[DAO:2a5b101] Update #11 for proposal "CROSSVERSE: A cross-metaverse play, learn, explore-to-earn game experience"

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In September 2023 we launched a Tournament mode (Multiplayer mode, a PvP gameplay). It’s a multiplayer tactical-strategic action game in augmented reality format, the first of its kind in Decentraland. You should see these battles! Players can build their networks and hack other player’s networks.


Players spent 100s of hours playing, built 29 521 nodes, and made 62 435 connections. This is only with 30 unique active players during two weeks’ time. The tournament exceeded all our expectations in terms of player engagement. Therefore, we’ve decided to delve deeper into its improvement.

Gameplay explanation

One of the streams from the community - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwP8XudSi38

Tweets from community
External Image

For example, this is how the map looks at the end of the game session.
External Image



Next steps

Our next step is to release PvP functionality on the decentraland.org domain

Additional notes and links

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