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Should the following $25,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


PlayVerse is a playground lobby inside Decentraland, deployed on a 2x2 square land (located at 36,8), packed with lots of fun, functionalities & events for any player to enjoy and interact with other players. We have already developed a successful season 1 game (9th of January 2023 and will end on 6 of March 2023), “UFO Attack”.

Play Link: Decentraland

Gameplay link: PlayVerse gameplay demo (36,8)

The season 1 last for 8 weeks, during that time we achieved:

  • Over 1200+ unique players
  • 170K+ games played
  • AVG session time of over 48 minutes
  • 100+ unique inland MANA purchases

We are sure that our project aligns with the goals Decentraland.

Grant size

25,000 USD

Project duration

4 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



PlayVerse is a place where users can discover the metaverse in a fun and engaging way through free-to-play games. Our platform not only offers enjoyable experiences that allow players to interact with others, but also serves as an introduction to the world of NFTs and the limitless possibilities of virtual reality. Right now, users join us and explore this new era of gaming, while earning a variety of prizes and wearables.

At PlayVerse we believe that our project aligns with the goals of Decentraland, which is to promote innovation and create new opportunities for the Decentraland community. We are excited about the potential of our project and the impact we are having on the Decentraland platform.

Back in 2021 PlayVerse started with the mission to transform users into passionate gamers in Decentraland. We purchased a land and began studying on how to create our own vision of the Metaverse, and deploy incredible experiences for the Decentraland community. Then, in 2022, we launched our successful “UFO Attack” game very much aligned with Decentraland’s vision of the metaverse, and our community quickly grew.

Goals already Achieved:

  • Top 5 most video game plays in DCL
  • Top 3 most spent time inland in DCL
  • Top 3 average time per session in DCL
  • Top 5 land entries in DCL
  • Top 5 most visited land in DCL
  • Over 1200+ unique players
  • 170K+ games played
  • AVG session time of over 48 minutes
  • Growing social media communities (Twitter, Discord, Twitch, etc.)
  • Revenue has been generated each month from in-game purchases, wearable royalties
  • NFT prices up to 500 MANA at marketplace.
  • Fully integrated NFT-based wearables with functionality.
  • Released the PlayVerse Games NFT collection
  • Released 8 NFT alien body parts (4 mythic & 4 unique)
  • Super PlayVerse cape
  • Farming game experience
  • In-game leaderboards
  • Multi-user lobby experience
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Fun gaming quiz games with rewards
  • Unique NFT in game utilities
  • Back-end/server infrastructure for performance and better internal testing.
    *Source: https://dcl-metrics.com/

We created this content with, hard work, and dedication, without any grant, only using our limited resources.

Our vision for following seasons is to introduce new multiplayer mechanics, new categories of challenges, and more NFT prizes to incentivize the DCL community. With this grant, we aim to invest in developing the next season’s games, improving our infrastructure, and expanding our team to provide even better gaming experiences for the community.

With this grant, we aim to invest in developing our season 2, improving our infrastructure, and expanding our team to provide even better gaming experiences including mechanics, new categories of challenges, and more NFT prizes to incentivize the actual community, and bring new players into DCL.

Seasson 2 Game

KingKong Stack (an adapted 3D version of the popular game Stacker) will introduce a totally new and fun game experience never seen before in Decentraland, easy to play, difficult to master.

The game will consist of 3x3 blocks that will be constantly moving side to side on top of a 3x3 block base. Moving direction will be determined by the user approach to the block’s base. The aim is to pile the blocks on top of each other as high as possible, trying to reach the highest level to achieve the highest possible score. The score will be determined not only by the height of the tower, but also by the amount of blocks left when reaching the top.

Roadmap and milestones


  • Redesign the lobby and land experience.
  • Acquire sponsorship agreements with brands.
  • Listen and work on new game plays proposed by the community.
  • Increase the brand name by getting a 300% increase in visits to the land, as well as the game time.
  • Launch the KingKong Stack game, with fully functional gameplay mechanics and scoring system.
  • Implement NFT rewards for top leaderboard
  • Develop a system for players to unlock unique experiences and rewards in upcoming seasons by wearing and using previous season wearables.
  • Conduct ongoing community engagement, including social media promotion, Discord support, and live events.
  • Achieve a minimum of 4-star rating on DappRadar and other Decentraland review platforms.
  • Seek partnerships with other Decentraland developers and projects to expand the PlayVerse brand and offerings.

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NO. And I’m gonna quote on what I have said previously on your other proposal:

Now, I’m going to post what he said on Discord (the full text, no manipulations):

Now let me do a review point by point:

Your statement that our game is not fun is a personal opinion based on your personal opinion. Without any indication that you spent enough time to form a valid opinion. It seems like you did not play our game thoroughly, and even if you used a secondary account to do so, it went under the radar. We have records of all players who have enjoyed our game and are part of our Discord community (games played, total time on land and much more). Criticizing our game in this manner is akin to me criticizing your YouTube videos as bad because of your poor English accent, without paying attention to the content or even listening to a single word you say or the effort you put into these videos.

While ‘fun’ is a personal opinion, I’m sure we can both agree that the game’s content is very poor and it mostly consists of pressing a button to choose where you want to drop a ball (apart from some of the perks you can buy with $MANA).

In regards to your radars, they are completely broken. I’ve not used my main account to play the game. In addition to this, the fact that you add my English accent as an example, makes me think that you want to hurt me. Please don’t pretend that is just a silly example: I know you have chosen that specific example to try to provoke. Instead of making examples about me, why not focus on responding to the criticism of the project?

You claim that our game is not new and can be played on every mobile platform, but I would like to point out many mini-golf games are available on every app store. Does that mean the work from Golfcraft (following as an example that you gave us) games is not worth anything? Does it mean they do not deserve recognition and praise for their effort? Our answer to these questions is a resounding “no.” We admire their work, because we have the knowledge to evaluate the efforts.

There is not any idea available that is 100% original. However, the execution and the bases are tremendously important. When GolfCraft was first released, the project already included a training mode with different maps and integrations almost never seen in a Decentraland videogame (gravity, for example). Basically, the experience from one match to another one was substantially noticeable even if the game was golf in both cases (a new map/mode makes the gameplay different). In your case, it’s just pressing a button and spending $MANA for some perks. How much different a match can be from another one? It’s almost all the same!

You want better games, preferably AAA titles. However, Decentraland, in its current state, does not allow for the creation of AAA titles due to various reasons. Even if everything worked perfectly, it would not be possible right now. We understand that DCL is on its way to becoming the best metaverse, but the question you need to ask is whether they will be able to continue to do so if they keep squeezing content creators like us. DCL is not Roblox, where you can build AAA games because the platform has been working on it for far more years, and at this point, they generated $1900 million last year, guessing why? They promote and encourage content creators.

I don’t expect AAA titles. I’m fine with having indie ones. Roblox has better games because of time, entry barriers and a big amount of money thrown by VCs.

You seem to have an issue with the grant amount, but as a private company, we have invested far more than the grant amount we are requesting in DCL already, and possibly money wise way more than what you have invested. Our numbers are based on our actual experience with the already delivered, working, and fun product. We have already learned almost everything we needed during our first project, and that is why we are only asking for 60K. I know that for someone that does not write a single line of code or design anything in his entire life, understanding the breakdown of the grant might be difficult.

It’s your grant, not mine. It doesn’t matter how much money you have invested nor how much money I have invested: the DAO owes you nothing. The community decides, in the end, what should be financially supported. Thanks for mentioning the fact that I never wrote a single line of code (which I have :sweat_smile:), I can also see that you don’t want to talk about your product but rather attack me using personal reasons. Really professional.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you for your role as a content reviewer and congratulate you on becoming part of the council. Although is a bit weird the next day you became part of it, we got downvoted from a ghost account (coming out of nowhere, and then send the balance to an “anonymous whale” account), with an account that has never participated on voting or anything like that, it was used only to kick us out of the way. We do have some concerns regarding the downvoting of our work. We would like to know more about this situation and how it occurred, so we would be really happy if you can talk to that whale which sure you know, and ask for some feedback on our behalf.

Again, talking about me and not about the product. Here also other pictures to judge the behaviour this person has:

Guys, let’s use the money to fund creatives, artists and people generating real content.


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I don’t think you have a basic understanding of game design or monetization strategy, and the overwhelming majority of what you’ve written is based out of ignorance.

I don’t think your attempt to suggest that the team hasn’t addressed your specific callouts of their project, point by point, in multiple verbose answers is valid.

You choose to start badgering the creator of this project in the DAO Support channel, where they reached out to gain an understanding of the DAO process.

I am only choosing to reply to your verbose negativity because I don’t believe that people who stumble onto this proposal should be left believing your opinion is anything but subjective opinion masked as objective truth.

You don’t have to like it, but try and not present your opinions as facts.

Thank you for your proposal. I appreciate your involvement in Decentraland and content you have created. :clap:

Could you please provide more info:

  1. game’s stats
  2. roi that the DAO can expect from this grant over a specified period
  3. tokenomics
  4. market research or data analysis you have conducted or can provide as reference

Thanks @web3nit for your interest on our project, let me address your questions one by one:

  • Game’s stats: We capture more than 20 events per player during their inland session, some of these are: number of unique players, number of games played, AVG time session, total time session, active time session and many more. While some of the game’s statistics cannot be revealed due to our anti-cheat system, we use the data we collect to identify areas that need improvement and make necessary changes. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun and engaging experience for our players.
  • ROI: As a Grant DAO, our focus is not on a monetary return on investment, but on the growth and success of Decentraland as a platform. We aim to bring more users to Decentraland and provide them with a great experience, which will lead to increased engagement and incentivize users to keep coming back. We believe that by adding value to the platform, we can make it more successful in the long run. Our understanding is that there is nothing more valuable than users, that is our contribution.
  • Tokenomics: We have gained valuable insights into inland purchases that allow us to make data-driven decisions to improve the user experience. For Season 2, we are reconsidering our tokenomics to make inland purchases easier and more enjoyable for our players. By improving the user experience, we hope to increase engagement and incentivize players to spend more time in Decentraland.
  • Market research: During the beta testing phase (back in March 2021) of our PlayVerse land, we conducted market research with a small but enthusiastic group of gamers. We listened to their feedback, and they were the ones that decided on what they would like to play in PlayVerse at Decentraland.

Feel free to ask any question you have, we will gladly appreciate your feedback and try to reply them with all transparency.

Kind Regards

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Thank you ! There are some:

  1. What’s planned dau and retention and during what period ?

  2. What is your fin strategy ? Can you show a simple example showing numbers such as income, etc ?

  3. What strategies do you plan to use to promote the game within Decentraland and outside the platform ?

  4. How do you plan to increase user engagement with the game, and what specific tactics do you plan to implement to achieve this goal ?

  5. Can you provide additional research or analysis to show the potential market size for the game in/out Decentraland; competitors, advantages, demand etc ?

  6. How will the game leverage the unique capabilities of Decentraland to differentiate itself from other games on the platform and attract users? You can DM.

  7. What is your timeline for launching the game, and how do you plan to prioritize development milestones to meet this timeline?

  8. How do you plan to collaborate with other developers, users, and holders within the community to ensure that the game aligns with the overall vision and goals of the platform and DAO?

  9. How many grants do you plan to apply for this year?

Dear @web3nit,

Thank you for your message.

After investing $60,010.73 in 2022 to purchase the land, and $97,000 on development during 2021-2022, we are committed to taking this matter seriously if we all approach it with the same level of seriousness. Please reach out to us privately to arrange a meeting, where we can discuss the concerns you have raised, as well as any other issues you may have. We would also like to address some concerns that have come up for us in the past 24 hours.

Best regards,
JM García Franco CEO at PlayVerse



This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 10% 700,231 VP (32 votes)
  • No 90% 5,849,490 VP (96 votes)