[DAO:834bbab] Duel Arena P2E Continuum, Refinement & Game Expansion [ Resubmission ]

by 0xed0e0cb94f60f72ec94bef848f5df4cbd365af1d (InJesterr)

Should the following $100,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Duel Arena, a recent hit on Decentraland, has received positive community feedback and valuable suggestions for enhancement. This grant focuses on swift and efficient improvements, building on the current momentum. We seek community support to capitalize on the active hype, ensuring Duel Arena evolves rapidly and meets player expectations.

Grant size

100,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

4 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



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Why Duel Arena needs additional funding?

The urgency of funding is crucial as Duel Arena is currently riding a wave of community enthusiasm post-launch. Swift financial support is imperative to implement player-suggested improvements promptly, maximizing on the existing excitement. funding ensures the seamless evolution of Duel Arena, maintaining the momentum and satisfaction of our engaged player base.

AFK Mining System & Wearables

Players will be able to buy a Pickaxe on the Decentraland market and participate in AFK mining.
They just have to click on a certain stone at the parkour section, and their magical pickaxe will take care of the rest.
We also want to release 20 Duel Arena Wearables of our own, plus adding our ingame utility to it.

Wearable Store for Creators

We wan’t to collaborate with existant wearable creators in Decentraland, giving them a reasonable price to become collaborators as minters for their stock, We will put their wearable for sale on our parcel through an NPC we will add utility to their wearables for bonus stats in our game & Players will be able to buy their wearables with our ingame currencies.

Tournament Events and Leaderboard

We also want to host events for leaderboard and give the winners of the month a prize.
This event will be hosted monthly after it’s developed and it will give the players the motivation to train & prepare beforehand.

Environmental Battlegrounds

Introduce randomly generated environmental battlegrounds.
Enhance the excitement and unpredictability of battles this is solely for visual improvement.

3D Stat-Boosting Tiles

Implement visually appealing 3D assets for stat-boosting tiles.
Enrich the strategic aspect of gameplay with clear visual cues.

Roadmap and milestones

External Image

Month 1: AFK Mining & Releasing more resources

Develop and launch the AFK mining system.
Establish the wearable store for creators.
Release 4 wearables minimum.
Add more recourses, Worms W & L tokens, Essence Shards.
Develop and launch the AFK mining animations.
Launch leaderboards events / game pay- outs.

Month 2: Events, Leaderboards, and Environmental Battlegrounds

Launch 2nd leaderboards events / game pay- outs.
Introduce environmental battlegrounds.
Release 2 wearables minimum.

Month 3: Continued Events & Development

Host first tournament events & 3rd leaderboards events.
Release Implement 3D stat-boosting tiles.
Release 2 wearables minimum.

Month 4: Events and Showcase

Testing with the Duel Arena community
Host second tournament events & 4th leaderboards events.
Release 2 wearables minimum.

We also wan’t to add that this will be the last grant that Duel Arena P2E is going request from the DAO for development, after this proposal we are confident that we will become completely Self- Sustainable.

The team is very Grateful for the opportunity the DAO gave us!

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We as a team saw that the majority of the community wanted our previous proposal to pass, @esteban had stopped the previous proposal from passing and I do believe he had his reasons, I hope he will come to realize that the previous proposal was going to pass even without the big whale voting.

We really hope this time he allows us to continue and abstains from whaling the outcome.

We are scoring and will continue to do so, we even started to make the promised progress already ahead.

Duel Arena has sucessfully finished the previous proposal & made a significant release on 19th december, we have surpassed many games in Decentraland already and we aim to sustain these numbers:

Keep in mind that in this proposal we also promised that this will be the last ever grant request Duel Arena will make for its development.

Seem like a waste of money…

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Voted Yes. Good luck with your efforts! I’m glad you are focusing on sustainability.

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People should not be able to submit the same proposal after just getting rejected.

This is a waste of voters time.

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Why if people are free to vote with 12M last day to stop a proposal that is going to pass with significant difference, We have the freedom to repropose.

I know you hate to see me retry but we are dedicated and won’t stop proposing until the majority decides that it should be a NO, except counting the whales with 10M+.

When the majority of your yes votes come from 1 person you have no issue with it and praise them, but when the majority no comes from 1 person you think the system is bad. lol

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I know you guys think its unfair what happened to our proposal with Esteban, him voting no with 12m on a successful proposal (even without 2 whales) but no ones says anything just because it is happening to us. I just know some of you have joy seeing this happening this is so sad to see

How come you say this, it was passing even without Rob so maybe review the previous proposal lol.

Poor soul. Maybe you should also complain about the 4M RobL vote yes, no?


But @HPrivakos it was passing without robs vote either, It was about to pass even with your and nathans vote on NO, you and nathan are large whales too but I dont complain about that.

Its your decision I can’t do anything about your and his opinion, same with rob and lld.

but esteban is a bit too big of a decision maker he can change all the outcomes if he likes which makes it unfair.

Rob and LLD has been stopped many times by multiple whales too.

idk man it just hurt that no one is seeing an issue here.

Imagine this if rob and seanny vote yes combined esteban still can change the outcome significantly.

Oh the day of irony. Remember all the times you eagerly joined in on the criticisms that I didn’t know web3, that if my game is good it won’t need any funding from DAO? I certainly remember. “Clearly you don’t know web 3 bruh” :smiley:

Making the same proposal twice seems like a “salty geek” :smiley:

There is a big difference in getting last day down voting a passing grant by the CO founder of DCL and keep asking the same amount for different proposals your just down bad for 40k while I am down bad for my dedication/game.

Too bad I delete my first proposal I would screen shot it had more yes votes than no just those yes votes have little voting power. One difference you already got twice the amount I ever asked for, you’d probably be feeling the same way as me if all the time and resources was all ‘fronted’ by your team. You already got the capital and now need to show the profits, with me I have to show profitability from day 1. In the real world these 40k they are pocket change petty cash for a game development budget. Instead of fighting each other and working on small games that get a small result, we need to find a way to operate with the same maturity as the foundation. They’re all working together on huge projects not fight each other on 50 small projects. These large projects should be in github with a documented development process, development boards for working items and with real opportunity for developers of DCL to work a ticket and get paid up to 1000+ mana. These ticket should be for development, model building, character building, wearable manufacture, testing, music creation etc - everything that goes into game development. Anyone who exhibit existing development skill in DCL should have the opportunity without the chance for corruption to steal that opportunity. It should be like an assembly line of a small number high quality high budget projects complete with kanban board and weekly sprint meetings. If we do this the DAO won’t be dead when the smart contract is depleted, user numbers and budgets begin to expand, mana goes up land goes up.

Duel Arena P2E Continuum, Refinement & Game Expansion [ Resubmission ]

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 50% 6,547,746 VP (26 votes)
  • No 49% 6,311,063 VP (50 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 14,029 VP (2 votes)

This is a disaster and a celebration of the cartel-like abuse of VP.


If I am a part of CartL, your are a dictator.
dictating the previous outcome of a passing proposal on my last proposal!

Keep in mind I have been building in dcl for 3 years nothing all do is building, if you were a bit more involved you would see my efforts and love for dcl…

I dont wanna say your intentions are wrong but perhaps you just dont know me.

Also not trying to imply thay you are actually a dictator, its only if I am a CartL which i am not.

if namecalling is what we do here and think thats the way to communicate this the outcome.

This one was passing even without rob it was passing until you cowar everyone else with your vp!

Anyway I promise you that I will dedicate all my energy and time in duel arena hope to see you accept duel arena :heart::muscle:t2:

I dont get why you think us getting a grant is a disaster. Our team including Injesterr worked really hard on our project. I can speak from experience he worked day and night without getting any sleep or having social life.

feel free to help put a stop to wasteful dao spending

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