[DAO:f897e9a] Player Compensation for Duel Arena

by 0xd4f1cab694c4424c4796549edbb9b489789f4df5 (TudaMoon)

Should the following $1,400 grant in the Core Unit category be approved?


The Duel Arena game, a grant-funded game within Decentraland, recently concluded a tournament with promised payouts. Unfortunately, the grant originally allocated for these payouts was revoked, and Injester chose to withhold the funds rather than distribute them to the tournament winners. This has resulted in significant disappointment and distrust among the players, who invested time and effort with the expectation of a fair reward.

Grant size

1,400 USD in DAI

Project duration

1 month

Beneficiary address


Email address



While these players not being paid out is no fault of Decentraland, this is an opportunity for Decentraland to do the right thing and make sure that these players got paid. The players who are owed money by Injester had nothing to do with the grant’s revocation. Those players were simply supporters of the Duel Arena game. To resolve this issue and restore trust within the community, Decentraland DAO proposes to allocate funds directly to the affected players. This will not only compensate them for their efforts but also reinforce Decentraland’s commitment to fair play and integrity.

This grant will not be a recurring thing if game projects fail or get revoked. Therefore, it should NOT hold as a precedent. This is going to be taken as a lesson learned for everyone that in the future, the responsibility will forever be on the project and the player’s own willingness to take risk.


This is completely for repayment of the players who participated in Duel Arena’s Tournaments and failed to get paid. I hope the funds can be allocated directly to the following wallets with the correct amounts:

paulyong =$175

Gamer =$1000

Krek5521 =$100

Miladlasso =$125

If these cannot be sent directly from the DAO. I, Tudamoon, pledge to make sure that the correct amount (minus gas fees) is transferred to each wallet.


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This proposal wouldn’t be enacted even it will pass because, firstly, the grants program is frozen (only the platform and some core units can apply). Secondly, even if it weren’t, the core unit category wouldn’t fit.


IMO it should go through the gov three stage process, but there’s also another governance rule that won’t allow it to happen until it is canceled or changed: “Limit Fund Appropriation to Grant Proposals”


I personally feel very sorry for this and hope it will pass, not because I am a victim, but because Decentraland gave me hope and light. I love Decentraland so I hope this platform will have a better development and future. I have encountered similar things twice recently, and the situation is roughly the same. I also put in a lot of effort and sacrificed time to accompany my family and lover to be on the leaderboard and event winner organized by the project party, but I did not get the bonus and reward promised by the project party. This made me extremely disappointed and my life suddenly fell into hardship. If decentaland cannot give players a guarantee, for example, no matter how much I love Decentraland, I will eventually be forced to leave by reality or become the first person who starves to death in real life after playing the decentraland game.

I support the concept in theory, but is it even possible? In addition, what precedent would it establish for future grantees who might be inclined to steal funds from their players? Can we request that the Revocation Committee issue another one-time payment to be distributed amongst the four players?

If you want to help , support us with your vote so that we dcl players get our rewards . We could use your half million voting power ,after we pass it , let us be worry about what happens next , we cross that bridge when we get there .
There wasnt any case and issue like this in dcl before so this is new to whole dcl community and players and even dao .

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Yeah that is the idea becuase this is the only possible and reasonable way for players to get their reward .we players dont have any access or power over dual arena to make them pay our rewards ,but if dual arena and injesterr want to still be part of the dcl community must answer to dao in sometime in future for berayalto dao and dcl community trust .
Right now we dcl players need dao and dcl community support more than ever

The DAO cannot step in to remedy a breach of agreement between a land owner/game producer/event host and their visitors.


Even though I believe this cannot be enacted, I do appreciate seeing that the majority of the community supports the players who have been wronged in this case. I hope that Injesterr will make this right.

This is a lovely idea, but it seems the writer has no understanding how the grants program works or what the categories are meant for.

It doesn’t matter if this passes; it can’t be enacted, as this isn’t a core unit grant request.

It is rude of the writer to get the hopes up of those affected by the injestors failure, and it makes them a little better than the injester.

“If these cannot be sent directly from the DAO. I, Tudamoon, pledge to make sure that the correct amount (minus gas fees) is transferred to each wallet”.

I think this is really sweet Tuda that you are going to do this on behalf of the thief Injesterr.

Just wondering, who will pay the gas fees?

I suggest we use this as precedent and write into ALL future grants that:

“Any DAO funds being used as rewards MUST be budgeted in advance”

Example: If you hold a contest in April, you must have already budgeted and accounted for these prizes in March. The money must be there before it is offered as some sort of incentive.


The fees would come out of their payout. I shouldn’t be punished for doing the right thing. So if I owe $75 to one of them for instance and it costs $5 to send, I am going to send them $70. Unless the DAO wants to give me those fees. I didn’t know the cost to send to them because Ether fluctuates otherwise I would have included it.

Hopefully they can distribute to those wallets.

hi i dont see any categories in dao for this situation actually we create this proposal becuase no one in dcl dao take responsibility all i hear is poeple say we are sorry . i can not spend soryy i need my reward . i skipp several months of my study and event my work for dual arena mothly leader board and tournament . just today i saw that injestere are selling all of dual arena nft for less tthan 5 mana all mythic nft that we put months of grinding selling for few mana i personally bought of their nft for 75 mana now he sell them for 5 .months of play are now worthless actually now on this game i also lost time and money .than dao expect this guy to pay us our reward most of dao knew what kind of person injester is they should give the rewards to the players .where i live my sallary is around 200$ if i can find a job i, so 1000$ is 5 months work for me .so i can not just forget about it as dao expect me to just give up , at least tudamoon is care and helping . i dont see you giving any solution here .if you want to help .support it and vote on it so we could get what is ours. dao proud it self that they save 50k$ of the grand .less than 3% of that grand is our rewards . they can pay it . in the real world most valubale asset are human resource not gold or money . here should be the same dcl players have value and dao should respect them give them their rewards

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You should buy a ticket and go to Lisbon to meet in person to discuss this. They have a Travel expense fund that can help!

Thank you @Tudamoon for committing your time to helping users who have been wronged by Injester. I have full confidence that you will act with the upmost integrity, and will distribute the funds to where they are suppose to go.

I am very disappointed that Injester stole the funds that were supposed to go towards his tournament winners, but at least now it is confirmed that Injester cannot be trusted. If the fact that a corrupt 4 million VP whale always voted for his proposals wasn’t a red flag for you, now we have more examples. I just wish it did not cost this DAO over $100k to figure this out…

To the tournament winners that were wronged @paulyong531 @Gamer @Krek5521 @miladlasso . Please do your research on the people you are dealing with before supporting them. I know we all make mistakes, but at the same time there were many red flags pertaining to dual arena long before all this happened. Although I am voting yes for this proposal because its the first time this has ever happened since I’ve been here . I do agree with @CheddarQueso’s comment, moving forward I don’t think it is wise to use additional DAO funds to pay out a rugged projects empty promise.


Yeah I wanted to make sure that you saw this. I did mention this. I think this is a good learning experience for all of us and since its the first time it happened, we need to do the right thing. However, any participants of any game or event or anything in Decentraland in the future, must now understand that 100% of the risk is entirely on them.

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I have no issue with the dao making good on the failure of grantees.

This just isn’t a valid path to do it

even if there isnt a valid path right now . As you see we need a valid general path for these kind of issue now that we face this is the best time to act and create one .i am very new to dcl dao politics still i am deremined to find a solution here .becuase i can not watch and do nothing its eating me from inside seeing someone taking my money when is righfully mine its been two months, i dont have good sleep . I am angry and sad .

Hey Folks
Even though this proposal passes the threshold, it can not be enacted because, despite its valid concept @Tudamoon ( :clap: :clap:), the way to get the funds is not.
Why? / Basically, because the proposal doesn’t fit the Core Unite requirements

However, as @Canessa mentioned, this case could be used as a requirement for the funds to pay prizes to be allocated in advance.