[DAO: bafkrei] CROSSVERSE: A cross-metaverse play, learn, explore-to-earn game experience

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


DAPPCRAFT has been working with major brands on doing buildings and events and figuring out the problem. There is no clear path for brands to engage a fragmented metaverse audience. Even once a brand gains a metaverse presence, it’s hard to engage users in a fun, gamified experience.

We created a solution, gameplay to direct players to brand locations in Decentraland with smart-wearable technology. We incentivize players by giving tokens, in-game NFTs, and 3rd party NFT rewards for spending time exploring the brand’s virtual locations.

This is the way for everyone coming to Decentraland to have a good experience discovering new amazing places.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



DAPPCRAFT is the company behind the CROSSVERSE.

CROSSVERSE is part of the play2earn incubation program from Decentraland for the past 5 months. We are asking for a grant to execute Phase II of the project.

Meet Hyp-0

A cute digital pet that helps players to explore the metaverse and have fun!

Recently Decentraland announced a new game asset – “smart wearable”. Hyp-0 is a creation of DAPPCRAFT’s 5 months of deep research & development of this technology’s capabilities.

We are convinced that he will inspire many other teams to create new unique experiences, like the one we do in CROSSVERSE.

Hyp-0 takes different forms:

  • Idle: Waits for commands from the player
  • Navigate: Shows the direction to brand locations for the player in Decentraland
  • Portal: Show the portal to the player which teleports close to brand locations
  • Claim: The player charging highlighted zone and engaging with brand metaverse location. After the job is done player claims rewards in tokens and NFTs.

Game loop

Marketing platform

Brands buy visits in locations to promote their business in Metaverse. This distributes tasks to the players to visit locations.


A player harvesting locations with Hyp-0. Gets rewards in XVRS token in-game NFTs and brand-specific NFTs as rewards


A portal to upgrade Hyp-0 and boosts productivity by spending XVRS and in-game NFTs


Marketplace to trade in-game NFTs and Hyp-0’s

Phase I

Progress over the last 6 months:

  • Hyp-0 game concept
  • Created 2d and 3d forms for all states
  • Basic animations for a smart wearable
  • Backend server architecture
  • APIs for Decentraland Hyp-0 gameplay
  • Front-end for Decentraland Hyp-0 gameplay with 4 modes and transitions
  • Smart contracts for XVRS token, Rewards, Hyp-0 NFT

Use Cases

We are excited to announce that CROSSVERSE partnered with TrustSwap company to bring users to the HQ in Decentraland with Hyp-0 gameplay and incentivize with NFTs.

More use cases are in the negotiation process.



How smart-wearable Hyp-0 gameplay looks in Decentraland.





Hyp-0 is a digital pet (smart-wearable) NFT that enables gameplay in Decentraland.


A place to upgrade your Hyp-0s.

4 RARITY TYPES: Common, Legendary, Epic, Mythic

Every player starts with a common type. Players can upgrade the rarity level.
Requires: XVRS token + NFTs

4 PROPERTIES TO UPGRADE: Navigation, Charging, Storage, Release

Properties can be downgraded to basic levels if Hyp-0 is not active.
Requires: XVRS token + NFTs


The next generation after Mythic enables a secret PvP gameplay.

Future plans. Long-term vision.

The gameplay continues forward and is not limited to Hyp-0. The players will be collecting NFTs which can be used to craft modules and robots. Here is the illustration of technology we developed in DAPPCRAFT which solves the scalability issue.

Here is the demo video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwHoA1eLMKw

For land owners

Hyp-0 gameplay brings players to Decentraland locations. This generates traffic and eventually increases the land value.

We are looking for partners who can participate in the alpha launch in the next two months. Please contact me via email: johnny.k@dapp-craft.com if you are interested.

For Investors

Please contact via email: johnny.k@dapp-craft.com or telegram @creaoy for a full pitch deck.



Total Team: 10 members:

  • CEO - Johnny Kartakov (LinkedIn)
  • CPO - Serge Ilinov (LinkedIn, DAPPCRAFT co-founder)
  • Partnerships - Demian G (DAPPCRAFT co-founder & CEO)
  • Strategy - Denis Chistyakov (DAPPCRAFT co-founder)
  • Tech Lead, Architect - Sergey Drobashenko
  • Front-end developer, TypeScript - Vlad Rytov
  • Smart Contracts developer - Evgenii Baldin
  • 3D modeling - Ayrat Abdullaev
  • 3D animations - Darya Neronskaya
  • Designer, 2D artist - Dmitry Erofeev

Budget: $8,200 per month or a total of $49,200

  • Team compensation: $49,200
  • Outsourcing (UI/UX, Front-end): $8,800
  • Operational budget: $2,000

Those who are familiar with Decentraland know that DAPPCRAFT is one of the pioneers involved in metaverse development since the beginning. We are one of the first OG wearables creators and first fashion week participants. We took participation in the creation of the first Emotes Decentraland (the most loved blow-head, for example). The others may know us for creating multiple unique experiences like the one we did for our clients and partners - the first animated mini-movie 12 minutes long for NASA to celebrate Apollo 11 mission with the first man on the moon event.

Roadmap and milestones


Milestone #1. 30 of October 2022.

  • Private alpha release on mainnet only for DAPPCRAFT community. This includes quests and NFT incentives for players with claim functionality after quest completion.
  • Partnerships with at least 3 land or district/estate owners.

Milestone #2. 25 of December 2022.

  • Beta version public release of Hyp-0 gameplay.
  • MVP of the Laboratory portal where users can upgrade their Hyp-0s with properties and rarity levels. Token & NFTs incentivization.
  • Advanced state change animations in Hyp-0 gameplay in Decentraland.
  • Brand marketing platform MVP where land owners can get traffic to their locations.

Milestone #3. 25 of February 2023.

  • Laboratory v 1.0. Players will be able to boost their Hyp-0 with NFTs.
  • PvP secret gameplay.
  • More partnerships with land and district/estate owners

We can see CROSSVERSE as a successful business and an important part of metaverse development. Our business model is dependent on Decentraland success and it will take time to build a positive cash flow. For now, we have to rely on grants and investments. Its been almost a year since DAPPCRAFT started this project and invested a lot of time and resources into it.

Whatever we do our core values are to explore limits and expanding the boundaries of what is possible. Inspire our friends, colleagues, and other industry pioneers.

CROSSVERSE is just started. We have plenty of surprises in the future! At the moment we ask for community support.

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Wow the demo footage is spectacular. Great concept and game mechanics. The full res models are :star_struck:

Would there be any way for communities or users to build their own quests and offer their own rewards or will it be restricted to ones created by dapp-craft?


Thank you for sharing. So nice to see our efforts appreciated. :grinning:

We would love to have community involved in the creation process, as we are looking to show players the best of Decentraland.


wow dappCraft always brings amazing ideas, I see the potential of this to contribute to the general decentraland experience. no doubt to vote YES


I am wildly impressed both by the presentation and the quality of the written grant proposal. I have no doubt that your team will be able to deliver everything promised and MORE!

This is what this space is all about. Pushing boundaries, innovative thinking, and most importantly, putting the community and Decentraland first. Other projects will see what you have done here and be inspired to push their own boundaries and limitations as well.

All my boxes are checked! When I see projects like this I am reminded how amazing and powerful this community is, and I have no doubt Decentraland will change the world! LFG DappCraft!

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When @Frank Showed me this proposal yesterday I was seriously wowed! All the promise and magic of a smart wearable. I can see why DappCraft was selected as one of the first preferred vendors to roll out the smart wearable tech in Decentraland. World-wide questing will open up the space to everyone. I hope it will create usefulness out of vacant parcels.

Emphatically voting yes for this proposal.

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woooow! amazing proposal from a great team with proven track record. huge yes!!

Love this ~
Dappcraft always bringing their best. :clap:

This project also seems to have scope for scaling which is vital for the web3 metaverse space.
Good job :cloud:

CROSSVERSE: A cross-metaverse play, learn, explore-to-earn game experience

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 100% 6,444,336 VP (93 votes)
  • No 0% 0 VP (0 votes)

CROSSVERSE: A cross-metaverse play, learn, explore-to-earn game experience

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x5246c3bf941ed54afb52467f81b4fddd2109dd52
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Dear Dappcraft team,

The Grant Support Squad was created to support the grantees in achieving their goals and to take care of the DAO treasury. In this opportunity, I want to draw your attention to an issue that we detected as we talked with this team.

The DappCraft team has written in this proposal “CROSSVERSE is part of the play2earn incubation program from Decentraland for the past 5 months” and you asked for a grant, funded by the DAO, to execute the Phase II of the project, a digital pet.

According to their roadmap, their last update, and as we´ve checked, the project is healthy and they are on track. However, there is an existent blocker that won’t allow them to move forward. Basically, (and I´ll quote following what the Decentraland documentation page says) “Smart wearables are still in Alpha. The Builder does not support the upload of smart wearables, and there isn’t an approval process in place to allow community-built smart wearables to be published. The current development tools allow you to create and test smart wearables, but please don’t attempt to publish any in the Builder, they will not be approved”).

We spoke with the Foundation and they responded that the Smart Wearables portable experience is on hold until the SDK new version goes live. With these inputs, we have an issue. The project is still being funded by the DAO but you will not be able to comply with the portable experience, which is what the community has voted on, because there is a problem with the Decentraland Foundation’s roadmap regarding the smart-wearables deployment. We encourage the community to work on the whole smart-wearable development as a solution; however, this will need a new process, energy, and funds that are not in our hands, DAO´s scope, and into this original roadmap either.

Therefore, we recommend to the DAO Committee (@yemel and @HPrivakos) to pause the vesting contract, as this is a project that cannot be finished until the environment is ready to execute it.

We acknowledge our responsibility to keep talking with Decentraland Foundation regarding the roadmap for smart wearables. We are aware that the DAO has invested in this project, and the knowledge that DappCraft has gained is very valuable. We also acknowledge the compromise, when the circumstances are given, and if the DappCraft team is available to develop it, to ask the DAO Committee to resume the vesting contract and provide support to see the project live.

We want to communicate to the community that this is not a fault on the DappCraft side, but the vesting contract of this grant is being paused due to the state in which the smart wearable infrastructure currently is. Also, based on the learnings with this grant, we will recommend to the entire community not to finance projects whose goal is to create a smart-wearable, until this is no longer a block.



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We would like to give our detailed answer and state that it is no need to pause the contract. Here are a few highlights.

  • We have been demonstrating progress, delivering on time, and participating in Town Halls
  • DAPPCRAFT has been developing smart wearables for major events in Decentraland, including Halloween a week before
  • We are in constant communication with Decentraland Foundation about release schedule changes
  • CROSSVERSE project is not just a smart wearable development and roadmaps show it

@zino stated above

However, there is an existent blocker that won’t allow them to move forward.

We are moving forward. We have been communicating with Grant Squad that we have items in our roadmap we are focusing on that are not related to smart wearables.

The project is still being funded by the DAO but you will not be able to comply with the portable experience, which is what the community has voted on

The community is voted for a CROSSVERSE project and not just a smart wearable. To understand better the CROSSVERSE project, attaching a - link to our WIKI

In our opinion, Grant Squad didn’t look and communicate enough with the CROSSVERSE team on what we’re building. Yes, we are aware of the existing shift in the release schedule for the Decentraland foundation.

But if we threw our work halfway every time when unexpected unpleasant surprises arise, there would not be A SINGLE project shipped by DAPPCRAFT.


I think some smart wearables are already on the marketplace and being sold, cannot the Foundation help to integrate this project without going through builder? Otherwise, would the Foundation accept to integrate this smart wearable if a poll is approved by the community? Any technical reason to avoid that? It’s really sad to miss this great project.

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this a Yes from me! -

Hey @CROSSVERSE I posted in y’alls channel in the DAO Discord, if you’d be interested in working with landowners in the community to create experiences with Hyp-o and crossverse. We’d be excited to chat about how we can still help bring it to life without smart wearables. Reach out anytime!

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The project looks great however the publication of the smart wearable is a key part of the project and the team is blocked in that front.

For this reason the vesting contract has been revoked and the DAO Committee is willing to recreate it when DappCraft solves the issue and publish the smart wearable.

We consulted Foundation and they want to have Smart Wearables released using the new SDK7.

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thanx pablo for kind words.
We trying hard to keep our baby alive. Regardless these sad “red tape” games from GrantSupportSquad …
Because of their questionable decision to cut the grant we have lost half of our already small team and … its actually funny… you know… defacto GrantSupportSquad became our biggest “blocker” in past year for bringing CROSSVERSE to life, not DCL bugs, not webGL glitches and AWS issues. Which is quite surrealistically strange, taking into account their goals - as conduits of benefits for Decentraland community.

anyway… same time we understand that they are young group of ordinal people who can make mistakes… so… we just “deal with it” :sunglasses:

So, this month we will introduce Hyp-0 to our first community of alpha testers.
Btw, if you want to join - please fill this form: https://forms.gle/Yt25EXBpr99u4zyE7

Oops the link was limited for our local domain.
There is updated public link for Alpha-tests form:

Dear Community,

This grant was paused in November 2022 because there was an existent blocker that won’t allow them to move forward.

During this period, the Worlds Feature was presented, allowing Crossovers to keep working in their world server (here you can check the original roadmap with comments).

We met with the Crossverse team and coordinated a Testing Tuesday so they would show the community their advance. Plus, they had made their public tests as well.

In parallel, we spoke with the Foundation and the Smart Wearables it´s supposed to be lunched in Q4 2023, but there´s no official communication.

So, considering the significant progress that the team has made in terms of smart wearables in their private world despite that the blocker mentioned continues, we arranged with the team the following solution so they could keep working until the smart wearable feature lunch:

  • recommends to the DAO Committee (@HPrivakos @Tobik ) the creation of a vesting contract for five (5) months, allocating $20,000. This will enable the Crossverse team to execute the modified roadmap presented (the vesting contract should follow a linear schedule without a cliff, in alignment with the applicable version at the time of the grant submission).
  • The remaining funds ($9,699) will be allocated through a new vesting contract once the smart wearables feature is officially launched.

We believe this approach will provide the necessary support for the project’s continued development.

Best regards,

The Grant Support Squad.

There is 30300 DAI to reallocate. 29,699 DAI was already claimed out of the 60k.
We will do 20k then 10300 DAI.

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