[DAO:dnvehkm] [Resubmission] Dungeons and Dragons & Decentraland

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Dungeons and Dragons is played worldwide by an enormous range of players and it is no less intriguing to watch others play as evidenced by
the great success of organizations such as Critical Role. We believe a good implementation of this concept has the power to introduce many new users to Decentraland!

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address




The main goal in creating this game is to expand the user base of Decentraland and showcase it as a place to have fun! Decentraland has many casinos and other establishments that require financial investments from players and thus, for an ordinary user Decentraland looks like a place where everyone wants to get money from you - but it is and can be much more than that!

Original proposal

TL;DR changes in resubmission

  • Renting land for a reduced price through @dax
  • Updated budget focused towards achieving a concrete six month Roadmap
  • More details re: past team experiences in game and software development

We believe that the main thing missing in Decentraland is the reasons for an
ordinary user rather than an investor to join Decentraland. The main goal of our game is to become such a reason and thereby attract a large number of new users to Decentraland.

The game we want to create will be inspired by Dungeons and Dragons but won’t be a copy of it. We decided to simplify some mechanics so that the game fits better into Decentraland and is easy to understand for all users regardless of roleplay experience


The scope of this grant proposal is ~8 months, until about the end of March
2023. In that time our goal is to release a game in several steps until we have,
by the end of this time, a fully working v1 of our game accessible to all
Decentraland users.

Game mechanics

As we mentioned, we decided to build a roleplaying experience specific to
Decentraland. Some of those modifications are:

  • A session in D&D lasts on average 2-3 hours; in our game, we want to reduce the time of one session to 40-60 minutes.
  • An AI (Artificial Intelligence) will perform the role of the gamemaster (host), so players will have a limited number of action options in a given situation.
  • Players will choose one of the proposed characters rather than creating one themselves.


How we see the final result:

  1. Each player (3-5 players in total in one session) is given random characters.
  2. Each character has characteristics (strength, charisma, etc.), specific items
    in the inventory (crossbow, potion, etc.), and other differences.
  3. The characters find themselves in a situation where they need to solve a problem or
    receive a task from a non-player character in the story.

For example, a simple scenario might be that players start their journey in a
tavern, and they need to find a villager who is a werewolf.

The main gameplay will lay in the fact that players will choose options for actions, such as: “Inspect the tavern,” or "Approach the tavern and start talking to the quiet villager”

Some actions’ success gets determined by a dice roll. For example, to “Sneak
attack the guard” you need to roll a dice to test your dexterity. The required number for success is a 10; you roll the dice, if you roll a ten or lower you miss, greater than 10 and you hit.

In total, the player will change up to 5 locations during the game. The game
ends when the players have completed the task, failed it, or when all the players’ characters have died.

Due to the variability, the game has great replay value. Play as another
character, take other companions to your team, and the game outcome will be
completely different. We also plan to release new scripts regularly.

Budget Breakdown

Total: 60k

Team Salaries: 49k

  • 15k SDK Dev
  • 15k 3D Artists
  • 8k Game Designer
  • 4k Game Master
  • 4k 2D Artist
  • 3k Sound Designer

Marketing: 6k

Servers and infrastructure: 3k

Land Rental for 6 months: 2k

Tech Stack

Much of the game will be built using the Decentraland SDK but part of the infrastructure will be external. For this we will use a custom built backend server to store player scores, preferences, gaming history, and more.

Revenue plan / Sustainability

While we do plan to create some wearables and possibly make some purchases available, adding a large number of profit-making functions will greatly burden the project, and making a profit is not our goal.


Core team

Soulsinger - manager of the CEN studio; game designer;
the ideological inspirer of the project

Dax - SDK Developer
In Decentraland since 2017;
10 years of software development experience;
winner of the 2022 DCL Game Jam

Casuallvl & Orina - 3d artists.
Specialists in 3D modelling of low-poly objects

Master Eador - Gamemaster.
Longtime TTRPG player;
2 years experience as a professional gamemaster

Mia - 2d artist.
Art student with experience in building game assets

Alexander - Sound designer.
Known in some circles as ‘The Man with Three Ears’

Relevant experience

Each member of our team has been working in game development for many years. We sincerely love games and our work. One of our recent games was created on Roblox - TOWER MASTER - with more than 2 million visits in the past year!

Rift Arena - the 2022 DCL Game Jam winner, coded by Dax

CEN studio office - Demonstration of low-poly modeling and programming

Roadmap and milestones

Estimated Timeline: 8 months

2022 Q3:

Prototypes of the main game mechanics (action selection, dice roll, etc.).
Adventure scenarios and world building
Concepts of characters, locations, items
Rough 3D models (characters, objects, etc.)
Main goal: Alpha version of the game on testnet

2022 Q4:

Development of all game mechanics based on Alpha feedback
All 3D models (scenery, effects, etc.)
Images (player cards, location backgrounds, etc.)
Audio (virtual gamemaster voice acting, sounds of objects, etc.)
Main goal: Beta version of the game in Decentraland

2023 Q1:

Collect user feedback of beta version
Implement remaining features and polish the game experience
Marketing (payment to Twitch and YouTube channels, inviting famous bloggers to play our game)
Main goal: V1 Live

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Example oneshot

Hey Frank, thanks for your comment.

What level of proof of concept would you feel more comfortable with? CEN and I discussed this at length and tried to lay out the plan in the roadmap re: at which stages which elements would come into place. The one shot which CEN posted is an example of the narrative adventure and the example of TOWER MASTER should give some insight into the modeling and graphics style the game would have (which I think fits quite well in Decentraland), but the game asset concepts are planned to be developed over the next few months so they don’t exist yet.

As for the budget + me profiting personally - I cut down the budget for the SDK developer so that we could fit this proposal within 60k. Like CEN, I’m also interested in this project based on a personal interest in and long history with TTRPGs :nerd_face:

Since I would be taking on the entire work of writing the game server plus all the SDK work, I think 1875/month is reasonable - assuming I work on this project only 20 hours a week on average, that’s 23 USD / hour and it’s fair to think I will be working more than that, especially in the final months as we roll everything together.

Hey Team! While I may not fully understand the rules and complexities of D&D, I do see a great use for it, and feel there would be some interest. Plus seeing what you all have done on Roblox, and knowing what Dax has created in DCL, I feel confident in what you all could create.

i think 60k is a good amount for a first proposal, as someone who is currently a part of a team who is working within this budget. I am curious the long term goals beyond alpha, as the game I’m working on not only will have alpha within the 60k budget, but Beta, AND launch.

I do believe in the value of your proposal, and I have voted yes, on taking the chance on your game! Hope to see you all do great things, reach out for anything!


thanks for the feedback! Hopefully it is clear from the proposal, but this grant will take us to the live stage (including alpha and beta) so there should not be more funding required after this grant


I’ve re-evaluated my stance on this proposal and changed my vote. Best wishes. :crossed_fingers:


Voted YES, can’t wait to see this in DCL!

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Frank, thank you for believing in us. We will do our best to meet your expectations :wink:

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@Soulsinger I did not know you teamed up with @dax on this one. that’s great!!!


[Resubmission] Dungeons and Dragons & Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 93% 1,336,075 VP (40 votes)
  • No 7% 107,690 VP (7 votes)