[DAO:7d1b3dd] Duel Arena P2E; Turn Based RPG | Play to Earn 2.0

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Welcome to the Proposal of Duel Arena written by InJesterr & Burragan

Since September Duel arena is building a 2D NFT Open world RPG.

The game will run on a server hosted by us through amazon and deployed into Decentraland if this grant passes, The game will be playable through monitors on a parcel that way we could expand the open world game as much as we like.

We started with a small grant building the fundamentals of this game, including a team, a demo & 2D Assets. We got financed by InJesterr, Kaan & Burak who at the time already had an idea to create game.

We are now seeking for a $60,000 grant to expand our game & express our ambitions.

We recommend you to visit for the full content:

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



What is Duel Arena P2E

Duel Arena is a open world game where you will be able to play with your own character, you can choose from 4 great nations, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo & Dendro. Each nation will start with 2 characters which is going to be 1 female character & 1 male character.

Your character will always spawn in the hub where you have 4 core teleports each teleport leading you to a different nation, each nation has its own challenges to accomplish.

You will be able to explore the nation, dual AI bots & players.
A duelling match will be strategic based, almost like a chess board.
In the duelling instance you will be able to use certain NFT skills which are purchasable through the store but don’t worry you will have the basics to start the game with.

Why do we need this grant?

We started up this project with our own funds, our input was estimated around 45,000$ and are still living of this credit. This start-up helped us build a demo game, website, web market & a gameplay paper.

We haven’t seen a game in DCL yet with unlimited power to expand since all of the projects are limited with lands & scenes.
We are going to change this with our tech building monitors in a 2x2 Parcel where the game will be playable on for each individual.

It would be possible for us to build this game independently from Decentraland, but we intend to grow together, we want our players to be able to interact with the game through the MetaVerse. This would help us get more players and it will help Decentraland to be the MetaVerse with this enjoyable game.

The reason why we need this grant is because we need to build the game adjusted to DCL & separated from our Unity Engine. This will require a 4x4 Parcel, 3D Assets, SDK programming, Marketing, Strategy & Time.

How is the Grant going to be spend?

We have a nice written documentation of our expenses written on our website, showing our initial expenses with & without DCL.


We are building the game mainly in Unity engine, Photoshop, Blender & SDK.
On our weblink you will be able to see all of our progress & expense calculations we have made so far.

We will also showcase a piece of our Demo game.



  1. Burak Ucar Management
  2. InJesterr Management
  3. Emselada & InJesterr Graphical designer
  4. Dilara Community manager
  5. Ghuskh & Philip Game Developer
  6. Kaan Aydin Web Developer
  7. Furkan, Oguzhan, Michael, Kaan & Dilara Moderator

Lead & Management (1 & 2) Burak & InJesterr are needed to guide the team somewhere, we come up with the idea’s, holding finance and working materials.

Graphical designers (3) InJesterr & Emselada Drawing artist

Community manager (4) InJesterr Maintaining community by doing events, helping the moderator to function properly.

Game developer (5) Ghushkh & Philip are both independent game developers, they are both necessary for this project since 1 works with the 3D game development & the other with 2D Game development.

Web developer (6) Kaan is a skilled web developer who was ready contributing us a domain name, webmail, web build & even webserver for free.

Moderators (7) They keep everyone in the game & community chats satisfied, they moderate our social accounts and keep an eye on e-mails.


Roadmap and milestones

You will be able to see all our progress through:
Grant | Duel Arena P2E we do have a meeting every sunday at 17:00 UTC+2
and will update the page at least at 21:00 UTC+2 after the meeting.

On this site you will be able to read our gameplay paper, expenses, view our progress & check out our demo (only playable to developers and early beta testers).

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

View this proposal on Snapshot

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I happily wrote this proposal with my companion Burak, updating all the content that was needed.
We worked really hard to write this proposal and tried to show as much of game content possible on our webpage Grant | Duel Arena P2E, We politely ask you to write your toughts about the game & and not me as an individual.

Indeed I’m in the lead of this project but the reason for my vote is because in my opinion Duel Arena is going to become a game changer on this platform.

We are going to host a stream/podcast on twitter on sunday and you are invited to discuss the proposal with us.

Hey Jester! Do you have rough demo of this game? I watched the one in the site but It would be lovely if you could atleast add an sdk preview of the game’s current state.

We are working on a public model of the demo where the files are hidden for now we keep it confidential I will discuss this matter on sunday with my team and will come back at you.

Thank you for your interest we really do appreciate that :v:t2::heart:

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I want to vote YES and you know I love your passion and commitment I have seen the past year with Decentraland. Great streams and great content for the community. So I say this with love. Things are lookin fun however can you give some more relevant experince with your team.

So far all we see is your friend that is currently working at Mcdonalds, An artist but the link on instagramis broken and not active and a guy from fiver. Can you share more relevant experince or things that they have even done so far in your demo even since I know I wont be alone when reading this and I think these are things you can update now to educate us all more in depth. Like I believe anyone is capable of anything even BioMeta a huge success story on our team since he never took on building a DCL scene before and spent a month learning and did an amazing job. So if you can just give us a little more on the team I think would help us all a ton. Also still reading everything else too but wanted to address these asap since I see this is still early on and you can use this time to update us. Thanks again.

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Hey aaron thanks for your reply, I would like to answer the questions you have about the personnel, Starting with burak, he is currently still contuing studieng and trieng to finish the university as a software engineer, He is also working in McDonals which you saw right as a Manager, He has the experience to run a team.

About emselada she is the best artist I know when it comes to drawing, Thank you for noticing about the link https://instagram.com/emselada_?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= I hope this one is alright.

About Drenk he is a game developer who I met on fiverr, we inmediately bounded after making calls and showed me some of his work, I offered him this job after he also showed me an NFT game he made, from then on we are on a call every sunday with this friend and is working not only to finish this project but also wants to be a part of it.
He comes up with 60% of the in game ideas and is very skilled in getting the job done.

We just posted our recent updates on our grant website:

  • Background added behind the map.
  • New Stylish Houses added
  • We added a Batlle System base, Skills will be added in future updates
  • Ranked Queue match ups
  • Mini map update is postponed

This would help us get more players and it will help Decentraland to be the MetaVerse with this enjoyable game.

I’m just not sure how this will really help decentraland other than adding another game. If you can show how this game will help onboard more users, provide a benefit to a large amount of the community I would reconsider.

We haven’t seen a game in DCL yet with unlimited power to expand since all of the projects are limited with lands & scenes.
We are going to change this with our tech building monitors in a 2x2 Parcel where the game will be playable on for each individual.

I believe there are other games that have received grants but perhaps they had already built something and showed a proof of concept we could interact with, or created a following/new community within our community (skateboarders, racers, etc) before receiving grant funds?

First of all I would like to Thank you for your reply! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:
When you say adding another game, you are talking about a game that is playable with only your DCL character, The way you need it to put it in order to understand the game model is that your DCL character is actually working, so you use DCL as a game the difference here is that we try to keep DCL The Metaverse by making this game changer where your DCL character is going to game in Decentraland.

Metaverse is a verse just like ours only virtual, so when you game in real life you aren’t actually walking around everywhere chopping trees instead you sit on your computer and play the game.
We are building monitors that is going to run a screen of the game in our parcel, your character will be the one gaming through the monitor using your mouse.

So even if you hate Decentraland & Metaverses in order to play our game you would need to join one and be part of it.

Everyone the sunday 30/10 Update meeting is done you will be able to see all Update logs, content & media webpage: https://duelarenap2e.com/grant

Hey man to understand the real concept about the Metaverse I made a video that could help you understand where this point is getting at.

& To be honest adding just another game is not the right way to make a statement, We need alot of “just another project” in order to make the verse complete.

Its like saying irl are just building another house?
The more the merrier buddy :wink:


Thank you @InJesterr … the link is not working. Looks like the video is set to private.
I see your point… if the game is engaging it can be a good addition to DCL content.
I would like to see a basic example of the how the game will work in DCL and some community engagement, game events, or some proof of concept before approving.

Hey man no worries Grant | Duel Arena P2E has all the information including budget expenses & gameplay paper.

Duel Arena P2E; Turn Based RPG | Play to Earn 2.0

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 13,321 VP (19 votes)
  • No 99% 3,034,376 VP (47 votes)