[DAO:44e12dd] Duel Arena Game Development - 2D & 3D Game with Crossover Data -86,47

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Should the following $75,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


Duel Arena

Our project is the development of an immersive 3D game for the Decentraland platform. Our goal is to provide players with a unique gaming experience that combines parkour, team games, and strategic battles. One of our key features is the ability to crossover game progress between our 2D and 3D, allowing players to seamlessly continue their gameplay experience regardless of which mode they choose.

Our 3D map is currently available for visitation at -86,47. By clicking on “Play 2D,” you can experience the 2D game mode while we continue developing the 3D version. Our ultimate goal is to make the 2D and 3D game modes identical, providing players with a seamless and consistent gaming experience.

Grant size

75,000 USD

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address




As a team, we are excited to present our updated grant proposal for Duel Arena on Decentraland. We have taken the time to listen to the community’s feedback and have worked hard to refine our 2D model while also developing the 3D version of the game.

We recently imported our game into WebGL, The community wanted the game to be directly accessible on DCL without a frame. As a result, we have made adjustments to our approach and have imported WebGL on a separate page but are working on a 3D game mode in DCL aswell.

We have also implemented a data storage system using PlayFab that enables players to make progress in either the 2D or 3D game, and it will carry over to the other platform. We believe that this feature will be a significant asset to the game and add value to the player experience.

We have a webpage for our proposal active for this proposal and will share a document with fundamentals.

Contributing to Decentraland’s Growth:
Additionally, we aim to contribute to the growth and success of the Decentraland platform. Our game will bring increased engagement and activity to the platform, and our data storage and crossover system will set a new standard for games on the platform.

Experienced Team:
Our team has the necessary skills and experience to make Duel Arena a success, and we are committed to creating a high-quality game that will meet the needs and expectations of the Decentraland community. We believe that our project deserves funding because of its unique features, potential benefits, and alignment with the vision and mission of the Decentraland platform.

Progress Made:
While we have made significant progress in the development of Duel Arena for the Decentraland platform, it’s important to note that the 3D game is not yet finished. However, we have created a 2D game that is currently live and playable on itch.io. We have designed the 2D game to serve as a demo for the 3D game and showcase some of the features and content that we plan to include.

Battleground Map:
Despite the 3D game being a work in progress, we have made significant strides in its development, as outlined in the previous section. Our team is confident in our ability to complete the development of Duel Arena and deliver a high-quality game that will meet the needs and expectations of the Decentraland community. We have also developed a unique battleground map that is set on a floating platform above the 3D game map.

Functional Buttons and Wearables:
Furthermore, we have created several UI buttons such as Play 2D, Home, and Play Now. We have also developed functional buttons for gathering resources, including wood, fire, dandelions, and water. Winning battles will give players game currency that can be used to purchase wearable NFTs that give bonuses in-game.

Our team has made significant progress in the development of Duel Arena and is committed to creating a high-quality game that will meet the needs and expectations of the Decentraland community. We believe that our game has the potential to contribute to the growth and success of the platform, and we are excited to continue our work on this project.


Roadmap and milestones

Progress So Far

  • We released the stress test 2D version of our game in February 2023.
  • We launched our fandom page on February in 2023.
  • We submitted our first grant proposal, March in 2023.
  • We created a 3D Map of the game and used the 2D one as a reference in March 2023.
  • We started to host our 2D game through WebGL in March 2023.
  • We added a full UI template on the 3D scene in March 2023. ( Not everything is visible yet in 3D )
  • We created basic game logic & battleground for the 3D version in April 2023.
  • We developed a basic model to gather resources and data storage for it on PlayFab in April 2023.
  • We have now our 2nd proposal up and worked on all the feedback from the first in April 2023.
  • We published our 3D scene to our 4x4 Parcel in Decentraland in April 2023


  • Functional buttons for parkour & team games.
  • Maximum of 100 energy that can be used to start a game…
  • Wearables Stalls add our own wearable store to the stalls 3D.
  • Create unlockable skills for battle.
  • We are going to add a peer to peer system to synchronize players and use it as a battle handler.
  • Leaderboards with a ranking system that can be obtained by PVP.
  • P2P system for a synchronized battle system and sending battle system.
  • Functional skills to use in battle, such as doing 5% damage to the enemy.
  • Health bar UI to track current health.
  • Reward system with winners receiving currency.


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The image thats not showing is this:


I am excited to be a lead this talented team and see all the progress we have made so far. The development of Duel Arena has been a challenging but rewarding experience, and I believe that our hard work will pay off in creating a unique and immersive gaming experience for the Decentraland community. I look forward to seeing our game come to life and making a positive impact on the platform.


We have confidence in our team’s ability to collaborate and support one another, leveraging each other’s skills and strengths to deliver a high-quality game. Our team is committed to creating a fun and engaging experience for the Decentraland community, and we believe that our diverse set of skills and experience will allow us to achieve this goal.


So excited for our proposal for 3D DuelArena P2E in Decentraland! we worked so much in such short time. We as a team did an amazing job ^^ I hope we can answer your questions.


I forgot to share the most intruiging image of all time :open_mouth:

And the most Intruiging wearable The Elemental Divine wearable :stuck_out_tongue:


hey Jester and Team.

I am not quite familiar with p2e games, but i do see a handful in Decentraland. What comes to mind, when i think of games, are most dont have a survival rate esp long term. Most games end up failing even in the web 2 industry. but do not let that discourage you . . . i think if you can try to think outside the box and separate yourself from the rest, you can have a higher chance. Maybe there are some things that can be added to the game to bring more life and collaborations.
What we need is to bring in more users, i Know you mentioned something about your website… but i am speaking in a general sense, being an outsider with no knowledge looking in…

To me all the details dont really matter about the functionally, when i zoom out and look at the bigger picture. . . Im looking at it long term, would someone play this game for 5 - 10 years ? how will you keep it fresh and new ?

Some questions and maybe ideas to help with the game as a whole.

Can you and your team host events in DCL with your games ? (Dcl is very popular with events so this can help your chances. ) Could be gaming events, kind of like of twitch steams. I know twitch streamers in the gaming industry are quite popular. Doesn’t have to be music. invite gamers, people who are passionate about what it is your into. you can collaborate with players and other games as well. There are millions of viewers who watch other players. I would research more of what is popular that would also help promote your project and bring engagement.

Can you go to gaming conventions and talk about what your building in Decentraland ?
saw NEY post herself at convention for her wilderness project, thought that was a clever idea to bring more visibility
Would you publicly speak about what your building ?
Can in the future this be a gaming app? how can we promote this outside the scope ( the average person that doesn’t game) we need to think how we can pull those people in. trying to think of outside the bubble of DCL.

like i said before, not really into gaming in DCL, but if you had events or something that others like me would want to get engage, learn more, and be curious you would hit it on the nail.
I think it would bring alot of value of the project.
These are of course my opinions but i hope it helps.

Serena Elis.


Proposal is published in the wrong category, voting No.

I read the categories with didi, the fact that you just check out the categories for flaws says enough anyway goodluck!

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Hey @serenaelis so we got the idea to build this game, right now we have a 2D game, I think you might have missed it but the Duel Arena is not just about strategic battleing, we inted to host events like holidays, we intend to release multiple game modes like a parkour, team battle, 1 v 1 and even quests.
We haven’t included the quests in the proposal because thats going to be part of the events.

We are also going to do a launching parties but thats not our main thing to be honest.
Thank you so much for taking your time to write about your toughts I really do appreciate <3


Hi Shiny,

We took your feedback and critiques from our previous proposal into consideration. You mentioned that the game wasn’t in DCL, so we made sure to change that and also made it in 3D. Our previous proposal was in the same category as this one, so we are confused that you are now saying it’s in the “wrong” category. This doesn’t add up.

I hope this helps!

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I’d like to see a bit more proof of concept and see the game working in Decentraland. Not sure about it at the moment and $75,000 is a lot to ask for to start with. But looking forward to seeing what you produce!

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Hey @Billyteacoin ! Thank you for your comment and interested in our project. We can understand your desire to see more proof of concept and a working game in Decentraland. We have been working hard on this project for the previous 7 months, we have already released a 2D version of the game that is available for the public to play. Also We have made significant progres on the 3D version, with a finished map, UI, assets, basic game logic and wearables NFTs already.

( Note that we will use the same UI, Textures, Icons & Skills from our current 2D game aswell )

We appreciate youre constructive feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our project, but respectfully as a team, we have invested already an great deal of time and effort and money into the development of this game, without any financial support or funding until this grant proposal.

We hope you can understand that creating a project from scratch is a challenging and time consuming task not to mention that we also have to expect most personnel to do this for free until we get a grant, this can be frustrating for the team because as of this moment only our Game Developer @DR3NK0 has been paid so far, while our website developer, Me, @Buraggan, @didiimakiii are doing this for completely free. Some of us are even paying from our own pocket to fund this project while I we are also just a creatosr (I hope I dont sound to cocky here but I hope you get my point. ). We have already made signifcant progres and are commited to delivering a high-quality game that meets the needs and expectation of the DCL community.

Thank you again for your interrest in our project.

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I have not read your prop yet, but given the brief and dismissive nature of Shiny’s reply I suspect additional context isn’t needed.

They would probably not have said that if your grant was in the “In-World Content” category. I’m not saying you are or are not in the wrong category at the moment, I would need to do more reading, but I suspect that is what they were referring to.

How confusing this, this is how we read it.

Creation of tools and aplications extending our platform and ecosystem.
Which could refer to many things…
In-World Content
Development of experiences aiming to improve user retention.
Which in our believe refered to museas, courses, clubhouses like babydolls and metaparty.

One is a Joystick other is a Globe.
Maybe they’ll be able to change it to the right category.

We skipped that part on the page when we read because we were certain we had the right one. But either way she would have voted no. I recall her typing very active with CAPSLOCK and having a short temper, I figured its not worth fighting over a grant request with someone. The back and forth would have created only drama and there is no need to break each other hearts.


Just finished the female representation of the wearable :open_mouth:

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I appreciate the time this team has taken to listen to feedback on previous proposals and to modify the plan accordingly to bring the game into DCL in a 3D version instead of using DCL as a portal to the game in an outside location. I’m supportive of new games and interactive experiences coming into DCL as they are good opportunities to attract new users to DCL.

I do have a few questions/concerns though before fully supporting this proposal.

  1. I noticed that without reading the website information for the 2D game, it is a bit difficult to understand what to do once you’re in the game. Is there a plan to make things more intuitive or improve the tutorials for new players? I enjoyed walking around and seeing the map, but that was about all I could do at first.
  2. After reading the info on the website, I learned that the concept is a world divided into 4 nations represented by the different elements. I think this concept is awesome, but am wondering what the plans are to expand upon this? Personally I feel this is the most unique aspect of the game compared to other DCL games and would love to see it be brought more to the forefront. I know skills will be affected by the nation one aligns with, but in what other areas will this play out?
  3. I agree with the other comments that this proposal would be more appropriate under the In-World Content category. I can see how the confusion with categories came about based on the language used, but as this isn’t something applicable to the overall platform of DCL I think resubmitting it under In-World Content would be best to free up budget space in the Platform category for universal DCL tools and platform developments.

Hey thank you for taking your time to read it :smiley:
So to cover your question, the game we have in 2D will be now used as a example to build it in 3D
So we keep the 2D game online while we work on the 3D, It wont be exactly like the 2D but we will definetely take the main ideas and assets and use it in our game.

I think it is wise to see keep the proposal up and if it becomes a no we will be able take the feedback from this proposal to upgrade the one we will post in the in world category. with some additional pictures and videos highlighted :smiley:

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