[DAO:ce0e4a2] Duel Arena P2E; Turn Based RPG | Play to Earn

by 0xed0e0cb94f60f72ec94bef848f5df4cbd365af1d (DuelArena)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Duel arena is currently building a NFT & Play to earn Role-Playing turn-based combat game, which is going to be free to play.

We started with a small grant building the fundamentals of this game, including a team, a basic scene, 2D & 3D Original Assets. We got financed by Askin (InJesterr), Kaan & Burak who at the time already had an idea to create game.

We are now seeking for a $60,000 grant to expand our game & express our ambitions.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Duel Arena startup

We are currently financing the project by investments, sponsors & financers
which allowed us to contribute a website, webmail, parcel, fundamentals, designers & a team.

You will be able to read our game project & base idea in our current game paper on our website: https://www.duelarenap2e.com/


Game Specification

We already started building fundamentals for this game project, we have a base character model.

Game Assets:
Building original self- made 3D & 2D NPC bots, Scenes, Exteriors, Interior, Assets, Instances, Graphical User Interface, Cities, Admin panels, Monitoring panels & NFTs.



  1. Burak Ucar Lead of Duel Arena P2E
  2. Askin management
  3. Emselada & Askin Graphical designer
  4. Dilara Community manager
  5. Ghuskh & Philip Game Developer
  6. Kaan Aydin Web Developer
  7. Furkan, Oguzhan, Michael, Kaan & Dilara Moderator

Lead & Management (1 & 2)
Burak & Askin are needed to guide the team somewhere, we come up with the idea’s, holding finance and working materials.

Graphical designers (3)
Askin ( Decentraland creator ) &
Emselada Drawing artist

Community manager (4)
Maintaining community by doing events, helping the moderator to function properly.

Game developer (5)
Ghushkh & Philip are both independent game developers, they are both necessary for this project since 1 works with the 3D game development & the other with 2D Game development.

Web developer (6)
Kaan is a skilled web developer who was ready contributing us a domain name, webmail, web build & even webserver for free.

Moderators (7)
They keep everyone in the game & community chats satisfied, they moderate our social accounts and keep an eye on e-mails.


  1. Burak: 5,000$
  2. Askin: NFT’s and 3,000$
  3. Bitfiend: 1x1 Decentraland parcel

Roadmap and milestones


How do we spend our grant:

  1. Game Development - $20,000 SOLID
  2. Graphical Game Design – $15,000 6 months vesting, 1 Month cliff.
  3. Events, Occasions & Marketing - $10,000 6 months vesting, 1 Month cliff.
  4. Management & Moderators - $15,000 6 months vesting, 1 Month cliff.

Official links

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

View this proposal on Snapshot


Quickest NO I’ve ever voted, you just had your previous grant revoked today.

For those unaware, DuelArena or Askin from personnel is InJesterr.

Proof 2


You can read that we aren’t hiding InJesterr from our project he is in the management after all :blush:


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I will share some footage of the progress, I like to ask the community of decentraland to keep this confidential <3

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Hey you are right, I’m sorry to hear that you voted, there was a misunderstanding with my personal grant & I am currently working on that. I already contacted and spoke about this matter with @Zino.

So you broke guidelines with your previous grant, ignored the committee, and went ahead and submitted another proposal under a different name?

Using funds provided by DAO to fund other projects wasn’t in your previous proposal. Nobody voted for that. Because of these red flags, I voted no. I suggest everyone DYOR (do your own research) to determine your vote.


Hey @NikkiFuego I like to enlighten you with your accusation we are currently working as a team, yes we intend to use our name Duel Arena & Yes InJesterr provided his NFTs to our us. You can read that in the grant aswell, he gave 60% of his NFTs to us.

He is also a Manager within the project so that is maybe the reason why you are confused.

Lets check out the productive progress we have made so far instead of electing @InJesterr

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Hey @NikkiFuego I mentioned Him already also as a co-author of this project, I get why you voted “NO”. The other grant was revoked because of a misunderstanding I would like you to know that.


Just caught this edit. I guess switching between first and third person can be a bit confusing :stuck_out_tongue:


True can be confusing as i said I’m in the management of this project and am logged in the @DuelArenap2e account on my other browser.

Updating emselada’s instagram link
Em (@emselada_) • Instagram photos and videos

I have read through the proposal as well as the comments…

Before I even got into the comments this gave me some bad vibes. And then once I got to the comments, it only solidified my initial feelings…

Couple things I have questions about…
#1-The p2e model is failing. We cant keep calling all web3 games p2e…
#2-We barely have a gaming community left as it is… so I would like to know how YOUR project will bring in new users.

Lastly, If you are serious with this proposal I would like to see @InJesterr come on stream and explain what happened with the previous grant he received that was revoked. You are saying there was a misunderstanding…But Injester got a grant and then seemingly disappeared from DCL. So how are we supposed to trust this project when the one of your managing members just got another grant revoked. And now all of the sudden he changed his name and is back for another 60k.

I’d really like to hear your response to these concerns… especially the last one. And I think we deserve more than a “It was a misunderstanding”…

Thanks in advance!


Honestly the main owner of the Duel arena account isn’t me it is from my companion Burak he entrusted me with taking care with the whole decentraland part of this project because I’m the only one that is the most familair with the verse,

About the other grant I told I was going to create a minigame with it, but they completely skipped that part and only bashed revocation based on content videos which wasn’t what i meant, by creating content I meant Mini games, videos, streams & anything to entertain the Decentraland comminity but they took it out of context making it look like I wasn’t booking progress where actually I’ve been working on this game day and night for the past month.

I also got told to create a new grant proposal for the game so that when I did I could have the grant.

I also got proof material of this and still nothing happend about nothing less then hate.

  • I did create the circus on the parcel which is still actively there to this day
  • I did create content video’s aswell including the 24 hour video stream attempt which was not found by the Decentraland team…
  • I did create minigames on the parcel like a parkour aswell.

I promised to work for personalised content, which is a big spectrum not just video’s which is completely taken out of concept.

The biggest issue of the previous grant getting revoked is only the fact that I took this month off to focus on @DuelArenap2e project since we wanted to set our goals higher then just a minigame.
The whole month I have been working sleeplessly giving my 100% on this project, building a team, building assets. models. sites & socials.

I’m not going to say sorry for trieng to build game content for this community.
In fact me using the funds of the other grant for this project is a big genourisity of me because, I literally decided to put my the money that I earn from the previous grant back into Decentraland by building instead of keeping it and trieng to make myself richer.

I think you came up with a good idea with the stream thank you for that,
I will schedule a livestream and explain further more about this project.

After going back and taking a look at your previous proposal I am still very confused as to what direction you were going with the grant…

At first it looks like you are asking for money to market DCL via Social Media and other content creating sites…
Then it looks like you are asking for a grant to buy/rent land for events/some small mini games.
And finally, after I try to put it all together it just seems like you really didnt have a plan…and you were just using the money to fund whatever ideas you had that day…
I am not trying to bash anyone, but it seems the DAO agreed that the proposal was very misleading as to what was happening with the money…

With all that being said. Can you please clarify one of my questions from my previous post… What is the Duel Arena going to do that other games in DCL are not doing that will bring new users to DCL!!!

I am curious as to what this 60k will do to bring in thousands of new users to the metaverse.

The previous grant was about me creating content in and outside decentraland for decentraland.
A game is content too
A video is content too
A giveaway host is content too
A Podcast is content too

When it comes to your question, this grant will allow us to market bigger and shoot for bigger goals then just creating a game, It will give us the option to market our project better which will bring more players to DCL, Firstly we need to focus on the player base we already have since alot of people leave upon joining the verse, I’m not implieng that it will bring thousands new players but it will become a good reason to stay in Decentraland once we have achieved that we will be able to add strategies to bring in more people into DCL.

One of the key goals that we want to achieve are that we want to be able to create MetaVerse jobs, Long term game content, Community hosting, Event hostings.

We came to notice that at this point only a few DCL games intend to create a game on long term, all the others only are working week by week not setting any future goal to achieve since they build a game based on 1 idea and continue from there on the other hand youy have games like Exodus created by @JTV that work on base model with future potential and features, they already know what they want for the future and dont live by the day. We compared and analysed multiple projects before even starting our base game model and from there we on started to work as an project.
Base model:
We will start with 4 elemental nations
8 different playable game characters.
5 NPC / PVM characters
1 NPC / BOSS character per nation

Our long term game content:
We will add more elemental nations like electro.
We will add 2 more playable characters per new nation.
We will add monthly random new character for a random nation.
We will add more future bosses.

All the skills you are able to use will be NFTs and we will have our own game currency to buy, duel & trade with. All the characters you can play with will become NFTs.

@DuelArenap2e is going to continue building the game either with this grant of without this grant because we are currently putting estimated $45,000 into this project, We already have build a team which is ready to continue at all cost.

So if you still think that this project sounds unreliable and I as an person sound unreliable to you please vote no because the no you vote today is also a good thing for us becuase then we are able to build without community pressure and DAO pressure & At last We are able to see who in the community does support us and who not which is really important to us since we intend to ask suggestions to our supportes & we intend to give them credibility for later jobs.

I don’t know, revoke it?

I voted no, the fact that you tweeted this out makes it seem that what the community thinks matters very little to you and it’s quite shady honestly. DAO funds are not to play around with and use as you please. I understand this proposal might be completely different than your “personal” one, but taking from that experience I would not support this proposal. GL.


Why would it be revoked if I would get a 4,5m voting powers that makes it sounds like a personal hate issue with me instead of electing the proposal as it is.