[DAO:5ee4df0] Duel Arena P2E Continuum, Refinement & Game Expansion

Hey Jesterr - Congrats on the first leg of Dual Arena’s development and your opening events. I also agree with @LandlordDao on this one regarding establishing the user base. I personally think marketing efforts should have been made prior to even receiving the funds out of passion, and not until funds are released. I’ve seen many projects be proactive in their marketing efforts prior to receiving funds (& after with less funds). Keep the momentum to further develop Duel Arena, however, I think it is too early to fund the next “leg” of Dual Arena. Continue to improve the scene and game and don’t lose momentum.

Hey Maryana jus my opinion, how come when we score the same but slightly better in a week as exodus & for less total money, but you vote yes for them but no for us. I was wondering what the difference is. Thank you for your comment and please enlighten us :point_up_2:t2:

I also wonder why the time frame matters to you and not the amount?

Is this good enough?


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The difference is that the Exodus team has shown to work on their project with or without funds. I’ve noticed that they have put on extra events outside of any funds or programmed items without funding (I.e. the santa burning fireplace last year). I just have more respect for teams who go the extra mile to improve their projects without asking for compensation for it.

Ive seen the same for Angzaar and KoA as well.

Yes he is requesting more than you, his costs are reasonable in my eyes for his new grant (The multiplayer looks cool, personally I am not a fan of the potions) and his project has been around for more than a year showing that the project will not turn its lights off without funding.

I’d mature your game first and build up the momentum and then ask for funding when it is really critical to grow.

I respect your opinion I have nothing further to say, Thanks for enlightening me!

But a small note, we were building before we got funding aswell. The 2D game is what we initially wanted to add to DCL but nobody wanted it which is why we made it 3D. That was before any funding and cost me around 26k.

But the opinions can always change from one another :saluting_face:🫶🏻

1YR ago & still going strong :muscle:t2:

10 months ago still going strong :muscle:t2:

Hi Maryana ^^ I just wanted to say I whish you asked us first about our game, funds and how long we are working on it.

As Injesterr explained on the message above we worked way before we even got funded so I guess there is no difference on that hand. <3

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What will happen if Dual Arena doesn’t have funding for 3 months?

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Nothing, We got our own server build will be able to keep this up for the rest of my life and then pass it on to my children and grand children in the future hahahaha.

Well basically it wont the impact the game itself it will just be defunded, I’m still building the all the promises made above even if this passes or not too.

I showed you the afk miner for example in dms, we dont know if this is going to pass or not but i am still building it.

also, the dao haven’t released my marketing funds but I still market the game, pay for every wearable we release out of pocket :saluting_face:

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If some cost is gonna ever require me to stop the game and miraculously I have no :moneybag: I’m selling my irl assets tool fund it.

I even sold my car in the netherlands because I barely leave my house and bought a scooter and use the funds when we were paused to continue :fire:

This is a message of me in dutch to my head that I tell him I will pay him 2500 taking it away from the money I saved from my marketing budget of my own money to fund the development.

feel free to translate and check the dates :wink:

as I said I’m not relying 100% on the dao, even sold my assets to do this check my opensea history.

This was all 2 months prior, our first grant feel free to check the dates.
All paid by me.

OG refers to Original Gangster, which is what we called my father as a inside joke. this does not refer to Oldguy :stuck_out_tongue: just to let you know.

oh and all the cost dont showcase monthly expenses from back then which directly were deducted from my cc

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Amazing project and team! We need more like this in DCL. They been buzzing lately keep up the great work!!


You haven’t logged in world to even test out Dual Arena in over 2 months.

Believe me he knows everything about duel arena, he asks us daily what we updated and how its going, He is one of the most caring people out of decentraland.

I send people daily this tab very often.

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Good double standards you have!


you vote yes for exodus, they got 120k + if theirs goes through it will be 205k and yet you are here mocking us.

Think twice when you share a meme.

Its not that they dont deserve it, but if you can vote yes for them you should be fine voting yes here too.


I don’t have to think twice to share any memes LOL I post what I want and I don’t need insults, threats or to mention other grants/votes to prove a point. The fact that you have to mention another grant to be able to defend yours says a lot about your project, negatively. Basically you know it’s not good but “hey others voted for another thing so they can vote for mine too”.

Regardless the Exodus team has taken community feedback to fix and resubmit their grants accordingly. Their grant has nothing to do with this one, if they had shady shit to call out, I would not have had any issue in doing so.
They have not relied on shady whales for their grants to pass, you on the other hand have only gotten grants thanks to those same whales and for various things already which none have had the results to show it was money well spent. So yeah I’ll vote for a game that actually works.

In my most humble opinion they deserve it way more than you have ever deserved any grant.

If I vote I vote how I see fit and with what I think is best for community not based on who or what I already voted for. The DAO is not here to facilitate you an income hence the meme.

You probably dont do research which is why you feel like to give an explanation all the time just like now when their previous grant got passed by 3 whales :+1:t2: know your facts and vote however you want I dont care I’m just here to correct you and find you very hypocritical.

no whales ughum :mask:

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I don’t need to explain anything, just responding to your butt hurt comment, I sent that meme on 3 different places and you were the only one who had to find me a “hypocrite”.

What facts? What research? Looking at voters on the DAO page? LOL

Read what I said again, shady whales voted against community to get you a grant, they at least have others voting yes for them. I’m done, I’m not trying to spam or give you your dopamine spike for today. GL with getting financial support…once again.

Didnt ask for your explanation tbh, which is exactly what I mean even tho i didnt ask for it you are here yet explaining yourself therefore you feel the need to do so.

Those two are different things so maybe read again what you said, because i read pretty clear and you just tryna overlap it with something that wasn’t said at all.

Stop being obsessive maybe, always trying to push me down with actually zero context and reason.

have a good day bye.

aint replieng to you no more.

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and believe me people agree with me, they just dont want to deal with someone that is not self aware and has only bad things to say.

Maybe work on yourself and people will engage with you :heart:

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