[DAO:b3d51e0] CROSSVERSE: A smart wearable multiple-player game & more

by 0x538ce85ccf6080cec960bc5341787691217c4d97 (Johnny)

Should the following $111,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


This is a continuation of the CROSSVERSE project by DAPPCRAFT. Our focus is on working with traffic in metaverses and attracting players to locations.

We built a smart wearable called Hyp-0 which is kind of a key for players to CROSSVERSE ecosystem within metaverses.

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Grant size

111,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Here are our major achievements:

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  • As part of our previous grant goals in February 2023, we conducted alpha tests of the Exploration mode (Single-player) with great success. We received a lot of positive feedback from the community. 12 players completed 400 quests. The six landowners got 400 visits to their locations.
    Full report https://t.ly/NuK9E and update in Twitter https://twitter.com/crossverse_xvrs/status/1622597579111387137

  • In August 2023, we were the first to release smart wearables on the Decentraland marketplace, and everything sold out within hours.

  • In September 2023 we launched a Tournament mode (Multiplayer mode, a PvP gameplay). It’s a multiplayer tactical-strategic action game in augmented reality format, the first of its kind in Decentraland. You should see these battles! Players can build their networks and hack other player’s networks.

Players spent 100s of hours playing, built 29 521 nodes, and made 62 435 connections. This is only with 30 unique active players during two weeks’ time. The tournament exceeded all our expectations in terms of player engagement. Therefore, we’ve decided to delve deeper into its improvement.

Watch the video for a gameplay explanation. YouTube

And 6 hours (!!!) stream by one of the players on Twitch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwP8XudSi38

Social proofs

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Use Case

We run tournaments on different locations in Decentraland on maps with different sizes. This is what the latest map looks like. Different colors are different players. Dot’s - flag user placed and connections between dots are links.

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People build networks, hack other networks, and explore the territory while playing. One of the locations we did the tournament was the Consensys. Players got engaged with the scene and received cool wearables.
This is how CROSSVERSE brings traffic to the Decentraland’s locations.

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Next steps

  • PvP & Exploration improvements
    We take a constant lean approach to developing and testing new features with quick release. We plan to constantly sync with the community and implement/remove PvP features based on feedback.
  • Tokenomics
  • Laboratory Front end and Back end
    Upgrade Hyp-0 rarity and visual elements. Below you can see our concept for visual skins, but as we have to do with reality - DCL SDK has not allowed us to do it exactly as we want so it will be simpler but still we and our community love and want skins! :slight_smile:

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Project path

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This project has gone through a challenging journey. Our grant was frozen a few months after the start due to uncertainties with the release of smart wearables by the Decentraland Foundation. Miraculously, we managed to retain the core team and continue the project until the grant was unfrozen.
This affected our original roadmap, where we had to change priorities and sacrifice some goals

Our previous grant ends on October 31st, and we need funding to continue bringing our metaverse dreams and vision to life for all of you.

Roadmap and milestones

  • Milestone 1: (1 Dec)
    • Hyp-0 extension - 1 mini app
    • PvP: Utility updates (map, etc.)
    • PvP: Mainnet release and tests
  • Milestone 2: (1 month after)
    • PvP: Design renovation
    • PvP: in-game tutorials integration
    • PvP: First mainnet tournament
  • Milestone 3: (1 month after)
    • Exploration: improvements & upgrades
    • Exploration: in-game tutorials
    • PvP: perk/upgrades integration and FX
  • Milestone 4: (1 month after)
    • HUB: Location deploy
    • Hyp-0 laboratory: Rarity upgrade with tokens
    • Hyp-0 extension: mini-apps update
  • Milestone 5: (1 month after)
    • PvP: token incentivization
    • Exploration: token incentivization
    • PvP: Second mainnet tournament
  • Milestone 6: (1 month after)
    • Hyp-0 laboratory: visual customization
    • Exploration: Upgrade of the routing system. (the ability to easily scale the number of locations for exploration)
    • HUB: Nomad interactions

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Can you please tell us how many grants Dappcraft has been awarded in the past and the number of $ you have been awarded?

I believe you have already received $60,000.00 to create the Crossverse experience 4 months ago. If I am correct you were already awarded $116,400.00 to create the Instaverse 10 months ago, where is this project? How many people are accessing it on a regular basis?

I really like Dappcraft, we know you and your team are talented and have been here a long time, but we have already paid you $176,400.00 this year, and I’m not seeing that translate to a more robust user experience or to bring in new users.

On your Instaverse project you stated that: “The project is focused on brining(sic) more people to the Decentraland which brings more usage and utility to MANA.”

Can you give us the metrics to support that your previous Instaverse grant has brought in new users? While I may like the Hyp-0 and Crossverse concept, the fact that you’ve received a phenomenal amount of money for Instaverse and it is not utilized does not sit well with me. How did you market Instaverse? Are you currently going to maintain it? How many Instagram users did it bring into Decentraland?


I second Canessa’s sentiments.

You said in another grant to apply for a smaller amount and prove you can build and ship first. This is exactly what we did with CROSSVERSE.
Aug 11, 2022, we got the grant for $60k and after more than a year we applied again with a proven track record with numbers provided in the grant. CROSSERSE is a product that improves retention and stay in Decentraland playing.

I’m not seeing that translate to a more robust user experience

We ask you to look deeper and look at the community response, social proofs are provided. You can look at our Twitter - https://twitter.com/crossverse_xvrs. People are spending hours in a row playing in Decentraland, is this not enough?

Instaverse is a separate project we can discuss in a separate thread where all the updates and reports are available, including marketing reports - https://governance.decentraland.org/update/?id=be60af40-310c-11ee-9309-9f2674902254

You said you like CROSSVERSE, why are you voting to shut it down?

DAPPCRAFT consists of more than 30 talented individuals. There is a dedicated team of professional developers working on CROSSVERSE.

If the community wishes for this resource to continue contributing interesting content to Decentraland, it would be reasonable to vote “YES”.

Otherwise, considering the current market conditions, we won’t be able to sustain development on our own.

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Thanks for the response… I could be mistaken, please correct me, but Twitter only has 100 followers, and there are less than 20 really active players on there. I believe they are playing more for the 100 MANA prizes than the experience itself which is pretty boring. I played it and all you do is place these nodes parcel after parcel… it’s not really fun, and despite the prize incentives, I gave up quick. I encourage anyone voting to try it for themselves. Like instaverse, which I also voted against, I don’t believe this to be a highly sticky, fun or valuable experience.

Hello friends!

We respect your opinions and value your activity in the DAO. However, we would like to leave some information here for those who will be reading these comments. We don’t want to claim that this grant must receive funding, but we do want an objective evaluation of the proposal and productive discussion.

You have authority in the community, and your opinion can influence others, so we believe it’s important to share some statistics as well.

@Canessa: We invited you twice via DM to participate in the PVP tournament to showcase just one part of our project, but unfortunately, you couldn’t make it.

It’s a shame that you missed both important test launches of our product, specifically the Exploration and PVP modes. You didn’t get a chance to see what CROSSVERSE can already do and its potential.

Are you interested in taking a look at our product, asking questions about it, discussing it, or is the amount of money allocated by DAPPCRAFT the key criterion?

We believe that DAPPCRAFT, which has been striving to create something interesting for DCL for almost 5 years, deserves a direct and public discussion without distorting the facts. We deserve the opportunity to hear objective community comments, work on them to prepare better, and create a great product for all of Decentraland. That is our main goal, not just the money.

Our previous grant application for CROSSVERSE (Jul 2022) was for $60,000, of which we have received only $45,000 at the moment. Another $10,000 is frozen, and an additional $5,000 is in vesting for October. We managed to work on the project for 14 months with the initial $45,000! If you think this money is enough for a team of more than 6 people, it’s not the case. DAPPCRAFT financed this project also.

@CheddarQueso, unfortunately, you haven’t play CROSSERSE, you joined PVP only once (on September 7) for an activation session, where the goal was to ensure that everyone could log in and set up a minimum of 1 node. Of course, it was boring, just like installing a game.

I’m sorry, but it sounds like, “I installed RUST, process was very boring, and I decided not to play.”

Besides not playing PVP, you have never played the Exploration mode even once. Could you clarify on what basis you draw the conclusion that it’s boring? What are the most enjoyable games for you in DCL? Please share more about your experience so that we can make informed changes to our gameplay.

We’ll add for the others who are voting against:
When everyone votes “No” but doesn’t participate in the discussion, it undoubtedly helps save DAO funds, but it doesn’t contribute to product development. Does our product seem so unnecessary to you that there’s no desire to spend time discussing it? If that’s the case, it would also be beneficial for us to know, as we are not only spending DAO and DAPPCRAFT funds but also our energy on creating something new, something truly metaverse-worthy that reflects our philosophy and the philosophy of metaverses.

We want to emphasize that this comment aims to revive the discussion and address the real issues of the application and CROSSVERSE in order to improve it in the future and create a product worthy of the community and your votes.

Thank you for your time and attention, for your contribution to the DAO and to our product!

Your comments prove my point, the game was so boring I didn’t get past the activation session. Please tell me what else you do other than going from parcel to parcel, setting up nodes, and hacking other nodes to make them yours. In my comments I invited everyone to play the game for themselves and draw their own conclusions. If my opinion holds no merit because I didn’t play the game enough, surely the community can judge for themselves. Thanks for the response and good luck.

I have participated in multiple tournaments and the game for me was fun. I can understand how it may seem boring when playing alone, but it is not meant to be played alone. Hacking other players networks and getting hacked, meeting other players in-world and seeing how my nodes are getting hacked and trying to frantically get them back is what makes the game fun (and sometimes also very stressful :grinning:).

For me it is a Yes!


“You said you like CROSSVERSE, why are you voting to shut it down?”

I can like something but still vote no if I believe it’s in the best interest of the DAO. I specifically asked about the Instaverse grant here, and that is primarily my concern. I have raised no concerns as to Crossverse portion of your grant. The team members you have listed on Crossverse are the same ones who are listed on Instaverse. That project receive a lot of money ($116,400K), and remains largely unknown and unused by the community. I asked you questions about the Instaverse project, and you said you would answer them on the Instaverse grant, why not here? This team is the same team that received funding for it, correct? The information we gain from those questions impacts the decision we will make here.

Transparency is everything, and whether it’s uncomfortable to talk about or not, your other grant (Instaverse) is related to this, because your team accepted money from the DAO to build that. I’m afraid when a team works on multiple projects, the success (or failure) of one project is tied to the overall team working on it, and can impact other projects.

Do you feel comfortable answering the questions in my original post?

I’ve played the game since alpha-1, i made the highest number of exploration in alpha1 and won a good chunk of mana in the tourney, understanding that game sessions were often very long and people don’t have the attention span of making it past 2 interactions in the terminal to understand how to play.
I liked the game, it’s entertaining and you interact with other people a lot, we talk in discord often among players, so it’s a fun experience.
Specifically the tournament required that people play for long sessions, it required lots of time and willingness to play, it wasn’t a casual experience at all.
It’s still very early to judge because of the basic gameplay and i see why people have doubts, but this has way more potential than most games, just by the nature of the social aspect of it, people interacting while playing no matter where they are in decentraland.
And the dappcraft devs know how to code, that simple.
As a player i would like to see an actual roadmap of what the gameplay would look like, nobody knows why crossverse even exists in a sense.
Is the focus on the hyp-0, is it on the gameplay, social aspect of it?
In simple terms, what videogame exists out of all the millions, that is the most similar to what crossverse will look like when complete?

The only thing i disagree on is the marketing budget, i feel like the traffic just isn’t there yet to justify $18000, this much should be allocated to marketing grants in order to provide more players in decentraland

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While I am inclined to vote no on all games going forward, i will still give each one some thought. I agree the game seems boring. I have not experienced the exploration aspect but would like to. I cannot begin to even fathom the potential this thing has but whispers and my own thoughts suggest, quite a lot. I don’t believe we will see the true nature and results of this project until it hits a certain level and I will roll the dice.


I think there is great promise for this smart wearable experience. It is a multiplayer experience overlain on top of Decentraland. I trust that the funds from their previous projects have been allocated and spent on development, production and promotion. I’d like to see a proposal with more focus on improving game play, making it easier to onboard new players of the PvP tournament, and an emphasis on the game’s promotion during its development rather than at the end.

I’ve played the Crossverse PvP game three different times now. The most recent was this past Monday, 5 October 2023 as part of the ABC Adventure tour. I appreciate the opportunity afforded our touring guests to openly play in a PvP tournament. Originally the team requested the wallets of all the players who would be joining the tournament. Logistically, getting everyone who happened to show up for our tour to submit their wallets for inclusion in an allow list was time consuming and difficult. Thankfully the Crossverse team worked around that and opened it up to everyone. There were technical difficulties but many of us eventually overcame most of them.

The learning curve for new players is considerably steep but not insurmountable. I have reported my experiences and made improvement suggestions in the Crossverse Discord. The team has been communicative and responsive to me and others on their server. More can be done to lower the barriers to entry. I’d like to see better communications around game objectives and basic game play.

I attended the 8 August 2023 Testing Tuesday session dedicated to Instaverse. You can check out the service here. Regardless of what one thinks of the proposal, the enacted grant was funded and a finished project was delivered which conformed to the stated goals of its operation. I just tested the site again. I was able to choose a build. After connecting my IG account, my images and video from my IG account were added to the scene. I was not able to use the AI generation feature. It is possible to view details about the project on the DAO’s Notion Page here.

One detail I’d like to highlight from their notion page is from their final entry: “We commit to opening the project code and making it open source in case the project fails, and we don’t have enough money to continue by the end of the year.”

What is the status of this commitment that is listed as due on 18 December 2023?

CROSSVERSE: A smart wearable multiple-player game & more

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 12% 1,830,847 VP (44 votes)
  • No 81% 11,865,112 VP (46 votes)
  • Abstain 7% 1,081,895 VP (6 votes)