[DAO:bed609b] Last Chance To Pay Software License Fees

by 0xe945ed0530da54c1af15c6b034be9ef3e6bbe7b1 (OGContraBand)

Should the following $40,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Most grants are forward-looking future promises of deliveries when the authors have a history of mediocracy. This grant is to purchase the software license fees for works already done in SDK7. You may have noticed organic usership is down 90% of users are the ‘alter ego’ accounts of those existing stake holders desperately trying to pump their rankings up. This is because Decentraland has lost major attractions such as Monster Hall, Sophia’s Robot Apocalypse, OG Contra Band’s Blunt Farmer and the Dealer Zone. I can’t speak for Monster Hall, but I was instructed by my boss whom you may know as WokeLadyBoss to delete our farming game because the permanent license wasn’t paid. DCL is starting to be seen as an org that doesn’t value devs.

Grant size

40,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Last week our team delivered the first functioning multi player FPS game - snowball fight at 104,51. Next we have issued the smart wearable “Laser Tag Everywhere” that transforms all parcels in Decentraland (except those that block smart wearables) into a FPS game of laser tag. All those who have the wearable equipped can blast other players with the laser gun and see sparkling beams fly through the air and explode when hitting the player. Any objects with collider block the shot. Each player has 10 hit points and a status bar to show their health status. A RIP list shows any participants who were unalived. You can get a feel for the gameplay at 104,51 the wearable is essentially an improved, go-anywhere version of snowball fight or buy the laser tag wearable everywhere and come to fight us.

If you have done your homework you’ll know Decentraland faced criticism from extremely influential game players and EARNED the title ‘dead mall’. If many new players are air-dropped these laser tag guns they won’t be saying that. Many in Decentraland do not consider DCL to be a game, the problem is the whole rest of the world sees it as a game and they always will. We need to make sure people are having fun even when a live stream event is not occurring with durable goods. For those who don’t know these high action FPS style games bring a bigger crowd and have a larger market value than all other types of games. With monster hall game DCL is on life support right now and the organic value of the land is almost zero. If you don’t recognize this then you’re simply uninformed. No amount of fake accounts can solve this problem, exciting games are the only solution and right now OG Contra Band is the only show in town.

This grant isn’t a promise of future work. It’s to pay the fee and redeploy works already done. If passed this is the action we will take:

Air drop hundreds of Laser Tag Guns especially to new players
Bring back the farming game, Dealer Zone and FPS portions
Expand core game with several FPS outposts sprinkle on map as budget affords
Continue on dynamic loading of FPS game that increases the game-play time.
Laser Tag 2.0 - gun will play explosion on more objects in scenes. Visual indicator on player when user is equipped.
6 months of development whatever come - the laser gun can of course be expanded to do teams if that’s desired (need to know team selection requirements)

I highly recommend large stake holders to bypass the DAO and air drop MANA and land. DCL is in the greatest possible danger due to extremely bad and uninformed decision making. You can see they’re admitting to not even visiting those software projects when voting no. Developers everywhere are seeing this is an ecosystem that doesn’t value their industry - expectation of zero per hour pay, no players, no ad potential. Game players are coming in and seeing a world of Blender objects that are only ads to NFTs, and games that are broke immediately when loading. Aside from deleted games those games funded most of them are broke we showed documented proof Wilderness is broke immediately upon loaded, KOA was broke on the 1st mission, now broke on 2nd after bug fix. Exodus needs SDK7 upgrade money when we’ve already done the work and are running all on SDK7. Not only do they work, they are the kind of games that have the highest market value and can bring the most players. This grant is simply to redeploy FPS games that already work.

Roadmap and milestones

Work already completed:
*Air drop hundreds of laser tag guns in genesis plaza and elsewhere
*Buy parcel re-deploy blunt farm
*Buy parcel re-deploy robot apocalypse
*re-enable Dealer Zone
You can see these games played on OG Contra Band youtube channel

6 months full time dev:
*dynamic loading of obstacles in FPS
*make new configurations and integrate into main farming game
*pay AWS fees
*Laser Tag 2.0 - can be teams based on community feedback, can be changed to snowball fight too

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So def appreciate the drive and drive and ambition and agree that Decentraland needs FPS and PVP and MOBA. We have been working on ours since it got voted down over a year ago you can see here: MetaVS – (PVP))(PVE)(MVAC)(MVPC) Revised pt 2 through 7 combined as requested

We got a working beta as can be seen here:

But now working on rebuilding it for SDK7 so understand the workload here so appreciate the effort.

I don’t know how new you are or when you started playing Decentraland but I also belive the foundation had a working FPS PVP snowball fight game last xmas called “Snowball Arena” and it worked and even made teams 3 v 3 i belive.
Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 2.33.04 AM

I could not find any footage of it but I am sure it is somewhere here but reason why I am bringing it up is maybe you can reach out to who built that to add more to your current beta since it is the same concept. I did check out your beta and it is a pretty cool start. I think def the target thing is a little odd but i know you prob were running into the issue of not making it open the menu everytime you try to throw a snowball at someone. But yes all in all love the drive and happy to see others takin on this as well since def agree on the demand and i wish you luck on you tryin to raise funds for your beta as well.

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That’s a nice in the demo. Was that ghost blaster deployed before? I think I played that a couple times. I have mad-respect for your 2D UI, it’s something I couldn’t find good documentation on. When I visit the games here it’s most lacking - Wilderness broken on 2D UI last I checked, KOA has issues but not broken on 2D UI (broke on lumber jack doesn’t show up currently), Soul Magic talk to Kelvin doen’t work (1st step of game) because 2D UI. Exodus has a great 2D UI put in for SDK7 upgrade I’m curious how it’s going to go for them - utils isn’t yet converted.

With the crosshairs, it’s are offset lower than the actual pointer allowing to aim without open profile. It’s something quick to get used to based on feedback. Once you open the profile rarely do you do it again. It would be better if there was a way to disable profile opening. The snowball fight is more a winter item that rose out of community need for a place to practice. It was a good scene to develop multiplayer functionality.

Maybe some large stake holder can air drop folks making games before it’s too late. IDK if you ever played monster hall but it seems disabled after grant-denied and that was a major loss to DCL - hours of gamplay there already. Maybe it not AAA graphics but when most of the games are broken in the first step then you can play monster hall for 2 hours and everything works for FPS game… All these defunded games are going to catch up. Maybe it’s in my head but I could swear less actual players are around lately. Maybe VP is controlled by Mark Zuckerberg already that would explain a lot.


I voted yes…now I’m waiting for a Gun to shoot you all…just kidding, good job guys

Thanks i appreciate. Yes ghost blasters was our first FPS PVE demo that was done by Sirdrop, D and M. Our team has expanded since then for the FPS PVP and thanks for checking out our UI. Nice to talk to someone also going down this road too since too can understand the hustle and workload you guys doing as well. Long story short I too agree on the market demand here but also your notice in drop of player base from the Zuck wave. I too think games like these could help bring that player base back but also I think to the 140 to 170 million as some of the big titles hold today with a solid titles. I see Decentraland in the future more like a consul one day like (Xbox, Nintendo, PS5) etc where it can host some of the top games. Why i also want those other games you mentioned Wilderness, Exodus, Soul Magic etc to succeed because if I am building Pokemon it is in also our best interest for you to succeed with your game Zelda etc because we grow our player bases together. As of now these wishes are all long ways away so yes continue to wish your success and will be rooting for you.

I want to play LAZER TAG!

Hey there!

  • What licenses are you referring to needing renewals?
  • The scenes you mentioned redeploying - blunt farm, robot apocalypse, dealer zone - these are all fully converted to sdk7 already?

Hello @OGContraBand, can you please help me better understand what you mean by “last chance to pay software fees”? Is it related to your game and if so can you please provide the link so I can check it out again. I agree with @Existential14 I would really like to play laser tag. With your new wearable is that where you are leading to?

Yes not only converted to SDK7, but with improved dynamic callback-based architecture that allows for quick creation of new levels/games. It’s almost to the point thathe game creation is really just get the assets in the right format and put in model-name & xyz locations now. It’s the license for the thousands of lines of code we made. Not only that it covers the license on any asset packs, 3d objects music, sound effect files in those games. I see you’re developer I hope they’re not working you for free there. This trend of disrespecting software developers is like a cancer on DCL.

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Hi, there’s a neighborhood party party tonight near 104,51 starting at 8PM EST I’ll be glad to play. DJ Trax is doing air drop on laser tag at Vroom Friday night too, it’s a pretty big place with smart wearables allowed - should be a good place to play while getting live performance.

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Here in the real world software is not created for free. I have been paying OG’s salary to make durable goods that benefit Decentraland, benefit all MANA/land holder and combat the terrible reviews this platform receives regularly. I provide a great deal to DCL only $24,000 to not only license our SDK7 games that are top in gameplay on the platform but to rapidly expand them using OG’s new design he made which allows for rapid expansion. The license fee was not paid so I commanded OG to delete the games. All laser tag guns will be disabled from the database flag upon failure to pay this small license fee.

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Have fun playing for the next 2 weeks. Each gun checks the database flag to make sure DCL has paid this license fee. Unfortunately, if the grant fails the gun will only play a fart noise, then ejects the user into outer space.

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Hi I can provide some more information. Each laser tag gun checks the database to make sure DCL has paid the license fee. The license fee is to cover the software development work done on them. Previously DCL chose not to license our farming game, robot hunter, dealer zone so they were deleted and replace with poop. Same kind of thing, the gun just plays a fart noise then ejects the user into outer space once the database flag changes.

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Hey thanks for the reply!

Props for working in sdk7 that’s great! And asking for migration funds after the work is complete is a better route than before the work is completed.

However, I have an issue with your licensing model. It doesn’t work in dcl. DCL requires no license and/or doesn’t owe developers anything. The only cost is the land which it’s deployed on.

If you want people to pay for your game, charge them directly.

If you want other people to deploy your game on their land, charge them directly.

Building an mvp then saying it will be gone unless you pay us is not the right approach.


If it is thy will, then it shall be done your majesty. Thank you for your mercy and for supporting me in this journey. I hope you can recoup for paying my rent etc. If not I will obediently switch the database flag as you wish.

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Is it the official position of DCL that all intellectual property and other laws do not apply to DCL? Is that why DCL is selling registered trademarks like Disney and streaming bootleg movies and operating an online casino? In general, we can say that the position of Decentraland is that all software should be made for free, in fact development teams should pay $1500 for the land just to gain access to zero players. That sounds like a great strategy to lose. DCL Software engineers ought to go on strike, disable the whole platform, form a team to make a game on a REAL platform with actual players like steam. I’m sure the delegates are good at doing shrooms or something, but definitely not anything related software business.

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I don’t work for the Foundation or any official position with or at Decentraland. I am just a developer in the space.

Decentraland isn’t running a casino, nor are they streaming bootleg movies. Users and developers are doing things ON the platform.

You don’t have to pay $1,500 for land; you can own a DCL name for $48 and deploy to a WORLD.

Licensing in Decentraland doesn’t work. If you want to be paid for your work, charge the individuals engaging with your experience.

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Riiiiiight wink wink, just don’t look into the casino’s delegate selection process (especially if you’re FBI), their transactions and everything is cool. How can it be that 2 million voting power against this project have illegally used the trademarks of Disney, Verizon, McDonalds selling products with those marks putting huge liability risks on DCL and themselves? These delegates are acting as centralized representatives of Decentraland with that kind of power. Not only did foundation not act, they’re still giving Disney, McDonalds 2 million voting power and to continue selling products using those trademarks.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. This proposal should not be funded for licensing. Again, I applaud you for doing the sdk7 work first.

But the rest isn’t relevant or impactful enough to receive a grant.

Also, once you have published your wearable, there’s no ongoing fee…so there’s really no need to ask for licensing fees or take it down.

Doctors should be free too right? Hey are you working for free? Why not all the cool kids are working for free - LET’S ALL WORK FOR FREE!! There’s hardly any players here no gaming company in the world is going to develop for free with this number of players. I should have taken the advice of that ‘dead mall’ video by folding ideas he was totally right. Writing even 1 line of code for this platform is a complete waste of time for any and all indie game developers. Much better to learn actual unity or unreal and not even bother.