will allow you to change the project in case you find some limitation, or realize that some idea will not work as intended.

For example you will find some issues making the P2E game fair for all players, since Decentraland is not designed for that kind of experience.

I must say I like the idea of the mall, as a 3D OpenSea. You can start from there.
If you create your own contracts you can reward people buying and selling there.

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Hi Eibriel, thx for the feedback and your kind words, and we do realize that the plan might seem a little bit ambitious, but based on what we have done, and our communication with several investors, we have a certain level of confidence that we are in the right direction, and for sure we will make adjustments during the development process. Actually, we think P2E is sth that should be considered for all metaverse projects, and we do think that Decentralnd is currently the most suitable platform for such project compared to other metaverses like CV or Sand… for example, even though Decentral Games is not the most common type P2E, but their success shows the potential of how big they can be. Also, project like Wonder Zone has fanatics userbase. So yeah, the grant will be important for us to make our product go online quicker/ better, but we will work toward the vision anyway. Thanks again!

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What happened to the Game?

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Hi Charlie / MetaliveStudio,

First of all, congratulations for the last update. I have a few questions that I think will give more transparency for the community, principally because this studio is making various projects (clap for that!) and is a nice way to verify your work no?

You said: “On the land side, we have made a long-term agreement with Aetheria District to use their 30 parcels to develop our project.”

So: Can you describe the renting process? Do you know there are ongoing grants in this topic (rental)? For example: Double deck (Land Rental in Decentraland)

You said: “On the SDK and experience side, we have introduced a “library” of new experiences like avatar swap for a 4,999 availability collection MetaDoge. And we have built out the game experience based on it. This is only one example, and we want to share more in the future/”

So: Amazing this, congratulations! Do you have a video, link or something to share? Will be amazing!

You said: “On the game side, we have built out the basic game experience of Meta GmaiMall that a lot of players have already experienced. In this game, players can collect the coins spreading in Meta GamiMall to be able to participate in ranking and they can use coins to exchange wearables in the future” and “On the smart contract side, we are adding auto claiming experience that ppl can claim their wearables all by themself, and don’t need us to send them the items”

So: What’s the time frame?

You said: “On the community side, we have accumulated 5k discord members and 5k Twitter members.”

So: This is really cool. And how many users have tried the game?

You said: “Another problem is that a lot of people that have not played Decentraland before don’t quite like the experience (one of the very important issues is because of laggy), we hope Decentraland can address this issue better”

So: can you be more specific? For me it is very important because I will know with whom I have to send the issue.

Thank for your time!

Hi mate it’s under development still, will you be willing to come and check our latest progress? 146,60

Hi Zino,

  1. Yes, we have done a lot of work before the grant, but after we received the grant, we tend to be very very focused on the project and have not taken more projects for nearly a year, but we might want to take more as the P2E might cost more than we thought.

  2. Oh that’s interesting, gonna have a check. We made a deal directly with the landlord of Aetheria.

  3. Sure, we have some videos, that i would love to share in the discord.

  4. the test game event should take place within 1 month or 2.

  5. Sorry that i don’t have the data for now, but I believe at least 1k

  6. Yes, actually I thought all of us know that DCL has been highly laggy, especially in a large scene like ours. Also, specifically, a lot of our users come from China, and they are really struggling a lot lot at this, they need to keep switching VPN to make it smooth, I guess this might be due to a catalyst issue, but I’m not sure. And since the majority of DCL team are from the western world, they don’t see this problem clearly, but if they come to China, and try it once, they will see what I mean. And China is a big market, Sandbox is doing far better on the Chinese market, I see the value of DCL, and I hope that DCL can bring ppl from all parts of the world with more accessibility. However, I don’t know how to do this, but I think DCL deserve a less laggy environment. But don’t misunderstand me, I respect DCL team, they are doing a fantastic job, building a good web3 metaverse is tough tough!!!

More than 240,000 USD?

Any updates on the progress?


Hey man, sorry for the typo, we were trying to say taking more “time”

Ofc, sorry for the late respond, as we were so busy with our event MetaMine, I think that’s sth you’ve already noticed