[DAO:12df4ea] Duel Arena P2E; 2D Battle game

by 0xed0e0cb94f60f72ec94bef848f5df4cbd365af1d (DuelArena)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Welcome to the 4th Proposal of Duel Arena written by InJesterr & Burragan

Since September Duel arena is building a 2D NFT Open world RPG.

The game will run on a server hosted by us through amazon and deployed into Decentraland if this grant passes, The game will be playable through monitors on a parcel that way we could expand the open world game as much as we like.

We would like to add this playable game to DCL into our Parcel. We will build monitors that will display the game for your DCL Character & with your mouse you can control the character in- game by clicking on the display.

We are now seeking for a $59,470 grant build our game for Decentraland.


Grant size

59,470 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



What is Duel Arena P2E?

Duel Arena is an open world game where you will be able to play with your own character, you can choose from 4 great nations, Fire, Water, Air & Earth. Each nation will start with 2 characters which is going to be 1 female character & 1 male character.

Your character will always spawn in the hub where you have 4 core teleports each teleport leading you to a different nation, each nation has its own challenges to accomplish.

You will be able to explore the nation, dual AI bots & players. A duelling match will be strategic based, almost like a chess board. In the duelling instance you will be able to use certain NFT skills which are purchasable through the store but don’t worry you will have the basics to start the game with.


Why do we need this grant?

We started up this project with our own funds, our input is estimated around 45,000$ and are still living of this credit. This start-up helped us build a demo game, website, web market & a gameplay paper.

We haven’t seen a game in DCL yet with unlimited power to expand through 1 parcel since all of the projects are limited with lands & scenes. We are going to change this with our tech building monitors in a 1x2 Parcel where the game will be playable on for each individual.

It would be possible for us to build this game independently from Decentraland, but we intend to grow together, we want our players to be able to interact with the game through the MetaVerse. This would help us get more players and it will help Decentraland to be the MetaVerse with this enjoyable game.

Building the game

We are building the game mainly in Unity engine, Photoshop, Blender & SDK. On our weblink you will be able to see all of our progress, Gameplay paper, update changelog & expense calculations we have made so far.

We keep updates for the game mainly on:

How is the Grant going to be spend?

We have a nice written documentation of our expenses written on our website, showing our initial expenses with & without DCL.



Burak Ucar Management
InJesterr Management
Emselada & InJesterr Graphical designer
Dilara Community manager
Ghuskh & Philip Game Developer
Kaan Aydin Web Developer
Furkan, Oguzhan, Michael, Kaan & Dilara Moderator
Lead & Management (1 & 2) Burak & InJesterr are needed to guide the team somewhere, we come up with the idea’s, holding finance and working materials. https://nl.linkedin.com/in/burak-ucar-898b8b133

Graphical designers (3) InJesterr & Emselada Drawing artist
Instagram; @emselada_

Community manager (4) InJesterr Maintaining community by doing events, helping the moderator to function properly.

Game developer (5) Ghushkh & Philip are both independent game developers, they are both necessary for this project since 1 works with the 3D game development & the other with 2D Game development. https://www.fiverr.com/drenk0?source=inbox

Web developer (6) Kaan is a skilled web developer who was ready contributing us a domain name, webmail, web build & even webserver for free. https://k-e-aydin.com/

Moderators (7) They keep everyone in the game & community chats satisfied, they moderate our social accounts and keep an eye on e-mails.

Roadmap and milestones

You will be able to see all our progress through: Grant | Duel Arena P2E we do have a meeting every sunday at 17:00 UTC+2 and will update the page at least at 21:00 UTC+2 after the meeting if we have updates.

On this site you will be able to read our gameplay paper, expenses, view our progress & check out our demo (only playable to developers and early beta testers).

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

View this proposal on Snapshot


For any questions please let us know we would love to discus about our project with you <3

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I’ll preface this by saying I have not voted yet…I need time to digest this a bit. I want EVERY game in DCL to get some sort of funding because they are the ones putting in a ton of work to grow DCL.

A few things I just can’t get past on this…

First is the 60k grant… I understand it takes a lot of money to develop a game. Will this 60k have any sort of ROI for DCL long term? Will this particular game bring enough new users to DCL to justify 60k??!

Second is the 2D animation… I honestly respect the PvP aspect you are going for, but in 2022/2023 are people really going to play a 2D game that looks like im playing Pokemon on my original gameboy in the 90s? I am truly not trying to offend anyone, it is just what I feel when I look at the videos you have posted. Honestly, I think your premise is great and I really like you building PvP in DCL, but I just don’t know if a 2D game is going to be practical in today’s games.

Lastly, this comment rubs me the wrong way…maybe I am misunderstanding so I hope it can be clarified…

“It would be possible for us to build this game independently from Decentraland, but we intend to grow together, we want our players to be able to interact with the game through the MetaVerse. This would help us get more players and it will help Decentraland to be the MetaVerse with this enjoyable game.”

This comment, to me, makes it seem like you are saying you dont really need Decentraland. But at the same time it makes it sound like you need DCL to grow your game…But does DCL need Duel Arena to grow?

As I stated before, I do not intend to offend anyone. I have not made my decision up yet by any means.
I just wanted to share my concerns as I know Injester always says he wants people to express their concerns in the comments.


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I voting yes for 4th or 5th time here but let me also give some input that may help get more yes votes. This pitch is for a cool game that can be played within decentraland or without decentraland. What can be pivoted to make this a utility for Decentraland. Like is this where people can play Decentraland but in 2D? Is it parody of Decentraland like the levels based on Decentraland spots? Is this a place people can wear there decenetrland wearables within this 2D space and have them linked? I say this with love bro but i think you can get more yes votes of you increase the relevancy to Decentraland if that makes sense. good luck.

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Hello Shake,

Thank you for letting us your opinion and questions know.
There are still tons of top view 2D games being released in the years & we are certain that this will be unique, by the second statement we intend to stay to the Decentraland community by saying that we could use all of the players that are already in this platform but it isn’t required to launch this game.
so what we mean by this is that we want collaborate with DCL and merge the playerbase we are going to get which is actually not a bad thing.

We have 100+ members waiting for our game already and we aren’t advertising at this moment.
The people of Decentraland like yourself are people that know about this game early on.
We have a meeting in January 15 about our marketing and advertisiments

glad you told us your worries this way we had the chance to answer them :heart:

Hey Aaron, We have no way to import all wearables in Decentraland to the game, the only relevency we will have is that we will be able to make wearables and items from our collection for both the game and dcl.

Just like EXODUS and DCL games.

also we want our earning system to go through DCL instead of the game.

about the spots we could be able to add some spots that are related to DCL spots but this is not in the schedule for now.

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I voted no for the same reasons @ShakenBake mentioned. That and I think I injured my imagination when I saw the demo lol. Maybe if it looked something like 'Dragon Warrior" or “Chrono Trigger”. (NES) I would have voted yes.

Duel Arena P2E; 2D Battle game

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 10% 275,008 VP (16 votes)
  • No 90% 2,391,293 VP (58 votes)
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I love the games you mentioned but yes we are shooting for something else.
Great to hear your opinion !