[DAO:6421719] Should We Revoke Fraudulent IWB Gaming Grant?

by 0xe945ed0530da54c1af15c6b034be9ef3e6bbe7b1 (OGContraBand)

FACT - In World Buidler can’t even be used by the general public except through the expired contest. Because of this it’s the very opposite of a “platform” tool.

Ins spite of this the following grant has passed In World Builder - No Code Game Creator. While the demo looked very good, the tools should first be made accessible to all and no new user could use this. Because of this the grant to expand IWB for gaming is fraudulent and invalid. The in-world grants are frozen and this is litterally called “in-world”. This money could have been used to buy games from actual steam game developers now that the polygonal minds project may allow for direct deployment from Unity to worlds. This budget could have been used to get actual game developers met at GDC to deploy to world. Next the team has not demonstrated any functioning games to my knowledge - correct me if I’m wrong. If someone didn’t make something fun top play after 1/2 million dollars in grants it’s unlikely that they ever will.

All this painted an extremely bad picture for the anti-game-developer DAO. The freezing of grants went down exactly like we knew it would where special insiders get a free pass to loot. Lastly this is a ‘slap in the face’ to those people who actually developed games in DCL and got defunded or never got funding to begin with.

In summation this money would be much better spent and buying games already made in unity for steam and rewarding people who already made games in DCL.

  • Yes revoke grant
  • No keep grant
  • Invalid question/options

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I will only reply because your “fact” is very wrong, and people need to know this.

Our builder competitions are completely separate from the IWB toolset being freely available to everyone and anyone. Therefore, your “fact” is completely wrong.

Anyone can build right now.

Regarding the game creator grant, it just passed lol. So, no games have been created by anyone because the tools haven’t been created yet.

Our toolset for building is “in world” which is very different from “in world content”. We are building tools to allow people to stay within the platform to build experiences. It’s the only toolset available to do so.

No wonder their spies asked me so many questions about the design of my laser tag / weed farm robbery. GDC Indie Devs Come to DCL so you can get zero dollars then we steal your ideas and design. It’s astonishing the lengths they’ll go to to keep game devs out of DCL → so against it that they’ll create a tool for non-programmers to make a game and probably in the end it will still be too much work and too complicated that nobody will even use this - kind of like IWB.

FACT CHECK I went in there and it didn’t allow me to build, only prompting me to join the contest. FACT CHECK 2 - your developers came and asked me details about my shooting design obviously to steal it.

You can only build on worlds that you own. Aka your own dcl names.

When you drop into the toolset, you’re in the lobby realm. The lobby realm is a dcl name and world our team owns. You can easily and freely deploy and build on your own worlds on dcl names you own. Happy to show you how.

There are currently 87 worlds deployed on our iwb server by other individuals. You can explore and visit them via the iwb icon in the top right, then the EXPLORE tab on the main menu!

No one is stealing anything lol. You aren’t the first to create “laser tag” or the concept of shooting in dcl. It’s been around since before you. Our toolset is using our knowledge and experience inside the platform since 2019 to create the best tools possible to allow anyone to create a game they come up with.

Right that’s why your teamate came in and asked me a lot like “how is the hit registered?”, “what mechanism did you use for the bullets?”, “Is this code on github?”.

I’m not going back and forth with you. We’ve been using ray casting and hit detection since before your entry into Decentraland.

I’m happy to spend time with you showing how to deploy your world on iwb!

What location do I go right now to see your game doing that?? Yeah we say ray casting everywhere in dcl - everyone knows there’s good games all over in DCL that’s the reputation we’re known for. No further questions your honor.

IWB already uses ray casting lol. Angzaar uses ray casting, -1,-80. So did our Halloween smart wearable. So did our Christmas smart wearable. So does metadyne. So does our “laser tag” build from three years ago lol. Again, it’s not a new concept. We are making ray casting more accessible to all creators without having to program.

If the game is as good as Angzaar, everybody know Angzaar as one of the top games in DCL if not the entire world. I stand corrected. I guess 1/2 million dollars wasn’t enough to even leave any good games permanently deployed.

Let me know when you’re free to show you how to build in IWB! It’s so much fun building co-op.

We will be excited to see the games you can create with our toolset!

Should We Revoke Fraudulent IWB Gaming Grant?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes revoke grant 1% 36,268 VP (31 votes)
  • No keep grant 28% 1,015,506 VP (11 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 71% 2,564,578 VP (20 votes)