[DAO:5ee4df0] Duel Arena P2E Continuum, Refinement & Game Expansion

by 0xed0e0cb94f60f72ec94bef848f5df4cbd365af1d (InJesterr)

Should the following $100,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Duel Arena, a recent hit on Decentraland, has received positive community feedback and valuable suggestions for enhancement. This grant focuses on swift and efficient improvements, building on the current momentum. We seek community support to capitalize on the active hype, ensuring Duel Arena evolves rapidly and meets player expectations.

Grant size

100,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

5 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



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Why Duel Arena needs additional funding?

The urgency of funding is crucial as Duel Arena is currently riding a wave of community enthusiasm post-launch. Swift financial support is imperative to implement player-suggested improvements promptly, maximizing on the existing excitement. funding ensures the seamless evolution of Duel Arena, maintaining the momentum and satisfaction of our engaged player base.

AFK Mining System & Wearables

Players will be able to buy a Pickaxe on the Decentraland market and participate in AFK mining.
They just have to click on a certain stone at the parkour section, and their magical pickaxe will take care of the rest.
We also want to release 20 Duel Arena Wearables of our own, plus adding our ingame utility to it.

Wearable Store for Creators

We wan’t to collaborate with existant wearable creators in Decentraland, giving them a reasonable price to become collaborators as minters for their stock, We will put their wearable for sale on our parcel through an NPC we will add utility to their wearables for bonus stats in our game & Players will be able to buy their wearables with our ingame currencies.

Tournament Events and Leaderboard

We also want to host events for leaderboard and give the winners of the month a prize.
This event will be hosted monthly after it’s developed and it will give the players the motivation to train & prepare beforehand.

Environmental Battlegrounds

Introduce randomly generated environmental battlegrounds.
Enhance the excitement and unpredictability of battles this is solely for visual improvement.

3D Stat-Boosting Tiles

Implement visually appealing 3D assets for stat-boosting tiles.
Enrich the strategic aspect of gameplay with clear visual cues.

Custom Duel Staking

Implement a custom duel staking system.
Provide players with the ability to challenge each other with in-game currency at stake.

Roadmap and milestones

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Month 1: AFK Mining and Wearable Store Launch

  • Develop and launch the AFK mining system.
  • Establish the wearable store for creators.
  • Release more Duel Arena wearables

Month 2: Events, Leaderboards, and Environmental Battlegrounds

  • Onboard creators to collaborate with Duel Arena.
  • Launch leaderboards events / game pay- outs.
  • Introduce environmental battlegrounds.
  • Implement 3D stat-boosting tiles.

Month 3: Continued Events & Development

  • Host first tournament events & leaderboards events.
  • start to develop duel staking.

Month 4: Staking development progress

  • Implementing a new UI to send out request
  • Adding variations options to queue against enemies.
  • Testing with the Duel Arena community
  • Host second tournament events & leaderboards events.

Month 5: Custom Duel Staking and Final Events

  • Implement custom duel staking.
  • Host additional tournament events with leaderboards.
  • Conclude the grant period.
  • Testing the game with the GSS.

We also wan’t to add that this will be the last grant that Duel Arena P2E is going request from the DAO for development, after this proposal we are confident that we will become completely Self- Sustainable.

The team is very Grateful for the opportunity the DAO gave us!

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Hello everyone I’m the creator of this proposal & wanted to add that Duel Arena will remain playable through this entire process! Please visit our Parcel and wanted and see the our game at: Duel Arena Play

You also might have noticed 2 Revokes on my profile I wanted to add a small detail about those too:

- One was actually for mistakenly using a different category.
- One was to give us time to finish the project and finsih the project under a new contract.

Duel Arena has delivered more then promised on the previous grant request and we are hoping to keep doing this!



I love how active, engaged, and devoted Injesterr is for the platform and the community. He truly cares and puts in so much hard work into his projects and events.

I believe in Injesterr as a person and brand and wholeheartedly stand behind him and any of his initiatives.

I appreciate the detail of the proposal, the timeline, and milestone. Thank you for being so transparent.

I voted yes and encourage others to review the proposal and support it, as well.

Thank you for working on keeping DCL alive, Injesterr and team!!


No, prove the metrics and more for at least a quarter.

Hello, Decentraland community!

As the manager of this amazing project, I am incredibly excited about the next big steps its going to make. I hope we can bring this vision to life with your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. You can also check out our parcel. <3


I believe if we wait another quarter and the hype fades away, people will believe that Duel Arena is another slow project, the reason why we asked only for 75,000 last time was to prove solely that we are capable and we believe Now is the Exact time to enhance!

But Appreciate the comment Thank you <3

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Just for clarity: this is a completely self-owned & closed-source project, right?

Can you also provide a breakdown of how much grant money has already been invested in this project? I see several grants have been given then revoked, but it is a little difficult to see how much has already been provided to this specific project. Additionally, could you provide a link to the scene so we can see the current state of the game (nvm, I see it is linked in a comment, thank you ^_^)?

Best of luck & thanks!

Yes its an in- world project.

So currently a total of 58500$ has been invested by the into Duel Arena P2E.
The grants that are revoked were 1 placed in the wrong category so we had to repropose it in the in-world category, secondly we have 1 revoked contract in the in- world category because changes were made to the contract. Technically nothing has been revoked.

And yes you are able to check the game out I see you found the link already :smiley:

Also as long as we maintain and host duel arena the project wont be open- sourced currently the Grant Support Squad are the only ones that have actual acces to the files through drive, which is why this grant is requested in the Platform category but thanks for asking, this way there is some enlightment about it atleast.

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Thanks for the investment breakdown! Do you have any goals for self-sustainability or giving back to the community (ex: wearables/equipment that marks the DAO as the beneficiary)?

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So basically we envision to become self sustainible after this grant, this will give us the boost we need to give users in decentraland a great experience.

The goal of this proposal is to make something for the community they can enjoy and draw/keep more people within the space.

The beneficiary of the wearables should be ours because we cant control the urn and settings once the dao wallet is the owner, this removes the entire aspect of accessibility to the wearable.


I have been playing for the last week It is a great game that I hope to see around in DCL for many years. it is a yes for me.


Okay, so the community/DAO’s ROI would mainly be new players that come in to play the game (and taxes from any purchases they make on the platform). None of the code/tech implemented in the development of the project will be accessible by the community & the project will remain in your hands to manage (which will hopefully be sustainable after the initial $158.5k from the DAO).

I don’t really see the viability of funding privatized projects this way without negatively impacting the long-term health of the DAO’s funds. That is a LOT of money to spend on something that only provides only new players as a possible return (as long as the project is maintained on your side, since everything is proprietary).

You stated that after this grant you are planning on having everything you need to be self-sustaining. Do you have a breakdown of how you plan on doing this (balance sheet of costs for continued development, revenue, etc)? What happens to this project if you cannot sustain your project even after this grant (what happens to the code/everything that was funded by the DAO)?

Sorry, I’m not trying to pick on you, but I feel like these are considerations that need to be brought up. This is a lot of money from the community and atp past projects seem to have already proven this mode developing projects holds far more risk than reward. We have a lot of projects that either died or went into life support from the SDK6 to SDK7 migration, which just goes to show that if they project becomes unprofitable for the initial grantee/manager then the community loses everything we invested in it.

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Love your project, good luck! :zap: :zap:


Hey no worries all your question are very reasonable, we have a solid playerbase and its not something we hope to become. We have a very good strategy for this our expenses are very low since we have set up our own server. We have pretty solid playerbase and as we stated in the proposal other then giving wearables for free we also do plan selling some.

We only have to reach 120$ monthly and the expenses are all covered.

we just want to promote the game and as I said the grant support squad has full access to the duel arena files. if something might happen all they need to do is pull the files from our drive.

also note that we already did the entire sdk7 migration for free, we didn’t ask funding for it and just did it within a month :slight_smile:

If Exodus is getting defunded how can this be funded? I played on opening day and ‘learn skill’ was broken. I honestly doubted whether there was a PVP battle portion, but one other player did tell me the skill learn bug was fixed later. Definitely Monster Hall was better and did not get their grant. I wouldn’t categorize this as embezzled funds, the game is there and a lot of it works at least. Mostly it’s stand on my land for as long as possible, little action and very similar to several other games in DCL except I got stuck. If other games were getting funded I would vote yes but had to vote no. The order of funding should be - 1 - monster hall, 2 - at least make laser tag everywhere free for all visitors, 3 - Ratscape if they need something, 4 - Exodus because everything actually works without any assistance only talk to NPCs, 5 - butterfly farm if they need - lovely little game everything works that I’ve tried, 7 - meta gami and wondermine for traffic alone although most is bots, spare wallets and the games are boring. 8 - soul magic only if they finally fix talk to kelvin instead of just standing there 9 - other games. After making some of the top properties in DCL I’m told it should be pay to play, if the game is good enough people will pay, we can’t have 2 standards here. I’m advising that the founders peruse criminal embezzlement and racketeering charges on those people funding their own broken lame things. How could DCL think it’s ok to vote yes on giving yourself or your friend mana with a million votes?? This should be the first thing in delegate training - if you vote to give yourself or your friend money you are instantly fired and can possibly face criminal charges.

I’m not responsible for other grants not passing most of the ones you mentioned I voted yes for.
I dont believe its logical do vote no just because someone elses proposal didn’t pass.

Also you said things didn’t work while everything worked perfectly fine, just because you dont understand the game doesn’t mean its not working.

also I think you have a great affection for duel arena, especially when I saw you decided to name your game duel arena too and advertised your parcel/game on our parcel, I dont care if you do this to be honest because the people know better. have a great day!

I think plays this game everyday since release, and she is one of our best players so your analogy of not being able to figure something out means its broken? To me the things you say doesn’t make sense and you are clearly fudding/trolling the DCL on a daily bases.

Stop spreading misinformation and FUD DCL, we all know has way more players then 12, and you can easily check the metrics so I wont be engaging with you any longer until you decide to become reasonable.

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Yeah did you read it? It said we both had a problem on the opening day. I verified the problem is gone and was able to battle. Metrics lol. They need to show now the metrics by unique IP addresses and put one of those ‘verify I’m human’ things in here. Some advice from senior dev it’s ok to say we had a bug and fixed it. I was finally able to duel. I’ll put it on the same level as exodus and some of those other games now. Still laser tag snowball fight more fun to play for sure and monster hallm laser tag ratscape are first in line for grant.

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2 Upcomming wearables

Duel Arena | Sannin Face

The Duel Arena | Sannin with utility:
Passive | +5% BONUS DEF & ATK for all Elements.

Duel Arena | Santa Hat


i would like to see more users coming to the games before i vote yes