[DAO:f897e9a] Player Compensation for Duel Arena

Does anyone know if there is a fund that can be tapped for this? I know there’s a travel expenses fund. Is there anyway another fund can be tapped?
If not, can a 1 time special grant be passed through governance?

I don’t really think that would have prevented this situation. Injester received the money from his grant to pay out these prizes. However, Injester indicates he plans on taking legal action against HP, or others, for slander/libel and claims to have received advice from a lawyer that he should not use those funds for their intended purpose.

I do not believe any requirements for grantees would have prevented an upset grantee with one month of dev costs going unpaid by the dao do to a recovation to pay out these prizes, and it was naive of what ever parties were envolved with residing to leave Injester unpaid for his dev costs but sent him a fraction of that cost to pay out prizes to expect him to pay his players.

If anything this should be used as precedent to have the DAO take responsibility for paying out earned prizes in similar situations in the future, since anyone out 10k in dev costs and facing a grant being revoked is unlikely to have a surplus of funds, so even a person with a high level of integrity may end up keeping those funds for themselves since $10,000 is a lot of money for 99% of the world’s population.

Unfortunately, the Grants program is mostly paused at this time. Injester’s grant was one of the last ones forced through by @RobL before the freeze was implemented. Based on the categories that remain available and the community’s lack of interest in unfreezing the rest of the grants program at this time, there does not appear to be an effective or timely solution to this problem.

Your feelings are valid, and I’m sorry that you are forced to suffer because of Injester and RobL’s actions and poor choices.

It was rude of @Tudamoon to give you false hope that this grant would make you whole, as anyone who spends as much time writing props as he does should be familiar with the system as it currently exists.

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plz dont defend injester by justifying his action yeah both dao and injester are to blame here but since injestere colse dual arena discord and stop answering us and take our money despide the fact that he said he would pay us our reward at end and doesnt matter what the revocation decision is. becuase @Zino said him self that dao should pay the winners i have injester chat screenshot .but at the end he took the money for him self. i promise he would not do any law suit he is the fruad here not the victim. and yeah i aso now that @HPrivakos knew and wanted injetere to take the money to destroy him in dcl becuase they had bad boold between them in the past . but he doesnt have the courage to take revenge on injester with money from his own pocket but use our money and now he and you just telling us to give up and forget about our money . sorry i can not do that. all you say and trying to do is take my hope i dont allow you to do that . tudamoon is the one here is doing the right thing not you if you want to help vote on this and help us get our reward .iits obvious that we dont have access to injester all we can relay on is dao right now and above all things if we spend time in the dual arena it was only becuase we trust the dcl platform and personally when i join a project in dcl frist thing i do is to go and check their proposal grant and their road map .than i join them .in last christmas the whole dcl event was advertising dual arena and their grand was pass .so we join it . and now dual arena is close and injester also sold all of there remaining nft for less than 5 mana while he sold me the same nft for 75 mana .he wasted 4 months of our life in that game .we spend months on grinding their nfts and he turn them in to worthless nft in just one day .than you and dao expect this guy to give us our rewards .dao should a have the decency and pay us our reward from the remaining grant every conscience person knows this the right thing to do if dao refuse this they are even worse than injester

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here you can see

does he really need this few mana what kind of person rug his community like this clearly he doesnt give damn about us
Screenshot 2024-06-29 040934

all of these are worthless so much time and effort wasted here the only thing can solace our lost and pain is our rewards

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I mean I understand that his grant was revoked, but with the money “saved” by the DAO, can we at least make it right for those who are innocent participants of a grant funded game.


@Zino Hey can you hear me out? There has to be some type of remedy for these guys. The DAO has “partially revoked” grants before and gave a final payment for work completed. These guys committed to playing countless hours in this game to help support a grantee. In December, Duel Arena was promoted by Decentraland. This seems like there is some credibility that was given to this project at that time. These people worked tediously on the game and they fall victim to not being paid out. They are innocent and have nothing to do with the grant itself, except the part of the grant that was to payout winners of the tournament. Is there anyway we can satisfy this allocated part of the grant, but instead send the awards to these people directly??

Out of all the money the DAO wasted, the one time to do right, we don’t have a good remedy or means of justice for these people? I hope you can help find a way for them.

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I don’t think that would solve the issue, the problem was not InJesterr not having the funds as the DAO transfered what was needed to him, he just ran away with it.

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@Zino just a friendly ping. Can we get your thoughts?

Hi @Tudamoon
I agree with @CheddarQueso . “The DAO cannot step in to remedy a breach of agreement between a land owner/game producer/event host and their visitors.”

You didn’t answer the question of whether or not revocations can do a partial revocation like you did with the others on several occasions. You allowed rulings to be overturned after the decision was made to revoke. What makes this different? This was part of the grant.

If anyone from the grant support squad can answer this, it would be appreciated. If not, what are we actually paying you for? It almost seems like there’s a middleman for no reason when we can simply make a new process that allows the DAO to vote on it.

I think we deserve a professional opinion, especially with you being a lawyer.

There is no need to attack @Tudamoon
thank you for mentioning the question that wasn’t answered. Yeap. they could do it. In fact, if you read the GSS recommendation about this Grant, we mentioned the topic of pay to the winners. However, the RC committee decided not to do it, and they have made the final decision, and we have to respect it.
Last but not least, HP released funds to Injesterr to pay the prizes, but he didn’t.
Have a great day!

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I wasn’t attacking. I am more upset with my expectations not being met by you. I felt entitled to a better answer than a quote from another member. Yes I felt entitled because the DAO pays you to handle these matters and I felt like your answer was poor and didn’t take it seriously. Your original answer felt like a slap in the face, when I took my unpaid time to ask you a sincere question. So if anyone should be offended, it is me due to your unprofessionalism to your given answer. However if you believe my answer is an attack, then maybe this is the reason people are leaving.

We are paying grants to the GSS to be professional and when an unpaid community member asks a question to someone who is being paid by the DAO through a grant, it would be nice if they took the time to write a better answer. If anything, you should be taking my response as a sign of respect that I expected a better response and opinion from you. I guess my expectations are too high. So in that case, you are probably right, I shouldn’t have had such entitlement to expect a good answer from you.

As for this response, I appreciate you pointing me in the correct direction. However, why was it possible in the past that other grants were completely revoked and then all of a sudden when they cry to you guys, they got it overturned to partial revocation?

they knew injestre would take the money for himself becuase obviously dual area have worked for a month and instead of getting 25k they got 1500 so they thought its their right to take it instead of giving to the players .right now its really simple here if you consider the first 1500 as the minimum salary for dual team work in the last month and also pay another 1400$ to the april winners, as @jar0d mention before in this situation that dao has created for dual team, triggerd injestre anger and unreasonable desicion .no one can deny if dao has paid the dual arena 3th month grant players would alrealy been paid . so its dao desicion and actions that deprived the players from getting their rewards . i ask from some of my friend and they say it possible that players get their rewards through core units member like @ginoct and @HPrivakos

Player Compensation for Duel Arena

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 64% 1,155,064 VP (48 votes)
  • No 35% 635,086 VP (8 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 19,652 VP (2 votes)

InJesterr was planning to kill the game already. And he promised he would pay the rewards to the users once he get the money then ran with it once he got it.
No, it’s not possible for you to get your money from me or Gino. We won’t pay that from our pocket (at least, I won’t), and the DAO Committee is not allowed to do transactions that haven’t been approved by a proposal and proposals others than grants asking for monetary transfers are currently not allowed.