[DAO:80d8ec9] MetaTime - A DCL Native P2E Metaverse | Game

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Should the following $100,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


We are presenting a Native P2E Metaverse | game called MetaTime. MetaTime provides 3D 2nd life experiences in scene, game and event. It employs P2E game plots to deploy relaxes and experiences that are largely missed in old games. It includes Metaverse version social network mechanism with APIs. Other DCL content creators and real mass media may use them to enhance their events. It has been developed for 7 months on SDK7. Now MetaTime is looking for your support to be part of DCL better.

Grant size

100,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

5 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



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A player enters the scene of MetaTime, starting to gain the time of ‘memory’. Once he/she has 1000 ‘memory’, his ‘memory’ will be too full and his next gain will be turned to the time of ‘virtual’. There are three realms in MetaTime, ‘Time Valley’, ‘Thirty-six skies’ and ‘Eternal’, coordinating with three times phases, ‘Yesterday’, ‘now’, and ‘tomorrow’. The ‘memory’ accumulation is where the game begins, when the Metaverse are in the time of ‘Yesterday’ and space of ‘Time Valley’. Many props are designed for players to enhance their capabilities so they can finally reach the realm of ‘Eternal’. The best players will be listed on the top of the sky forever to be respected by all else below.

Besides the road to God plot, there are games of real-life style for people to enjoy their precious time with relax and meanings, for example, go to the garden aside the moon to seed their wishes or water others wishes. They also gain by doing so.

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The above words are not a brag conceiving plan, but a half done real project.

We have pushed our partially done codes to DCL world server. Please visit our land at MetaTime P2E - Decentraland. I guess most of you will like it.

The done parts were product core features, infrastructure, underlying logic, data structure, game plots, rough scenes, UI framework and some UIs, partial front-end coding as demo and partial core functions, which mostly focused on upper-level design.

The undone parts are back-end coding, front-end modeling, most detail implementations, refactoring, testing, debugging, optimization, quality controlling, product side management and operation, marketing and promotion, including distributing NFT and NF to early phase hardcore partners / players / supporters.

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Roadmap and milestones

Month 1 Realm I.Gift Realm I Realm I Dev
Month 2 Realm I.Hope Realm II Realm II Dev/QA
Month 3 Realm II Realm III Realm III Dev/QA
Month 4 Realm III Video Plaza Video Plaza Dev/QA
Month 5 Game Game Game QA/ Delivery

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our team don’t have many VP to support ourselves. We need your unbiased voting after reviewing our project and comparing to others historical cases. The current VP we hold doesn’t mean the level of contribution we have done for the community. Just consider the development road of MetaTime with sdk7, including in the early time we used sdk6, and then rebuilt it by using sdk7, the cost was not small at all, not to say the modeling, UI design, and other expenses. Those scenes and codes in MetaTime are also asset of DCL.

We didn’t apply the funds at the beginning of the stage because we want to present our true efforts on it, let you see we did real things.

DAO member with voting rights should take your serious responsibility to act for the community. Please vote in unbiased manner with good reasons, or just let it be.

Voting for yourselves is not very welcomed anyways.
P2E are either ponzi or not sustainable, we already have several P2E in Decentraland since 2-3 years and they all come back at the end of their grant asking for more money because the 3 people playing is not enough to fund a dev team and the “2Earn” money need to come from somewhere.

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Yes. So we didn’t. It’s very easy to disable the function. I can help you if you truly “not very welcome” on it.

MetaTime is not a game asking people for investing first. It’s totally free to enter. The longer the players stay, the more “time” points they automatically gain. They use the points to play or eventually get NFT or other meaningful experiences. MetaTime is actually a Metaverse life.

I’ve seen that. So you are very welcome to adjust your personnel and hire more capable person to manage it, or DCL may die.

For the time being game is still the No.1 content to support Metaverse projects to be more sustainable by attracting users. There are only two games, P2E or not P2E. Obviously the latter is less functional and less attractive. MetaTime is not a full P2E. We don’t make all people in the game earn, but let some people earn by helping other players to play well and happy.

MetaTime is a good example to add new attractive content to DCL Metaverse and makes it sustainable. If not what do you want?

Hey Unlike other community members I believe games are things that keep Decentraland Players motivated to stay active in world, it entertaints people and always give them a +1 reason to stay in Decentraland. I’m a big fan of gaming in DCL generally, but with your game I have a hard time to determine what core is of the game,

What do players need to do in your game?
What is the genre of the game?
What is your roadmap about? ( For example what is Realm I.Gift we dont know )
What does your team need the funding for?
What do you and your team to make this game a hit in DCL?

I’m going to vote NO on this not because I dont trust in your game, but because of how the proposal is built there is no clear information to see what needs to be done, There is no clear information how the game should be played theoretically other then a lore/story of the game.

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If we can’t even get a measly 40k to pass out free, fully-functioning, done-project, laser guns that transform all of DCL into multiplayer battle arena or fund the #1 world & game Monster Hall this grant seems kind of jokish. If you want to make a game this is not the platform for you. Also game did not load for me looks like a bunch of CORs errors

I would highly suggest you to put a better proposal and not to take advice from people that have a self destruct mechanism.

Many games were funded by the DAO even my game @DuelArenap2e had to try many times before getting accepted by the community.

Also keep in mind to keep building while you are trying to get funded dont stop just because this one didn’t work out for you!

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Surprisingly, we are not very supportive of so many P2E (Play-to-Earn) projects. I can’t help but sarcastically ask, aren’t the current projects scams? With so much funding involved, have they made any breakthroughs? Have they effectively attracted players? What we hope for even more is that Decentraland (DCL) can embrace newcomers and give them a chance, or provide some constructive guidance to create groundbreaking content, rather than rejecting others right from the start. It’s been 7 years, and while it sounds good to talk about web3 metaverse, in reality, we are still playing with 2D content and web2. Most of the district in our dcl communities still hasn’t been effectively solved or returned to investors. They say it’s decentralized, but it’s not really that decentralized because most projects mainly benefit the veteran creator or DAO OG here. There’s a complete lack of a groundbreaking team spirit. (I hadn’t seen @InJesterr’s comment before I wrote this. Fortunately, there are still people like Jester contributing so much to DCL.) @HPrivakos @dao @OGContraBand

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What do players need to do in your game?
It’s a demo and under construction. There are many playing ways in the game. For example, collecting the lanterns on the bridge, click the “seed wishes” or “water wishes” in the “Hope” scene. The npc will guide you where to go step by step and the help on UI will guide you too. Basically the player should go and discover by themselves. Discovering is a part of the game.

What is the genre of the game? It’s a comprehensive game including genre of real-time 3D adventures, metroidvania, idle game, party game, trivia game, casual game. We can invent a genre called “Metaverse Life”, why not?

What is your roadmap about? ( For example what is Realm I.Gift we dont know )
Realm I.Gift etc… These are function parts in the game. I’m referring the function parts so we can test when we finish that part. Realm I - ‘Time Vallery’ realm. Realm II - ‘Thirty-six skies’ realm. Realm III - ‘Eternal’ realm. Gift - the whole props plot distributing by gifts e.g. the lantern collected on the bridge. Hope - the ‘Hope of God’ scene and game context.

What does your team need the funding for?
Strange question.

What do you and your team to make this game a hit in DCL?
Real Metaverse experience. you already have full of strange things in the main city, a lot of abnormal, childish experiences that may favor less than 1% but remove more than 99% normal people’s interest to stay. (I’m not talking about all). Obviously you are lack of high level project designer. We are now correcting that. That’s the hit.

You guys should welcome new people, not the contrary as many, many DCL member advised me (including you just now). If new people are not welcome, they weleave. Who owns who? I heard this situation had been years, which means, my team may be one of the last new groups that still develop content on the platform.

Smart! I guess the self destruct advice you mentioned is @OGContraBand . But why he feels like that?

This is also my big headache. The platform has many bugs especially in networking. When we upgraded our package to sdk7 our testing world often went with naked avatar and CORs errors. We have reported many cases to the dev team, helped them to debug and improve a lot, but still many unsolved.

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Check my message and votes history if you want, my stance has always been the same since the very beginning, I don’t favor any OG or veteran.

I’m not talked about your @HPrivakos I hope you don’t misunderstand. I believe what I see, and I believe you see it too. I’m referring to the overall direction of the DAO. If I were in your position, I would take a close look at the platforms in the same space, such as Sandbox and Bigtime, platforms we consider competitors. Currently, their reputation has far surpassed DCL (Decentraland). The key point is that they started much later than DCL in terms of development.

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Hey thank you for your reply I understand, but I see that you are also going through alot of no’s regardless of the pressure of those NO voters I changed my vote to yes to give you a chance morally hoping that it also encourages other people aswell for to take a re- look.

I think @LandlordDao is right and I have said it before staying positive and maybe retry in this quarter with a better proposal will help you alot!

lets keep building and thanks for being a builder :fire:

MetaTime - A DCL Native P2E Metaverse | Game

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 24,487 VP (19 votes)
  • No 90% 8,216,685 VP (55 votes)
  • Abstain 9% 870,980 VP (4 votes)