[DAO:44e12dd] Duel Arena Game Development - 2D & 3D Game with Crossover Data -86,47

Hey InJesterr, yes I completely understand! Looking forward to seeing the 3D game playable in world. I just wasn’t too sure at the moment so I’m not voting either yes or no yet. Generally games in DCL that I’ve voted yes for grants on had already had a working game that was completely in DCL, so I’d like to see that!

I can see why you were confused with the grant categories, the Platform category is literally a gaming joystick LOL. That probably needs to be made more clear for us when applying for grants.

PS. I think the correct grant amount for you to ask for is $69k

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Hahahah well in 75000 there is more 69s then in 69000 we tought this through :rofl:


Haha well played, sir
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I acknowledge this is multiple requests from you and I am rooting for you but since I am not a gamer, I can only comment on what I learned from going to the DCL site and your own website outside of DCL.
When I go in world the space seems small for a game and it is basic. I understand that the game is under development but what else should I expect besides chopping down a tree or picking flowers?
I had to click outside of DCL to really play the game and when I did, I had to register to play your game but because I did not want to provide my email, I could not see your off-chain game. I appreciate your tenacity and please keep at it but for now I must vote no.

Hey @DedHeadJ I hope you understand that we didn’t implement the 2D in Decentraland because when we wanted to do that everybody kept saying NO thats impossible and didnt agree with us, so we released the 2D game on WebGL to help you see what the 3D game is going to look like, yes you chop trees but the 3D version is currently in development we havent stated that its finished, the key component of the game is going to be that you will have turn based battles and you dont need big land for that.

How are we ever going to develop the game if we will never receive funding, we wasted 6 month on paying our developer for the 2D game first the community said there is no game, then we made it and got critiques on the game being on a frame, then we started on our game in 3D asked for funding and still released the 2D version only to hear that we need to finish it entirely in DCL… pretty frustrating.

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Hi @DedHeadJ,
I would highly advise that you take the time to peruse the proposal, especially given your lack of familiarity with gaming. Additionally, you may register any email address without issue, and citing that as a reason for voting against the proposal appears to be a deliberate attempt to obstruct progress. Furthermore, your characterization of the game as “basic” seems to overlook the fact that we are seeking funding for its development. It stands to reason that if the game were fully operational, we would simply launch it, but such is not the case.

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@DedHeadJ here you can read in our proposal your the your asked question.

Hey @DedheadJ u mentioned that the space seems small for a game, I would like you to know that thats relative to your opinion, if we would have had a bigger estate like a 10x10 we would need 100 parcels which equals to nearly 300,000$ buying it or 36500$ yearly for rent, we are asking a startup funding not to go fund un necessary costs, everything we want to do fits perfectly in our currently rented estate.

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Hey mimsy i totally overlooked your first line, I just noticed it silly me…

Here is the tutorial video we released a month ago for the 2D game

So everything you see in this tutorial video is going to be recreated in 3D aswell, it might differ from the 2D game but the concept is the same. In the 3D world we still need to check if the nations are going to work out with instances without lagg so that everything can be runned smoothly.

We covered all the minor and big details of the 2D also on our fandom page:
Duel Arena P2E Wiki | Fandom

Hey everyone, I can vouch for @InJesterr s work he is crazy about his work and we dont see him for a long time because he is always working, Vote yes for his effort!


I miss my son he has havent seen him for over 5 months hahaha he is obsessed with you dcl and wont stop talking about it. Im still waiting for him to visit :star:

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Hey mom, visiting soon :heart::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Thank you for your support its great to see family in the community aswell love to you all :heart:

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Duel Arena Game Development - 2D & 3D Game with Crossover Data -86,47

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 46% 5,162,912 VP (83 votes)
  • No 44% 5,008,608 VP (121 votes)
  • Abstain 10% 1,155,611 VP (16 votes)

Duel Arena Game Development - 2D & 3D Game with Crossover Data -86,47

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)

Vesting Contract Address: 0xf39FB778f755294886894F0Eb449524359e61fb6

Dear @dao Community I want to repropose our proposal because we don’t want to use the funds from platform while we have a In- World Category. We acknowledge this mistake and want to prevent to give the Revocation Un necessary work.

We already discussed this matter with @Zino and came to the conclusion at our first meeting that this would be the best solution!

If its possible I would like to re- invite everyone to revote yes on our new proposal with the new updated category!
Duel Arena Development Changing Category ( Re- Proposal ) (decentraland.org)


Dear Community,

The Grant Support Squad was created to support the grantees in achieving their goals and taking care of the DAO treasury.

After thoroughly reviewing this grant and speaking with the grantee -who has requested a new grant-, this vesting contract should be revoked by the DAO Committee (@HPrivakos @Tobik)



The funds were requested under the Platform category, which has different requirements and metrics than In World Content category, which, based on the project to be developed, is the most suitable for this grant.

Letting Dual Arena receive this grant under the Platform category would affect how this grant should be audited as the project has different requirements and metrics than the ones it should have under the correct category; it also diminishes the budget distribution for Platform projects.

This would also set a precedent for other grants to do the same, damaging the budget allocation from the DAO to its Grants Program.

We encourage the honorable behavior (@InJesterr) of the Dual Arena team by resubmitting the Grant in the correct category.

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