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Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Dungeons and Dragons is a game loved worldwide and personally by our development team. To play it, you don’t need to have special skills; you can be an adult or a child, which means that there’s a considerable amount of potential players. Playing D&D is captivating. Furthermore, it is no less intriguing to watch others play it, which means that the game can have great success on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, etc. It means a tremendous advertisement for Decentraland that will bring a lot of new users, and new users equal the advancement of Decentraland.

Grant size

90,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The name of our organization is CEN. Link to our website https://cenmodels.com
Each member of our team has been working in game development for many years. We sincerely love games and our work. A year ago, we started to see the potential in Decentraland. We studied the specifics of Decentraland and spent thousands of hours at work. And now, when we know we can create high-quality content, we turn to DAO, to people who believe in the success of Decentraland as much as we do and who, like us, want to participate in its development. We know it is only the beginning of our great journey in improving the Decentraland.

We believe that the main thing missing in Decentraland is the reasons for an ordinary user rather than an investor to join Decentraland. The main goal of our game is to become such a reason and thereby attract a large number of new users to Decentraland, which will entail its advancement.

The game we want to create will be inspired by Dungeons and Dragons but won’t be a 100% copy of it. We decided to simplify some mechanics for several reasons:

  • Specifics of computer games.
  • Limitations of Decentraland.
  • Rules that are easy to understand. Even if you didn’t play games like D&D before.
    Other reasons.

Examples of different game mechanics:

  • A session in D&D lasts on average 2-3 hours; in our game, we want to reduce the time of one session to 40-60 minutes.

  • An AI (Artificial Intelligence) will perform the role of the gamemaster (host), so players will have a limited number of action options in a given situation.

  • Players will choose one of the proposed characters rather than creating them themselves.

Expenditure of funds:

  • Purchasing a 2x3 land to place the game on it. To date, the cheapest 2x3 plots are in this price range. People who have made content for Decentraland or have some knowledge about Builder know that acceptable values for triangles, materials, textures, and so on depend on the number of adjacent sections. The 2x3 plot is the minimum size to make beautiful and diverse models of characters, scenery, effects, and other things. (22 000 - 30 000$)

  • Programmer’s salary. A programmer is one of the most important specialists in game development. (16 000 - 18 000$)

  • The salary of two 3d artists. Our modelers face a difficult task. They need to meet the scene’s limitations but, at the same time, make a lot of diverse, maximally optimized models. (14 000 - 16 000$)

  • Game designer’s salary. The game designer will have to think through all the game mechanics and assemble them into a single whole. (8000 - 10 000$)

  • Gamemaster’s salary. As I said before, our team is big fans of D&D, but we decided to call a professional for the role of the gamemaster. The gamemaster will create 2 intriguing game scenarios with many ramifications and a variety of game passing. They will come up with characters, their personalities, the world and the laws by which they live, and much more. (4000 - 5000$)

  • Artist’s salary. The artist will draw hero cards, interfaces, backgrounds, and so on. (3000 - 4000$)

  • Sound designer’s salary. Audio is a crucial component of the atmosphere for better immersion. (3000 - 4000$)

  • Other expenses. Various services, servers, etc. (5 000$)

  • Marketing. We will cover this amount using our own funds. We need to make a statement! (10 000 - 12 000$)


First, the gamemaster and the game designer will create the game’s foundation. They’ll decide which mechanics to replicate from D&D, which to change, and which to add. They’ll develop 2 adventure scenarios and think through all the dialogues, the variability of actions, characters, etc.
Then they split into two teams:

  1. The gamemaster will start working with an artist, a sound designer, and one of the 3d artists. This team will be responsible for the lore of the game, its appearance, and its sound.
  2. The game designer will work with a programmer and a second 3d artist. Their main task will be to make gameplay and smart objects.
    Even though they’ll divide into two other teams, both groups will work closely to ensure that all aspects of the game are compatible.

How we see the final result (in short):
Each player (3-5 players in total in one session) is given random characters. Each character has characteristics (strength, charisma, etc.), specific items in the inventory (crossbow, potion, etc.), and other differences. The characters get into some situations and receive a task. For example, players start their journey in a tavern, and they need to find a villager who is a werewolf. The main gameplay will lay in the fact that players will choose options for actions (“Inspect the tavern,” “Approach the tavern and start talking to him”…). Some actions’ success gets determined by a dice roll. For example, in “Strike a stealthy attack at a robber,” - you need to roll a dice to test your dexterity. The required number for success is, for example, 10; you roll the dice, if <10 falls out - you missed, >10 - you hit. In total, the player will change up to 5 locations during the game. The game ends when the players have completed the task, failed it, or when all the players’ characters have died.
For a complete understanding, check out D&D if you don’t know what kind of game it is.

Due to the variability, the game has great replay value. Play as another character, take other companions to your team, and the game outcome will be completely different. We also plan to release new scripts regularly.


  • Programmer. More than 6 years in game development. A person who worked on creating websites, mobile applications, and computer games.
  • 3d artists. Specialists in 3D modeling of low-poly objects.
  • Game designer. Almost 12 years in the profession, the ideological inspirer of the project.
  • Gamemaster. A professional board game player.
  • The artist. Art college student.
  • Sound designer. A person with great listening skills.

Roadmap and milestones

2022 Q3:

  • Prototypes of the main game mechanics (action selection, dice roll, etc.).
  • Adventure scenarios, lore study.
  • Concepts of characters, locations, and other things.
  • Rough 3D models (characters, objects, etc.).
  • Purchasing a plot for the game.
  • Alpha version of the game.

2022 Q4:

  • Development of all game mechanics.
  • All 3D models (scenery, effects, etc.).
  • Images (player cards, location backgrounds, etc.).
  • Audio (virtual gamemaster voice acting, sounds of objects, etc.).
  • Beta version of the game.

2023 Q1:

  • Final adjustments.
  • Publishing the game.
  • Marketing (payment to Twitch and YouTube channels, inviting famous bloggers to play our game)

Throughout the work on the project, we will regularly send reports.
If you have any questions – ask! We will be happy to answer them :slight_smile:

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hey there, very interesting proposal! send me a message on discord - dax#8379

Respectfully, I don’t understand the need for this proposal. LAND rentals are a thing, but also, it’s possible (And also better from a UX standpoint) to run something like this off of a discord server with roll20.

Also, the fact that the website doesn’t even work is a nice little red flag.


  1. You say the website isn’t working. Do you mean our website cenmodels.com? There must be a problem on your end since our website is fully functional
  2. Our game will have several differences from the classic D&D. You can play Mafia on Discord as well, but this did not prevent Among Us from becoming a cult game and bringing millions of players together. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s true there’s is plenty of land rentals you can use temporary to make an alpha if you add NFTs it can be a great game i really liked D&G and use to play it with my neighbours

  1. Chrome refuses to connect due to a lack of TLS.

  2. Not to be too reductionist, but when I read this, it sounded like your idea for a game is essentially a heavily curated MUD that will only take a few hours to complete, and not everybody is into replay value. You’d have to have different rewards for different paths, and maybe even some really obscure/easy to miss rewards to encourage people to keep coming back. Capcom’s 90s Dungeons and Dragons arcade beat-em-ups were released under a similar model. The game devs actually played a game of D&D together, then used their session (Set in Mystara, because that was still a valid official setting at the time) as the basis for the games they ultimately published. If you haven’t tried those games, there’s a collection available on Steam for a fairly low price, that goes on sale often enough. Or you could take in a couple of Let’s Plays.

  3. To follow up on the point that’s been made about LAND rentals, have you tried making friends with the community? There are a few LAND owners who are open to the idea of letting people try things out with LAND for free.

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ZESTYBEAM, we agree with you and plan to add various rewards to the game, NFT (unique character cards),an abundance of game scenarios that will take hours to complete, and other improvements (we know this game has great potential). BUT. All this costs money. We decided to divide the required budget into several grants. If the community supports this grant, then be sure that, after the work completion, we’ll present with a new grant for the advancement of our game.

We tried to calculate the minimum budget needed for the implementation of the project’s first stage.

Almost a third of this budget we’ll spend on the purchase of land. We considered the option of renting land, but decided to abandon it for several reasons.

Regarding your statement that the website isn’t working. It is local problem.

Thank you for the information. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello ^.^

Love the idea!! Don’t like the approach. I am a believer in investing your time and talents first, then asking for a grant and use your work to showcase your talents.

As far as land goes try hanging out with the community , attend some events, and make some friends. you may connect with a land owner or 2 that will let you use their land free of charge for testing purposes.

If you ever need any help getting onto Decentraland or have any questions Please feel free to reach out to me on twitter : https://twitter.com/SinfulMeatStick
Twitch: Twitch


Hi SinfulMeatStick! :grin:
We fully support your statement: “I am a believer (I believe) in investing your time and talents first, then asking for a grant and using your work to showcase your talents.” At the beginning of our application, we say we have been improving our skills in Decentraland for a year and spending thousands of hours at work. You can find one of the results via the link Builder | Decentraland All the work was on the initiative. No one sponsored us. We worked to improve our skills. And now, we have decided to make an offer to the community. We respect any decision made by the members of the DAO.

Thank you so much for your willingness to help us! If needed, we’ll contact you.

Thank you for your kind answer, and nice build!! Cool use of a 4x4. Thank you for clarifying your time on Decentraland , after reviewing the empty wallet that you submitted the proposal on and the 1 day old Decentraland Forum account I just assumed you were new. Do you have a main Account that you use for exploring Decentraland? Maybe we have met . If so next time use that wallet to submit the proposal so voters can recognize you ^.^

I also have questions revolving personnel.
Is the team assembled or are you going to hire? reason I ask is because I see “The artist. Art college student” kinda saying you have an artist, but then you add “Sound designer. A person with great listening skills”. Are you looking for a person with great listening skills or do you have a person with great listening skills?

Also would be good to add your team member names or in game handles as well as their socials to show voters the team behind the project.

I wish you luck on your proposal

This is my main account. You accurately noticed that it’s empty. I plan to purchase a land and a name in the near future.

Not only members of our main team will take part in the game development. For instance, a gamemaster is not a member of our team. The team and I love D&D, but we decided to invite a professional for the role of gamemaster. We already found all needed specialists, but we are open to suggestions and will be happy to cooperate with people involved in development in Dcl.

Thank you so much for your advice, we will definitely consider them! :slightly_smiling_face:

Write to us in Discord please CENmanager#2907

Voted no for now, but I’m open to changing my vote (especially since the amount requested is not super high). I have a couple of questions for @Soulsinger:

  • does your team have any previous experience doing game development? I didn’t find anything in your website.
  • alternatively, does your team have any experience with software development?
  • would you consider renting the LAND instead of buying it?

Thanks for your replies so far and positive attitude. Would love for this proposal to succeed, I’m a fan of D&D myself.

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Hello maraoz! :slightly_smiling_face:
Let me tell you how we created our team. I (the manager) have been working in game development for a long time. During this time, I had to interact with various specialists in the field of video games; with many of them, we established long-term relationships.

A year ago, I saw the potential in Decentraland and wanted to contribute to its development. From people with whom I have worked for a long time, I have chosen those who are best suited for this job. It is how the CEN organization appeared. Therefore, we formed our team a year ago. It’s aimed exclusively at creating content for metaverses. So, at the moment, we have only one example of our work Builder | Decentraland. In it, we have displayed everything mentioned on our website. We created every project element from scratch (from concept to implementation).

About the lease of land. Yes, of course, we had thoughts about renting land. But we did not have a reliable person who has a land of 3x2 or more. We were worried that we would find an unscrupulous owner of the land, which could cause various problems. But! We got lucky. A user under the nickname Dax (he wrote us the first comment in this grant) offered us his 3x2 land. Turns out that he is also developing for Dcl and wants to take part in our project’s implementation. It’s very cool!

We’ll be happy if we manage to save the community money. We try not to ask for more money than necessary. If we get approved for this grant, but we manage to save money (for example, if Dax provides us with land), we’ll inform the DAO about this, and all the money saved will be spent on the project (on adding NFT, additional adventure scenarios, and other things to the game).

I hope I answered your questions. Thank you so much for believing in us. Since you are a fan of D&D, your opinion is especially important to us. :grin:

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Dear members of the DAO! The CEN team asks you to tell your friends at Dcl about our grant and invite them to participate in the voting. In no case do we want to persuade them to any option, - let them make the choice themselves. The most important thing for us is to get the opinion of as many community members as possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very happy you connected with @dax about supporting your project with Land!

Typically grants that seek to purchase land do not receive significant community support, and I think resubmission of the Grant with a lowered budget and the land use/rental cost from Dax included would lead to broader support.

I’m sure like me, many of us have some D&D experience or would otherwise support members from D&D-like worlds coming to DCL for in-world experience.

I look forward to supporting an adapted version of this Grant without the land-purchase inclusion.

If you do resubmit a grant, please do include a link to the original grant you submitted, while it may seem like this could be a detriment, I rather believe that it shows responsiveness to community feedback and is generally viewed favorably.

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Hello Matimio :wink:
Thank you for your support! If this grant is not approved, we will submit a second one with a smaller budget and slightly modified terms. We hope other users, as well as you, will appreciate it and vote “Yes”

Honestly, it’s something I’ve been talking about for quite some time now in spaces and to quite a few denizens of DCL. I’ve been working on renting land in order to start developing and testing a working multi-varietal D&D experience for the community. Have been working towards this goal as a single developer without requesting a grant from the DAO before having invested my time and talents in order to prove myself worthy of such a request.

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Dungeons and Dragons & Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 2% 30,718 VP (24 votes)
  • No 98% 1,413,851 VP (20 votes)