[DAO:dc4a205] In World Builder - No Code Game Creator

by 0xc3e3d13d98b84e1808c4145355c0cade20a2fc98 (LastSlice)

Should the following $122,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


This proposal is an upgrade to the In World Builder and will allow anyone to create different game types from many game systems with no coding, no deploying. This upgraded version is called the IWB Game Creator.

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Grant size

122,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

5 months

Beneficiary address


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Our vision for the IWB Game Creator is to enable anyone to become a game creator. We want to lower the barriers for creating engaging and dynamic experiences within Decentraland. We imagine tons of Decentraland Worlds populated with many different game types - from shooters to scavenger hunts, from races to mazes - all created by Decentraland users without having to code one line.

TL,DR: There isn’t any “addictive” or “repetitive” content within Decentraland. It’s tough to create scenes, there are other metaverses making it easier to create and play within their platform, and there’s not enough reason (content) for people to stay or come back.

There are few problems within the current Decentraland ecosystem:

  • The first being a high level requirement for coding experiences. Prior to the In World Builder, an extensive knowledge of the Decentraland SDK and/or other coding practices were required to develop even a simple live stream scene.
  • Currently, Decentraland is having a hard time retaining both creators and users. The difficulty to create engaging and interactive experiences has taken a toll on the growth and activity of the platform. The lack of engaging content has driven users to other metaverse platforms and the creators have followed.
  • Incentivization, or lack there of - both from a creator perspective and a user perspective

With the IWB Game Creator, We are going to create multiple different game systems which can be clicked and placed within your Decentraland scene INSIDE Decentraland. These game systems will be complimentary to the extensive catalog of 3d assets already available in IWB.
ex. Imagine wanting to create a maze game. With IWB Game Creator, pick and place your environment assets from the IWB Catalog; choose and drop your puzzle pieces and clues along the maze route; add a timer for competitive gameplay; determine your win conditions and rewards. Click create and your game is immediately available to play by all visitors to your World!

Each game system will have additional customizations for the creator to vary game play. We will have 3 high level game loops that can be further customized to create many different game modes.
Game Systems

  • Time Based System - Mazes, escape rooms, parkour, races, scavenger hunts
  • Combat System - shooters, deathmatches, battle royales, king of the hill
  • Wave System - duck hunt, asteroid, enemy wave shooter, arcade shooter

Include the “free sample” templates along with the ingredients for these games. (ie. a complete maze game, a complete pvp arena for deathmatch…)

We have built the foundation for creators to build amazing scenes and experiences without coding knowledge or 3d modeling experience all done INSIDE Decentraland with the In World Builder. The IWB Game Creator makes it easy to create interactive games and experiences with the click of a button. Our goal with the IWB Game Creator is to achieve the “addictive” and “repetitive” gamer behavior through simple, yet powerful games.

Roadmap and milestones

Task Time Notes
UX Conceptualization & Design Month 1 Heavy focus on UX to develop the most user-friendly solution
Asset Creation Month 1 Begin development of new assets including 3D models, animations, smart items and more for each game system
Core System Architecture Month 1 building the essential framework, data models, and scene configuration
Core Back End Services Month 1,2,3 Communication layer scene ← → colyseus ← → playfab
Core Scene Code Design Month 2,3,4 Design the scene code to be modular and upgradeable
Final Testing and Launch Month 4,5 Testing & refinement, public release, seamless UX day one

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100% Yes! Thanks to In World Builder, I’ve reignited my interest in Decentraland. The team’s regular updates, thorough guidance, and user-friendly product have been fantastic. I never imagined I’d build anything, let alone muster the courage to enter the first builder contest. I have no concerns—only confidence that this team will continue to deliver even bigger and better things!!!


We should get more insight and people to use the current IWB first before spending another 120k.

Hey thanks for reviewing!

We actually have over 74 worlds deployed on our server in only 2 months of being “live” for the public; that’s already 10% of the total DCL Worlds server.

We have been engaging people to build during our first build competition and now during our 2nd build competition which is live now!

We encourage everyone to come try and build inside Decentraland with the IWB!

This upgrade to the IWB toolset will allow more dynamic content inside Decentraland without the requirement to program. We have been continually updating the current toolset with more and more features even though our grant expired. This type of toolset is groundwork for the current but also future users and creators of Decentraland.

The other day I was with Lastraum and Mease on a Discord call and I was mentioning the fact that Nifty Island allowed anyone to set up premade games on their builds and… surprise… he was trying to develop something similar.

There are no doubts that this team is probably one the few ones available to do such task which makes me think that this proposal is probably worth it.

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I think Last Slice has provided a great service of middleware built on top of the DCL engine, having drag and drop game modes similar to other metaverses is something that folks are asking for already.

Most importantly, this system will be open sourced and integrated to a quality that is fit for public consumption, I believe having this system as an example repo for others to build on top of will make a large difference in growing the understanding of Decentraland and its SDK.


Most of you already know we built a PVP shooter we now converting to SDK7 and it was not easy years of work. If this is going to somehow make things easier would be epic for others maybe. Fans of @mattimus , @Roustan @DOCTORdripp as well as others here too but it only lets me tag three. So Yes from me.


Hey @LandlordDao i can’t read your comment. Are you able to translate to English? Thank you!

Google Translate says, “What I need is innovative content! instead of following. Decentraland is a leader, not a follower.”

Problem is, Decentraland is NOT a leader. Right now it is waaay behind, and it needs to get on par with other platforms. And we the community ARE taking it in our hands to get there, one step at a time.

Corporations like Facebook managed to stay at the top by either copying/stealing, buying, or destroying their competition. If we have the ability to only do one of those things, Copying what works and applying it to our platform is not something to shy away from.

Must stay afloat and relevant.


Today I participated in the in world Builder project and it was a great experience therefore I believe @lastraum is doing a great job and definetely voting yes for.

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“Grants are closed to others but not to us”. Make up your mind DCL - first you don’t want any games, next go to GDC wanting developers even though devs such as me were pushed out, now allow games but only if usual staff can be the sole beneficiaries.

The team has obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this project. I’ve played around with it a little bit and it has a ton of potential to add another way to create in Decentraland. The team is open to communication, active in the community, and passionate about their project.

The current state of the project now lets you create collaboratively with other players in-game as you build your own scenes with relative ease (you do not need to code, you do not need to deploy to share, etc.). The one thing I was hesitant about was the budget, but after updating myself on the going rates for the roles involved it is fully acceptable what for what is being developed.

I see this as a great way for new users to get started creating in Decentraland and the promised features would enable creators to make more complex games using the IWB. Lowering the barrier for entry into the space and bootstrapping creators is a must if we want DCL to succeed; I think this project can help us do that!

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Can these be downloaded and used for our own worlds or land? or is it just in the IWB world?

We will first have the games available to your worlds in IWB server and then look into expanding to other world servers.

man im not trying to randomly hate but when you say “placed within your Decentraland scene INSIDE Decentraland” or “immediately available to play by all visitors to your World” you mean the IWB world not our world. I mean my vote is minimal so it’s irrelevant but I would really be for it if it was for the whole dcl platform. Like wondermine would really benefit from this function. I wont vote but I hope the goal is for the progression of the whole of dcl. Again no malice and my vote is irrelevant, I do actually support this but I hope the goal is for the whole. All peace and love.

Decentraland worlds offer more flexibility. Decentraland worlds also have the same platform capabilities and functionalities as Genesis city. The benefit also is not having pesky neighbors making your scene slower.

A single parcel in decentraland can only have 15mb of storage. Our toolset is much larger than that to offer over 4,000 ready assets to add to your scene without coding.

Deploying to worlds allows for larger scene sizes physically and also for 100mb+ in terms of storage.

Anyone with a decentraland name can deploy to the IWB server for free and get 2400 parcels to immediately build out.

When is this going to be available to DCL genesis? … voting no due to project leader, no application in DCL genesis, and not having access to discord of where it is being build and discussed.

This is a DAO funded project, therefore it will be built and discussed in the DAO discord grant channels just like every other grant.

Was this not supposed to be functional in DCL … not just LastSlice’s world. Are more DAO funds going to be needed to make it functional in DCL genesis?

The way it looks DAO funds are being used to build LastSlice’s world. Is it even functional in other Worlds in DCL?

The very first bullet there “Everything in world: Build inside Decentraland for Decentraland”

Is this not only functional in one World? How was this first grant deemed completed when not “inside Decentraland” … but only in LastSlice world.

Looks like DAO funds are being used to build LastSlice World.