[DAO:33fdb03] Open Source SammichGame SDK7 +Community tools

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Should the following $48,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


Sammich Game is a Multiplayer game launched in 2019 in Decentraland.

It’s highly adaptable to any scene, as it can fit as a simple plane with any size. It is a highly adaptable game suitable for any scene. Originally designed for fun rather than play-to-earn.

This proposal offers to rewrite/migrate it to SDK7 as an openSource product and add some services for the community like tournaments and league management tools, allowing communities to apply play2Earn mechanics if they wish, everything Open-Source.

Being Open-Source will also allow you to fork the game, extend it or create your own mini-games, customize graphics, adapt OR resell it for brands, etc.

Grant size

48,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

4 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



The development of this proposal will bring numerous benefits to the Decentraland community. Being open source, it can be modified and customized for various communities. It can be adapted and resold for brands, or even used as an educational tool and guidebook.

This proposal stands out as one of the few, if not the only one, that initially prioritizes FUN over play-to-earn mechanics (or pay-to-maybe-play-to-maybe-earn mechanics ;P). Thus, the game has a strong foundation, and with these enhancements, communities will be empowered to implement their own play-to-earn mechanics, attracting more users while ensuring an enjoyable experience.

The game is compatible with any scene, requiring only a flat space that can be scaled or rotated. It supports multiplayer functionality and performs well even on the first old version of Decentraland. This efficiency and flexibility were integral to its design.

Concerning distribution, the game will be provided both as a standalone scene for deployment and as a Decentraland library for easy integration into scenes. Furthermore, integration with Metazone will be reviewed and fixed if feasible. We also intend to propose integration into the Meta-Residence tower.

In addition to the game itself, a backoffice tool will be included, along with a web app that allows users to create custom tournaments and events. All components, including the game server, backoffice, database, and web app, will be packaged within a docker container, ensuring straightforward setup.

Comprehensive documentation and community support will accompany all aspects of the project.

(If the Decentraland Foundation permits, there is a potential to develop it as a portable experience in the future.)

Roadmap and milestones

During month 1

  • Playable and demoable version

During month 2 & 3

  • Community tools to create tournaments, engagement and allow customizable play2Earn mechanics
  • Testing / bugfixing

During month 4

  • Streamers tournament (golfcraft streamer tournament was the event with most views on Twitch in the history of decentraland, we can repeat the idea)
  • “Explore and play with friends” event where players have to play on different lands where the game is deployed and with different friends to have the maximum score to win NFTs.
  • Support on integrating with other products like MetaResidence tower, etc.
  • Review Metazone integration (if possible)

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voting no. 50k is too much for a refactor into sdk7 with some additional functionality. We need to focus DAO funds on things that increase platform performance. We have enough in world content that doesn’t get used as it is.

This is a YES for me. Why?

  • This game was really fun back in the days when it was available and it was a huge example of things that can be made on this platform. It’s probably one of the first things I touched when I arrived. I used to compete with my friends.
  • By Open Sourcing it, we will be able to install it in our own lands, which is amazing, since all the lands will now have a minigame to include. Also, we can learn how is it made and make forks and new versions.

  • Allowing players to create tournaments is something new to do, we can make competitions and create events based on the minigame.

  • Pablo is one of the best developers here. He has done a lot for Decentraland and he is extremely talented. Each one of his contributions has a lot of value. This is not the exception.


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It’s no a refactor, and it’s not a content grant nor just a game, its a set of open-source libraries and tools to be used for everyone as they wish, for fun, for bussiness or whatever the community want.

Plaform perfomance is not necessary if you code well, we need both content and perfomance in parallel, but If I have to choose, I choose content as stricly necessary.

Definitvely, It’s worth the possibilities it brings for everyone.

can you describe the libraries a little more in detail?

This looks like fun. I see that you have listed the flat screen as an asset in that it can be deployed easily anywhere. Since it is in DCL, I’d prefer it to utilize the 3D aspects of the platform instead of a 2D game on a screen.

I agree with you that fun is what play ought to be. If it’s not fun, it’s more like work. I like the ability to customize, open sourced, well documented and containerized aspects of this proposal.

How many hours do you anticipate conforming this out of date coded game be retrofitted for SDK7? Or will this be a rewrite? What is the breakdown of your costs? Will it be 100% for software development? Will any of it be for server space, graphics creation, promotion?

From a players point of view this is actually one of the best games I’ve played in dcl


Regarding performance… I used to build with a Mac 2015 and I was able to test them without performance problems, what of the games I have built do you think had performance problems?

  • Mana Fever
  • Sammich Game
  • WonderPirateFever
  • Atari minigolf
  • GolfCraft
    Specifically sammich-game was conceived with high performance in mind, from the client/rendering side, being able to run with only 1 texture and a few planes, and from the networking/server side as well, to be able to run lot of instances with only 1 server.

Regarding your question for libraries…
The game itself will be a library, as a component, it will have an interface so that your own scene can react to events like game starting, ending, etc. You will be able to instantiate it and dispose it. It will also have paremeters to customize introductory video, ads, etc. So that anyone without too much knowledge can monetize in his scenes. Kind of the old smart-items.
Moreover, smaller components can be small libraries as well, like the component used to reproduce sprite animations.
Someone can also take the game and rebrand it as he wish, changing graphics, sounds, etc. for bussiness or for own purposes. Be aware that you said “a refactor and a few additions”, keep in mind that everything will be open-source and completely available for the community, specially those with a bit of programming knowledge can take benefit of it with low effort.

On the networking side, the game has a system with some interesting details that was kept in mind, people from different countries and therefore different latency can connect and compete, normally in multiplayer games, people with low internet latency has a disavantadge; this is not the case on sammich-game, firstly, there is a sync of clocks so that both players start the gameplay at same time, secondly, each of the games belongs to a system usually time based, so that it doesn’t matter if there is a delay in latency or clock sync.

Besides this, the tournaments API, it’s not in the proposal because I don’t want to over-commit specification details, 1 option is to go with classical approach having a database, a webapp, etc. In addition another approach is to also have a bet system using ChainLink and decoupling the responsibility from the game, this would mean that any game in decentraland having a REST/Graph API can have in parallel a bet system avoiding legal responsibilities.

Whatever is in my hand to deliver as open-source library, it will be; but above all, 100% of the code will be open-sourced. This and much more is what this proposal can contribute to Decentraland.

Yes, there is small part for promotion (Community support & events). Basically to empower different games and communities to use the tool as a showcase.
The proposal is not a job contract per hours but a product delivery with tools for the community.
The game isn’t fully working right now due to Decentraland changes, it will have some re-writing plus some changes for improvements and security and to allow customizations like to set your own ad video ad etc.

we already just had the game jam with 25 open source game repos some with instancing and mechanics to start/ end games. Decentraland studios has also released several examples of game repos including an updated leaderboard which uses DB calls. There are many open source examples of using a db to store data. There is already a 2d Game arcade repo even. Rather than having 1 grant to release 1 game as an open source resource I would like to see a grant that retroactively pays developers for previous work and encourages them to make that work open source.

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This is an interesting idea. This reminds me of the Retroactive Public Good Funding that is practiced by the Optimism Ethereum DAO and the Nouns DAO.

I’m still interested to know how many hours @pablo estimates it will take to complete this task. There are at least a few people that find value in this game of two years ago. How will the DAO funds be spent?

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I think you haven’t played any of the gameJam projects, Did you? I did, all of them on stream.
Probably neither Sammich-game. Am I right?
You mention a 2d arcade repo, is it multiplayer?

… Or that you don’t understand what is the platform contribution proposed here.

Be aware that is not only about the sammich game and the creativity on it, but about the sammich system and tooling. Maybe you are missing the possiblities of it.
I would be dedicated almost full time to the project, besides some little help from devs/designers to hire. Specially the last month will be dedicated to help on integrations and to empower the community to allow them plug and play the game or to create their own multiplayer games as well as supporting community builders to organize events.Apart of this, I will still be dedicated with some time to GolfCraft.
Also be aware that there is a big difference in complexity between single player games and multiplayer games.

How many hours do you estimate will be required to develop this?

I’m quite intrigued in a backend docker starter project and any libraries that could be generated from this to aide in solo-devs setting up multiplayer game server infra on their land. Although I’m not aware of the architecture stack/setup so not sure if that would be a possible extensibility, is the game state something that’s stored on DCL scene, or live multiplayer server?

Some additional outlines of architecture and services/library/starter outputs would help evaluate cost here, as I think there would be a funding difference between something that is DCL scene/connection and docker DB image versus a script to setup a generic prod ready auth secured database for multiplayer specifically for devs to build games in DCL with ‘N’ players and persistent data.

Thinking modules for the following would be really useful:

  • User/Game Auth SSO token system with metamask or dcl-token hashes
  • SDK7 libs for sign in/up to game server and auth flow connection in dcl scenes
  • Websocket/API libs for game networking/state for ‘N’ players
  • Library/Docker starter DB image or init build script

If we made it really easy for devs to spin up basic multiplayer game servers either with basic API calls or WebSocket connections for live-play that would boost a lot of the builders and get them right to creating - would happily vote for 50k if this is an output.

This is a must have for all the gamedevs in decentraland.
Helps to develop new games, no reason to vote no if you want see new games in dcl.

If you think that new games could be necessary/possitive for decentraland, vote yes.

the morph comment its so interesting too but looks a work for another grant. I will vote yes for a basic server already config with the basic api calls ready to work in a docker. If every developer has to waste time creating that system, and their own system, we would be wasting precious time doing it.

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thx Ina, by votations I have the feeling that only devs are able to see the value. Exactly, you can even take the system and make a 3D version of games (@AwedJob, I can do a couple of basic games in 3d with same system if that convinces you)
yes @Morph proposal is good, I agree, but thats a different one. step by step.

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First noticed the sammich game near Wondermine in Decentraland back in December 2021. I thought there would be tons more such mini-game spread across DCL at the time, but that is not true even today.

Open-Sourcing the SDK7 version seems like a great value add to the ecosystem at this point :heart:


The people voting no on this dont realize how hard and time consuming it is to build in Decentraland. Let alone documenting that process and sharing it with the community while also going through the learning curves of new technology.

If this passes, it would be a great use of DAO funds to support existing content creators who havent made the transition to SDK7 yet, and future content creators who will have to start with it once SDK6 is deprecated.

We need more of these proposals honestly.