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Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Dungeons and Dragons is played worldwide by an enormous range of players and it is no less intriguing to watch others play as evidenced by the great success of organizations such as Critical Role. We believe a good implementation of this concept has the power to introduce many new users to Decentraland!

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address




The main goal in creating this game is to expand the user base of Decentraland and showcase it as a place to have fun! Decentraland has many casinos and other establishments that require financial investments from players. Therefore, for an ordinary user, Decentraland looks like a place where everyone wants to get money from them - but it is and can be much more than that!

Previous proposal

TL;DR changes in the resubmission

The updated budget focuses on creating a demo version to demonstrate the gameplay

Examples of game assets

We believe that the main thing missing in Decentraland is the reasons for an ordinary user rather than an investor to join it. The purpose of our game is to become such a reason and thereby attract a lot of new users to Decentraland.

Dungeons and Dragons inspired the game we want to create. But it won’t be a copy of it. We decided to simplify some game mechanics so that it fits better into Decentraland and is easy to understand for all users regardless of roleplay experience.


The scope of this grant proposal is ~ 2 months. We want to release a demo version of our game during this period.


The demo’s duration will be short (~ 10 minutes) but intense. During this time, users will get familiar with the main mechanics, various 3D models, animation, and sound design.


How we see the final result:

The player enters the adventurers guild. There, they find the head of the guild - Madis the Fiery. Madis sends the player on a mission, but first, the player needs to talk to two other characters (Ivor the Bloodhound and Lurie). After that, the player goes on a mission to the forest.

During this time, you will participate in dialogues with a choice of answer options, do a d20 dice, see how locations will change, and much more.

Budget layout

Total: $5k

$2k SDK Dev

$1.6k 3D Artists

$400 Game Designer

$400 Game Master

$400 2D Artist

$200 Sound Designer

Some assets that we have already made for the demo version:

Madis the Flame

Guild of adventurer’s


Core team

Soulsinger - manager of the CEN studio; game designer;
the ideological inspirer of the project

Dax - SDK Developer
In Decentraland since 2017;
10 years of software development experience;
winner of the 2022 DCL Game Jam

Casuallvl & Orina - 3d artists.
Specialists in 3D modelling of low-poly objects

Master Eador - Gamemaster.
Longtime TTRPG player;
2 years experience as a professional gamemaster

Mia - 2d artist.
Art student with experience in building game assets

Alexander - Sound designer.
Known in some circles as ‘The Man with Three Ears’

Relevant experience

Each member of our team has been working in game development for many years. We sincerely love games and our work. One of our recent games was created on Roblox - TOWER MASTER - with more than 2 million visits in the past year!

Rift Arena - the 2022 DCL Game Jam winner, coded by Dax

CEN studio office - Demonstration of low-poly modeling and programming

Roadmap and milestones

Estimated Timeline: 2 months

1 month:

Basic 3d models, 2d images of characters, sounds

2 months:

Programming, animation, remaining 3d models, 2d elements

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I love how people manage to cut their budget by x10 when they want to :wink:

The budget is 10 times smaller because the content volume is also 10 times smaller. We needed 60000 to make a full-fledged game. But, now we want to make a demo version, and for it, we need only 5000.
Read both proposals carefully to understand the difference.

Friends, we noticed that some users do not have the ability to view images. You can view the images by clicking on the link https://photos.app.goo.gl/EwSfgNF441ZCVnPbA

@Zarbio and I have been talking about wanting to do this in DCL for agees!

Super awesome to see someone take the initiative to bring D&D to DCL :fire:

Hi Seanny! If I understand correctly, you are a member of the Decentraland Architects team. I’ve seen your projects, they’re just great! I will be glad if we have the opportunity to cooperate :grin:

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Dungeons and Dragons & Decentraland (Demo)

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

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  • Yes 94% 1,635,079 VP (60 votes)
  • No 6% 121,760 VP (8 votes)

Dungeons and Dragons & Decentraland (Demo)

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