[DAO: bafkrei] Fun land so peoples come and play games and also buy some lottery ticket

by 0x518fb16bb5095adfa16c81268c7b87b932fd8789 (Bear)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


fund will use to make games and land so peoples enjoy the fun time with others and on every game they play they will earn one lottery ticket and we give a date of price result date so peoples also earn big money price .

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



if u allow my project it will benefit all of us and also the developer of decentraland team it a fun and earn land and i hope all peoples like this project more then any one , thanks


i need big team to make this possible and i m a 3d artist and i need code developer who will make simple games and i pay them from this fund and i have to buy many things for fun land and also take 6 months after grand a fund to complete the project but is will be benefit all of us and also developer of decentraland to grow more ,if any one have any question please ask me ,thanks


currently i m only one in the team and i m making 3d meshes and i need game code developers please contact me so we can discuss the idea to make it possible thats why i need 6 months but if i get good team so i will complete early ,thanks

Roadmap and milestones

i think i complete project in 6 months but its depend on my team maybe we take more time or maybe less but after grand fund it will be easy to run fast to complete the project peoples not work for free so i have to pay them a fee of there work,thanks

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That’s a hard NO from me, you’re asking the maximum grant size on a post with no proof of previous work and lots of spelling errors. It’s also unanimous that Decentraland users reject any kind of grant proposal aiming funds for buying land. You can rent for a way cheaper price.

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Hi Bear, thank you for taking the time to write a proposal. I think most users will agree that you are lacking basic information, and asking for an extremely large sum of money. Grants that have successfully passed in the past have already compiled their team, and are ready to start their project by the time they submit a grant proposal. They likely even have an example of their work ready to show. In future grant submissions you will want to offer a more specific timeline, a breakdown of costs you believe you will incur, members of your team and what they will be responsible for, a clear description of your project and why it would benefit Decentraland, just to name a few things to add. I wish you the best of luck!

I’ve voted no for the same reasons that were mentioned above by Vapo and Canessa. Thank you for your willingness to participate in the DAO and your desire to build for DCL.

Please consider the above mentioned concerns, build a proof of concept, build a team, and reevaluate your budget and perhaps try again at a later time when your plan and project are more developed.

Best wishes.

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thanks for like my idea and as i mention in my project i m a 3d mesh artist so i can do all mesh work in project but i need game developer so we can make this together and i dont have money to make prototype of this project and this is not one single project and game that is fun land like in real life u can do so many fun stuff there like in real world play shooting game and get winning prize and u can ride roller coaster and many other things too thats why i need big amount to complete the project and i have more plans for future to make VR land and i also need vip to be my partner and also i need good game coder i m already searching , and as i said decentralnd guys also earn money as a fee in all playing game and i also earn with fee and every one who come and play they also earn some things and also big money prize because they play games and get one ticket of big money prize which will goes to 3 peoples , i m scared to still my idea now may be some peoples understand my spelling error lol , thanks

Fun land so peoples come and play games and also buy some lottery ticket

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 218 VP (21 votes)
  • No 99% 2,658,223 VP (46 votes)